14 Best Snow Chains for 4×4 Trucks 2024 and My #1 Pick is…

Are you looking for the most reliable and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks tires because you are preparing your pickup truck for snowy roads and safe winter driving? If yes, you are in the right place! From choosing the best snow chains for pickup trucks to putting on snow chains on tires, this guide will help you learn everything.

Using a tire equipped with snow chains is one of the easiest ways to make your riding safest all through the winter. Especially if you mostly drive through snow-filled terrain, snow chains are one of the must-have accessories for your vehicle. Installing tire chains on 4 wheel drive ensures better traction and a better grip while driving.

Driving a 4×4 truck is not always about driving it safe only. While driving a delivery truck, reaching the destination at the right time becomes one of the utmost priorities. In that case, slippery roads and safety concerns while taking those stiff turns will not help you reach your destination safely and on time.

best snow chains for 4x4 trucks
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Driving with snow chains not only helps you go faster and safer through heavy snow and slippery road conditions involving ice but also gives more turning power. All in all, if your primary intent is to ensure a safe winter trip in various difficult road conditions, then buying heavy-duty snow chains for your truck can be an excellent safety measure.

But if you are new to buying snow chains for pickup trucks or cars, you may not know about all the factors you need to cross-check before purchasing the finest snow chains or cables for your 4wd trucks. That’s why here, we’ve put together a list of the 14 best snow chains for 4×4 trucks to buy in 2024.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices and Best Snow Chains for 4×4 Pickup Trucks on the Market Right Now:

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Have a look at our pickup truck snow chains buying guide, read the most frequently asked questions and their answers, and check out each product’s review to get the best and most reliable snow chains for your truck.

What are Snow Chains? How Do Snow Chains Work?

Before you check out the reviews of these top-rated and best snow chains for trucks to drive in snow and ice, we recommend having a look and getting detail on what actually a snow chain is? And how do snow chains work? Knowing these basics of snow chains will be extremely helpful for you to choose the one that perfectly matches your needs.

Snow chains are specially made to offer better grips on snow-filled roads. It’s nothing but metal chains that can be wrapped around your truck tires. The snow chains need to be fitted tight so that they don’t get dislodged in transit.

These chains are meant to be used on road surfaces with thick layers of ice or snow. You should never drive your car by putting on the snow chains on normal hard road surfaces. It may damage your vehicle tires and the road you are going. Above all, the life expectancy of the chains will also get shortened if you drive them on tarmac or rough surfaces.

Now, coming to the point, how does snow chain work; car snow chains or pickup truck snow chains are designed to sink within the tough layer of compacted ice or snow. It can dig into frozen surfaces offering your car tires the much-needed traction to move through.

There are various types of snow chains available. From wrap-around tire chains that you need to hold tight through tensioners to snow chains that just cover the tire’s tread pattern, you can choose any of them depending on the type of road you generally drive-through and the tires of your truck.

It’s not that you can use heavy-duty and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks with any type of tire. Opt for quality snow tires or mud and snow tires. Snow chains generally go well with these types of tires.

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Do 4×4 Trucks Need Snow Chains?

Often or not, while purchasing snow chains for the first time, many users have one query in mind, and that is, “Does a 4 wheel drive truck need snow chains?” If you have a similar question, you must have a close look at this section.

The straightforward answer to the above question is “YES.” No matter if you drive a 4wd truck or some other vehicle, depending upon the road condition and the tire you are using, you will have to decide if you need a snow chain or not.

If the snow requirement stipulates, you might need snow chains to wrap your truck tire, even if it’s a 4×4 pickup van.

snow chains for trucks

For example, If you are from the United States and often need to drive around California or Lake Tahoe, a snow chain is a must to drive in winter. The road safety requirements in those places reach level 3; thus, even if your pickup truck is equipped with snow tires, a chain and some other traction devices are necessary for complete safety while driving.

