How to Decorate Your Car for Christmas Without Spending Much

Are you excited about Christmas? Do you want to learn how to decorate your car with Christmas lights, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus toy, etc.? If yes, this guide will help you perfectly learn how to decorate your car for Christmas without spending much money.

It’s December month, and Christmas is almost around the corner. For those who celebrate the festival, it is that time of the year that brings them all the hopes and happiness to step onto a new year that comes soon after the celebration. People from all over the world celebrate Christmas with full enthusiasm wholeheartedly.

For some, it is the most pampered time of the year where they celebrate the occasion in as many ways as they want. Some of them even do not leave their cars apart and dig out various car decoration ideas for Christmas. But sometimes, people do not like to spend much on the decorations, yet they want some decorations on the eve of Christmas.

how to decorate your car for christmas
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So, what’s the Christmas car decorations ideas and solution for them? Would they not be able to manage their expenses and have some incredible decorations in their cars during Christmas at the same time?

Well, certainly yes! If you wish to decorate your car without spending a lot of money and time on the same, then this article will guide you step by step on how to decorate your car for Christmas without spending much money. Keep reading for more revelation, and hold your excitement for this year’s Christmas!

How to Decorate Your Car with Christmas Lights

You may be confused about how to decorate your car for Christmas this year as the ongoing pandemic has hit us all hard. But you need not worry much as this article would help you figure out how to execute the Christmas decorations for cars with minimum spending.

The step by step process to decorate your car for Christmas is given in the section below. Please go through it one by one and follow the steps to get better results. Here we go:

Step 1: Buy a 12V DC to 110V AC Power Inverter

The Christmas lights are best operated for home decoration rather than decorating in the car as they work perfectly in 110V AC power that runs in our household. And most of our vehicles run on a 12V DC electric system. Thus, you will need a 12V DC to 110V AC power inverter for your car to light the Christmas car lights properly as the inverter can convert the car’s DC to AC.

12v dc to 110v ac power inverter

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It is better to buy an inverter that plugs into the 12-volt accessory outlet directly. When the inverter is installed, you can decorate your car with Christmas lights in any way as per your choice. These power inverters are good enough to carry the workload of the lights.

If you are confused as to which power inverters would be suitable for your car this Christmas, then you can consider buying these two: Ampeak 1000W Car Power Inverter and Krieger 1500 Watts Power Inverter for their impeccable performance.

And in case if you don’t want to buy a DC to AC power inverter for car, then the battery operated Christmas lights are the best option for you. Battery operated lights for Christmas run at an extremely low voltage, which makes them perfectly safe for use. These types of Christmas lights are very energy efficient and quite suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Step 2: Buy Christmas Lights for Car

When you are done buying a car power inverter, the next step that proceeds is choosing the best Christmas lights for the purpose of decoration. The best LED Christmas lights are the ones that not only light up your car but also add to the beauty during the best occasion of the year.

The technology is so advanced these days that there are remote control lights available which you can use in your car. These lights are a part of Christmas decorations for cars and trucks, and thus you cannot compromise with the quality.

christmas lights for car

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You can either buy color-changing multi-color lights, or you can go for small bulbs of different colors depending upon your preferences. Check the lights for optimum safety and water-resistant features so that there is no risk when you install them in your car.

You can consider buying the 25FT Multi-Color Ceramic String Lights and 200 LED White and Multicolor Christmas Lights as they serve the purpose of lighting with optimum safety standards and also have affordable rates.

Step 3: Attach Christmas Lights to Your Car

After choosing the best Christmas lights to decorate your car, you would want to know how to hook up Christmas lights to a car battery so that they can be lit up easily. Right? So now you need a way to attach them to your car surface. For this, you need either magnets or zip ties as per your preference.

neodymium fishing magnets

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If you are confused between these two, then remember that if you want to place the lights in places such as the mirrors, grille, bumper, rack, etc., then going with the zip ties would be better. But if you want to place them inside the car where you don’t have to string them, you can use a magnet for better placement.

However, both of these are mentioned here. Choose the one that you find best to attach your Christmas light to your car. Choose between Self-Locking Cable Zip Ties or Neodymium Fishing Magnets as they are the best in the market that serves the purpose right.

Step 4: Tuck in the Wires Properly

The best way to decorate your car for Christmas is to be safe amidst all the decorations. You must not take any risks or do the work in a way that can lead to any kind of accidents during the time of the festivities. Thus, when you are decorating your car using the Christmas lights, you would better take all the safety precautions rather than doing the work unsafely.

electrical tape

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And for being safe, you need to tuck in the extra wire that comes out from the lights when you install them on the car. You must use tape to attach the extra wire that comes out from the lights during the time of the decoration.

