Car Interior Decoration Ideas: 17 Cool Things to Do to Your Car Interior

When it comes to making a car interior look better and luxurious, you need some of the best car interior decoration ideas and coolest car interior accessories to make your car look cool. Isn’t it? The good news is, this guide presenting some of the most creative and cool ways to customize your car interior and some super cool things to do to your car interior without spending a lot of money.

Did you ever hesitate to offer a lift to someone who’s getting late for work and expecting a drop off from you? If yes, there could be two reasons: one is the malfunctioning of your four-wheeler, and second, your messy car interiors. If it’s the former, you can but visit a garage to get the repair done. On the other hand, if it’s the car interior that you are embarrassed about, it’s only you who can help yourself.

Most of us ignore decorating the car interiors as we have a misconception that it’s only the car’s exterior that people focus on. However, we completely forget that the inside of the vehicle is the backbone that adds to the car’s overall appeal. And if you think adopting some super cool ways to customize your car interior would be expensive, trust me, it won’t!

Car Interior Decoration Ideas: 17 Cool Things to Do to Your Car Interior
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Among the varied interior car decoration ideas, car interior accessories, and different alternatives, it is up to you which option you choose and of what price. As soon as you start hunting for something appropriate, you will come across unique car interior modification ideas at a feasible budget.

There are many cool things and creative car interior decoration ideas that you can opt for to make the inside of your car attractive and appealing. And today, here in this DIY car interior decoration guide, we are going to introduce you to some of the most effective ways to decorate your car interior within budget and time.

17 Best Car Interior Decoration Ideas: Cool Things to Do to Your Car Interior

As we all know, there are countless exciting car interior accessories, modern car interior decoration products, and super cool ways to customize your car interior available in the market. But whenever you want to proceed with any car interior DIY ideas or cute things to put in your car interior, color combination and looks of the decorative items, decoration budget, and quality of the products are the things you need to pay extreme attention to.

And that’s why here we have compiled a list of some of the most affordable car interior decoration accessories for ladies and guys and some of the best car interior decoration ideas to decorate your car on a budget.

So now, without any further ado, let’s have a look at the list of 17 cool things to do to your car interior to enhance the appearance of the vehicle. Here we go:

Add a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

While car owners think of having indoor and outdoor car seat covers as soon as they purchase a car, they hardly give a thought to buying a cover for their steering wheel. A leather steering wheel cover is one of the car interior accessories that influence your car aesthetics to a great extent.

In addition to offering an elegant look and feel to the interiors of your car or truck, the leather-covered steering wheel also helps you drive conveniently while making the grip less troubling.

valleycomfy steering wheel covers

Contacting car interior decoration and accessories suppliers will help you come across various options. Still, the best two options to opt for would be Valleycomfy Microfibre Leather Steering Wheel Cover, which is 100% odor-free and made of high-quality microfiber leather, and New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover, which comes with an attractive design and it offers a great touch feeling.

bling steering wheel cover

Both these leather steering wheel covers provide a better grip and significant safety. They are easy to install, durable, sober, and smooth, which makes driving convenient for you even if your hands are on the steering wheel for long hours.

If you want to make your car interior look cool and comfortable, you must upgrade the look of your car’s front interiors by including these sophisticated custom leather steering wheel covers today.

Cover Your Seats with Stylish Car Seat Covers

One of the most essential and cool things to do to your car interior is to use stylish and sophisticated car seat covers. High-quality seat covers for cars not only enhance the aesthetics of the inside of your vehicle but also protect your car seats from getting damaged soon.

In short, the full set universal fit, waterproof, and stylish car seat covers offer a new lease of life to your car. These car seat covers are available in different designs and colors for you to choose from. As a result, you can make your car look the way you want.

flat cloth car seat covers

If you have kids who love going for a long drive, it is so likely for them to spilt water or cold drink on your car seat. Right? Having a seat cover of good quality will never let the liquid surpass its layer and reach your car seat. In addition to these, you can also go for the wooden beaded car seat covers or vibration massage seat cushions with heating pads that massage your back while you drive. What else do you want?

wood beaded seat cover

If you are genuinely looking for some of the most affordable and best car interior decoration ideas and ways to decorate your car interior, in that case, the two cool and stylish car seat covers that are recommended for you to check out are; Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover by FH Group, which has been designed with durable and breathable high-quality fabric and fits almost all seats (Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUV).

luckyman club car seat covers

And the second one is Car Seat Covers Full Set with Waterproof Leather by LUCKYMAN CLUB, which is quite famous for its wear-resistant and water-proof quality. This top-selling leather car seat cover also perfectly fits most of the sedan, truck, and SUVs.