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14 Best Snow Chains for 4×4 Trucks in 2024

There’s no doubt, owning a few pairs of excellent and high-quality snow chains or cables for trucks can be really advantageous in snowy conditions. The winter snow chains offer enormously improved traction when traveling on snowy roads and heavy ice-covered routes.

But with so many truck tire chains types, tire chain brands, and models to choose from, finding the perfect and most durable snow chains for your pickup truck’s tires can be significantly overwhelming. Isn’t it?

And that’s the main reason we came up with this comprehensive list (based on the ratings and public reviews) of top-rated and best snow chains for 4×4 pickup trucks to improve your tire’s grip and ability to perform excitingly well on snowy and icy roads in rough winter weather.

So, now without further ado, let’s check out what are the easiest snow chains to put on your pickup truck and what are the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks in the market right now. Here we go:

Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

This cable-style tire chain from the house of Security Chain comes with self-tensioning features. Alongside that, the chain weighs a little lesser than most other traditional chains.

The Super Z6 chains offer a cable system that you can wrap in the fine steel coils. While moving through snow-filled roads, these best-rated snow chains for pickup trucks work like hundreds of tiny fingers and dig in ice builts on the road to make way.

super z6 chains

Apart from that, this diagonal-pattern cable chain can offer fantastic all-around traction with excellent stopping performance and aggressive cornering. The SCC Super Z6 SZ143 winter traction product is best suited for 4×4 pickup trucks and SUVs. The chains can operate in drive tire clearances as low as 6mm.

You should grab the pair of Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain if you often require to drive through deep or packed snow, steep grades, and icy roads. Also, it’s straightforward to install and tighten the chain as it has an integrated rubber tightener. You can use it on vehicles with all-wheel drive systems and ABS channels.


  • Very easy to install; no need to move the vehicle.
  • Offers well-demonstrated fitment details.
  • Works with driving clearance as low as 6mm.
  • Built-in rubber tightener for optimal performance.
  • Amazing all-around traction.


  • Metal components might scratch wheels.

Peerless Auto-Trac Light Truck/SUV Tire Traction Chain

If you are looking for automatic and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks or SUVs that come in a classic chain-link design, you must check out the Auto-Trac Series Pickup Truck/SUV Traction Snow Tire Chains from Peerless. These best-selling chains for tires in snow are pretty suitable for passenger cars and light trucks.

This is among the easiest tire chains to install and remove. All you need to do is to connect the inside cable and attach the two self-tighteners outside. Since the product comes with a ratcheting tightening system, it automatically tightens as you start driving the car. Thus, you don’t even need to spend extra on purchasing chain tensioners.

auto trac chains

Above all, generally, we need to uplift the vehicle with a jack for many snow chains and go through many heavy workarounds while installing them. But Auto-Trac does not require you to perform any of those.

Guarded with a highly effective tensioning system, Auto-Trac Tire Traction Chains meet the class ‘S’ clearance on SUVs. Therefore, this snow chain can be perfect for your 4×4 pickup truck. The chain’s cross-member links are made up of manganese alloy steel to make it sturdier.

Apart from that, the specially crafted joints allow the chain to be shorter and offer better gripping points. The Auto-Trac snow chains are also super durable and work seamlessly with ABS and AWD car systems.


  • Simple and easy to install.
  • Ratcheting tightening system for auto tightening of the chain.
  • Works with ABS systems.
  • Manganese alloy steel cross-member links.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Sizing is tricky; users face difficulties while deciding the chain size.

Super Z LT Light Truck and SUV Tire Traction Chain

The Super Z LT Light Truck and SUV Tire Traction Chain are built to fit “Class S” tires easily. The product comes with a built-in rubber tensioner. Thus, once you complete the installation of the chains, you don’t need to stop every now and then to re-tight. The installation process is also relatively easy to proceed with as you get a step-by-step installation guide along with the product.

Not only that, but the chain package also has removal instructions and waterproof gloves. Hence, on a trip after driving through snowy terrain, if you need to remove the chain for everyday on-road driving, you can easily do that on your own.

security chain company zt751

The chains are made with highly durable metal alloys and are meant to last longer and withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees F. The Super Z LT (ZT700 series) Snow Chains for trucks and SUVs comes with an anti-skid effect, which ensures a much safer journey while driving through snowy roads.

