How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tesla Model 3 Battery?

How long do Tesla batteries last before replacement? How much does it cost to replace a Tesla Model 3 battery? How often do Tesla batteries need to be replaced? – As an electric car enthusiast, you must be aware of all these essential questions in case if you are planning to buy a Tesla car (Here in this guide, we are specifically concentrating on the Tesla Model 3 battery replacement cost and everything related to its battery).

Turning dreams into reality is not everyone’s cup of tea. And when you are able to fulfill your dreams, you should consider yourself lucky enough for it. The Tesla series cars are indeed expensive and many cannot afford to own one. These are superficially made electric cars that are also environment-friendly as they do not consume any kind of fuel.

There are various different models of the car amongst which the Tesla Model 3 has indeed garnered much apprehension from the luxury car lovers. One more reason why people are preferring the Tesla cars over other luxurious cars is that it runs on electricity rather than petrol or diesel. However, when you are buying a Tesla car, you must also know the pros and cons that come along with it.

how much does it cost to replace a tesla model 3 battery
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Though there is no comparison of the model and the outlook of the car, when it comes to battery life, people might raise their eyebrows a little. A Tesla Model 3 battery life expectancy depends upon the model and the variant of the car. But there is nothing to worry about it as the average life of such batteries is between 8 to 10 years when used as an average user. You can still change the battery beforehand if you feel the need to do so.

Many Tesla owners remain unclear about the facts how long does a Tesla battery last before replacement and how much does it cost to replace a Tesla Model 3 battery when they intend to buy the car. Well, to help them understand more about the Tesla Model 3 battery life and the average cost to replace it, this article is carved into various sections. Have a good read ahead and understand all the facts thoroughly.

How Many Batteries Does a Tesla Model 3 Have?

If you own a Tesla Model 3 luxurious vehicle, you must know its specifications well. Do you know how many batteries does a Tesla Model 3 have or what is the size of the batteries that are packed in the battery cell? Well, if you don’t know, here’s the answer. The Tesla Model 3 battery cells are 2170 format lithium battery cells that are 70 mm long and 21 mm in diameter. These batteries are 46.58% larger than the Tesla Model S and X variants.

The long variants of the Tesla Model 3 cars have 350 volts and 80.5 kWh usable capacity which is enough to run the Tesla car for around 300 miles without much hindrance. The Tesla Model 3 battery pack weight is 1054 lb which is 480 kgs. The long-range batteries contain 4416 lithium-ion cells that are organized in “96 bricks’ ‘ of 46 parallelly connected cells in an arrangement which is 96S46P type. This battery pack is rated at 270 MJ or 75k kWh.

If we talk about the standard range battery module of the Tesla model 3 cars then the organization is something like this- it has 2976 lithium in battery cells with also a “96 bricks” arrangement like that of the long-range battery cell that is 31 parallelly connected cells in a 96S31P arrangement. The standard range Tesla model 3 battery pack weight is around 2/3rd of the total weight of the long-range variants.

The Tesla Model 3 batteries charge rapidly as they are of DC charging portability. The charging rate can go up to 250 KW in the new supercharge V3 charging stations. This rate signifies a battery charge up to 1000 miles per hour or 75 miles per 5 minutes. Now isn’t that great? So if you are wondering whether the Tesla Model 3 battery specification is good enough for you to own the super luxurious car then you must not give it a second thought and by the vehicle without much hindrance.

It is worth the money you spend to buy the car and it is also worth the money you spend on the replacement of the battery which lasts up to 300k to 500k miles when used properly. You can charge the battery for up to 1500 cycles and you get a warranty period of 8 years from the company for your battery. It’s completely a deal to seal!

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How Long Does a Tesla Model 3 Battery Last?

As soon as the electric cars are introduced, the common question that arises almost the “car fantasizing” people is how long the battery would last. The same goes for the Tesla Model 3 cars; after Elon Musk introduced these luxurious electric cars, the question of how long a Tesla Model 3 battery lasts has gripped the automobile enthusiast’s world.

If we talk about the battery life in terms of miles then it can be concluded that a regular Tesla model 3 car is designed in a way that it can run up to one million miles but the battery has a capacity of running around 1500 charge cycles. This cycle translates to approximately 300,000 to 500,000 miles on an average depending upon whether it is a standard variant of the car or a long-range variant.

