9 Important Things to Know Before Changing Your Car Color

Thinking of changing your car color completely and which is why you are reading plenty of DIY car painting tips on how to paint a car yourself and how much does it cost to paint a car? Are you doing your research on things needed to change the color of a car?

Well, getting bored by riding the same color car every day is something common to many of us. Right? But whenever we think about changing the color of a car the first question that comes to our mind – Does it really worth changing the car color?

Well, here comes the twist. Folks, just like me you might be much emotional about your car. But when it comes to changing car color it should not be an emotionally driven decision. You must have to proceed through proper research to decide on that.

important things to know before changing your car color
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It doesn’t matter whether you own a sedan or an SUV, looks have always been a priority to car owners. It’s very difficult to feel classy when you drive a vehicle with faded colors and full of scratches. And once you realize this, you have a readymade remedy.

Wondering how to bring back the style quotient in your car? Well, repainting or changing the car color can be an option you should consider. But before you decide on that, there is a list of essentials you must take care of. And that’s why we have come up with this comprehensive list of all the basic things and important facts to consider before changing car color or getting a car painted.

9 Important Things to Know Before Changing the Color of Your Car

Undoubtedly, giving a completely new and different look to a car is an exciting idea. The new color will give a trendy look to your car and ultimately it will seem more appealing than before. When you think about the after color change scenario, everything seems wonderful and very smooth. Isn’t it?

Trust me, my friend, I’ve been down this road before and let me tell you one thing, the process of repainting or changing the color of a car isn’t very simple and it needs some really careful considerations.

You need to look into each and every parameter of this task before making your final decision about changing your car color. After that, it doesn’t matter whether you want to spray paint a car at home yourself or if you want to get your car painted by any popular auto painting services.

So, now just scroll through the article here to understand what are the factors that you should consider before opting for new paint for your car. Here are 9 most essential things you should know before changing the color of your car:

Think Clearly: Is Your Car Really Worth Painting?

The very first thing which you need to verify is if your car worthy enough for a repaint or not. Indeed, there are some specific parameters which may help you to decide before getting your car painted.

How much does it cost to paint a car?

The cost of changing car color has got the main weightage. Do you have an old car? Then it is a straightforward calculation. All you need is to think about the present resale value of the vehicle and the cost of repainting it.

Does it more than 25% of your depreciated car value? If yes, then I would suggest you skip the idea of painting your car. It won’t be worth repainting. Instead, you may get a loaded lousy debt.

Obviously, changing car paint can give a better sleek look to your car but cannot help the engine to run smoothly or can’t even bring the comfort back.

How old your car is?

Another crucial part you must consider is the age of your car. Talking about the health of a vehicle, what most of us mean is the engine’s condition. It depends upon the age of the vehicle. To be more specific, the total distance it has covered through its life cycle.

Your car’s health has a profound impact on resale value. So, if you are having an old car with a bit noisy engine, then it is better not to invest much in repainting. Would it not be ridiculous to have a paint job for your old car which has a noisy engine?

Changing Car Color is Expensive

You must not be confused between changing the color of a vehicle and repainting a vehicle, because repainting and changing car colors may sound similar, but actually, there is a big difference between these two.

In case of a color change, you can transform your Black car into Yellow or Red one (depending upon your wish). But in the case of repainting, your car will be repainted by keeping the original color shade.

So, if you are opting for a complete color change, then it will take much time, labor, and paint materials. Because a complete color change involves much labor and time. Hence Changing the full color is much costlier than repainting.

Therefore, here you need to decide whether you want to have an entirely new look for your car or want to keep the same color shade.

Car Color Change Might Affect the Resale Value

Once you have decided to change the paint color, then it is a fact that you already have calculated the overall cost of it. Now, you need to think a little about choosing the right shade. Emotion must not be the only thing to drive your decision. Rather, mix a little logic and do some research.

Studies from various reliable sources show color change can affect the resale value of cars. There are plenty of factors that can be involved here, starting from changes in the taste of color to the geographical location of the city you live in.

Your Choice of Color has a Direct Impact on the Resale Value

The most preferred car color in the USA is white as it has almost 35% of the weightage followed by black with 17%, silver with 12% and grey with 12%.

Not only in the USA but also the used car market of Europe and Asia, have demands for a white or black color car. Hence, if you already have a white one, you shouldn’t go for complete color change as it may affect the resale value.

On the contrary, if you have a little off-bit color like beige and planning for a color change, then you should go for the highly desired options by keeping the stats in mind.

Give Values to Geography to Get the Better Resale Value

While considering the geographic location, you must not ignore the climate of the particular place you are living before setting your mind for a specific color change.

If you are living in a warmer place where there is plenty of sunlight throughout the year, you might have to utilize the car AC while driving. So, the lighter color like white and silver is the best-suited color as they reflect light and consume less fuel in using AC as the color itself doesn’t absorb much heat.

On the contrary, if you are living in a colder place, then you need to have your heater on while driving. Therefore, the darker colors like black should be the best choice for you as they absorb heat. Your car will consume less fuel for the heater. So, the demand for a darker color like black is high in cold areas comparatively.

Learn About the Laws for Changing Car Colors

One more fact to consider before getting your car painted is the laws for changing car colors. Yes, you read correctly! Being a responsible citizen of your country, I believe you don’t want to do anything with your car’s painting, which is illegal as per the motor vehicles act.

