13 Best Sound Deadening Material for Cars to Use in 2023

It is often noticed that when we want to talk to our fellow passengers inside a car or try to listen to some soothing music, we are often interrupted by the loud noise coming from outside the vehicle. And sometimes, when we ride on jam-packed roads, the sound of mere other vehicles honking makes us feel irritated.

And that is why some car owners prefer installing sound deadeners in cars so that they can deter the extra noise coming inside the vehicle when it is not required inside.

When you install sound-deadening materials in your car, it not only saves you from the extra loud noise outside but also helps you get a peaceful ride all throughout.

best sound deadening material for cars
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Now, some people might be wondering, does sound deadening work in cars in reality? Well, it does! In fact, some materials are so high quality that they do not allow any type of sound to come inside the car, disturbing your conversations or annoying your child.

In a Hurry? Here are our top choices and best sound deadening material for cars and trucks on the Market Right Now:

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At times, there can be some disadvantages too, but mostly the sound deadening materials are known for serving advantages over disadvantages to the car owners. Let us get into learning more about such sound-deadening materials and other relevant details. In the next section, we will start with knowing the pros and cons of installing sound deadeners in cars.

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Is It Worth Sound Deadening a Car?

If you are still in doubt about the benefits of using sound material in your car, hopefully, this section will help you overcome your doubt. The idea of sound deadening a car might cross each car owner’s mind at least at one point in time while driving through a busy road.

The loud noises that interrupt the calmness that we crave in our vehicles make us uncomfortable during traveling. And that is why sound deadening a car is actually worth it! There might be certain benefits of soundproofing your car, but it cannot be denied that there are certain disadvantages too!

In this section, we are going to discuss both the pros and cons of installing sound deadeners in cars. Have a look below…

Pros of Installing Sound Deadener in Cars:

  • Reduce Road Noise: Most of the road noise is caused by car engines, tires, exhaust noise, etc. And it can drain the sound of your communication or music system inside the car. Luckily, the car sound deadening material covers all the road noise that comes while driving.
  • Improves the Acoustics of the Car: If you are thinking whether it is worth deadening a car, then know that it definitely is! Using a sound deadening material in your vehicle ensures the car cabin works as a speaker enclosure for your car speakers by sealing the gaping holes and reducing the resonance. This way, the acoustics of the car is also increased!
  • Make Driving Comfortable: The material of a car deadener also works as a good insulator. Thus, installing sound deadening in the car not only ensures that you have better soundproofing but also makes your ride a comfortable one!
  • Reduces Rattling: When the car moves, rattling and vibrating of the car panels are very common. But when you install a car deadener in your car, it makes the car panels dense and thus does not contribute to rattling too much. This is also one of the significant benefits of sound deadening insulation of the car.

Cons of Installing Sound Deadener in Cars:

  • Weight Increment: Even the best automotive sound deadening material for cars would come with a weight that adds more mass to the car. And it is likely that if your car is more weighty, it will consume more fuel. Thus, this is a disadvantage of installing a car deadening material in your car.
  • Labor-Intensive Installation Process: The installation of the deadening material takes a lot of labor and time. Sometimes it can take days to complete the installation process, which is definitely one disadvantage of the sound deadening process.
  • Deadeners Cannot Be Reused: While installing; the sound deadeners take both time and effort to be installed; one disadvantage is that they cannot be uninstalled and reused if you are changing your car or if they are damaged. So, it is a one-time usage material and, thus, not too cost-effective.

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How to Choose the Right Sound Deadening Material for Cars?

When buying a sound deadening material, there are certain things that you must look out for to make sure you pick the right choice. And to help you choose the best deadening material, here we present the essential things to consider before buying an automotive sound deadening material for cars. Get going…

Types of Sound Deadening Insulation

This is one of the most crucial things to look for in a sound deadening material for cars. Sound insulation is of two types; the sound absorbers and the sound blockers. The sound blockers are meant to block the getting in and going out of any kind of noise from the surrounding space!

