How to Protect Leather Car Seats from Dogs (9 Best Ways)

Having A dog as a pet has almost become normal for most households in the suburbs today. And why not? The faithfulness, the warmth, and the unconditional love that these awesome creatures give to us humans are indeed praiseworthy. And it is likely that if you have a dog (and own a car), you would certainly take it out for a ride along with you whenever possible.

But while taking your pet for the ride is all hunky-dory for the pet lover in you, the car owner in you can sometimes feel vexed due to the “dogs being dogs” habit of chewing, rambling, or shedding fur in the car seat, which can apparently make it look uglier and damage it at the same time. Not only that, but sometimes you can also find dog scratches on leather car seats, which is almost possible sometimes.

But then, you love your car as much as you love your pet, right? So, what is the solution to have both of these on point while you take a good drive on the road? There are certain ways by which you can protect the car leather seats from your “pawsome” friends. And to help you dig through the solutions, we have scripted this article where you find the 9 most effective and best ways to protect leather car seats from dogs no matter how long you want to drive with your furry friend.

Go through the entire article to get more ideas about the same! Read on…

Are Leather or Cloth Car Seats Better for Dogs?

The sweet trouble or dilemma that every pet and car owner goes through is that which is the best car seat material for dogs! And why not? They have to look for both comfort and safety while traveling with the pet dogs, and choosing the best material for car cloth seats does half the work. So, are you also confused between leather and cloth car seat covers for your dogs? Worry not! We are here to help you!

No wonder whether you are picking leather or cloth seats for dogs; they both have their own pros and cons, to be precise. But as far as collective recommendations from most people are concerned, it is best to go with a leather car seat cover. Cloth seat covers cannot achieve the durability and sustainability that leather covers provide.

And when you get a leather cover on your car seat, you can also find ways of protecting leather car seats from dogs during your travel journeys. You get varied fabric options for your car seat like microfiber, silk, denim, suede, canvas, leather, etc. But leather is considered the most desirable and trustworthy car seat material if you often travel with your pet. Not only does it stand hard against the dog scratches or chews, but it is also easier to clean as compared to the car cloth covers. It is also very comfortable for the dogs for long travel schedules. So, then next time you ask yourself- are leather or cloth seats better for dogs, you know the answer!

How to Protect Leather Car Seats from Dogs (9 Best Ways)

As we know that the leather seats are good enough for your car if you carry your pet dog along with you, we must think of possible ways to prevent dog scratches. Thus, the list of 9 top-rated and best methods to protect leather car seats from dogs are mentioned below. Please go through it and explore them on your own.

Install Leather Car Seat Covers for Dogs

For any normal guy, the best way to protect leather car seats is to, of course, put a cover in it! This is a tried and tested method that every car owner must be accomplished with when traveling with a dog in the car. The leather seats might be vulnerable to the pets as they start chewing them or scratching them unnecessarily. And oh! You love your pet to an extent were stopping it from the same would be difficult for you as well. So, as a matter of fact, taking steps where even if the dog scratches the seat, it won’t harm the original leather if you put a seat cover on it.

And as there are plenty of options available in the market today, choosing the best car seat cover can be a difficult decision altogether. But as usual, we are here to help! You can buy the Plush Paws Premium Rear Pet Seat Cover and URPOWER 100% Waterproof Pet Seat Cover amongst all the available options for their integrity and durability in resisting dog scratches. These are waterproof, stylish, affordable, effective, and durable car seat covers that can effectively add to the car interiors’ beauty.

Use Dog Car Seat Belt Harness

To protect car interior from dog scratches, you can use the seat belt harness as a trusted alternative. The car seat belt harnesses are designed to keep your dog firm during long driving hours. It won’t let your dog move much but not make them uncomfortable as well. There are various types of dog harnesses available on the market from where you can choose the one that best suits your needs. But if you are looking for the best suggestions, then you can go for the SlowTon Dog Car Harness and BROGUE Pet Car Seat Belt, as these are no doubt the best options available in the market today.

These are affordable, durable, effective, and comfortable at the same time. These dog harnesses keep the dog tied to the seat easily without affecting its comfort during the journeys. Moreover, your leather car seat cover also remains protected when your dog remains tied to the car seat with the help of the harness. These have breathable mesh material that ensures your dog is comfortable without any pressure. These come in various color options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. So overall, this is one of the important ways to prevent your dog from scratching the leather car seat.

Apply Dog Anti Chew Spray to the Leather Car Seats

You must be wondering how to protect leather car seats from dogs who have the habit of chewing them all the time! Well, you can certainly do it by applying dog anti-chew spray into the leather car seats and prevent your pet from chewing it all the way through your drive. It may sound weird to some, but it actually works well in stopping the pets from chewing the leather seats when you spray it with an anti chewing spray. Wondering how it works? The bitter taste these sprays shell out onto the seat does not attract the dogs, and they prevent putting their mouth on it.