As quoted by the philanthropist and business magnate Elon Musk:

Model 3 drive unit & body is designed like a commercial truck for a million-mile life. Current battery modules should last 300k to 500k miles (1500 cycles). Replacing modules (not pack) will only cost $5k to $7k.

This means that the Tesla Model 3 battery lifespan is quite impressive for the average car owner and individual users. Two things can be concluded through this statement

  • Standard Tesla models have 240 miles of range which sums up to 360,000 miles (240×1500)
  • Long-range Tesla models have a range of 310 to 325 miles that sums up to 465,000 miles (310×1500)

If you are still wondering as to how long will a Tesla battery lasts then here is a simple math to let you understand it in a more nuanced manner. A charge cycle of the car depicts the usage of the entire 100% charge of the battery. It means that if supposedly you have gone out with the car when it was fully charged (100%) and you drove a distance which only adhered to 50% charge loss then you still have 50% of the charge left for that cycle.

If again you charge the Tesla Model 3 battery cell to the full, it still utilizes the remaining 50% charge and when it is consumed fully, the battery completes one full cycle. Like this, the battery would last up to 1500 cycles, which almost translates to the stimulated miles as mentioned by the CEO and co-founder of Tesla.

If we go by the statistics of the FHA (federal highway administration) of the US transportation department, it can be observed that the American residents drive an average of 13500 miles in a year. Therefore, it needs a lot of time to reach the maximum battery limit of the Tesla Model 3 car which is 300,000 to 500,000 miles.

The warranty cover given in the Tesla Model 3 battery specification is “8 years or 100,000 miles” for the standard variants and “8 years or 120,000 miles” for the long-range variants. Thus, it can easily be concluded that you can run a Tesla Model 3 car for almost a decade if you use it as an average car owner.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tesla Model 3 Battery?

Anything that needs a battery to run also needs a replacement of the battery as soon as it drains out completely. And in some cases, this process of battery replacements becomes a wildly expensive task. We are talking about the Tesla car battery replacement cost; it’s indeed expensive but for a man who owns a car which is also very expensive, changing a battery in 8 to 10 years cannot be concluded as something very expensive.

As we see that there is a massive rise in the use of electric cars like Tesla these days, the questions like how long does a Tesla battery last before replacement or what is the cost of its replacement cross the mind of the car owners extensively. In fact, the owner forums and car experts also remain under suspicion as to how much it would cost the common man to replace a Tesla car battery. But it is evident from the Tesla head honcho, Elon Musk that a regular Tesla Model 3 battery can last up to 8 years or 1500 charge cycles before it needs replacement.

If you are wondering how much it costs to replace the Tesla Model 3 battery then here is some easy math to understand the expenses properly. It can cost you about $3000 to $7000 to replace a Tesla Model 3 battery according to him. The car is designed in a manner that only the battery modules need to be replaced and not the entire pack. However, one cannot always guarantee battery life in an electronic device.

It may change with time and usage of the system and may also need replacement or refurbishment even before the stipulated time. But if we talk about the Tesla Model 3 battery pack dimensions, they are best suited to last longer than expected if well taken care of by the car owner. Apart from the battery, the entire Tesla Model 3 body has been designed in a way that it lasts longer and can provide service up to 300k to 500k miles or up to 1500 charge cycles.

If you are wondering what if the battery runs out before time and you need a replacement earlier, well currently Tesla provides a battery warranty of 8 years or 160k miles, whichever comes first. You don’t really need to worry about the Tesla model 3 battery replacement cost before this time period as you would get your battery replaced or repaired by the company itself. The average cost of Tesla model 3 battery replacement is $5000 to $7000 when you maintain it properly.

If you do not look after the proper maintenance of the battery and keep overusing it then it might cause you unusual hindrances frequently after a period of time. To avoid the battery getting drained sooner and keep your Tesla Model 3 battery in good condition, you must know the basics that help you with the same. Read the next segment to get tips to extend Tesla battery life so that you can have wonderful riding experience.