Buy All Weather Car Floor Mats

If you are among those, who think that people sitting in your car only look at what is easily visible to them or in front of them, you are highly mistaken. No matter how attractive one’s outfit is, you never miss out on the type of shoes or sandals the person is wearing. Do you?

Well, the same applies to the people who enter your car. They check out everything from the car seat covers to your car floor mats. Hence, when you think of how to make your car interior look cool and how to decorate the interior of your car, choosing the right and best all weather floor mats for cars should be one of your primary concerns.

husky liners weatherbeater floor liners

Using car floor mats is highly recommended as it helps you keep your car floor clean and free from unhygienic elements that might stick to your car’s body. You can either choose simple rubber floor mats with waterproof or water-resistant feature or go for something more fashionable. Having floor mats for cars is one of the most essential car interior accessories ideas to consider.

flextough rubber car floor mats

And if you want us to help you in choosing the most durable and best all weather car floor mats set (all season), then Husky Liners Weather Beater Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners and FlexTough Advanced Performance Rubber Floor Mats are our top choices for whichever type of four-wheeler you have.

Always keep in mind, if you want to go with the custom fit waterproof floor mats for cars, in all these cases, buying a durable, high quality, and the right car floor mat is highly necessary as you cannot compromise with the quality standards of your vehicles.

Install LED Light Strips for Car Interior

Want to give your car a lounge-like feel? If yes, then one of the best car interior decoration products that will help you achieve that are the LED lights. Gone are the days when traditional bulbs were used in the sedans. Now is the time when car manufacturers include these ambient lights already to give the car interiors a sophisticated look and feel.

Though there are still very few manufacturers making this feature available, but you as a car owner can get these light strips installed within your sedans separately. Yes, you read correctly! There are countless eye-catching LED light strips for car interior available in the market that you can easily install inside your vehicle according to your preferences..

govee interior car lights

When you start hunting for these LED lights, you are likely to come across different patterns and arrangements to choose from. In fact, you can decorate your dashboards using these lights, and these can be one of the perfect car dashboard decoration ideas as well. You must try it.

From dashboard strips to under-panel lamps, these LED lighting options are available in different forms and colors. The two most widely used options these days are Govee Interior Car Lights and LED Multi-Color Car Interior Lights. The lightings could serve to be a multi-purpose product, and you can choose among them as per your requirements and preferences.

car led strip light

If you enjoy the light color changing according to rhythm, then installing multi-color led light strips with remote control in your car is one of the most creative car interior decoration ideas and DIY car interior accessories to make your car look cool.

Add Car Front Seat Organizer

While traveling by car, especially when it’s a long journey, you may find a few things mandatory to carry along with you. It may be some electronic gadget like a tablet or a car air freshener or maybe refreshing tissue packets, etc. While you already have seat pockets to use, it might not make things that handy. This is where a car front seat organizer becomes one of the best car decorations inside your car or truck.

tidify car front seat organizer

With multiple pockets available, these car front seat organizers and car seat file organizers can accommodate all kinds of accessories conveniently to make them handy. So, if you are wondering how to decorate your car interior, in that case, you can have them included inside the car and make use of it in organizing accessories to be carried on a journey, which has been scattered throughout otherwise.

car front seat organizer

When it comes to having the best car front sear organizer, the two top-selling products that are widely preferred these days are Tidify Car Front Seat Organizer with a dedicated tablet and laptop storage, and ECWKVN Car Front Seat Organizer with dedicated laptop, tablet, and cup holders. Get it included inside the cars and see the difference it makes both in terms of appearance as well as usefulness.

Attach Car Door Storage Pockets

While on a drive, be it long or short, some people carry chocolates, tissues, and so many other accessories along with them. Such items, if not carried along, make your journey incomplete. Isn’t it? However, the pressure of holding the tissues or chocolates in hand throughout the drive is what annoys you the most.

This is where car door storage pockets come into the scene and become the best car interior accessories for decoration. They remain attached to the door towards the inside of the car and help you store the small things, keeping your hands free throughout the journey.

car seat side organizer

Even if you are alone in the back seat and there is a lot of space to keep aside the small things you carry along with yourself, there are chances of falling through the seat gap. These are the situations where these car door storage pockets appear as a blessing.

front door pockets

This is what makes them considered as the best option when it comes to the cool things to do to your car interior and creative ways to decorate your car interior. KMMOTORS Ultra Slim Mini Organizer for phone, cigar, and other slim things, and CheroCar Door Storage Bag Front Door Pockets, etc. are some of the appropriate examples of ideal car side pocket organizers available in the market that can fulfill your curiosity regarding the best car door storage pockets.

