11 Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars and Trucks to Buy in 2023

If you have ever been on a road trip in the summer, then you might understand the necessity of the best portable air conditioners for cars and trucks. Isn’t it? It’s a harsh truth; when it comes to surviving a road trip in the summer heat, you need a powerful air cooling fan and a portable air conditioner for car.

Driving through a country road under the scorching sun is undoubtedly a challenge. Though your windows are down, the hot and sticky air may not be in the mood to make you feel comfortable. Your clothes are soaked, sweat dripping off you, and you’re just rushing to get to your destination for taking the sigh of relief.

You just need a workaround to beat the extreme heat and make your journey smooth, isn’t it? In such a situation, what can be better than having a portable car air conditioner to drive those long hours while staying cool, right?

portable air conditioners for cars
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In a word, “Nothing.” Summer is inevitable, but discomfort is optional. The mild heat may feel beautiful and relaxing at the beach or while splashing in the water. But running your truck at melting temperature directly under the sun consumes tremendous energy and exhausts you completely.

Imagine your car’s in-built air conditioning system has left you in the lurch on such a day; what’s next? Refilling the air-conditioning liquid or spending an arm after fixing some inside technical glitch can’t be convenient, especially when you can have a better resolution with less investment.

Yes! You got it right. A small portable air conditioner for car is the answer. The best thing is that you can move these tools efficiently, so next time you’re up for crossing your state line, your roadside stays will be more relaxing.

Finding the best portable air conditioners for cars and trucks is not a cakewalk. You have to do extensive research work and consider several aspects before investing in any. But fret not, because we’ve already played a part in your role to help you select the “One” for your comfortable journey.

In a Hurry? Here are our top choices and a quick snapshot of our top-rated picks for the best portable car air conditioners:

After 43 hours of research and 82 hours of quality testing, we have identified the best ones with fantastic performance and prepared a list for you. So, without further minutes delay, go through the rest of our guide and get yourself a portable AC for car this summer. Here you go!

What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a mobile tool, which provides you with constant cooling effects. Unlike the window, central, or through-the-wall air conditioning systems, a portable AC unit doesn’t require permanent installation. Generally, these compact units are relatively lightweight, have a 28-inch to 34-inch height, and come with attached caster wheels.

These stand-alone units have unique cooling features, which are suitable for lowering the temperature of a small space like a car, truck, or even a tiny room. Portable air conditioners work in the same way as a central AC but on a smaller scale.

These tools draw the air from outdoors, process it through the compressor, and exhaust the hot air outside. Portable air conditioners work best for those who need to keep a specific room cool and fresh or travelling a long way during summer.

These tools are capable of maintaining the temperature at 15 degrees of a 200 square-feet area. All in all, you will get a comfortable atmosphere using a portable vehicle air conditioner. However, AC’s exact features will solely depend on the brand, size, model, and cooling effects.

There are three types of portable air conditioners for cars and trucks available in the market:

  • 12-volt portable air conditioner for car
  • Battery-powered air conditioner for trucks or cars
  • AC adapter

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How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Portable AC for cars takes in hot, humid, stale, and dirty air and converts it into cold, dry, and clean air. Everyone may tell you that setting up a portable air conditioner is quite easy. You just need to unbox it, plugin, install the exhaust hose, and turn it on. But you need to have explicit knowledge of its working mechanism to install it properly. 

Window air conditioners, central air conditioners, and portable air conditioners all work in the same process; even your refrigerator also uses the same technique. The only goal of a portable vehicle ac unit is to extract the heat from the car and transfer it outside. That’s why every portable car air conditioning machine comes with three key components: 

  • Refrigerant (for cooling the hot air)
  • Compressor (for compressing the refrigerant)
  • Fan (for spreading the cold air)

Each portable air conditioner for a car operates with the refrigeration cycle, depending on the exchange principle. Here we’ve provided a quick look into the inside process. Check now:

  • A gas named refrigerant is there within the system to affect the air exchange.
  • This gas can move quickly and easily from a low-pressure situation to a higher one and also can rapidly change from a gaseous state to a liquid and then back again.
  • The air conditioning cooling reaction possible because of this property.
  • The low-pressure gas travels via a compressor where it gets pressurized rapidly, which, in turn, converts the comparatively cool gas into a heated high-pressure one.
  • After this, the hot gas starts passing through the condenser coils, which are designed to lower the temperature of the gas and turn it into a high pressure but more refreshing liquid form.
  • Next, the liquid enters the evaporator coils, which makes the pressure drop rapidly.