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Why You Shouldn’t Charge Your Tesla Battery to 100%?

When you own an electronic vehicle, you should know that it has a life only when the battery is in good condition or else the car has zero value as a whole. Generally, electric cars must not be charged to the optimum 100% to regain battery life. It’s not that the batteries are built in a way that would degrade when it’s charged to maximum but to maintain a better life and longevity, an electronic car battery must not be charged full and should always be charged within 90% to 95%.

The Tesla Model 3 charging recommendations are by default 90% to increase the efficiency of the car. Elon musk, the Tesla CEO answered to a question that was asked by a Tesla owner on twitter about the charging of the Tesla car to its optimum even if the commute is 80 miles each way, to which he said that it is still fine to charge the battery to the maximum of 90% – 95% to keep it in good condition. He also added that in full charging condition the regenerative braking system won’t work properly.

If we talk about the Tesla Model 3 charging recommendations then one must follow what the Tesla head says – charge it to a maximum of 90% to 95% so that the car can run efficiently. As one must know that the Tesla model 3 battery has a reputation of getting degraded faster than usual and so when you keep changing it to its fullest it would be in its less energy efficiency mode which can hamper battery life unanimously.

You should never charge the battery to a full 100% to keep its longevity firm. If you are still wondering how to extend the life of Tesla Model 3 batteries then here are some recommendations that you might follow:

  • The charging speed of the battery should be moderate, which means it should not be too fast or too slow depending upon the capacity of the battery.
  • Always keep in mind that the charge range of 10% to 90% is considered the safest charge range when you are driving a Tesla Model 3 car. The battery percentage below 10% and above 90% can be responsible for the withering of the battery sooner.
  • Small charging is better than big charging which means it is good when you charge the battery for a few hours than to keep it on charge for a longer period.

Amidst all these measures, it is well recommended that the Tesla Model 3 charging best practices always remain with its good overall maintenance throughout the years and not just one time caring. You must look after the condition of the battery frequently and do the needful to keep it in good condition so that it does not drain away soon.

It is normal for the Tesla Model batteries to last for a minimum of 8 years, as warranted by the company itself but in case it drains away before the stipulated time, you must know it is because of your own fault in its maintenance. Thus, charging a Tesla Model 3 battery to the fullest is never recommended and you should avoid doing it to save your battery from early withering.

If you are still curious and wish to have even more detailed information about the Tesla Model 3 battery then check out this Tesla Model 3 Battery Specifications table and you will be able to get familiar with its Range, Efficiency, Battery capacity, DC charging and AC charging, Curb Weight, Power (peak), Power-to-weight, and Torque (peak), etc.

Author’s View – How Much Does a Tesla Model 3 Battery Cost?

If you are shelling out hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy a tesla car then you won’t obviously compromise with anything that comes along with it. The overall maintenance of the car can be a task for you throughout the year but when it comes to the maintenance of the battery, you can easily carry on with it for 8 to 10 years without having to worry much about its replacement.

If you are an ardent driver and take your car out very frequently then you might also need to change the battery in almost 7-8 years. According to me, the cost of Tesla Model 3 battery replacement is not too much to think about if you are already owning a damn car! You must consider replacing your battery after checking its condition thoroughly.

If you feel like you need to change the battery soon then it’s good that you do not delay doing it as that can affect the way you drive the car. Shelling out a $5000 or $7000 for changing the battery is nothing in front of a $40000 car, that too in 8-10 years! The battery of the car is the major functional property of it and thus, the Tesla Model 3 battery replacement price is something that people always worry about.

But you must stop worrying if you intend to buy a Tesla Model 3 car as you can easily drive the car for 8 to 10 years and even more if you use it less. The total of 1500 battery cycles and the 300k to 500k mileage is enough for an average individual to utilize the car fully. So, give your nod to buying a Tesla model 3 car and do not bother about the battery replacement much!

We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you in understanding everything about the Tesla Model 3 battery replacement cost and now you know clearly how many batteries does a Tesla Model 3 have, how long does a Tesla Model 3 battery last, how much does it cost to replace a Tesla Model 3 battery, what are the Tesla Model 3 battery charging recommendations, and how to extend Tesla Model 3 battery life.

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