12 Best Hidden GPS Tracking Device for Cars and Trucks 2023

When it comes to tracking a car in real-time, you should have not only the most durable and best hidden GPS tracking device for cars but also the knowledge of the best place to put a GPS tracker in a car. But there is nothing to worry about as this guide will teach you everything you need to know about the hidden GPS tracker for cars and trucks on the market.

As the technological bar has risen in the last decade, there is hardly any sector that is not using it for their benefit. The automobile industry has also been actively involved in experimenting with such technological advancements. And the latest on the field is the real-time vehicle tracking system and hidden GPS tracker for cars.

Yes, you read that right! Nowadays, GPS tracking systems are a hit amongst not only car owners but drivers of commercial vehicles as well. These discrete GPS tracking devices do not only help you with identifying locations but also get you information about the speed, route directions, and monitoring the path deviations as well.

hidden GPS tracking device for cars
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The hidden GPS tracker for cars is generally used by commercial vehicle owners who want to identify the real-time location, speed, and other live actions data of their vehicles. These are also useful for parents leaving their child alone with a driver to track their live locations as well.

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In simple words, a hidden GPS tracker for car is a modern-day solution to have information about the whereabouts of your vehicle without letting the driver know about your plans. And if you are on this guide, you must have come to find out the best hidden GPS tracking device for cars and trucks, right?

Well, the good news for you, we have put together an extensive list of some of the most durable, affordable, and discrete GPS tracking devices to track your car or truck in real-time. So, just keep reading.

What is GPS Tracking, and How Does a GPS Tracker Work on a Car?

The GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking activity has increased off late amongst most vehicle owners worldwide. So, do you know what is a GPS tracker is used for? Well, most of you might know the basic answer to this.

But do you know how a GPS tracker works on a car? There is a specific mechanism using which the car GPS trackers are controlled. In this section, we will not only discuss how a car GPS tracker works but will also focus on its global usage. So, let’s keep reading.

As is evident by the name, a GPS tracker is mainly used for tracking live actions, vehicle speed, and real-time info about the whereabouts of vehicles. Some of these data are used to store information for later usage if needed.

You might have noticed that most car owners and car rental companies use the top-rated and best hidden GPS tracker for cars to get the details of their vehicle location without informing the driver. Many people install a hidden GPS tracker in their car for different reasons, but tracking the vehicle’s current location and protecting it from theft are always the prime reasons for most of them.

best hidden GPS tracking device for cars

The functioning of a powerful and best GPS tracking device for cars depends on the network of satellites that surrounds the earth’s orbit. For the one who gets confused between a navigation system and GPS tracking systems, the former is used by the car driver to get route directions on their devices, whereas the latter is used to track live locations of the vehicles and also to get a location history of the same.

So, if you have been wondering off late as to how to track a car secretly in real-time, then a hidden GPS tracker might come to your rescue. You can easily install those mini, discrete, and magnetic devices on your vehicles and quickly get information on your vehicle’s live location.

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Different Types of Hidden GPS Tracking Devices for Cars:

If you are rooting for a hidden GPS tracking device, you must know its subcategories also. There are different types of hidden GPS tracking devices available in the market, and you must choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Generally, there are two types of hidden GPS trackers for cars (active GPS tracker and passive GPS tracker) that we are going to discuss next. So, let’s check them out:

Passive GPS Tracking Devices

The different types of GPS tracking devices for cars are meant for various purposes. When it comes to the passive GPS tracking devices, it is more like “watching a live video on record”!

Yes, a passive hidden GPS tracker for cars does precisely the same as recording live videos and watching them later. It records all the routes traveled by a vehicle, and the recorded data can be downloaded later on for usage.

passive gps tracker

It doesn’t show real-time updates of the vehicle’s location, so an active internet connection is also not required. It is a suitable and quite preferable type of hidden GPS tracker for cars to trace any shortcomings, as you can easily download the route history later on after your driver completes the drive.