The product package comes with a storage bag inside. All in all, the Super Z LT tire chains are the most effective product available for SUVs and light trucks. These snow chains for 4×4 trucks tires are much better than conventional tire chains for snow in terms of all-around performance.


  • Built-in rubber tensioner.
  • Superb all-around traction.
  • Excellent compatibility with AWD, traction control, anti-lock brakes.
  • Overall, it offers decent performance.


The durability is somewhat questionable.

KONIG CB-12 Snow Chains

Konig CB-12 Tire Chains are one of the most popular, affordable, and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks in the market right now. The reason is simple, with Konig CB-12 snow chains, you get a highly effective product at a much affordable price. These tire traction snow chains are designed explicitly for powerful traction over snowy roadways.

If you need to purchase a set of snow chains for a one-time drive, investing more than $100 is never a wise decision. But at the same time, safe driving on an icy road remains your topmost priority. So, if you find yourself in a similar sort of situation, then CB-12 snow chains by Konig bring the best solution for you.

konig snow chains

The package comes as a pair of two snow chains and works best with front-wheel drive vehicles. But you can use this pair of snow chains on your 4WD pickup truck as well. The chain fits the tire in D-shape and comes with dual-sided links to offer extra traction while driving through snow.

To ensure durability, the Konig CB-12 Tire Chains are created using manganese nickel alloy steel. However, besides all these potentials, there are a few things that could have been improved.

The snow chains are somewhat challenging to install since there are no detailed installation guides available with the package. Also, the chain does not have an automatic tightening system. Hence, you may require to stop several times while driving for the retightening of the chains.


  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Dual-sided links for extra traction.
  • Manganese metal alloy steel builds for better durability.
  • Works smoothly with both front-wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles.


  • Does not offer any Installation guide

Glacier 1042 Passenger Cable Tire Chain

If you have used snow chains before on your pickup truck tires, then you already know that often or not, chains for tires in snow cause huge noise and vibration. Are you having the same problem while using your regular snow chains on snowy terrains?

Well, Glacier cable snow tire chains offer one of the best tire chains for snow and ice. These cable snow chains for trucks are prepared with low-profile steel rollers and have a ladder-style structure. The efficient design increases the tire-to-road contact, ensuring better stability and a significant reduction in noise or vibration.

glacier cable snow tire chains

You can use the Glacier passenger cable tire chain on your vehicle, even if it has limited clearance. The cable traction device is suitable for your front and rear-wheel drive vehicles. But if you want, you can use the product on your 4×4 wheel drive pickup truck also.

The interesting thing about these top-selling and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks is that they satisfy all the state requirements of a cable traction device. Hence, using the device won’t void your vehicle’s warranty. The Glacier cable snow tire chains come with spring rollers wrapped outside the sturdy wire cross cables, and the product has a galvanized coating to get protection against rust.


  • Works efficiently on vehicles with low clearance.
  • Ladder style design ensures lesser noise and vibration.
  • Electro-galvanized cable chain design for better durability.
  • Carbon steel rollers offer better traction.


  • Challenging to figure out chain sizing.

Quik Grip Light Truck LSH Tire Traction Chain

The Quik grip tire chains by Security Chain Company can be a fantastic option for your 4X4 pickup truck tires if you are looking for the durable and best tire chains for off roads and icy roads in the winter months. In fact, Quik Grip Light Truck LSH Tire Traction Chain is one of the best snow chains for 4×4 pickup truck tires.

The Quik grip light truck tire chains come with a reusable plastic carrying case that is durable enough for long-term use. Apart from that, the package also includes a well-instructed installation and removal guide.

quik grip tire chains

The Quik grip tire chains QG2228 come with a long-wearing square link cross chain design. Built with extra-durable manganese alloy steel, the product is made to stand firm in the long run. It has an in-built CAM tightening system. Hence, after the installation, you don’t need additional tensioners to tighten the chain.