Electrical tapes and waterproof tapes are the two forms of tapes that are most used for the purpose. If you are searching for the best ones, then you can consider buying Vinyl Electrical Tape or Premium Black Waterproof Tape, as these have all the qualities that would make your Christmas safer this year.

Step 5: Take All Safety Precautions and then Light It Up

To decorate your car for Christmas, you must maintain all the safety precautions to have a safe and sound celebration. You must keep in mind that you are dealing with electric current and not anything else for the Christmas celebration and so you must be very careful when dealing with the lights.

Suppose there is any chance of your car getting wet. In that case, it can be dangerous for you because there is an electric current connection in the vehicle, and you need to be precautious because water is a good conductor of electricity.

Short circuits can happen due to wet conditions. Hence, it would be best if you were more careful when doing car decorations during Christmas. Choose the lights carefully, place them using the magnet or zip ties, and then tuck in the wires, and you are done decorating the car for Christmas.

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How to Decorate Your Car for Christmas: Christmas Car Decorations Ideas

If you are looking for some of the coolest and best Christmas car decorations ideas, then this section would help you get an exclusive idea for the same. There are various ways to decorate a car during Christmas. Some prefer lights more than other types of decorations, while some like to decorate the car with Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

All in all, the option is varied, and the choice is yours. Here are some of the best Christmas car decorations ideas that you might prefer this year. Read along and learn how to decorate your car for Christmas without spending much money and time. Here we go:

Put Christmas Tree on Top of Car

No Christmas decoration is complete without using a Christmas tree. And thus, even if you are traveling on the road during the time, you would not mind carrying a Christmas tree along with you. The Christmas tree is considered one of the significant Christmas decorations for cars in many parts of the world. You can buy a car compatible Christmas tree that can be attached to the rooftop of your vehicle.

If you are looking for one, you can trust buying The Car Top Christmas Tree for its excellent coverage. It contains as many as 70 LED lights in it, which would make it look desperately beautiful during Christmas night if you are traveling somewhere. It also has an easy setup process with spring clips, industrial straps, and a roof rack to allow the process to be convenient for the car owner.

car with christmas tree on top decoration

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It is not too pricey also, comes in an affordable price range of around $20 to $30, which is counted as a nominal Christmas expense for most families. So if you are looking for a cheap yet adorable car decoration idea this Christmas, consider this one without a doubt!

Get a Christmas Wreath for Car

When decorating your house or office for Christmas, you would certainly use a flower wreath as part of the decoration. Then why not include it as part of your vehicle Christmas decorations as well? The Christmas wreath does not only make your car look good during Christmas, but it also increases the aura of the car you are driving.

It is evident that you cannot always use a flower wreath to decorate the car, so using an artificial wreath is the solution to the problem. You can buy TACTIK Christmas Wreath for Car and Aneco Christmas LED Car Wreath for the purpose. This wreath comes with 12V LED lights and has a weatherproof formula for areas where heavy snowfall or rain takes place.

christmas wreath for car

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These are fair value wreaths that go well with any type of vehicle such as SUV, truck, mini car, etc. The plugin option is a cigarette lighter type that goes almost with all types of cars. You get a package full of wreath bow, suction cups, cable ties, power chords, etc., which will allow proper fitting of the wreath into the car front.

Use Christmas Wreath Spare Tire Cover

There are many ways to decorate your car for Christmas, one of which is a Christmas wreath tire cover. You may think that a wreath only looks good in the car front decoration. But it is incredible to know that you can also get wreath decoration for your car’s tires. Yes, you read it right!

There are wreath car tire covers that add up to the luxe quotient of your car. Two of the most sorted spare tire cover wreaths include Tire Cover Central Christmas Wreath and Dean Wangluo Spare Tire Cover Christmas Wreath, which is pretty much loved by the car owners. These are cute decorations that make your regular car tire look unique during Christmas times.

christmas wreath spare tire cover

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You get custom made wreaths for your car like the size of tires is different for different vehicles. The properties of these tire wreaths include high-quality polyester material that makes them durable and waterproof at the same time. These are easy to install and even easier to clean, given that it is bound to get dirty when you drive your car on the road. Overall it’s a reasonable and affordable car decor item for your vehicle.

Attach Car Reindeer Antlers and Nose

There are many items for Christmas decorations for your car. Out of those, the car reindeer antlers and nose also count for useful decor items. Generally, if you have kids at home, these decoration pieces prove to be a good one for Christmas celebrations. You can use these items to decorate your car’s trunk, front portions, door and window sides, and other parts of the car, depending upon your preference.