While the sound absorbers are the types of insulation that ensure the sound that gets inside the vehicle becomes softened and gets absorbed after that.

Most deadeners have both these properties, but some may be specific. So, when you are picking up a sound deadener material for your car, you better look for the best option from these insulation types.

Types of Sound Insulation Materials

The automotive sound deadening materials decide their effectiveness in controlling the sound that gets in. There are four types of materials that are considered best for the purpose.

  • Deadening Mats: These are the most effective and popular choice amongst car owners to prevent extra noise inside the car cabin.
  • Sound Dampening Sprays: often the left out material, the sprays are only used if at all regular placing mating is not possible inside the car cabin.
  • Foam Insulation Products and Woven Fiber: the combination of these two types are also often used when people need extra sound cancellation, even after placing deadening mats.

So, choose your material types wisely to get maximum efficacy!

The Thickness of Sound Deadening Material

The thickness of the deadening material matters, of course, when you are trying to think how to choose the right automotive sound deadening materials for your car! When selecting a deadening mat, look for a thicker one.

As we all know, the thicker the mat, the better sound-canceling it will provide inside the car cabin. But if you do not find a thicker mat upon searching, then you can also settle for multiple thinner deadening mats that would deliberately serve a purpose.

All you need to see is the sound is blocked with thicker deadening material and not a thinner one for best results.

Shape and Size of the Sound Deadener

The shape and size of the material are also very important things to consider when buying a car sound deadening material. When you are going to buy a sound deadening material for your car, you first know which is the best-suited size for the purpose.

car sound deadening material

Like if you have a bigger vehicle, you will need a bigger size and vice versa. While some sellers prefer to sell the deadeners as sheets or patches, some have them rolled up.

The rolled-up ones need to be cut according to the size of your car cabin floor, and that can be time taking. Going for the sheets or patches is a good option if you have a small car to deaden.

The Odor of the Sound Deadening Material

You might find it a weird criterion when choosing the best sound deadening material for cars and trucks, but yet it is one of the significant factors to look at! When traveling in your car, you would simply not be able to tolerate a bad smell, isn’t it?

And placing a sound deadening material that would protect you from loud noises and provide you a foul smell instead would not be a nice thing to get in exchange, right?

So, choosing such materials that have the finest odors is always a good idea over choosing a foul-smelling material just to save a few bucks. Apart from protecting you from loud noises, it will also ensure you breathe fresh!

Weight and Flexibility of the Sound Deadening Material

Are you still wondering what to look for when buying a sound deadening material for cars? Well, this one last thing is good to consider if you are looking for more options!

The weight and flexibility of the sound deadeners decide a lot about its installation process. The lighter the weight of the deadener, the more easily it will be installed. The same applies to the material’s flexibility; the more flexible it is, the easier it is to install.

Also, when you buy a lightweight deadener, it makes your vehicle less heavy, resulting in less fuel consumption. So, now you know which are the things to look out for when buying a sound deadening material for your car!

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13 Best Sound Deadening Material for Cars and Trucks

If you have come to this page, you might be searching for the best sound deadening materials for your vehicle. To help you find one, we present the list of the 13 best automotive sound deadening materials on the market right now. Check them out below.

Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener

If you are looking for a decent sound deadening material for cars, then you can go for this! The Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener material is suitable for both small and large vehicles. It comes with 5 styles where you get inclusions like roller, dynaliner, adhesive, and other important stuff along with the demeaning material.

It’s easy to install, and you can do it yourself too if you follow the instructions correctly that are given in the manual provided with it.

dynamat sound deadener

These come in sheets that are highly stacked with permanent adhesives and are also aluminum coated. The best property of this sound deadening material is that it not only protects you from the extra loud noise but also ensures your car cabin is heat resistant!

The dynaliner that you get along with the package is ultra-light and flexible, which ensures the application of the deadener is made easy. All in all, you can go for this without any doubt!


  • It comes in 5 style packs so you can choose the style that best suits you.
  • Roller, dynaliner, dynatape are all present in the package.
  • Oil and water-resistant dynaliner.
  • Thick self-adhesive deadener materials.
  • Easy installation process.