Instead of the tensioner, you need to use the CAM tightening tool, which is available within the package. However, besides all these perks, the Quik Grip Tire Chains by SCC has one downside. The chain does not meet the SAE class “S” clearance requirement. Therefore, if your car does not have enough clearance to operate drive tires, it won’t be possible for you to use the tire chains.


  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Bar-reinforced best in class design for cold temperature operation.
  • Manganese alloy steel to ensure much better durability.
  • The in-built CAM tightening system.


  • Does not meet SAE “S” clearance.

Thule XG-12 Pro Snow Chains for SUVs and Light Trucks

Do you constantly struggle to install tire chains on your vehicle? If yes, you won’t have to face any difficulties while putting on snow chains anymore! The installation, maintenance, and removal process are pretty simple if you use the Thule XG-12 Pro Snow Chains for your 4×4 pickup trucks.

Thule snow chains come with a premium diamond pattern design and suit vehicles such as 4×4 SUVs and pickup trucks. You can use these tire chains for snow on your vans and campervans too. This 12mm truck tire chain comes automatically tensioned and can operate within low clearance.

thule snow chains

The product package offers a nylon carrying case which makes transportation of the chain easy while driving. The package also includes a proper installation guide. Thule tire chains also provide impressive durability. Made up of hardened steel alloy, the chain is supposed to withstand long wire and tire.

Also, it has double traction plates that are welded to provide a better grip and safer driving experience while driving through roads covered with thick layers of snow.

The best thing about the Thule XG-12 Pro Snow Chains for trucks and SUVs is that the installation process is straightforward to proceed with. All you got to do is to hook the chains around the tire and slide back the auto-tensioner. If you are searching for a genuine value-for-money product, then the Thule XG-12 snow chain is the one worth checking out.


  • Hardened steel alloy material for more extended durability.
  • Includes nylon alloy wheel protector.
  • Double traction plates for better grip.
  • Lifetime warranty on the product against manufacturing defects.


  • It has difficulties operating within a low clearance.

Super Z8 Commercial and Light Truck Tire Traction Chain

The Security Chain Company has got another of their products listed here in our list of best snow chains for 4×4 trucks and cars. The Super Z8 tire chains are specially designed for large pickup trucks and SUVs. You can also get this product for your small to a mid-sized commercial truck.

This heavy-duty truck tire chain comes with an automatic rubber tightener. Hence, once you put that chain on the tires, you don’t need to worry every now and then about tightening it. The SCC Super Z8 SZ462 winter traction product offers much better traction than most of the conventional snow chains available in the market.

super z8 tire chains

Suppose your vehicle supports an anti-lock braking system. In that case, opting for this pair of snow chains for truck tires may be the best option for you because the Super Z8 8mm Commercial and Light Truck Tire Traction Chain shows to have better compatibility with the ABS, AWD, and other modernized electronic car systems.

Not only that, but these heavy-duty snow chains are reasonably easy to install. Since the Super Z8 Tire Chains for snow and ice offers a split outside cable and two fastening positions, all it takes is to fasten the cables properly when it comes to installing the chains. You can count on the durability of the chain too.

These top-rated and best snow cables for 4×4 trucks are made up of alloy steel to withstand all the wire and tire in the long run. If you were searching for the best snow chains for commercial trucks or easy-to-install tire chains for semi-trucks, you should definitely try out the Super Z8 chains for snowy roads in the winter season.


  • Simple and easy to install, it doesn’t even need to shift the car.
  • Fabricated from high-performance alloy steel for a longer life span.
  • No need for manual retightening after installing and tightening the cable.
  • Shows excellent compatibility with AWS and AWD.


  • Users often find the size information miss leading.

Glacier Chains Light Truck Square Link Tire Chain

If you are searching for a tire chain that can offer multiple applications, the Glacier Square Link snow tire chains with locking side-cams have ideal specs for you. You can quickly put this tire chain on your 4×4 pickup truck and drive through Ice, snow, sand, even mud. This snow chain is designed to withstand tough off-roading conditions.