If you’re looking for the perfect antlers and nose for decorating your vehicle, then you can go for Ankuka Car Reindeer Antlers and Nose and OxGord Car Reindeer Antlers and Nose. These are not only affordable decoration items but also makes your car look good during Christmas. You can buy large-sized antlers or small-sized antlers depending upon your car’s size.

car reindeer antlers and nose

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These Antlers and noses fit in every vehicle type, whether it is a truck, SUV, or sedan. Place them over the car front mirror and near the number plate to garner more attention during the festivities.

Use Reflective Christmas Car Magnets

Many people struggle with the Christmas car decoration ideas, but they do not know that there are various such car decoration items available in the market that they can use while declaring their cars for Christmas. For example, using reflective Christmas car magnets is also among the car decor items that can be used during Christmas car decorations.

reflective christmas car magnets

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These Christmas car light magnets work wonderfully well for those who want their cars to look good and at the same time want to avoid using real lights decorations. If you have kids at home, then these car light magnets would prove to be an extraordinary decor item.

You can buy the Bigtime Signs Holiday Lights Magnet Set and Blulu Reflective Christmas Car Magnets Set for the purpose as they provide multi-color car light magnets that make your car look fantastic. If you have a white-colored car, these multi-colored light magnets will surely do the magic as part of your Christmas car decoration. These are cheap, but shell out a luxe feel while you use them to decorate your car.

Install a Christmas-Themed License Plate Frame

There are varieties of car-themed Christmas decorations available in the market from which you can choose the one best suited for your purpose. For now, you can settle the Christmas themed license plate frame for the purpose of decoration. This one goes well with all kinds of vehicles, be it a small car or an SUV, or a truck.

These license plate frames are a portable decoration that gives out a luxe vibe during Christmas. If you are confused about which frame to buy or which brand is good to go, you can choose the LumiSign Olens The Customizable Color License Plate Frame as the best choice. It comes with a no-wire formula and lights up the plate frame automatically. The price is also feasible; thus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your car.

christmas license plate frame

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There are various interchangeable color options available with this purchase that you can choose according to your likes. It also shuts off automatically when you are not driving the car. Isn’t it a smart technology to go for car decorations this year?

Add a Tenna Tops Christmas Car Antenna Topper

If you are wondering how to decorate your car for Christmas without spending much, then here you go with the best affordable Christmas car decoration tip! These are cute decoration items meant mainly for kids in the house. They would simply love a Santa Claus, or a cute Santa-themed dolphin stuck into the antenna top of your car.

Not only the antenna topper, but you can also buy car mirror danglers, desktop bobble stands, and other similar decor items, which would not increase your Christmas decor expenses but would still provide an attractive look to your car.

To get the best stuff, you can buy Tenna Tops Christmas Holiday Car Antenna Toppers, and Tenna Tops Cute Penguin Car Antenna Topper that would serve the purpose right. These packages come stuffed with all kinds of decor items that include antenna top, desktop bobble stand, mirror danglers, etc.

christmas car antenna topper

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You get quirky toppers like a penguin, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, etc., with the package that would add to the car decoration generously. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this car decor item now!

Use Removable Snow Decal for Glass

As there are so many Christmas car decoration ideas available today, one might get confused about which one to use for the purpose. If you are looking for an affordable but attractive decor item for your car, then you can go with this one. The removable snow deck for car glass would be a perfect car decoration idea this Christmas.

It’s affordable yet showcases an adorning beauty. When you buy these snow decals, you can also use them on your home window glasses apart from the car windshield. The options might be varied, but if you buy the CCINEE Christmas Snowflake Window Cling Stickers and Cookham Christmas Decorations Snowflake Window Sticker Set for decorating your car this Christmas, you will surely be on the gaining side.

removable snow decal for glass

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In one, you get 300 pcs in an eight sheet sticker pack, while in the other, you get 135 pcs in a five sheet sticker pack. These can be easily stuck on the glass surface without the use of an external glue. They cause no marks on the glass and can be removed easily as well.

You get various designs such as Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus, etc. as the sticker, and you can use them according to your likes on the car glass.

Put Dancing Santa Toy on the Dashboard

You would naturally want to decorate your car for Christmas, but you can fall short of ideas as to how to complete the decorations. Well, there might be as many ideas to decorate the car on the exteriors, but the interior car decoration ideas are limited. So, it would be best if you dug out the available options for the same.

Here we are going to mention a car decoration idea which shall include the interiors of the car. It is the dancing Santa toy that we are talking about. It might be a very subtle car decoration idea for some, but it will definitely be worthwhile for the occasion of Christmas.