  • A bit pricey, starts at approximately $163 and goes up to $293 depending upon the style pack.
  • No warranty with the product.

Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Car Mat

A car sound deadening material must possess such qualities that ensure your ride is at peace! And the Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Car Mat is precisely what you look for in a sound deadening mat! It is a combination of butyl and foil sound deadener with a size range of 80 mils.

You are not just getting a good sound deadener, but you are also going to be benefited in the long run. The material that you get is 1.5 times thicker as compared to other similar deadeners.

noico sound deadener

Not only that, it has automotive self-adhesive insulation consisting of butyl that ensures you get maximum efficiency and sound insulation at the same time. One of the most remarkable features of this sound deadener is that it consists of noico audio insulation, which has a unique sound indicator to warn you if the defender is not installed correctly.

When the foil is rolled out smoothly, you will know that it is installed properly. It can provide a total coverage area of 36 sq ft. which is suitable for most vehicles. There are 9 sheets in the shack, which is enough to completely dedean your car surface.


  • The affordable price range of approximately $65.
  • Long-lasting automotive feature.


  • No roller with the package.
  • No warranty from the manufacturer.

KILMAT Car Sound Deadening Mat

This is another automotive sound deadening material that you would prefer to buy if you are looking for easy soundproofing solutions. It is also a cost-effective and 80 mil sound deadener that is loved by most car owners.

The 36 sq ft. coverage that this sound deadener provides undoubtedly makes it worth buying for cars and trucks. It has thicker material, so much so that it is almost 1.5 times thicker than the other contemporaries.

kilmat car sound deadening mat

The KILMAT sound deadener has a weight of 0.5 lbs per sq ft and 80 mil thickness that ensures that you get optimum sound insulation and efficiency when you install it on your car floor. The sheets that come along with the package are of small and handy sizes that ensure the installation and cutting procedure are easier.

It also has automotive self-adhesive insulation, which makes the installation process more manageable. Overall, this is an excellent sound-deadening material that you can buy for your car.


  • Very affordable price; costs approximately $58.
  • A total of 34 sheets come along with the package.
  • One of the best-sellers amongst the other similar items.


  • No roller with the package.
  • No warranty from the manufacturer.

FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener

If you are looking for the best sound deadening material for cars and trucks available in the market right now, you cannot miss this one! The FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener is a one-of-its-kind material that is not only fit for installation in your car, but you can also use it to soundproof your big room and office areas. The different pack of sizes that are available in this product is unmatchable!

fatmat self-adhesive rattletrap sound deadener

Apart from it, there are several other features that would grab your attention. It has a rolled dimension of 33.5 feet with 80 mil thickness, ensuring no issue with its installation procedure.

It has a self-adhesive rattle trap and patented super sticky adhesive that is too good to paste the deadener into the car floor without putting in much effort. It also has acoustic insulation properties that again make it one of its kind.


  • It comes in a total of 8 sizes, starting from 25 sq ft to 200 sq ft.
  • Has vibration damper as well.
  • The affordable price range that starts from $80 approx.
  • Has heat resistant aluminum coating that is easy to cut.


  • No manufacturer warranty.
  • Might need a professional to fit in properly.

Second Skin Audio Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening Spray and Paint

This is a car soundproofing material that isn’t too common in the deadening market. The Second Skin Audio Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening Spray is generally a water-based product, unlike the usual mat deadeners. It is a water-based, high heat, and viscoelastic polymer that ensures both the sound and vibration inside the car cabin are restricted.

Not only do you get protection from irritating noise and vibrations during driving, but this water base deadener also works wonderfully well in preventing thermal transfers inside your car.

second skin spectrum

It is easy to apply, you just need to paint with a brush roller or spray gun, and thus the need for a professional is mostly overlooked. When applied in 2 layers, the spectrum thickness increases to almost 2-3 mm, and that is a perfect thickness to make your car soundproof!

