How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Overseas in 2023?

If you are constantly traveling, you know the consequences of carrying all your necessary stuff with you. Although when you frequently travel, you need to take the small things with you that can be fitted into a luggage bag, when you are shifting base to somewhere, you might also need to carry all other big stuff with you as you won’t be coming back to your earlier abode again.

Moving in the same country is not that difficult but if you are shifting base to a new country, then managing the transportation of your necessary things can be something which is worth giving a thought. Amongst all the things, if you own a car, you must find the cheapest way to ship a car overseas that shall not burn a big hole in your pocket and safely deliver your vehicle in the given destination.

how much does it cost to ship a car overseas
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Sometimes people think that taking this big step of shifting the car to another country might make it riskier for them, given that they need to carry out various procedures for the same and they can also find it difficult to bear the cost to ship a car internationally. But when you know the right procedure and contact the right transportation services for carrying out your overseas car transportation, it would be easier for you to rely on the method and do the needful.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the processes and requirements of transporting a car internationally in detail. Keep reading to know more.

What Documents Do You Need to Ship Your Car Overseas?

Shipping your car overseas is indeed a huge task; you need to go through various procedures and provide many documentations to qualify for the shipment. If you miss anything then it can block the road to the shipments and cause you extra monetary losses as well.

That is why it is important for you to know which are the documents that are necessary if you want to ship your car overseas apart from knowing how much does it cost to ship a car overseas. Here are the details of the documents that you need if you are transporting your car to some different countries through a transportation agency.

  • Original Registration/Title: You need to provide the original registration and title for shipping the car overseas. In case you have a lien on your car then you have to get permission from the lien holder to get your vehicle transferred to a different country.
  • Photo Identification: Your identity proof is one of the crucial documents needed to ship a car overseas as without it no shipping can be executed. You can provide your legal driving license or unexpired passport of your country of origin to prove your identification.
  • Insurance: You must have unexpired insurance of your car to ship it overseas. An expired or failed insurance won’t work!
  • Bill of Sale: You must have proof that you own the vehicle and that can be achieved when you provide the bill of sale of the vehicle or a notarized copy of the same.
  • Import Duty: It depends on which country you live and which country you are transporting your vehicle. If any import duty tax is levied on your vehicle then you have to provide proof for it as well.
  • Sales Tax Proof: You must have all your sales taxes cleared before you ship your vehicle. If you have any pending states sales taxes then you must clear it first and then head on to ship your vehicle overseas.
  • Power of Attorney: This is required only when you are importing a vehicle on behalf of someone else. If the car is not yours and you are shipping it for someone else then a power of attorney letter is mandatory for the shipment.

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How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car Overseas?

The answer to this question is variable, depending on a number of factors. If you want to know how long does it take to ship a car overseas then you have to look out for factors like where you are transferring your vehicle and what is the destination of the same. Also, whether you are transferring the car by air, water or land also depicts a lot about its timely and untimely transport.

It can take a day or a month depending upon these factors and thus it is recommended that you keep plenty of time in your hand with the car shipping so that you get your car at the right time. Sometimes the loading and unloading procedure also takes time and one must keep this in mind as well while understanding the international car shipping requirements.

Time taken for transportation by Air:

If your car is pricey and needs extra care during the transport, then choosing the air freight for its shipping is the best you can do to keep your car safe from the denting and painting. But if you do not want to spend too heavy a price for the shipping then considering this option can be an unpopular option for you as moving a car through a cargo plane is indeed a costly option. In the case of emergency needs, this service can be used as it can take a maximum of 1 or 2 days to transfer your car to the destination.

Time taken for transportation by Water:

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship your car overseas then you might consider taking the route of the seas but only if you have enough time in your hand. Because it can take anything between 10 to 100 days when you are shipping your car through water transportation. If only you have this much time to bear then you can choose the water route as it is cheaper too!

Time taken for transportation by Road:

Transportation through road can be costly and cheap at the same time. It depends on the route you are choosing and the time also depends on the same.

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Overseas?

If you are wondering how much does it cost to ship your car overseas then this point might help you gain a better knowledge of it. Although shipping a car overseas can be a costlier method but it depends on quite a few factors as to how much can it affect your budget. Like whether you are shipping by air, water or land, what kind of vehicle you are shifting, the kind of documentation you provide, etc. The factors that decide the price to ship a car overseas are mentioned below:

Factor #1: Type of Vehicle

Obviously if you’re shipping a truck, the charges are bound to increase than what you have to pay when you move a small car or even an SUV. So, depending upon the type of the vehicle, the cost to ship a car overseas increases or decreases. The size, the weight and the space required by the vehicle decide on how costly the shipping can be.

Factor #2: Destination:

you can move your car to any destination, be it Europe, Egypt or Japan. And depending upon the destination, the shipping cost also deflects. Of course, the more popular routes would be less costly and the popular routes would cost you more. The more time it takes to ship the vehicle, the more will be the cost and so the destination factor is very important to know your exact shipping charges.