The Glacier Chains Light Truck Square Link Tire Chain are made with tough Carbon steel, and it has a cross-chain design. Plus, each cross is welded through biting square link technology for more extended durability. And thanks to the tightening side cams that the chain offers, it fits amazingly on light trucks and SUV tires.

glacier v-bar snow tire chains

You can expect outstanding performance and superb traction out of these tire chains for snow. While buying the Glacier Square Link Tire Chains for pickup trucks, you get all the required fasteners and levers within the package. Hence, you don’t really need to spend on any extra tools as far as the installation process is concerned.

However, you may find the installation of these popular and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks a bit difficult to proceed with the first time. As you practice by putting the chain off and on, things will probably become easier to handle.


  • It can run through several road conditions, perfect for off-roading.
  • Built-in tightening side cams for better fitting.
  • Rugged carbon steel cross chain design.
  • The package includes a lever and fastener.
  • Detailed sizing guide.


  • Difficult to install.

ISSE Textile Snow Chains

Though this tire traction device comes under the same category of snow chains, it’s a lesser snow chain and more like snow socks for your vehicle tire. If you find it really difficult to put on those heavy snow chains on your 4×4 truck tires, then ISSE Textile Snow Chains can surely make things easier for you.

Certainly being less bulkier and lighter than the traditional snow chains that we use, these textile snow chains by ISSE Safety is pretty straightforward to handle. These snow socks for truck tires are made of a specially designed fabric that helps your vehicle to increase traction in icy or snowy conditions.

snow socks for trucks

You can occasionally use these textile snow chains while driving through snowy roads or heavy winter conditions at a maximum speed of 25mph. The Issue-Shark classic snow socks are prepared from 100% Polyolefin. Though the product’s appearance may not apprehend, you can reuse the product. And, since it’s washable, you can easily clean it use after use.


  • Lighter and less bulky than the traditional chain.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Prepared from 100% Polyolefin.
  • Compatible with all types of small pickup trucks and SUVs.


  • Gets torn within a few usages.

SUPTEMPO Snow Chains for Light Truck / SUV / ATV

Suptempo offers one of the most accessible tire chains to install on your light truck tire. The anti-slip tire traction chains by Suptempo come with simple tension adjustment straps that you can place quite easily without even moving the vehicle.

Apart from that, the package includes all the necessary tools that you may require to install these high-quality, affordable and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks, SUVs, and ATVs.

The whole tire traction chain set comes inside a tote bag that helps you store and carry the chain quickly. The package consists of a 6 pcs chain, 1 wrench, a pair of Nylon gloves, and a snow scraper as well.

suptempo car snow chains

These winter universal tire security chains are prepared from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) steel, and they can resist all through the lower temperature as low as -50 degrees centigrade. The chain comes with high-hardness metal nails that can produce better traction and resist the chains from slipping.

The Suptempo Car Snow Chains work pretty well with vehicle tires having a width of 6.5″ to 11.2″. You can install these tire snow chains on your pickup truck as well as SUVs, minivans, and even on passenger car tires.


  • Simple and easy to install.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Made from high-quality thicken TPU material.
  • Low-temperature resistance.


  • Customers have complained about the poor quality.

Konig Distribution Snow chains

If you are looking for heavy-duty truck tire chains, then Konig Distribution Chains brings you the best solution. In fact, Konig snow chains are one of the best snow chains for 4×4 pickup trucks. These chains for tires in snow don’t only work on icy, slippery roads, but you can also use the chain for driving through mud.

These premium quality snow chains are made of sturdy manganese nickel alloy steel and seem highly durable. You can use these snow chains on tires sized between 15″ to 18″. The best thing about the Konig Distribution chain is it’s effortless to install. The chain comes with uniquely designed color-coded connection points along with an inside cable to ease the installation process.

konig distribution chain

You can use these heavy-duty truck tire chains on your commercial vehicles, RVs and SUVs. This manually tensioned snow chains package contains all the necessary tools for installation and uninstallation. The package comes with a pair of gloves, a kneeling mat, a hard-sided storage container.