Note: This process converts the liquid into a gas and cools it even more rapidly. This reaction is the thing that gives the substance the name- “refrigerant” because this is the reaction that allows the heated air to cool down and spreads the cooled air within your car. 

  • At this point, the cooled gas goes back to the compressor and starts the process all over again.
  • Hot inside air of the car is brought to pass the evaporator coil to make it cool, exactly when a blower pushes the cold air back into the car.
  • This air exchange reaction continues until the inside temperature of your vehicle is brought down to some preset value on the AC unit.

With this process, you get fresh and dehumidified air within your vehicle. The air is dehumidified because when it touches the cold coil surface, moisture and vapour get suspended. The moisture drips of the coil, and the hot air get discharged with a hose leading to outside.

Several best portable air conditioners for cars use one-hose, and some are there which use double-hose models. One-hose designs draw air from the inside of the room to make it cool and discharge hot air outside through the hose.

On the other hand, two-hose designs are a little complicated and maybe expensive too. One hose of these models takes in outdoor air, cools, dehumidifies, and then sends it into the room while discharging the humid air through the second hose. Two-hose models are more convenient to use as there are zero risks of exhausting the cool air outside.

Now you know how a portable air conditioner works. It’s time to check out the products that we’ve listed for you. Scroll through and pick one of your choices.

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11 Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars and Trucks in 2023

Portable air conditioners for cars work just like a regular in-home AC unit, as mentioned. But owning one of these tools is the ultimate solution for those who drive in boiling weather. Not only will it make those hot days bearable, but it will come cheaper also, at least less expensive than installing an AC in the car. Plus, these tools are durable enough to be your driving companion in the long run.

Whether you go for a battery-powered air conditioner for car or a 12V AC unit, the result will be fantastic. Have a look at our list of the best portable air conditioners for car and pick one of your choices. Let’s start!

Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier Portable Air Conditioner

The dashboard of your hatchback may not be able to make space for a large-sized car air conditioner. Therefore you need the smallest possible personal air conditioning device to fit your needs. The Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier can perfectly suit your requirement. This is one of the most top-rated portable air conditioners for cars available in the market.

Evapolar evaCHILL comes with four fan settings with a simple touch button. Simply connecting the fan with your Car’s USB port is all it takes to get a sweat-free comfortable drive to your destination.


  • Perfectly portable, suitable for smaller cars.
  • USB powered system is convenient to use.
  • It works not only as personal AC but as a humidifier as well.
  • It comes with four fan modes to give the best cooling effect.


  • Build up quality is not so strong.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Battery Portable Air Conditioner

If you are looking for something beautiful and cool to give as a gift or want to cool your truck or RV, this is what you need. Zero Breeze Mark 2 is one of the best portable ACs for cars and trucks on the market right now. With 2300 BTU cooling power, this battery powered air conditioner does not require any water or ice like other ACs.

The AC requires a cigarette lighter interface;12 to 24V, 210w and an AC drive interface; 100 to 240v, 300w. Just put it in the room, office, truck, car, or RV for 10 minutes, and it can make 40 sq. Ft. area up to 30 degrees cooler. Yes, that’s true. You can charge it in your car or use a solar panel. A wall socket is always an option, and the battery lasts 3-5 hours.

The design is unique, and it is very light to carry. Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is smaller than other air conditioners and thus makes an excellent choice for your car, truck or camp.


  • It is smaller and lighter, which makes it easy to carry.
  • With 5-8 hours of charging and different charging options, you can enjoy cool air for a long time.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to other popular and best portable air conditioners for cars and trucks.

DEWALT DCE511B 11″ Corded/Cordless Jobsite Fan Kit

If your car AC is broken and you need a quick solution, then Dewalt Jobsite Fan Kit is your answer. First, this is not a portable AC unit for cars, and you can only use it as a short-term solution. It can be run cordless or with a cord. It can be used for as long as 7 hours which is better than most car’s ACs.