Factor #3: Transport Method:

Out of all shipping a car overseas requirements this one seems to be the most deciding factor on the cost of the same. The transport method that you choose can cut down your cost to half and can also increase it three folds. Like if you are transporting through the air, the transportation cost definitely increases and if you are choosing a sea transport route then the cost can come down to half.

For instance, a plane shipping can cost you anywhere between $5000 to $40000 depending upon the type of vehicle and the route. However, if you choose to transport your car through a ship then the cost can come down to anywhere between $1000 to $5000 which is very less as compared to the cargo plane charges.

Factor #4: Pickup Point:

The transport agencies provide two types of options- door to door pick up and drop and pick up at the port. If you take the door to door services then obviously it will increase the cost as compared to the pick up at the port costs. If you want complete reliable moving of your car then settling for the door to door pickup and drop can be a good option for you.

Factor #5: Time Restraints:

In case of urgent shipping within a stipulated time frame, you have to pay more. If you are shipping overseas then it can take anything between 10 days or 100 days depending upon the route. But if you want your car to reach within stipulated time then it can be done by paying extra money. When you ask for an urgent shipment of the car, you can avail of the services by paying extra money to the transporters.

What are the Other Car Shipping Costs to Consider?

Apart from the above-mentioned costs, if you are still wondering how much does it cost to ship your car overseas then here is some more food for thought for you. There are some other additional costs of shipping the car overseas which you must not overlook. Here are the details.

Shipping Insurance:

If you have got top-notch insurance for your car then this might not be useful to you otherwise you have to pay around 1.5% to 2.5% of the total cost of the car as shipping insurance to secure the shipping. This can clear the air over what paperwork is needed to ship a car overseas as the shipping insurance is a very necessary document that you must provide to your transporter to keep your car safer during transport. As you cannot really take any uncalculated risks while transporting your car to such long distances, it’s better to have shipping insurance ready before the transport.

Landlocked Shipping:

If you live far from a port then you might get a deal from overseas movers to move your car to the exact destination. This might cost you around $100 or more depending upon the distance. The more miles you remain far from the port, the more will be this landlocked shipping charge.

Port Entry Taxes:

If you are shipping to Europe the port tax can be around $200 and likewise, if you are shifting to other countries the port taxes may vary which adds to the total shipping cost. In some cases, you may skip this tax, like if you do not choose the water transport method and transfer the vehicle via air or by land.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Overseas?

For those who need to ship their cars overseas, they might be thinking about what is the cheapest way to ship a car safely. While there are many different methods and transport agencies to look after your needs, yet when you intend to ship your car onto a different country you must be sure of the method you are using and the transport agency you are trusting.

Given the fact that the options are too many these days, you must be sure of the ones who have experience in dealing with such transportations to leave your car on their hands. And if you do not want to shell out too many bucks for the transfer then settling for the cheapest ways to ship a car can be the best option for you. Here are some different car shipping methods that can be the best for your vehicle.

Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO):

The roll-on roll-off car shipping method is considered to be the cheapest of all where the oceanic route is used by agencies to transport vehicles from one country to the other. There are large shipping vessels that are used for the purpose of car transportation. This method is used both for individual transfers and for car companies as well to ship the car overseas.

how much does it cost to ship a car

One of the constraints of this method is that not every port supports this system of transportation. Only some major ports have RORO services available for the transportation of the car overseas and upon the condition that your car is in working condition. If your car is not in working condition then some agencies may still take it, provided you pay extra fees for the same.

Car Shipping Containers:

This method is also considered as the cheapest way to ship a car across the country and outside of the country as well. In this car transport method, your vehicle is transported using large containers which can be either for a single vehicle or in abundance with other vehicles as well.

how much does it cost to ship your car

When the car is carried in consolidated containers, i.e. along with other vehicles, the cost comes down invariably because the cost is then shared by other car owners as well. The port taxes, customs clearance, and other similar costs also get cut down when this method of transportation is used.

Air Freight:

The quickest and costliest car transportation method is this one. Your car is taken through cargo planes and landed to the destination within a day or so if everything is executed on time. You also get airlines to pick and drop facilities by some agencies which are an icing on the cake for those who want their cars to be delivered faster. If you can bear the expenses, air freight might be the thing you want for your international car shipping requirements.

how much does it cost to ship a car internationally

If we consider the above methods, we can see that the cheapest of them all is the RORO method. But when it comes to safety issues, the containers and air freight can also be considered as very good alternatives. And if you can bear the expenses and want the safety as well yen going for the air freight for the transportation of your precious vehicle is all you need.