Active GPS Tracking Devices

The active GPS tracker is another essential type amongst the two most valuable types of GPS trackers for cars. Of course, as the name suggests, it is used for tracking live locations of the vehicles, as opposed to passive devices.

active gps tracker

Unlike passive GPS trackers, active GPS trackers require a constant internet connection to send you real-time locations of the vehicles. It uses more power than the passive hidden GPS tracker to track your car. And that’s why it requires a powerful battery as well, which you might need to change frequently.

It is considered the best hidden GPS tracking device for cars because it can save you and your family in emergencies by sending you the real-time movement of the vehicles.

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Benefits of Using a Hidden GPS Tracker for Cars and Trucks:

There are several benefits of using a hidden GPS tracker for your vehicles. From live tracking commercial vehicles to getting notified if your personal car is stolen, you get covered precisely! However, there are plenty more benefits of a hidden GPS tracker for cars than only these common and needful things.

And that’s why here we have listed some of the most practical reasons why you need the best hidden GPS tracker for a car. So, let’s read and find out all the fantastic advantages of GPS tracking devices for cars and trucks:

Real-Time Location (Of Course!)

This is, of course, one of the most significant benefits of using a GPS tracking system! You get real-time location updates sitting back at your home or office whenever your vehicle is out. It is quite suitable for commercial vehicle owners and for one of those users who want to track the location of their cars.

Monitoring Your Kids and Teens

You may be wondering why you need a hidden GPS tracking device for cars, right? Well, a discrete GPS tracking device is necessary to keep track of your kids’ or teen childs’ activities (whereabouts) without alerting them of the same.

With the help of a hidden and real-time GPS tracker for cars, you can easily find out where they have been when they take out the car or go along with your driver.

Emergency Help

Getting emergency help in a stranded situation or the middle of an accident is primarily one of the best advantages of GPS tracking devices. It allows you to alert the emergency help personnel of your exact location quickly.

A powerful and long-lasting car GPS tracking device is extremely valuable equipment and one of the essential car travel accessories for travelers!

Track Driver Activity in Details

If you own a commercial vehicle or have a car that needs to get out frequently without you, then tracking the activity of the car’s driver becomes essential sometimes. And the latest, best hidden GPS tracking device for cars on the market right now allows you to track the location data of the vehicle your driver is driving without letting them acknowledge that.

Recover Stolen Vehicles Easily

Still, wondering what are the benefits of using a GPS tracker? Well, another very important benefit is tracking your stolen vehicle. Most times, when a car is stolen, tracking it becomes difficult for the cops as well. But a hidden GPS tracking device can lead you to the car, even without the help of the cops.

Get Vehicle Diagnostics

For those who are unaware, many latest car GPS trackers can actually tell you about your car’s health and remind you of any pending maintenance as well. So, if your car’s condition is not good enough to drive or needs the usual maintenance check, you can get notified through the device.

Advanced Security System

No matter whether your car is at potential theft threat or being tampered with on the road, some advanced best hidden GPS tracker for cars can notify you about that in your phone or laptop screen quite easily. You can act upon that quickly and save your vehicle from any such possible issues.

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12 Best Hidden GPS Tracking Device for Cars and Trucks

When you have made up your mind and come searching for the utilization of a GPS tracker, you would obviously want to find the most trusted and best possible vehicle tracking device for your purpose. And so, without any delay, just go through this comprehensive list of the 12 best hidden GPS tracking devices for cars and trucks on the market right now to choose your best pick.

Here we have listed some of the most widely used, top-rated, and long lasting hidden GPS tracking devices to protect your car from theft and to track your vehicle’s current location. So let’s explore the list and get the best one for your car:

Bouncie – GPS Car Tracker (No Activation Fees)

You can consider this to be an excellent hidden GPS tracking device for cars for its minimal size and detailed features. The Bouncie GPS tracker provides you with almost everything needed to get information about your vehicle when it moves.

You get to know the real-time location, route history, accident notification, speed monitoring, vehicle health, and several other features with it. It has mapping technology with supportive apps to track the details of the car’s whereabouts.

bouncie gps tracker

This wireless GPS tracking device for cars and trucks also has a 15-second trip auto-refresh option that ensures you are not out of the tracking mode even if your network is slow or lagging.