So, if you are in two minds about whether the liquid base would be an excellent fit for deadening, now you know how right it is!


  • Spray base reaches areas where the mat bases cannot reach.
  • Two-pack size available- 1 gallon and 5 gallon.
  • Price is affordable; 1-gallon pack size cost around $89.


  • Not too long-lasting effect.
  • Cannot block airborne noises.

MAT66 ProBlack Car Sound Deadening Mat

If you are looking for the best automotive sound deadening insulation material, then this one won’t disappoint you! The butyl-based aluminum foil sound deadener has all the qualities to be on your top priority list when buying a sound deadener for a car. It has a universal fit type, and thus you do not have to worry whether you have a truck or an SUV to soundproof.

With its 80 mil dimension and 0.5 lbs/sq ft weight, it ensures no noise gets inside your car cabin, and you enjoy a noise-free drive.

mat 66 sound deadening

Not only that, but it also has an automotive self-insulation technique that ensures your car is not only free of irritating noises but is also heat resistant. Unlike other sound deadeners, this one has a sound indication system that starts sending you signals if it is not installed correctly.

So you can understand whether the mat is being installed properly when you do it yourself or get it done by a professional. Overall it is a good choice for car owners in every aspect.


  • It is cost-effective.
  • It consists of 34 sheets in one pack size.
  • The sheet sizes are small, so it is easy to install.
  • Automotive self insulation.


  • No roller with the package.
  • No warranty by the manufacturer.

B-Quiet Ultimate the Best Viscoelastic Sound Deadener

There are different types of car sound dampening material available in the market. The B-Quiet Ultimate, the Best Viscoelastic Sound Deadener, is one such sound deadener that is different from others!

It has viscoelastic properties that make sure it is quieter as compared to other similar products. It has a specially formulated 65 mil butyl rubber membrane with a weight of 0.35 lbs per sq ft., which can be considered decent enough for soundproofing smaller vehicles.

b-quiet sound deadening

The rolls are 1 foot wide and 50 feet in length, and you can get them in two available sizes that are 12 sq ft rolls and 50 sq ft rolls, respectively. It has a self-adhesive backing property that ensures the installment process is more straightforward, even if you are using the DIY installation method.

It has the capability of reducing sound by up to 10 dB, which is again suitable for smaller vehicles. So, all in all, you can buy this if you have smaller vehicles.


  • Cost-effective product.
  • It comes in two-pack roll sizes.
  • It doesn’t get melted or withered even during high heat conditions.


  • Not suitable for large vehicles or more surface area.
  • Not product warranty from the manufacturer.

FatMat Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener Kit

The FatMat Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener Kit is simply the best automotive sound deadening material that you can buy for your car. With 18 inches wide and 40 inches long self-adhesive sheets, you do not have to worry about installing them in your car easily. It has 50 mil average thickness and has acoustic insulation properties. It means your vehicle is soundproof in every corner!

Another attractive feature of this sound deadening material is that it also provides coverage from vibration and heatwaves apart from just protecting you from loud noises.

fatmat self-adhesive sound deadener

It comes with a self-installation kit consisting of a roller, sound control decal, knife, and an instruction manual. The sound deadener is designed in a way that it does not only get fitted into the floor mat but also can be used in deadening the car doors, windshields, trunk floors, and other specified areas for better soundproofing. It is indeed a popular choice amongst car owners these days.


  • It comes in 8 size packs that start from 10 sq ft and goes up to 200 sq ft.
  • It has a very affordable price range that starts from $33 approx for a 10 sq ft material.
  • Has easy to cut and heat resistant aluminum coating that makes it long-lasting.
  • Universal fit size.


  • No product warranty from the manufacturer.

HushMat Ultra Black Foil Floor Kit with Damping Pad

This one has good vehicle sound dampening properties that are not easily found in deadeners these days. It is engineered in a way that it can be fitted into OEM specifications, and thus it is approved for the same as well.