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How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping Overseas

It is common for you to think about how to prepare a car for shipping overseas so that you do not have to face any glitches regarding the shipment. Your car is indeed dear to you and like a baby you have to prepare it before you handover the vehicle to the authorities for the shipments. Here are some steps that you must follow to prepare your car for overseas shipments

  • Start with getting your car serviced at an authorized service center so that you get to know the condition of your car before the shipment.
  • You must not leave any personal equipment inside the car except for the car tool kit that must include hand tools, spare tire, jack, emergency kit, etc. and your license plates must be intact. You must also take down the external car accessories like the roof racks, antennas, spoilers, etc.
  • Clean the car properly from inside and outside and take high-resolution pictures of the entire car both from inside and outside. You must know about the pre-existing dents, scratches, and problems that your car has if any!
  • Check tire pressure and battery of the car before deporting.
  • Make sure you don’t have more than 1/4th of fuel left in the tank and also that the emergency brakes are well functioning.
  • You must have a new set of the car keys ready with you because the transport agencies ask for one set of keys and if by any means it gets lost, you can use the other set effectively.

Knowing how to prepare your car for shipping overseas is not very difficult for a common man, just a few steps and your car is ready for international shipments, you must not make the above steps lightly and do your best to make sure you do not face any brutal consequences after dispatching your car.

You must get your car back in the same condition as you give it to the transport agency without any dents or scratches. And if you find any problem with the shipping then you already have your car insurance ready to be claimed on time.

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What to Do If Your Car is Damaged During Transport?

While shipping your car, you may be stuck with questions like is shipping a car worth it? Or buying a new one will be just fine? Well, the answer to this question will definitely get solved until you finish reading this article.

But for now, what we must discuss is that what are the options left to you if anyhow your car is damaged during the transportation. Because the distance covered during the overseas transfers is very huge, it is also recommended that you must hire such transport agencies who have years of experience in the same and are also very good professionals.

  • Unless you are quite sure of their services, you must not handover your vehicle to them. But despite all the prevention, if still your car gets damaged anyhow, here are a few options that you can rely upon.
  • To safeguard your vehicle, the first thing that you must do is to check for the type of damage that your car has. Like if it’s an oral scratch and dent or something bigger than that.
  • If you had taken photos of the car before its departure then compare it with the car when you receive it. You will get to know what are the damages that has occurred during the transport.
  • Next, you can claim for insurance cover which you have produced earlier. Not only your vehicle’s insurance but you can also claim the insurance cover that you get from your car transport agency.
  • Many a time the agencies don’t bear the entire insurance covers of the car but some popular agencies does it and so, while choosing the transport agency for your car you must be very picky and read all the conditions before finalizing one.
  • After you have claimed for the insurance you will get your dues after the entire procedure is completed. You must well inform your transport agency about all the damages that have occurred during the transport with the desired proofs for the claim to be executed quickly.

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Is It Worth Shipping Your Car Overseas?

It is obvious for you to think whether is it worth shipping your car overseas? Given the fact that you need to provide too many documents, get a professional transport agency to move your vehicle, bear a heavy cost and still pray for the safety of the vehicle as there can be any mishap that can occur during the transportation.

So, the debate constitutes as to whether it’s worth shipping the car when you are shifting internationally or whether it is sensible to buy a new car in the new country. Well, if you take a close look at the entire article you may find out that going by the sea shipping method, you can save many bucks for transportation and there are many agencies who are doing this work with years of professional experience.

So if you can bear a minimum amount for the transfer, taking the risk of transporting the car can be a good idea. Also, if your car is a luxurious one and costs too much then obviously selling it in your country of residence and buying a new one again won’t quite be an active solution for the matter.

It is recommended that you go for sea shipping methods when it comes to transporting your car overseas. But if in any case, your car is not very luxurious or pricey and it is also very old then it is sensible to sell the car here so that you get a good price and then buy a new one when you shift to a new country, given the fact that car shipping cost can be a little bit pricey for you.

Are you still thinking that should you ship your car or buy one there? Well, do not stress about it too much. Do what you think is good for you. If you are ready to take all the responsibility of the car shipping along with the cost management then it’s fine to go with the shipping tactics or else buying a new one is also a good idea.

Final Words on How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Overseas?

When you are shifting abroad, it is normal that you won’t be coming back to where you belong now very often. So, its normal to carry all the necessary stuff with you when you intend to shift overseas. But sometimes, people fall in a faux pas as to how they are going to carry so many things with them ranging from big to small ones.

Likewise, if you are planning to carry your car to some different country then questions like how much does it cost to ship a car internationally or what are the chances of safer transportation always prevail in your mind. So according to me, it is recommended that if your car is not a luxurious car that costs huge dollars, it’s safe to sell it in your native place and buy a new one where you are shifting base.

The carrying cost and all other formalities required to prepare a car for shipping internationally are worth your efforts only when you know that you cannot afford a new car in your new address. If you are confident that after selling your old car, you can buy a new one when you shift base, it is better not to undergo the harassment of shifting the car overseas and sell it instead, according to my opinion. But if you think you can take this risk and bear the cost of overseas car transportation then you can well go with the procedure mentioned above to carry out the task easily.

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