Install Car Seat Back Protectors

When it comes to taking due care of your car, the owners are often found focused on the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle. But then, there are a few minute portions that they miss out on taking care of. One such part of the car that remains neglected is the car seat’s backside.

Well, if you are among those who are searching for the best car interior decoration ideas and want to learn how to decorate a car interior, you have an option that will not only enhance the look of the car but also serves to be something useful. Yes, we are talking about the car seat back protectors and kick mat and organizer for the back of your seat.

enovoe kick mats

Believe it or not, your car seats are susceptible to dirt and dust particles. To make sure your car offers fresh air for you to breathe in, it is important that you get a car seat back protector installed. It makes for car accessories interior decoration and is available in extremely attractive designs and unique patterns.

kick mats back seat protector

You can go with either Enovoe Kick Mats Premium Quality Car Seat Protector, which provides waterproof protection to your upholstery from dirt, mud, and scratches, or MyTravelAide Car Backseat Organizer Kick Mats with XL storage pockets for tablets, which is a perfect travel accessory for kids.

If you want a top-rated and best quality products, these two car seat back protectors and kick mats for car seat back are the most suitable choices for you. These car interior decoration items are not only useful but also give a fantastic look and feel to the entire interior of the car.

Add a Tissue Holder for Car

Whether it is about giving your makeup a touchup or wiping your hands after having some snacks while on a drive, a tissue is very much required. When you have tissues to use, you need to have a space to keep it so that it is easily available whenever you need it.

Of course, you might have multiple pockets where you can keep the tissue packets, but they might not handy when extremely required. Hence, a tissue holder for car is recommended both in terms of usefulness as well as an item to decorate your car interior.

ejiasu car tissue holder

If you are thinking of how to decorate car interior and what are the cute things to put in your car, a tissue holder box would be the most appropriate thing, among other options. The number of tissues you use, be it for any purpose during a journey, is quite significant. A car tissue holder allows you to hold the unused tissues too before you get a proper place to dispose of it.

leather tissue box holder

If you were wondering how do you keep tissue boxes in your car or what is the best car tissue box holder, then eJiasu Car Tissue Holder for car sun visor and car backseat, and U&M PU Leather Tissue Box Holder for home, office, restaurant, and automotive use are some of the best options for your vehicle. These car visor tissue holder and leather tissue box holders will adorn your car interiors.

Install a Car Sun Visor Mirror

When you wear makeup, and your best friend rejects it when she joins you on the way, the only thing you can do at that moment is using a lot of tissue to remove the makeup and put on something that she thinks will fit you. Therefore, especially for the ladies, these car sun visor mirrors are a blessing.

Hence, if you are searching for car interior accessories for ladies to impress your lady luck, get a high-quality car sun visor mirror with LED lights installed in the interiors of your car. These mirrors are available as a single screen as well as foldable screens so that you can check out yourself from all sides.

car visor mirror

So far as the designs and patterns are concerned, these sun visor mirrors are available in attractive and trendy styles that enhance the overall look and feel of your sedan. Being easy to install, this is considered one of the best car interior decoration tips for the owners.

Some of the most affordable car sun visor mirror examples that you might have a look at to explore include QIXI Car Sun Visor Mirror with LED Lights, and Huicocy Makeup Travel Vanity Mirror universal for cars, trucks, and SUVs. These kinds of makeup mirrors with LED designs are easy to use in a low light environment.

Buy a Car Trash Can with Lid

Throwing the wrappers outside the car as and when you have some snacks or chocolates or other stuff while you are on a journey is one of the most annoying things to do on the road. You may not even realize you are adding to the world’s population who hardly cares about the environment.

It is entirely understandable that you cannot keep the wastes inside your car, but you can at least have a car trash can with lid inside your car to accumulate the wastes at one place and dispose of them at an appropriate place. Keeping a portable waterproof car trash can in your vehicle is one of the cool ways to decorate the inside of your car.

car trash can

Having a collapsible trash can for car in your vehicle will not only ensure making you a responsible citizen but also help you to keep your car clean as you won’t find any wrapper scattered beneath the car seats anymore. In fact, these car trash cans are a wise option to consider when you are searching for the best car interior decoration ideas and super cool ways on how to decorate the inside of a car.

car trash can with lid

To keep your vehicle clean, organized, out of trash, you can order the EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and storage pockets or Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid from Amazon at a very affordable price. These garbage cans for cars come with a compact size and foldable design.