It can be considered an outstanding secret vehicle tracking device for its mini size and easy installation process that requires you to just plug in without any wires or external tools. Overall, you can go with the Bouncie GPS tracking device for cars if you are looking for a reliable GPS tracker for your car or pickup truck.


  • Service can be restarted and canceled anytime.
  • No activation or hidden fees.
  • Accident notification.
  • Monthly service is included with the device.
  • Accessible across multiple devices.


  • It works only when the car is powered on.
  • A bit pricey.

TrackmateGPS Dash T11 4G/LTE Tracker for Vehicles

Suppose you are looking for a hidden real-time car GPS tracker suitable for tracking your new employees or drivers, teenagers, commercial deliveries, and anti-theft purposes. In that case, this one might excite you. The TrackmateGPS Dash T11 4G/LTE Tracker has all the features needed for tracking your vehicle in real-time.

You get all the details on your devices without worrying much about the installation process. The Dash T11 has a super-precise tracking feature with detailed reports that ensure you get all the related information of the movement of your car at the ease of your home or office.

trackmategps dash t11

It contains a separate “accessory bundle” that includes optional wiring harnesses and relays that are ideal for rental fleets. It is the best hardwired GPS tracker for cars as it has a “no contract, no commitment” plan with easy activation and cancellation properties. All in all, the TrackmateGPS Dash T11 GPS Tracker is a gem of a device for tracking your vehicle.


  • It comes in 3 size options.
  • Nationwide compatibility with customized sim cards.
  • Door lock/unlock feature available.
  • 24/7 activation is available with easy customer support.


  • Lesser battery life, only up to 6 hours.
  • A bit pricey.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle

The Optimus GPS tracker is no wonder the most accurate, discreet, and best hidden GPS tracker for cars and trucks. It has extraordinary features that help in locating your vehicle efficiently. It is a small but reliable, hidden real-time GPS tracking system that comes equipped with a powerful twin magnet case box.

One of the most valuable advantages of the Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker bundle is that it has a longer battery life that is capable of providing a runtime of up to two weeks, and that’s incredibly amazing!

optimus 2.0 gps tracker bundle

It also has options of providing notification through emails or text messages during speedy car movements, low battery, leaving or entering certain zones, SOS alerts, etc. It is the most acceptable discrete GPS tracking device for cars as it sends out instant signals to your smart devices in case of any emergency.

All in all, if you want an accurate, discreet, real time GPS tracker for car at a very affordable price, you can go with the Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle with Magnetic Case without any doubt.

And in case if you are thinking about the best place to put GPS tracker in car, you can easily place this hidden car GPS tracking device under a car, pickup truck, machinery, or any kind of asset according to your need.


  • Black metal material makes it look attractive.
  • Waterproof twin magnet case.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Any time cancellation or renewal available.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Accessible across multiple devices.


  • Not so reliable customer support.

Americaloc GPS Tracker

This is another best hidden GPS tracking device for cars that you can buy without any hindrance. The Americaloc GPS Tracker is not only meant for tracking vehicles, but perhaps you can use it on people and assets as well.

It has the most extended battery shelf life that can run for many days and not just for a few hours like any other similar device. The Americaloc GL300w mini portable GPS tracker works on CAT M1 technology that ensures you get all the advanced features intact with it.

americaloc gps tracker

Some of the most prominent features include real-time tracking, car movement, parking details, speed of the vehicle, device on/off or low battery notifications, getting in and out of certain zones, etc.

Overall, the Americaloc GL300 GPS Tracker can be considered the best hidden GPS tracking device for cars and trucks on the market at this point.


  • Battery life up to 8760 hours.
  • Location history taking of up to 1 year.
  • Accessible across multiple devices.
  • Location updates can be configured every 10, 30, or 60 seconds with no extra cost.
  • Two extra months are added with the first service purchase.


  • No product warranty.
  • A bit pricey (the device comes with an additional monthly/yearly subscription).

GPSit Vehicle Asset GPS Tracking Device (No Monthly Fee)

There are many hidden tracking devices for cars available in the market today, amongst which the GPSit Vehicle Asset GPS Tracking Device can be considered the ideal one.

Not only because it has no monthly fee or subscription charges but for its effectiveness to track the accurate whereabouts of the fleet, cars, trucks, vans without being an expensive device.