You can buy the Santa Claus bobble toys for the purpose, and if you are looking for suggestions, then here it is. Go for the Snowman and Santa Claus Swinging Bobble Toy, and Santa Claus Solar Powered Dancing Dolls, which shall serve the purpose right.

dancing santa toys

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These are cute Santa toys that would enlighten your car dashboard perfectly for the occasion of Christmas, plus these are pocket-friendly decor items too! No doubt, these are the perfect choice for every car owner as a Christmas decor item.

Attach Santa Claus Hanging Legs

How about hanging some elf legs on your car front? Well, it seems to be one of the best ideas for decorating a car for the Christmas parade as it would not only increase the beauty of the vehicle but would also add a unique touch to your otherwise normal vehicle.

These hanging Santa or elf legs look cute when you hang them on the trunk or on the front mirror of the car to make it look beautiful. If you are looking for suitable options, you can go for the Santa Claus Hanging Legs Sticking Out of Trunk and Christmas Elf Stuffed Legs Stuck to serve the purpose right. These are affordable yet amazing car decor items for Christmas.

santa claus legs

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The hanging legs come in a size of about 23 inches and 19 inches, which is quite the right size for most cars. You also get different colors and themes as a decor item. You must try to hang them in a part of the vehicle where it can be visible easily from the outside. These are washable too, and you can use them again next year. Go for them this Christmas!

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FAQs for How to Decorate Your Car for Christmas:

Even though there are several ways to decorate a car during Christmas, people would still have some sort of questions in their minds regarding the decorations. Some would like to know how to hook up Christmas lights to a car battery, while some would prefer knowing the options available for Christmas decorations for cars.

Though it is not possible to answer all queries, some of the frequently asked questions are answered in the section below. Read on to find out about those FAQs.

Is It Legal to Put Christmas Lights on Your Car?

Well, if you want to put up battery-powered Christmas lights on your car and face any legal issues, it might be that you’re doing it wrong. Like the general norm is that putting lights in a car that can be misleading as a brake or a turn by other drivers on the road can put you in legal trouble.

So, if you intend to put on lights on your car during Christmas, make sure you are doing it right. Like you must not use such lights that send off the wrong signal, do it only during Christmas eve, and try to drive on some designated routes where such decorated car movements are allowed.

Are Battery Operated Christmas Lights Safe?

Yes, battery-operated Christmas lights for cars are safe to use during Christmas. You can use LED lights to save energy for the purpose. The LED lights are not only safe to use, but they do not get hot sooner as compared to the other lights.

When you use battery-operated lights on your car for Christmas decoration, you must be careful. As you need to charge the battery, you should not use the plug socket casually

These battery operated lights make your car look awesome during Christmas. You can also use them for other parties after Christmas is over, which is one benefit of these lights.

What are the Best Battery Operated Christmas Lights?

For people who want to know how to decorate your car for Christmas without spending much, the battery-operated Christmas lights are definitely the right choice as these are not only affordable but also safe to use.

Addition to these things, they have multipurpose uses like these lights can be used for decorating your house on other occasions, they can also be used if you have kids at home for significant lighting, etc.

Some of the best battery operated Christmas lights are YoTelim Globe String Lights Battery Operated and Outdoor String Lights Battery Operated. These lights are inexpensive and relatively easy to install, as well.

How to Hook Up Christmas Lights to a Car Battery?

You might be confused as to how to put Christmas lights on your car during Christmas eve. It is an easy process, but you will need a DC to AC car power inverter to carry out the hook-up of lights in your car during Christmas.

As the lights are battery-powered, thus they will need to be charged frequently to be lit up for long hours. But the car battery does not have the potential to provide the charge for long hours.

Thus, a 12V car power inverter would quickly charge the car decoration lights without causing many hindrances to the original car battery.

Author’s View on the Best Ways to Decorate Your Car for Christmas

As Christmas is around the corner, people who celebrate it are finding ways to celebrate it this year amidst the pandemic situation. It is evident that this year celebrating festivals would be different for all. The same enthusiasm would not be there as compared to other years.

But the pandemic would not deter the happiness and hopes that people find with each occasion. The best car decoration ideas for Christmas are already mentioned in the article above. So, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas outdoors, you can still find ways to celebrate it indoors with all forms of decoration and a small family get together.

The above list consists of both car interior Christmas decorations and car exterior decorations. You may find other suitable ways to decorate your car as well. If it is about me, I would prefer some of these car decorations ideas to make my car look good enough. The ideas that I find best are:

These are my picks for a budget-friendly car decoration this Christmas. You can choose yours by keeping the budget in mind and your preferred choice for the perfect car decoration!

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