Decorate Your Car Dashboard with Dolls or Plants

Decorating your car doesn’t only mean including items that show how intelligent and smart you are. Instead, it is a way in which you handle every space, small or big, in the wisest way possible. Keeping things on the car dashboard is considered risky enough, but some items are designed to adorn the dashboard specifically.

Dolls and plants are some of the cute things to put in your car and make it look unique and attractive. In fact, when it’s about dolls, you can have other toys too to decorate your sedans. There are dancing dolls with their belly moving all the time, which sometimes signifies the beat playing through the music system of your car.

cute kongfu monk car interior

The plants keep the ambience fresh and happening no matter how much time you spend in your car with the air conditioning ON. Get the car interior decoration dolls and plants to adorn your sedan and see how it influences the look and feel inside.

auto interior decoration peace demeanor

After going through several car dashboard decoration ideas and decorative items, if you are waiting for our opinion, then we would suggest you browse through car dashboard decoration toys like Cute Kongfu Monk Car Interior made of environmental resin material, KC Hawaii Hula Girl Posing Mini Dashboard Doll (4.4″ x 1.75″) made of polyresin, or New Auto Interior Decoration Peace Demeanor with an anti-skid pad made of advanced environmentally friendly resin, etc. These are some of the cute and cool ways to decorate your car dashboard.

Buy Hanging Car Air Freshener

No matter how intense your air conditioning is, breathing would be severe if the air inside is not fresh enough. The foul smell in the air can never make you feel fresh on your journey, be it a shorter one or long. Carrying a spray bottle of a car air freshener is a great option, but it might not be convenient for you to use if you are driving alone, and your both hands are on the steering, right?

yankee candle car jar air freshener

In such a scenario, a hanging car air freshener pack appears to be one of the best car interior decorative items to use. The hanging air fresheners are not only available in packet forms, but they also come in jars to be hung and uniquely decorate your sedan.

little trees car air freshener

Using best-rated car air fresheners like Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Freshener will offer a strange but festive essence to the inside of the car. On the other, the longest lasting car air freshener like Little Trees Car Air Freshener gives numerous attractive and colorful designs, patterns, and flavors for the car owners to use as creative car interior decoration ideas.

Hang a Car Rear View Mirror Charms

Remember, the wind chimes hung at the windows to decorate your bedrooms and which were supposed to bring good luck for you? Well, not only for your household, but the charms are still trending, and this time it’s been designed to adorn your car’s rearview mirror.

In fact, these lucky charms are considered as one of the best inside car decoration ideas for car owners. Hanging the dream catcher in front of you will make your driving experience even more soothing. Available in different shapes, sizes, and color, these charms are highly preferred by the car owners around the globe.

lucky pendant

The best part is that you can make it on your own by using whatever material or fabric that is readily available to you. This is what makes the designs unique and drives car owners towards these DIY car interior decoration ideas.

car hanging dream catcher

Alotex Bling White Heart Diamond Crystal for car rearview mirror and Alynsehom Dream Catcher car rearview mirror hanging accessories are some of the best examples that you can look into to make your choice. Hang it across the rearview mirror and adorn your car in the most creative way.

Install a car phone holder

Don’t your family members get bored on a long trip? After all, just listening to songs doesn’t really help when you have miles to cover by car. However, you don‘t need to worry when your phone is there. Play a video or a movie for them to enjoy and get going.

Well, if you are thinking of where to place your phone to make the videos or movies available or watchable for everyone around, you need to install a car phone holder for the purpose. It is one of the best accessories for car interior to be used by the car owners.

The placement of these holders will not only decorate your car but also let you include something useful for entertaining anyone who accompanies you during a particular journey. In fact, if you feel frustrated because of driving for stretched hours, you can take the backseat somewhere in the middle of your ride and enjoy some videos and movies before starting again.

Get these car interior decoration items, and if you want to explore the features, checking out the products like Ottie Easy One Touch Car Mount Phone Holder, and Air Vent Phone Holder for Car would give you a clear idea. These easy one-touch dashboard and windshield mounts are universally compatible with all smartphones sizes. These car mount phone holders hold your device securely in such a way that you can safely drive your car even if you needed to follow the Google map throughout the journey.