As various such sprays are available on the market, choosing the best out of them is not an easy task for car owners. But we are here to help! The Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray for Dogs, and Emmy’s Best Anti Chew Bitter Spray Deterrent for Dogs are considered the best options that are available on the market and serve the purpose well. These sprays have a special and unique formula of preparation that ensures your dog keeps its mouth away from the leather seat. These have a long-lasting effect and are quite affordable, so you can consider them as an economical way to prevent dog scratches from happening when you are traveling for a longer period.

Trim Your Dog’s Nails

If you want to protect leather car seats from dogs in a more natural way, then you would love this method! Trim the nails of your pooch in advance of the commencement of the journey so that the mere question of scratching the seat does not arise in the first place itself! It is evident that trimming the nails of pet dogs is not an easy task, provided they are active animals. But with an even more creative nail trimming tool, it can be made much easier to trim the nails of your favorite furry friend.

Suppose you are looking out for some cool suggestions regarding the best nail trimming kits for your pet. In that case, you can consider buying the Casey Dog Nail Grinder and Dremel Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming and Grinding Tool for their efficacy in helping in the nail trimming procedure. The nail trimmers are specially designed, keeping in mind the nature of the dogs. They have variable speed, adjustable grinding ports, lightweight rotatory tool, and also come with a 2-3 years warranty from the manufacturers, which makes them the best available choice in the market. So, using these to trim the nails of your beloved dog before every trip can save your car leather seat from all kinds of scratches.

Put Socks on Your Dog to Stop Scratching

The best way to protect leather car seats from dogs is to prevent them from scratching the seat in the first place. So, putting socks on the feet of the dog to cover the nails seems to be a good idea to prevent it from scratching the leather seat. This method can be implemented if at all you don’t want to use the chemical sprays in your car leather seat or face difficulty in trimming the nails of your loving pet. The socks can definitely cover the nails of the dogs and thus prevent them from scratching the seats.

If you are looking for some good options, then you can buy the EXPAWLORER Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks and PUPTECK Double Sides Anti-Slip Dog Socks without a doubt. These are comfortable, affordable, durable, and trustworthy at the same time. These come in attractive colors and designs so you can choose the one that best fits you. These come in varied pack sizes so you can choose the one according to your requirements. These are made of soft materials, so they do not cause your pet any discomfort. All in all, this seems to be a very good option to prevent dog scratches in your car’s leather seat.

Use a Leather Protectant for Car Seats

When all the methods mentioned above fail to procure any result, you can try this one. The pet seat protector for leather seats is one of the most sought after methods to save your car leather seat from scratches of any kind. These are sprays like the anti-chewing sprays available in the market. Putting a leather protectant on your car leather seat covers ensures that your dog does not scratch the surface anymore! There might be many products available in the market that you can choose from. Still, the best ones are definitely the Armor All Car Leather Care Spray and Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for their impeccable track record on preventing dog scratches in leather car seats.

These have all the qualities that any car owner would look for in a leather car seat protectant. These come in a price range of $10-$30 depending upon the size and type you buy. These are non-toxic in nature and ensures your pet remains safe during travel. The effect of these protectants last longer than usual, so you do not have to worry about its long-lasting formula. With multiple pack size availability and powerful protection capabilities, you can surely rely on these leather seat protectors!

Use a Dog Booster Seats for Cars

One of the best methods for protecting leather car seats from dogs is to put them in booster seats. Though it is not very convenient if you have big sized dogs as your pets, if you have small sized dogs, then it is definitely one of the most sought after methods that you can rely on. The dog booster seats do not only protect your car leather seats from scratches but also keep your dogs cozy and comfortable. You have to choose the right dog booster seats for your dogs so as to keep them busy during the driving session. And if you are looking for some cool suggestions, you have our suggestions ready!

The Snoozer Lookout I Pet Car Seat and PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Booster Seat for Dogs are very good options for your pet dogs. These might not be a very affordable option for those looking for cheaper alternatives, but the quality you get with these dog booster seats is undoubtedly praiseworthy. There are various colors, designs, and qualities available in the market from which you can choose from that meets your requirements. These are long-lasting booster seats that are quite good to prevent your car leather seats from dog scratches and keep your pooch comfortable as well.

Use a Crash Tested Dog Crate for Car Travel

Are you still wondering how to protect your leather car seats from dogs? Well, here is one more solution that you may like applying! Buy your pooch a crash-tested dog crate for the purpose! These crash tested dog pooch is wonderful to keep your pet comfy and help in preventing them from scratching the leather car seats as well. If you have small-sized pets, then these are the best solutions that you can have when you take your pets out for a long driving session. And how can we miss giving you suggestions on buying some good crates for your dog?