The Konig Distribution 2004825267 W Chains features D-shaped, dual-sided as a result, this hardened metal chain with a 16-mm diameter ensures adequate traction while driving through icy road conditions.


  • Color-coded connection points for easy installation.
  • Superb-grip through dual-slide, D-shaped links.
  • Compatible with ABS and AWD.
  • Offers a 1-year warranty against defects.


  • Confusing sizing instructions.

MATCC Tire Snow Chains

The adjustable and anti-slip tire chains by MATCC offer fantastic grip and traction for driving in snowy road conditions. If you are searching for a lightweight, high-performing, and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks or cars, then the MATCC Tire Snow Chains can offer you the best-in-class performance. The chains are made up of non-metallic TPU material.

The non-slip texture of these safety and emergency snow chains ensures lower vibration and noise. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material includes spiral steel studs to offer better ice-breaking power than common alloy nails. The steel plate inner buckle, along with the industrial polypropylene ribbon, ensures durability and generates tremendous tensile force.

Not only great design, but these adjustable snow chains for pickup trucks and cars are also straightforward to install. All you need to do is pull the straps tight and secure the chains on your vehicle’s tire. While installing the MATCC Tire Snow Chains for trucks, you don’t even require a jack and do not need to move your car.

With outstanding ice-breaking power, tire traction, and superb grip performance, these truck tire chains will help you fight against snow emergencies in winter. The set comes amazingly compact as it includes 1 pair of gloves, 1 installation wrench, 6 tire chains, 1 storage bag, 1 ribbon hook tool, and an ice-scraper.


  • Great ice-breaking power.
  • Alloy ratchet buckle design for easy installation.
  • Hardened steel nails for exceptional grip performance.
  • Fits various types of passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light truck.


  • Doesn’t last long.

VeMee Snow Chains for Truck and Cars

Understanding the sizing of the snow chains has been one of the biggest hurdles that we need to pass through when it comes to purchasing a snow chain apt for our vehicle tires. If you have used anti-slip snow chains for truck tires before, you must be aware of that difficulty.

However, we have got the right solution for you. VeMee Snow Chains universally fits all models of car tires. This security tire chain provides an excellent grip on mud, ice, snow, and sand.

anti slip tire chains

You can use these anti-skid emergency snow tire chains on light truck and car tires having a width between 7.3″ to 11.6″. The product is made up of high-quality stainless steel and TPU. Therefore, it offers excellent performance even at low temperatures. It can resist temperatures up to -50 degrees Celsius.

The installation process is also pretty straightforward. You don’t need any jack as lifting or moving the car is not necessary to fit the chain. Besides all of these amazing features, these portable emergency traction snow mud chains might leave a few scratches on your tire rim in case of abuse. However, performance-wise the VeMee Snow chains are one of the best tire chains for pickup trucks.


  • Universally fits all types of tires.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Low temperature resistant.
  • Portable design and incredible durability.


  • It might leave scratches on the tire rim.

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How to Put on Snow Chains on Tires

Putting on the snow chains on your truck or car tires is a hectic job indeed. But it is only for the conventional traction chains, which may need you to lift the vehicle with a jack and stuff. However, here we have mentioned a few top-selling and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks and SUVs that offer an easy installation.

As you buy any of these brand-new snow chains for your car or pickup truck, you will receive an installation guide along with the package. Make sure you thoroughly read the manual and practice the chain installation accordingly.