A lithium-ion battery with 3.0Ah capacity powers the fan. The two main features of the Dewalt corded/cordless jobsite fan is its small size and durability. You can mount it on a wall, or hang it or free stand it. But you have to get the battery and cord separately. You can’t judge it from its size as it can cool a small place in a matter of minutes.


  • Multiple placing options.
  • The battery lasts for as long as 7 hours, which is quite good.
  • The airflow is fantastic.
  • It is small in size, weighs almost nothing and thus, it is a good mini portable air conditioner for a car.


  • You have to buy the battery and cord separately.

LaoTzi Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Rechargeable Evaporative Air Conditioner

If your car cabinet does not have a vast space and you need a portable air conditioner that sits small and gentle on your car dashboard, then LaoTzi Portable Air Conditioner Fan is the best option. Considering its portability, the personal air conditioner has quite a large tank. The tank can contain 300ML water, which can give you a runtime of around 4 to 5 hours without refilling.

MIST Sprayer Function can offer you a light splash of water in hot and dry conditions and make you feel much relaxed while driving your truck or car. LaoTzi Portable Air Conditioner comes with three wind modes: low, medium, and high, which allows you to decide the fan speed according to your need.

Initially, we were skeptical about the battery. But after using this device for quite a few months, we realised that battery capacity is not much necessary for this since this mini car AC can be conveniently charged with mobile devices like power banks. Not only that but it can also be used while charging.


  • Nicely portable. Therefore, it sits perfectly on the car dashboard.
  • Large 300ML water tank ensures long run time.
  • Doesn’t contain harmful refrigerant material hence environment friendly.
  • You don’t have to run a compressor inside; therefore highly energy-efficient.
  • Three different mode offers you the most suitable cooling effect.


  • The rechargeable battery inside is not so good.

CVILUX Portable Air Conditioner, Personal Air Cooler with Humidifier Filtration Evaporative

If you are looking for an energy-efficient portable air conditioner, your search can stop at Cvilux Portable air conditioner, which is the best portable ac for cars. Its USP is its size and design, which makes it perfect for any setting, be it your room, office, study desk, or car.

It is a 3-in-1 multi-function mini air-conditioner which is a cooler, humidifier, and air purification system. A simple one-button switch will start flowing cool air in your place, and you can adjust the speed with its 3-wind speed manual system.

That’s not all; it can be charged with a simple USB charger. This portable USB mini air conditioner has 7-color cycle lights to adjust as per your mood. Place it in an office, room, or car, and it won’t let you down.


  • It is a multi-function unit that performs several functions of an air purifier, humidifier, and AC.
  • It does not contain any harmful refrigerants.
  • It is suitable to be placed in any small space.


  • It is a personal space air conditioner. If you use it in an RV or truck, don’t expect much.

Personal Air Cooler, 5000 mAh Battery Operated Portable Air Conditioner

Personal Air Cooler by Focondot should be an obvious choice if you are looking for the best portable air conditioners for trucks. Made with high-quality material, this air cooler comes with a large 700ml water tank. With full tank capacity, the refrigerator can blow cool wind for 12 long hours, ensuring long-term comfort in hot and dry summer weather while driving.

The feature which has impressed us is its oscillation facility. Unlike the other air coolers available in this range, the Portable Air Conditioner by Focondot can oscillate 60-degree to 120-degree right and left, making it perfect for other passengers inside your car or truck as well.

A large in-built battery of 5000mAh gives better run-time on your long roadways journey. Sturdy and humanized design makes the product long-lasting and easy to carry at the same time. Another great thing about the device is its ease of use that is worth mentioning.


  • Easy to use and great built quality.
  • A large 700ml water tank ensures a cool, soothing breeze for longer hours.
  • Rotatable air-vent provides a better cooling effect.
  • 5000mAh large battery offers a longer run time.


  • Bigger in size, tough to fit inside the car’s dashboard.

MightyKool The K2 is not an Air Conditioner

Want a cooling unit that decreases the temperature of your car or truck in a matter of few seconds? Go for the MightyKool Model K2. It is not an air conditioner. It is a 2-vent 12 Volt cooling unit that is easy to carry and use. All you need to do is fill up the tank with water, plug the cord in the cigarette socket, and you are good to go.

It is an evaporative air cooler that comes with an exhaust. It is equipped with a water meter which helps you learn how much water has been filled. Don’t fill it up to the brim; else, it will deteriorate its performance. It has two adjustable vents. The fan speed can reach up to 25 miles per hour. It works best in dry climates.