Apart from eliminating noise and providing sound insulation, this super damping pad also provides heat reduction inside your vehicle, so you do not have to face severe hotness inside.

hushmat foil floor kit

It is so flexible and has a loose material that it can adhere to any surface and even wraps around very easily in tighter areas. The heat reduction capacity of the damping pad is almost 40 percent, and it can also withstand significant heat issues without melting or burning out.

It has an easy installation procedure with its super adhesion capability. It is used mainly by car owners for its easy installation process.


  • Has two color options.
  • Has two-pack sizes availability of 10 pieces and 20 pieces each.
  • It comes in smaller sheet sizes so that the installation is made easier.
  • Simple peel and stick formula with no cut endings and are extremely pliable.
  • Has both heat and sound resistant capabilities.


  • A bit pricey with starting range of approx $167.
  • No warranty from the manufacturer.

Siless Car Sound Deadening Mat

If you are in search of cheap sound deadening material for cars that do not compromise with the quality it offers, you must go for this one! Car owners immensely love the Siless Car Sound Deadening Mat for its impeccable features.

It has an 80 mil dimension and sq ft size that starts from 36 sq ft and ranges up to 144 sq ft divided into 4 sizes. Thus you can choose the one that best fits your vehicle. It is made with an advanced formula of SILESS VIBRATION dampening material, which ensures you enjoy your ride more peacefully than before.

siless car sound deadening mat

It is made of newly invented Bmastic advanced technology, which is the most popular and advanced sound deadening technology available in the market today. With an easy “peel and place” application procedure, this deadening mat is easy to install.

You just need to simply peel it off, cut it into desired pieces and fix it with a roller and you’re done with no complications or needing a professional. Overall this is undoubtedly a deadening mat you can rely on!


  • Very cost-effective; starts with a price range of approx $50.
  • Come in 4 size packs.
  • It has a universal-fit dimension.
  • Advanced SILESS VIBRO formula.


  • No product warranty from the manufacturer.

Car Insulation Sound Deadener and Heat Barrier Mat

This is an automotive sound dampening material that you will like buying to soundproof your car. It has qualities that most car owners appreciate. It can assure heat resistance also apart from providing soundproofing.

It comes in multiple size options that you can choose from, depending upon the size of your vehicle. The roll size is 78 sq ft, one of the largest roll sizes available in the market.

car insulation

It has a lightweight automotive heat barrier, thermal and vapor barrier that ensures almost 97% of the heat is blocked upon entrance which in turn keeps your car cabin cooler and soundproof at the same time. It is made of polyethylene closed-cell reinforced foam core that is crush resistant and long-lasting also.

The double-sided aluminum body is extremely lightweight and has top-notch flexibility to make the installation process more accessible. Overall, if you are looking for a decent car deadener and heat barrier mat, this one is surely for you!


  • Universal fit suitable for vehicles of all kinds.
  • Comes in 100+ size options.
  • Affordable price range; costs approximately $89.
  • Provides thermal insulation alongside soundproofing.


  • Non-adhesive installation.
  • No warranty from the manufacturer.

ALLMAT Car Sound Deadening Mat

The ALLMAT deadener is undoubtedly the best sound deadening material for car audio compared to all other similar deadeners. With a cost-effective price range, the features that it provides are praiseworthy. It is one of the best-selling sound deadeners available in the US market for its highest rate of sound and vibration absorption capabilities.

It has high-temperature resistant capabilities, so it doesn’t matter whether you are driving at 212 F temperature or -49 F temperature; the deadener mat will not melt or run down in such temperature conditions.

allmat car sound deadening

It has butyl and self-adhesive foil material that ensures an easy installation process. Not only that, the mechanical loss factor of this mat is calculated at around 0.29, which means you are literally behind a “stone wall” when you are traveling in the car with this mat on.

Thia auto sound deadening mat has 80 mil and 36 sq ft size that makes it the most desirable fit for almost all types of vehicles. All in one, this is one of the best sound deadeners available in the market that you must buy for soundproofing your car.


  • Very cost-effective with a price range of $60 approx.
  • 100% waterproof material.
  • Sheet self-installation instruction manual available.