Depending on the type of tire chains, the process of putting on snow chains on your pickup truck’s tire can be different. However, here we are offering a generic guide on the easiest way to put on snow chains. Take a look at the steps; it will help you understand how to put snow chains on tires. Here we go:

  • Firstly, buy snow chains that can perfectly match your vehicle’s tires’ size. Take a size measurement of your car tire and only then purchase.
  • Once you receive the chain and ready for installation, remove it from the package and untangle all the links.
  • Now, lay off the chains beside the tires you want to put them on
  • Then, fit the chain from the top. Simply placing the chain over the tire will work.
  • After that, move your vehicle a little forward or backward to open the unfitted position of the tire.
  • For much easier access, you may consider moving the wheel steering towards the inside so that the open portion points towards the outside.
  • Now connect the remaining the part together to put the chain on completely.
  • Finally, follow the same step for each of the tires. Once you are done with all the tires, drive the car for 30-40m. After that, tighten the chain through tensioners.

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FAQs for the Best Snow Chains for 4×4 Trucks 2024:

After going through this entire guide, now you know exactly how do snow chains work, what are the best snow chains for 4×4 pickup trucks, and how to put on snow chains on tires. But many skeptical questions might bother you when it comes to buying the best tire chains for snow and ice or putting on snow chains on a pickup truck.

So if you are planning to do some serious winter driving and want to prepare your car or truck for a heavy snowstorm or slippery roads, knowing the answers to these most frequently asked questions regarding the snow chains for truck tires might be extremely helpful for you:

Do You Need Snow Chains on All 4 Tires?

To get the ideal result, it is best to put snow chains on all four tires, no matter which type of vehicle you are using. However, if you run a front-wheel-drive or back-wheel drive vehicle and have access to two snow chains only, then putting the snow chains on the front and back-wheel tires, respectively, is the right thing to do.

For 4wd cars or pickup trucks, you need to check out the user manual to understand which wheel’s tire you should install the snow chains.

How Fast Can You Drive with Snow Chains?

You must not exceed the speed limit of 20mph to 30mph while driving your car with snow chains on a snow-covered road. Even if you want, probably your vehicle won’t match the top speed while the snow chains are on.

Driving at a speed of more than 30kmph to 40kmph on an ice or snow-covered road is too risky. Because if your car goes through a rough patch on the road, the chains can cause it to slide out of control while taking turns or breaking.

Are Snow Cables Better Than Chains?

Snow chains and cables are both used as traction devices in snowy and icy road conditions. While snow chains are much more heavy and bulky, the snow cables are lightweight and much easier to carry. Not only that, but the cables are also less complicated to handle when it comes to installation.

However, the main difference between chains and cables is durability. The snow chains are likely to last longer and are made to provide better traction than the cables.

In the case of cables, these are for one-time usages. Therefore, if you live in a place where snowfall and Ice are common and using snow chains is the only option to drive through the road, then opting for conventional snow chains is the best option.

But in case you are a one-time user and not sure whether you will have to use the device in the long run or not, then you must go for a cable.

Can You Drive on Normal Roads with Snow Chains?

The snow chains should only be used on your car tires if there is a thick layer of ice or snow on the road, and it is impossible to pass them off usually.

Snow chains offer the required traction to move forward in snowy conditions. However, driving your car with snow chains on normal roads is not advisable at all. The thing is, it damages both the road and your car tire.

What States Require Snow Chains for Trucks?

Tire chains are legal in all states. But only to use in icy or snowy road conditions. Except for Florida, all the states have their chain laws.

However, suppose you are going to roam around any of the following 11 states on your truck this winter. In that case, you must carry snow chains in your vehicle: California, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

What are the Best Snow Chains for 4×4 Trucks in the Market?

You have already got the list of the 14 best snow chains for trucks; now, you can choose any of these popular and durable truck tire chains for winter driving on your 4wd trucks or SUVs. Security Chain Company Tire Chains offers the best in class products in terms of quality and performance. However, if you drive a light truck or SUV only, then opting for Peerless Auto-Trac Tire Traction Chains is also a great option.

If you want to buy an easy to install and affordable snow chains for 4×4 pickup trucks (just for one-time usage), then going for a snow cable is always a better option. You can go for ISSE Textile Snow Chains, or VeMee Snow Chains is also a great option.

We hope you liked this snow chains buying guide as we have shared all the details you should have related to purchasing high-quality and best snow chains for 4×4 trucks. For more articles like this and car product reviews, keep following us.

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