  • It comes with a carrying handle.
  • The water meter is a nice feature.
  • It is equipped with an exhaust.
  • Best for cooling one person.


  • It is expensive.
  • It runs on power.
  • It works best for cooling one person.
  • Don’t fill it fully else; it won’t perform well.
  • Don’t expect it to cool your truck or RV as it lacks in that department.

Portable Air Conditioner Fan, KUUOTE Mini Evaporative Cooler

KUUOTE Mini Evaporative Cooler can be your best choice if your car cabinet does not have a huge space to place an AC. The device can offer you with cool mist humid breeze even on the hottest day of summer.

With a full tank of water, the AC can run up to 5 hours. To get the best cooling effect, you can consider adding some ice cubes inside the water tank.


  • Portable and sturdy design best for small cars.
  • Combination of cooler, humidifier and purifier.
  • Zero to minimum sound for a peaceful journey.
  • 7 Colour LEDs to enlighten your car cabin with colourful light.


  • It can be used only as a personal cooler.

Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air Conditioner

Keeping a water-filled ac on your car’s dashboard does not sound too good. When you have kids in the vehicle, it is even more dangerous. Why not install a Domestic Brisk II rooftop air conditioner? Yes, it comes with an AC unit for the top and a wiring panel and covering for the car’s inside. With 13500 BTU and 15000 BTU options, you can enjoy cool air in a matter of seconds.

Not just high BTU, but its airflow capacity matches its cooling capacity. It cools at 350 CFM, so your car, truck and even RV will be perfectly cool. Plus, it can also act as a heating unit. Again, not a proper heating unit, but it can make your car bearable during cold mornings.


  • Cooling capacity is better than any portable car AC.
  • It cools a place faster and quicker.
  • It is the best AC if you spend more time on the road.


  • It is expensive.
  • You may need someone for installation.
  • You cannot carry it around as in your home or office.
  • It is a little noisy.

SUEPERGOD Personal Air Cooler, 4 in 1 Portable Evaporative Conditioner

SUEPERGOD 4 in 1 Portable Evaporative Conditioner can be a great option if you are looking for a solution to the faulty ac of your truck. This personal air cooler works seamlessly with multiple power supply methods. You can either use the car’s USB charging cable or a 20000mAh power bank to run this device.

SUEPERGOD 4 in 1 Portable Evaporative Conditioner works efficiently and quickly drops the temperature around you to 20ºF.


  • Easy to use.
  • It comes with 7 LED lights.
  • Portable yet powerful cooling effect.
  • Energy-efficient consumes energy less than the bulb.


  • It does not come with a remote.

Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Personal Evaporative Air Cooler Super Quiet

Here is our last entry to the list of best portable air conditioners for cars and trucks. This tool is designed to create a personalized temperature environment around you. This 4-in-1 multifunctional model can efficiently turn hot air into a chilly breeze.

It allows you to pour ice or water in the tank. Once you fill the tank, it stays operational for 2 to 4 hours long. You can also set a timer to ensure energy efficiency when your car’s inside temperature stays at your desired point. 

This portable air conditioner fan is so powerful and advanced that it lets you choose from 3-speed options. The blades are completely guarded, and they can run on low energy consumption for hours even after blowing cold air at a fantastic speed.

The 7 colours LED lights to allow you to set soft lights within your car as per your mood, which we found to be perfect and useful for truck drivers while resting roadside. Ultra-quiet features are incorporated within this model, which is another excellent thing to reckon with.


  • 4-in-1 technology- personal air conditioner, desk fan, mist humidifier, air circulator.
  • A tank of 400ml water can keep the tool operational for 3-5 long hours.
  • The low-noise feature lets you rest peacefully.
  • 7 colour LED lights are fantastic to change the car’s inside environment as per your mood.


  • Some users complain about water leakage.

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Best Portable AC for Cars and Trucks 2023

Are you still looking for some of the most energy-efficient portable air conditioners for cars and wondering what is the best portable ac for cars and trucks on the market right now? If yes, check out these top-selling and cheap portable air conditioners for trucks and cars.