This light fleet asset tracker (GPSit1000BZL) includes the advanced GPSit software that is designed mainly for business purposes. So, if you are keen on tracking your commercial vehicles, this one must be your preferred choice.

AApart from these amazing qualities, this hardwired GPS tracker for car has superior data mapping intervals that get updated every 5 seconds. So, if you are looking for a durable, long-lasting, and best GPS tracker for car no monthly fee, the Light Fleet Asset Tracker from GPSit will surely grab your eyeballs.


  • Easy three wire installation process.
  • Hardware backup is available that alerts you if you are disconnected.
  • The full version of the software comes with a yearly subscription.
  • Monthly fee option is available for those who want it along with Bluetooth connectivity.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity with the yearly subscription plan.
  • No good experience in customer support.

Trak-4 GPS Tracker (No Activation Fees)

Are you still wondering what is the best hidden GPS tracking device for cars? The Trak-4 GPS tracker and location monitoring system is another good choice for car owners who want to track their car’s whereabouts without hindering the driver or their teenage children.

This long lasting, weatherproof, and rechargeable hidden GPS tracking device to track vehicle location is easy to use and starts monitoring within minutes of activating the device. You get both email and text alerts for tracking real-time locations of the vehicle and getting notifications of high speed.

trak-4 gps tracker

Some of the fantastic features of this best real-time GPS tracker for cars include rest API, no activation or cancellation fees, no contract for renewal, unlimited cellular data, free sim card along with the package, etc.

It also has a longer battery life with a run time of up to 18 months on a single charge. It can easily be recharged using a USB or cell charger. Overall, the cheapest way to GPS track a car is using the Trak-4 GPS Tracker for tracking vehicles, equipment, assets, trailers, and loved ones.


  • Very affordable.
  • Compact size.
  • Accessible across multiple devices of all forms.
  • Online sharing of data available.


  • It takes a longer time to show exact locations.
  • No battery charging indicator light.

Spytec GPS Tracker for Cars and Trucks

If you are looking for a small, versatile, and best hidden GPS tracking device for cars and trucks with real-time tracking and easy to use software app, then you have found your perfect choice. The Spytec GPS has it all that it takes to be present in this comprehensive list of the best hidden car GPS trackers available on the market right now.

This battery-powered, compact, real-time GPS tracker for vehicles is one of the easiest and fastest GPS tracking devices that you can get your hands on. It uses the latest 4G satellite technology that keeps notifying you of the car’s real-time location very often.

spytec gps tracker

You can receive updates on your Android or iOS apps with easy-to-use features and advanced software updates. You can watch your tracker device moving on a road map, see past data history, customize alerts, get speed notifications and do lots of more stuff with this incredible tracking device.

Therefore, the GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker by Spytec is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and best hidden GPS trackers for vehicles to track vehicle location when your vehicle is far away from you.


  • Portable in size.
  • The affordable price range of the device.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Good customer support.
  • Up to 2 weeks’ battery life.


  • Monthly subscription charges are a bit costly.

PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker

Are you looking for a mini, portable, and best hidden GPS tracking device for cars with unlimited tracking range and real-time location tracking? If yes, then the PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker is your all-time buddy that ensures you not only track your car whereabouts in just a single click but that is also within your budget.

It uses a built-in sim card, just like a cell phone, to track the live location of the car. The best features include getting unlimited tracking range, SOS alerts, speeding range notifications, and real-time geofencing, etc.

You can activate or cancel the subscription at any point in time with no extra or hidden charges being levied upon you. The PrimeTracking GPS Tracker is a very thin and lightweight tracking device that can be put easily inside the car at any desired place.

So, if you were wondering what is the best hidden GPS tracker for cars on the market that is also useful for tracking equipments, assets, kids, spouses, seniors, and pets etc, in real-time then, you know the answer now.


  • Works across multiple devices.
  • Accessible in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • State of the art 4G LTE technology sends updates every 10 seconds.
  • Very affordable charges.
  • Instant SOS button.
  • 2-4 weeks-long battery life.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The app lags sometimes.
  • The history map is not too specific.