Buy a Car Center Console Armrest Pillow or Pad

Is your car center console welcoming enough for the arms of the people who sit beside you while you drive? As a car owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the one sits beside you is comfortable enough while accompanying you. This is where a universal car center console armrest pillow or pad becomes a practical option as one of the ways to decorate your car interior.

armrest covers for cars

Keeping your arms on a hard surface makes you feel uncomfortable, and you are uneasy throughout the trip. Being a car owner, you completely understand how important it is to have significant comfortable while you are on a car journey. Right?

So, if you are searching for ideas on how to decorate inside of your car, you can surely prefer these armrest cover pillows or pads as they are not only the comfy items to choose for your car but are also elegant enough for the appeal of it.

armrest cover for car

To know how it would look on your car center console, you can look at some car interior decoration items like MLOVESIE Auto Center Console Armrest Pillow and YR Vehicle Center Console Armrest Cover Pad to get an idea. These armrest covers for cars are of high-quality material (neoprene, memory foam, and breathable fabric materials) and can be easily washed by hand or machine as well.

Use Car Seat Headrest Pillow and Neck Support Cushion

Driving for stretched hours leads to neck pain, shoulder pain, and sometimes severe headaches also. Hence, including a car seat headrest pillow and neck support cushion is highly recommended. In fact, these car accessories for interior are most preferred as they are not only the items that help you to prevent neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches, but they also tend to enhance the look and feel of a sedan.

car headrest pillow

When your headrest is there, it protects you from any injury from collisions occurring from the rear and even side of the car. The neck support cushion, on the other hand, becomes a great protector when the neck snaps back because of the sudden unexpected car movement due to collision. This serves to be one of the ideal interior car accessories for guys and gals who love to drive or go on a long trip with their loved ones.

car seat neck pillow

To check the feature of such items, you can look at the two most widely preferred products in the category, XERGUR Car Seat Headrest Pillow for better sleep on long trips and Feagar Car Seat Neck Pillow with 2 adjustable straps and washable cover. These car headrests and neck pillows are suitable for most car seats.

Buy a Car Trunk Organizer to Keep Your Car Trunk Neat

Well, when it comes to maintaining a car properly, every corner of the vehicle is focused on quite carefully, but what gets ignored in the process is the car trunk. Yes, it is the part of the car that never remains exposed to the car owners or any onlookers. And this is the sole reason that keeps it ignored no matter how carefully you invest in the maintenance of the car.

car trunk storage organizer

Don’t join the group of people who ignore the car trunk. Keep it organized, and the accessory that will help you achieve that through a collapsible multi-compartment car trunk organizer. In fact, it will be one of the best car accessories to choose if you are looking for options on how to decorate the interior of a car.

There are many handicraft experts who prepare these DIY car interior decoration products to ensure your car trunk is well-maintained and well-organized. You get multiple spaces along with side pockets to organize multiple things in a proper way.

car trunk organizer

In short, you will find that the things stored in the car trunk are no more scattered like they used to be. Browsing through the top-selling and best car trunk organizers such as Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer adjustable securing straps and Fortem Car Trunk Organizer will let you know the amazing features of such products. These kinds of trunk organizer for cars come with non-slip bottom strips which prevent sliding in any condition.

The above-mentioned list of 17 best car interior decoration ideas and cool things to do to your car interior will surely guide you in the best way in choosing the most efficient, effective, smartest, and most sensitive products for your sedan irrespective of its size and type. Just go for the best car decoration ideas interior and see the difference it makes.

Author’s View on the Best Car Interior Decoration Ideas

If I am asked which of these cool ways to decorate the inside of your car is the best, I would recommend the items that are not only attractive but also useful in nature. It will make your investment worth the thing you invest in.

Whether it is about the cute ways to decorate the inside of your car or the DIY means, my personal favorites are steering wheels covers as the comfort of the person on the driving seat is of prime importance, along with a car phone holder as entertainment is equally essential and car seat headrest pillow and neck support cushion that is a standard to comply with.

Last but not least, a sun visor mirror, hanging air freshener, and storage pockets at different places are essential to include inside the car. In simple words, go for all those best car interior decoration ideas and car interior decorative items that are important for you to have. Choose based on your suitability and requirements.

We hope, now you know every possible ways on how to decorate your car interior and how to make your car interior look cool within an affordable budget. In case, we missed any car interior modification ideas or cool things to do to your car interior, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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