Logkern Portable Air Conditioner, Rechargeable Personal USB Air Cooler Fan

It looks like a small version of a cooler, doesn’t it? But it is so much more than that. Logkern Portable air conditioner has a fan, a cooler, a humidifier, and a mini air conditioner. Just open the lid and pour in some water, or for a cooler experience, put in some ice and in minutes, your car will be comfortable enough to survive a drive in a desert.

It is a wireless air conditioner with 3-speed settings. What else? It has an LED mood light that can be changed into several different colors. So, change the color as per your mood, set the speed, put the cooler on your dashboard, dining table or study table, and then you are all set to counter summer.

It runs on a 2000mAh rechargeable battery which has USB ports for charging. Plus, it has mute technology, so it doesn’t make any sound and lets you or your kids sleep peacefully in the backseat while you drive without fighting the heat.


  • It has a carrying handle, and it is lightweight, which makes it the best portable ac for cars.
  • It can be used in a dorm room, bedroom, office, camp, car, and any other vehicle.
  • The 3-wind speed and 7-color LED mood light make it a perfect companion for every mood.


  • It is a personal cooler and can only cool a small place.
  • Using high-mineral rich water can shorten its life.

HAMSWAN Portable Air Conditioner Cooler, Noiseless Evaporative Air Fan

HAMSWAN Portable air conditioner makes it to the top of our list of best portable air conditioners for cars and trucks. The device can offer you pretty fast cooling even in the hottest weather; all you need to do is pour some ice or ice water inside the built-in water tank. HAMSWAN Portable AC can run up to 4 to 8 hours with full-tank water, which we found perfect for your long road journeys.

The in-built rechargeable batteries with USB charging facilities makes it convenient to use. If you regularly spend long hours inside your vehicle travelling places, this lightweight micro air humidifier can be your best companion.

The device doesn’t use any chemical refrigerant or Freon to produce the cooling effect, while the HAMSWAN Portable Air Conditioner Cooler is hugely energy efficient. These are the things that make this device environment friendly and perfect for your cars and trucks.


  • Unique mute technology.
  • A large water tank offers a longer run time.
  • USB charging facility makes it very convenient to use.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable design, perfect for cars and trucks.
  • Three different cooling modes to create the most suitable atmosphere inside your car or truck.


  • The in-built LED lights are of no use inside your vehicle.

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14 Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Air Conditioner for Car

You need to consider different variables before picking the best portable air conditioners for cars and trucks and making the final transaction. Else, you can count on disappointment because if you buy an AC that is not built to perform according to your requirements, your money will go in vain.

Here we’ve listed all the key factors that you must check before making the decision:

Size of the Air Conditioner

It would be best to choose a portable air conditioner depending on the space you can provide it with. Most cars and trucks don’t have plenty of free space, which is more likely to raise an issue when you are going to place it.

First thing you need to ensure that its portability features are high, which means the model you picked has to have caster wheels attached. Secondly, the model should be tiny enough so that your car or truck can accommodate it comfortably.

Some people buy comparatively large air conditioners to keep their room cool and fresh. But these models don’t fit well in a vehicle. Read the specifications, make sure it’s for individual use, check the size correctly, and go for it.

Cost of the Air Conditioner

Before you buy any product, you have to have a clear idea of its value and market rate. The same thing goes with portable AC also. Various factors determine the cost of a portable AC.

First, the cooling capacity of the AC. If you are looking for an air conditioner to cool your one room, it will cost you more than buying an air conditioner for your vehicle. The price increases depending on the area of cooling.

Second, if you want all those additional features like heaters or dehumidifiers, the air conditioner’s cost will go up only.

Third, the brand name of the AC. If you buy it from a famous brand, it may burn your pocket entirely. But that doesn’t mean you’ll go for cheap portable air conditioners only. Instead, you must have explicit knowledge of your requirements; if a branded one can meet those, you must go for that.

Size of the Car or Truck

The size of your car is a crucial factor that you must consider before buying a portable vehicle AC unit. Most of these tools can’t cool a large area, so you must invest in such a robust device, which will give the expected performance.

Manufacturers use the unit ‘BTU’ to explain the measurement of the power of a portable air conditioner. The bigger the truck or car, the higher the BTU level your air conditioner must possess. To give you a clear overview, we’ve created a list below, taking different car sizes and suitable BTU numbers. Have a look:

  • Size: 150 sq ft. , Suitable BTU – 5000 BTU
  • Size: 300 sq ft. , Suitable BTU – 7000 BTU

So on…

Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency is one of those essential features that a portable AC must have. The after expenses will be decided depending on how energy efficient your air conditioner is. Thanks to the energy starts, it’s easier than ever to identify the most energy-saving air conditioners.