Vyncs Car GPS Tracker (No Monthly Fee)

This is the best hidden GPS tracker for car no monthly fee or subscription charges. The Vyncs 4G+ Vehicle Tracker only works with a one-time activation fee which is also quite lesser as compared to the other contemporaries. That is why this is a reliable and affordable car GPS tracking device that you can buy to fulfill your requirements.

The Vyncs real-time car GPS tracking system is easy to use, and you just need to plug the device into the OBD-II port of your car and get the real-time location of your car instantaneously.

vyncs gps tracker

It has an advanced 4G LTE feature that provides super fast-tracking of your vehicle. The package includes a sim card that will sync well with any Android or iOS device. No matter whether your car is idling, moving in speed, or deviating paths, you can be assured of getting all the real-time locations easily on your tracking devices.

The Vyncs GPS tracker for cars collects data every second, lets you monitor vehicle speed, and alerts you when in an emergency. Overall, this can be considered the best hidden GPS tracker for a car within your budget limits.


  • No battery is needed.
  • 15/30/60 seconds data upgrades.
  • Shared accounts availability.
  • Global support for customers across 200+ countries.
  • Affordable activation price.


  • It does not share location when the car ignition is off.

Tracki Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

Are you still curious to find out what is the perfect, small, portable, and real-time GPS tracking device for vehicles with worldwide coverage? The Tracki 4G Mini GPS Tracker can match your search if you are looking for the best hidden magnetic GPS tracking device for cars on the market.

This fantastic worldwide distance GPS tracker provides unlimited real-time distance tracking. It also has an international sim card that comes along with the package, which fits customers around the globe. As the name suggests, it is mini in size, and thus it suits perfectly for those who seek to hide such tracking devices for emergency purposes.

tracki mini real time gps tracker

You get rechargeable battery life that lasts up to 5 days. If you do not use the real-time tracking feature, the battery can last up to 30 to 75 days. This device works with GPS satellites as the primary outdoor tracking technology, and when indoors, it works on WiFi for a secondary backup.

Overall, the Tracki 4G Mini GPS Tracker Magnetic is the best wireless GPS tracking device for cars that you can rely on.


  • Very affordable.
  • 5 years history tracking.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Low battery, speed, SOS notifications.
  • Accessible across multiple devices.


  • Long-distance coverage seems to be rough sometimes.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a top-rated, durable, weatherproof, and best GPS tracking device for cars, people, or assets, then this is undoubtedly the excellent choice for you. The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker has all the potential to be on the list of the best few hidden wireless GPS tracking devices for cars available in the market now.

You can use Google maps to find the real-time location of your vehicle no matter where on earth it is. With geofencing and location tracking features, you get both text and email alerts on your connected devices.

landairsea 54 gps tracker

The historical playback helps you get data on the visited locations quickly. One of the most coveted properties of this device is that it is very portable in size, which means it can work as the best hidden GPS tracker for cars and other vehicles without letting the driver or passenger get any info about it.

The battery can last up to 10 days. Overall, LandAirSea’s GPS Tracking System is one of the most versatile GPS tracking devices on the market with full global coverage. And the incredible thing is, the device is perfectly compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android devices.


  • Ultra-compact design that fits even in a purse.
  • Built-in super strength magnet.
  • Affordable one-time and monthly charges.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Easy installation, no need for a sim card.


  • Tracking might drop when the device charge is low.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker (No Monthly Fee)

There are several hidden tracking devices for cars and pickup trucks available in the market, amongst which you can count the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker to be a good one. It provides you with 24×7 monitoring with real-time tracking of your vehicle.

It has a portable size that can fit in your child’s tiffin bag also. You can set custom alert zones or geofencing to be precise and get alerts whenever your car enters or leaves the area.

invoxia gps tracker

The battery life is exceptional for this device. It can run for months in between charges, and thus, you do not have to worry about changing the battery too often. And the best part, this is a real time GPS tracker for cars no monthly fee; you get 2 years of free subscription with the package.

Overall, the Invoxia GPS Tracker for cars, motorcycles, bikes, children, cats, dogs is an amazing GPS tracking device to go with, no matter for what purpose it is used!