So, it is better to get some knowledge (before going for a car repainting process) whether changing a certain color is permissible in your country or not. In most of the country, changing the paint is not directly permissible, but there is a provision as well, with which you can legally change the color.

You need not work hard for this. Just make your mind about the color that you want to have painted. Take a sample code from the service provider and visit with a color change application to the motor vehicles office along with your car registration certificate. You can do it online as well if you do not wish to visit in person.

Changing Car Color Won’t Fix Everything

Being realistic as a person, you need to accept the reality before you go ahead for your car repainting. Changing the color of your car may not going to fix every single scratch, dents, or rust spots.

After all, you are not buying a brand-new car, instead, you are trying to hide the faded color and spots of your old vehicle by coating with new paints.

And especially, if all the preparation process has not done by the professionals, there is a high probability of getting a completely opposite result after painting. The spots can be highlighted in some areas of the outer surface due to glossy paint.

Painting Requires Removing the Car’s Interior (Almost Everything)

There are end numbers of car enthusiasts and car owners exist who don’t want to remove the interior parts of the car at the time of repainting. They might have a strong belief that changing car color does not require the removal of the interior.

Are you also wondering, why should you remove the seats or console when the professionals deal with the outer portion? You may sound correct, logically, right. But technically wrong a bit!

Let us explain why. There is a high chance of damage to your car’s interior at the time of repainting if they are not removed. So, you got to stop the car painter from making such blunders by not preventing them from removing the interior parts.

As professionals, they must have a better knowledge of handling things. It eliminates the risk of any accidental damage to the internal parts of your vehicle.

Requires a Lot of Preparation Before Painting

It is not a one-day job to repaint your car. A lot of preparation is required before the actual painting process begins. Here are a few important steps which will help you in knowing about all the prep work involved before painting a car:

  • Cutting: Removing the first layers of old paint, which professionals technically called “Cutting.”
  • Sanding: Sanding by automatic sanding machines which professionals technically called “Sanding.”
  • Priming: Priming with quality primers to the rough surface of the vehicle to make the surface smoother, which professionals technically called “Priming.”
  • Rust Freeing: Cleaning with mixed chemicals to get it free from getting rust, which professionals technically called “Rust freeing.”
  • Fixing: Fixing the damaged parts of your car if any exist which professionals technically called “Fixing” and so on.

Thus, now you can understand that it has some specific process that the professionals have to follow to get a smooth and shiny finish. They just cannot skip any of them else; it will cost the car owner for sure.

So, don’t be a victim of average finish; instead, let the professionals know that you know all the steps so that they don’t dare to skip any steps and you get an excellent paint job.

Painting a Car Requires Time

Now that you know the fact that painting a car takes time if you want to get a quality painting from the professional painters. The new color cannot be painted directly to your vehicle because it has some specific processes that cannot be skipped before applying fresh paint to your motor vehicle.

So, please don’t be in a hurry. Cause the cost associated with this task is yours and the car as well. Some of the painting service providers may quote you a short time due to their underlying business interests. They may commit you to turn around time for a couple of days to get this job done.

But it is always better not to take unnecessary risk where a long-term interest is lying to get quality paint on your sweetheart hoopty. Usually, a satisfactory painting work takes a week to complete all the related tasks with it.

Avoid Painting Your Car Yourself (Trust the Professionals)

Now you might have a circling question in your mind which is hammering in your brain that is being: can repainting be done by yourself? and how to paint a car at home? Well, if this is indeed the question and you want me to answer it, then I would say a firm “No” to you.

You can be an expert in driving your car since long back, but you are not at all a professional car painter. A few pieces of research over the internet and emotion of self-confidence may not help you much in this. Painting, as well, requires enough skills and experience.

You can purchase an automatic sanding machine, a preferable automotive body paint, electric paint sprayer, or a powerful spray gun with adjustable patterns from the market but cannot have the skills, techniques, and expertise that a professional painter is having. So, it is better to have trust in professionals.

Yes, you can do the research to accumulate the knowledge of painting the cars as this may help you to deal with the professionals. And also can do some studies to find out the best repainting service center in your locality, so that you can get a classy look for your dearest car when the professionals repaint it!

What Do I Need to Paint a Car? 

In case, if you are still wondering and asking; What do I need to paint a car? How to paint a car at home yourself? Then here are the DIY car painting equipment list and all the things you need to paint a car yourself:

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Abrasive Dry Wet Waterproof Sandpaper Sheets Assorted Grit of 400/600/ 800/1000/...
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TECKWRAP Grey Professional Vinyl Wrap Anti-Static Application Gloves (2...
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PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free (C2002)
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Sunnyside 70532 Pure Odorless Paint Thinner, Quart
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Winding Up – Things to Consider Before Painting Your Car

Folks! It’s time to say adieu. We have shared all the most essential things you should know before changing the color of your car. Think wisely before you decide on changing your car color.

If you have still any doubts regarding the car color change or getting your car painted then please feel free to put your queries in the comment below. We will definitely help you out.

Last but not least, let us know whether you liked these important facts to consider before getting your car painted or not. Your word of appreciation is something that fuels us to keep up with the good work!

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