If energy cost is a concern for you, try to find the ones with a programmable thermostat. This feature will turn off your air conditioner when your truck’s temperature reaches the preset value on the device.

In addition to this, you must keep your tool clean and well maintained. As you will be travelling for long hours, there are chances for dirt and debris to clog the fan or filter of your air conditioner.

You might know, when an AC does more work than it’s designed to do, it ends up consuming more energy. So considering the energy efficiency feature and maintaining your portable air conditioner is a must. 

Ventilation for Air Conditioner

Next up, ventilation, which is also an important one. Portable air conditioners are designed to vent out hot air. So, you must place it in a place where the tool can exhaust quickly. Most of these mini portable air conditioners for cars come with a window venting kit and a know-how guide. Because of the portability feature, these devices are movable and hassle-free to set up.

But if you were thinking of keeping yours in a place where venting outside is severe, you must go for the models with maximum window kit width.

So, before you make the purchase, you must consider how much the width of the window kit is extendable and the type of the model. You can note that buying an extension hose or a vent kit can also be a perfect resolution to this.

Air Conditioning Noise

Would you like to spend your whole journey in a noisy environment? If not, you must search for the noise controlling feature while searching for the best portable air conditioner for the car. No matter if it’s a ductless window or a portable AC unit, your cooling tool will make noise.

But this noise will be minimal and known as background noise. However, when this noise reaches an unacceptable level, it becomes a drawback of a portable air conditioner.

Some manufacturers have done great work in the design to keep the tool noise-free. These types may cost a bit higher, but you can consider investing in a good model if you want an interruption-free, comfortable trip. You can find the noise feature while going through marketing materials or specifications of the product. 

Installation of Portable Air Conditioner

Generally, portable air conditioners don’t give much trouble in setting those up. Else, the manufacturers won’t be able to claim these devices as effectively compact. But the main thing that you need to worry about is placing the window kit for ventilation.

However, your air conditioner should come with a proper step-by-step guide to ensure that installation becomes easy for around-the-house DIYers also. While searching for the best portable air conditioners for cars and trucks, you must keep an eye on the user manual the company provides.

If you find a model with no such clear guidance and don’t have a friend who may help you install the tool, you must drop the idea of buying that product. The installation process has to be comfortable and doable for all. 

Ease of Use

Most portable air conditioners are quite simple to use, but you must consider a few factors to ensure how much effort your AC will require to keep cooling. First, you make sure that you have full control and check whether they are intuitive or not.

Next, check whether you can understand the setup process or not. After that, you must check how often your air conditioner will require maintenance because if your AC needs to be well maintained, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Along with that, see if you can change the filter, keep the out vent clean on yourself, or you need to call a technician. If the design of your picked portable air conditioner is too complicated, refrain yourself from buying it. 

Features of the Air Conditioner

Here comes one of the most fundamental things to consider when buying a portable air conditioner- feature. You meet your requirements conveniently; your air conditioner must have the below-mentioned features. If your selected portable AC model lacks any, you must reconsider buying it. 

Auto Drain System

An auto draining system is mandatory to drain the liquid from the condensation exhaust to ensure that you never deal with emptying any part. 

Remote Control

This feature permits you to operate your AC from a distance. Even you can keep your hands free while driving because of this feature. 

Programmable Thermostat

 The programmable thermostat helps you in saving energy. With this feature, your AC gets turned off automatically when your car’s inside temperature reaches the value set by you previously.


An air conditioner with dehumidifying features helps you in removing dampness or foul odour. So, you can drive with the same comfort even in the monsoon.


Most of the items on our list of best portable air conditioners for cars will have a return period of 30 days and a warranty period of 90 days or 1 year. The more time is covered in the warranty, if any glitch happens, the higher the chances are of getting parts replaced without spending a penny. So you must pick the one portable air conditioner which provides better coverage than its peers.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Air Conditioner for Car

As every electronic has its own set of advantages and disadvantages of using portable air conditioners, it is not free from this limitation. On the one hand, you will be delighted and benefited from the tool’s utility.