  • Affordable solution, 2 years free subscription available.
  • Easy setup, no plugin required.
  • Built-in sim card included.
  • The long-life alarm mode is also available.


  • No manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A bit pricey for those who do not require yearly subscriptions.

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Where is the Best Place to Put a GPS Tracker on a Car?

Now that we have learned a lot about hidden GPS trackers, we must also know where to hide a GPS tracker on a car, right? Supposedly, if you want to hide a GPS tracking device on a car or truck, you must not put it in a place where it is visible to the driver or anyone else traveling in the car.

But if you don’t want to hide the device, then the best place to put a GPS tracker in car can be simply anywhere; under the floor mat, in the rear/front bumper, in glove compartments, or even in wheel wells also.

However, for best results, the best place to put a GPS tracker on a car is considered to be the car dashboard using an OBD (onboard diagnostics) port. But, if you are on the other side of the coin, and you feel someone is spying on you using a hidden GPS tracker, then what should you do?

To find where a GPS tracking device is installed on a car, you must look at specific areas inside the vehicle like the undercarriage, behind the radiator, the trunk, the spare tire compartment, between the batteries, under the seats, in the air ducts, under the hood, etc. These are also some good places to sneak in a hidden GPS for the one looking for suggestions!

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Are There Any GPS Trackers Without Monthly Fees?

A monthly subscription fee is always heavy on the pocket, isn’t it? And most GPS trackers come with a monthly subscription fee for getting you all of its advantages right on time.

But then, is there a GPS tracker that doesn’t require a monthly subscription? Yes! There are certain GPS tracking devices that actually do not need you to pay a monthly subscription charge or fees, for that matter!

It may lead you to think whether these no-monthly subscription GPS trackers will work as well as the ones that come with monthly fees. Well, worry not! There is some best hidden GPS tracking device for cars that don’t require you to pay monthly fees or subscription charges.

And they function as well as the ones that are chargeable by providing you services like real-time tracking, anti-theft services, saving your location history, etc. You can check for such no-monthly charges hidden GPS tracker for cars from the list given above to understand the difference!

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Is It Illegal to Put GPS Tracking Device on Car?

It is a very valid question to ask; is putting a tracking device on a car illegal? The answer to this question is not quite simple because it is legal in some cases and illegal in some instances. Using the GPS tracking devices on someone else’s car without their knowledge is entirely unlawful unless it is in accordance with a legal police case.

But if you ask us – Is it illegal to put a GPS tracking device on a car that is in your possession and it is not meant for any criminal purposes, then it is entirely legal. The US law suggests that if you are not the owner of the car or are using a GPS tracker to track your partner, then it might lead you to legal trouble.

Other than that, if you own the car and put the hidden GPS tracking device to protect your car from theft or for tracking your teenage kid, then it is completely legal. So, the legal implementation of GPS tracking devices depends on the purpose of use by the car owner.

What is the Best Hidden GPS Tracking Device for Cars?

The weatherproof, magnetic, rechargeable, real-time, and hidden GPS tracking devices for cars and trucks are beneficial in many aspects. They provide you a sense of alertness every time your child is out alone with your driver or whenever you deport valuable stuff in your commercial vehicle with just your driver for company!

If you have come to this point of the article now, you already know about the different types of GPS tracking devices for cars, the best hidden GPS tracker for cars and trucks, and all of its uses and other relevant information. But there are too many options available for you to choose from.

A vehicle tracking device with no monthly fee is also a good thing to consider while buying a hidden GPS tracking device to track vehicle location or protect your car from theft. All in all, choosing the best from the best is difficult.

So, perhaps my personal suggestion might help you choose the right hidden GPS tracker to track your car. If I were to choose a few among the given list, I would have gone with the following:

But these are absolutely my own picks with my own preferences, and you must choose the appropriate one according to your requirements. So, all in all, now you know the exact answers to the questions; where is the best place to put a GPS tracker on a car, and what is the best hidden GPS tracking device for cars and trucks on the market right now.

Go ahead and get the most durable, affordable, and finest discrete GPS tracking device for cars. Happy shopping!

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