  • No warranty from the manufacturer.

Thermo-Tec Heat and Sound Suppressor

This is one of the best heat and sound deadening materials for cars available in the market right now. With its over-the-top polyethylene film foil surface, you can be assured of absorbing heat and sound effects while traveling in your car.

It is not only suitable for your vehicle, but it also works well for other surfaces that included floorboards, firewalls, car doors, etc. The suppressor is 70 mil thick and weighs around 6.4 pounds which doesn’t add too much weight to your car floor.

thermo-tec heat and sound suppressor

It has a high-temperature adhesive backing which helps in the easy installation process. It is easily trimmed and can be cut into the desired sizes that are fit to install. The silver color that it comes in looks beautiful when placed on the car floor, thus adding to the beauty of the car cabin interior exclusively.

Overall, you can go for this sound deadening material if you are looking for a decent cost-effective sound and heat-resistant deadener.


  • Cost-effective price; starts at approximately $65.
  • Polyethylene surface provides a long-lasting effect.
  • High-temperature resistance so it does not wear out in too heated condition.
  • You get a product manufacturer warranty by calling customer service.


  • It does not have a universal fit size, its vehicle specific.

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Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material for Cars [FAQs]:

Now that you’re almost in the last leg of the article, you have known enough of the sound deadening material types, things to consider when buying one, the best deadeners, etc. But there are still some things that you should know before heading to buy one.

Like which is the best place to put sound deadening in the car or what is the best thickness of the deadeners, and other related questions. So, to clear these doubts, we have formed a FAQs section next. Explore and learn more…

Where Should Sound Dampening Be Placed in a Car?

Putting the car sound deadening material in the right place is an excellent job to accomplish when you are willing to buy a deadener. The ideal sound deadening area is indeed below the driver’s and passenger’s seats, as most sound comes from below the floor mat.

Next, you must dedean the area under the back tires and then include the floor mat of the rear row seats. These are some of the best places to put the deadening material inside your car. Beyond that, you can also place the material on windshields and door panels to make it more quieter inside.

How Much Sound Deadening Do I Need for a Car?

Calculating the quantity of sound deadening material needed per vehicle class in sq ft is one of the important things to look out for when buying a sound deadener for your car. While the calculation majorly depends on the area of your vehicle and the kind of noise you want to block, a general idea of the amount can be helpful to you.

If you want to block the road noise, you may need a lesser amount, but if you want to cover up for the noise that your car creates, you might need more material for deadening. The calculation of the amount of sound deadening depends entirely on the area you want to cover and the sound level you want to decrease.

How Thick Should Car Sound Deadening Be?

The thickness of sound deadening material indeed decides how good the sound will be absorbed! But sometimes, the car owners cannot decide how much thickness is too much thickness, and that is when the problem arises.

Though the thickness must be chosen depending on the product material, in common, it should be at least 50 mm thick to ensure good absorption of sound.

The deadening materials that are 80-100 mm thick are considered the ideal choice of thickness for a sound deadener in any type of vehicle. So, now you know how much thickness is too much thickness?

What is the Best Sound Deadening Material for Cars?

If you have got irritated talking to your partner in the backseat of the car or if your pet or child has been disturbed by the extra noises coming from vehicles honking outside your car, then it is evident that you came here looking for the best solution to get over these issues occurring frequently.

Well, by now, you have become accustomed to the best sound deadening material for cars on the market right now and have also known the pros and cons of installing a sound deadener in the car.

Not only that, but you also know some of the essential FAQs, which shall help you understand the sound deadening system better. Now, coming to choosing the best sound deadening insulation for cars from above the list.

All of them have equally good qualities, but as an individual, I have my preferred choices even from the given few recommendations. The sound deadeners that I liked are

These are some of the best sound dampening materials for cars from the list that I liked. They have impeccable properties of controlling the sound entering inside the vehicle. But these are my personal choices; you can choose any of the sound deadening materials mentioned above to travel without any noise irritation.

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