On the other hand, you’ve to bear many drawbacks during use. So, take a quick peek into the advantages and disadvantages of using a portable car air conditioner. Here we go:

Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners for Cars and Trucks:

  • The main reason behind this immense popularity of portable car air conditioners is their affordability.
  • Easy to install and use as it comes in ready-to-use condition. Only creating a duct vent is required.
  • Convenient and portable nature have multiple utilities.
  • Portable air conditioners are the most energy-efficient ones when compared to other AC types.
  • They provide dehumidified air as an added advantage.

Disadvantages of Portable Air Conditioners for Cars and Trucks:

  • As it has dehumidification technology, the reduced moisture comes out of the AC in the form of water which needs to be discarded properly.
  • Some users complain about its unfortunate noise-controlling feature.
  • Many people face issues while finding a suitable place to keep it.

Now you know about all the advantages and disadvantages of a portable air conditioner. It’s time to check a few frequently asked questions to ensure nothing is skipped to fill your knowledge quotient of portable air conditioners.

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Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars and Trucks 2023 [FAQs]:

Before listing the below FAQs, we’ve researched through different community platforms- most of these questions resonated with the portable air conditioner users. Have a look to resolve your similar queries.

Is There a Portable Air Conditioner for Cars?

Of course, there are several portable air conditioners for cars available in the market. These AC units won’t let you feel the absence of an in-built one in your truck. Plus, even if you have the standard car air conditioner, you don’t have to replace it.

Instead, you can use this tool as a second option while travelling for long hours during summer if the existing one goes out. The best thing is you can take it wherever you are going to ensure constant comfort.

Do All Portable Air Conditioners Have to be Vented Out a Window?

The answer in a word is “Yes”. Just like other air conditioning systems, these models also need to be vented out. As it draws inside air, makes it cool, and discards the excess moisture in the form of water and hot air, it needs to be vented.

To make the process easy and convenient, you can place your portable AC unit at a place where reaching outside is more natural. 

Are There Ventless Portable Air Conditioners for Cars and Trucks?

If you go for a portable air conditioner for car, the answer might be no. But if you buy a portable air conditioner cum fan, then the answer will be yes. Tons of portable air conditioning units don’t require a vent and can startle you with amazing cooling effects. 

Do Portable Air Conditioners Make Noise?

Well, the answer to this question may vary from person to person. Since portable air conditioners incorporate both a fan and a compressor, their sound is quite similar to a window air conditioner.

Suppose you pay attention to the product specifications. In that case, you will find the decibel rating for each product stays somewhere between 48 dB (which is the same sound level as rain falling) to 60 dB (similar to noise level as a normal conversation).

Are Portable Air Conditioners Energy-Efficient?

In general, yes, portable air conditioners are quite energy-efficient. But you must look for the EER (Energy Efficient Rating) before you purchase any. The higher the EER, the more energy-efficient your portable AC unit is. 

Is It Worth Getting a Portable Air Conditioner for Car?

If you are looking for an AC unit that doesn’t require permanent installation and you can use it wherever you want to, of course, portable air conditioners are worth buying. With this tool, you can spend those long hours of journey easily while staying relaxed and comfortable. 

What is the Best Portable Air Conditioner for a Car?

After considering all the aspects, we think Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Conditioner is the best of all. The first thing is its performance, and secondly, it provides more advanced features at a cheaper cost than its competitors. We found both of these qualities worth praising and claiming as the best.

And if you are wondering “What is the best portable battery operated air conditioner for cars and trucks?” then we recommend you to start using the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Battery Portable Air Conditioner. This battery operated AC can work continuously for up to 5 hours without any inconvenience. Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is perfect for cooling one small room at a time or for taking on outdoor trips!

Always remember to consider your requirements before searching for the best portable air conditioners for cars and hitting the buy now button. For more queries related to a mini or small portable air conditioner for car, drop a comment in the comment section below.

Stay connected for more helpful automotive guides, best portable car air conditioner reviews and recommendations. Adios!

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  2. I personally dislike portable air conditioning because it is as expensive as it is difficult to install and maintain. Moreover, dehumidification is a very annoying thing for me. However, I think that if the annual maintenance cost of one unit is comparatively less than other units, then it can be accepted.


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