You can buy the Henkelion Dog Carrier and EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate for your dog blindfolded. These amazing dog crates have 3 sided open ends, which is very comfortable to carry your dog when traveling. You can put them inside these crates for as long as you are driving. So, when they are inside, they won’t be able to scratch the leather seat surface anyhow! These come in good shape and designs, plus they provide long-lasting effects too! You can get these crates at an affordable price range, so it’s a very affordable option for most car owners.

Keep Your Dog Busy

If you are still unsure about how to protect leather car seats from large dog damage, then this last (but not least) suggestion can be helpful to you. One of the most coveted natural ways to protect your car leather seat is to keep your dog busy throughout the ride. Though this formula applies to conditions where the travel time is lesser because how long can you keep your dog busy, right? But it may work wonder if you are traveling for a shorter time interval. When your dog is busy with something, it won’t shift its focus on scratching the leather seat, which is usually the outcome of sheer boredom during traveling by car.

As dogs are generally very active animals, they feel discomfort when locked inside a closed place, like that of a car. So, when they cannot roam around freely, they would like to do something that keeps them indulged. And this is the reason why most dogs prefer chewing the leather car seats. But what if the mode of keeping them busy is switched? Well, yes! You can place a better substitute to keep the pet dogs busy all throughout the journey, so they do not find the leather cover attractive anymore. For instance, you can start with buying Chewy Dog Toys, Calming Treats, Dog Popsicles, etc., which can definitely keep them busy during the journey and, in turn, protect the leather car seat from scratches.

Best Way to Protect Leather Car Seats from Dogs [FAQs]:

Now that you have gone through the best ways to protect your car leather seat from dog scratches, you might be wondering if you have known enough! Even though you have got quite fruitful information here, what you need now is the knowledge about the unanswered questions like what is the best car seat protector for dogs or how to protect other car parts from dog scratch besides the leather seats, etc. And this FAQs section is formed to answer such queries. Read on…

What is the Best Car Seat Protector for Dogs?

You will find many good alternatives of car seat protectors available in the market that come with good price caps also. And you get a lot of varieties in it, which include dog hammock seat protectors for cars, waterproof car seat protectors, and other similar types. When the choice is so vast, choosing the best one amongst them can be quite a difficult task for a car owner. But we have got your back! You can buy the Plush Paws Premium Rear Pet Seat Cover for its impeccable efficiency in preventing car leather seat cover damages. This is certainly one of the best car seat protectors available in the market right now!

Does Dog Hair Stick to Leather Car Seats?

Most car owners have this legitimate question on their minds- does dog hair stick to leather car seats? Well, NO! Leather is one of the most sought-after materials for car seat protectors because of the fact that it is easy to clean and prevents the attachment of dog hair on the surface. Even if your furry pet sheds a lot of hair on the leather car seat, you can easily clean it off by just brushing or vacuuming it once in a while as it does not get stuck to it. But you have to occasionally condition the leather seat protector to keep it un-damaged in the long run.

How to Protect Car Door from Dog Scratches?

It is evident that when you’re taking your pooch out in your car, they are more likely to scratch the door and other car interiors if left alone. But if you want to protect the car door from dog scratches, then you have to find solutions to it rather than dropping the idea of leaving your pet back home. There are lots of car door scratch protectors available in the market today, and you can choose one from the lot to save your car door from scratches. And If you are looking for suggestions, then you can go for the PetEgo Car Door Protector for its impeccable properties to prevent such scratches.

How to Protect Leather Car Seats from Dogs – Author’s View

By now, you have become acquainted with the fact that protecting leather car seats from dogs is not quite a hard thing to achieve! But yes, you need to take the best precautionary measures to avoid any kind of discrepancies while traveling with your dear dog in your car.

Sometimes it can be seen that people become so emotional with their pets that they do not want to look at anything beyond that! But it is only wise to take all the precautionary measures when traveling with a pet dog to avoid hurting the pet or damaging the car interior during the trip. Though all the 9 best ways to protect leather car seats from dogs mentioned above are effective and worthy of being followed, I have some best picks that suited me the most.

Here they are:

  • Put Socks on Your Dog to Stop Scratching
  • Use a Leather Protectant for Car Seats

When it is not possible to follow all the measures mentioned above, I would definitely pick these as the best way to protect car seats from dogs when I travel with my pet. As I want both my dog and car to be safe, putting up socks on the dog and using a leather protectant can work fine for me. No wonder you might have different preferences than these, which you can pick according to your understanding. So, worry not! Plan a trip soon with your adorable pooch without having to compromise your car’s leather seat condition.

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