How to Soundproof Your Car from Road Noise (13 Best Ways)

Are you sound sensitive? Do you suffer from misophonia? Does loud noise irritate you when you go out in your car? If the answer to all these questions is a yes, you might be very eager to complete reading this entire article! It is quite a normal thing for people to feel irritated with loud road noises, especially when going out in their cars!

And thus, the desperation to know how to soundproof your car from road noise is understandable! But along with soundproofing the entire vehicle, there are some essential factors to take into consideration too!

Like choosing the right sound deadening material for cars, getting the best brands, setting the right cost standards, etc., and thereby, it is not an easy job to soundproof your car entirely without the guidance of an expert.

how to soundproof your car from road noise
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So, if you are thinking of the best ways to soundproof your car, you are on the right page! In this article, we have explained various details related to soundproofing a car to an extent where the road noise won’t irritate you, and you can enjoy your trip in peace!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s move on to the article to find out the best way to soundproof car from road noise. But before that, let us first know what causes the road noise inside your car. Take a look!

What Causes Road Noise in a Car?

If you have been suffering from road noise of late and you want to get rid of it sooner, you must first know what causes road noise in a car. When you know the reason, it’s easier to prevent the problem beforehand!

While there are varied reasons for road noise in cars and it is not the same for every person driving their vehicles on the road, there are some common causes of road noise in a car that you must know to prevent them from happening! These Include

  • Tire Quality: For those who are unaware, a withered tire can cause you the most extensive road noise than you can think of! And thus, the best way to soundproof a car from road noise is to either get the tires fixed or changed. As the tires are responsible for the vehicle’s overall alignment, if it is withered, it can create irritating noise.
  • Wind Noise: If you are looking for ideas on how to soundproof a car, then look to prevent the external wind noise from coming in! Yes, the wind noise is bothersome when you are driving a car with open windows. And bad weather conditions make it even worse!
  • Honking Horns: Still thinking, what causes excessive road noise in a car? Well, the honking horns of other vehicles do the job perfectly!
  • Your Own Accessories: It may sound weird, but the accessories you keep inside the car are actually responsible for what causes loud road noise in a car! Yes, while driving the car, they might start vibrating or rubbing against each other, creating loud road noise.
  • Bad Road Conditions: Unpaved roads for potholes in roads can also lead to road noise. And if you want to know how to soundproof your car from road noise caused by the bad road conditions, move on to the next section!

Does Soundproofing a Car Really Work?

Most car owners might have this question before soundproofing their cars – Does soundproofing a car really work? Well, a simple answer to this question is “Yes”.

Not only do they work on preventing the extra noise that comes inside your car, but there are other benefits of car soundproofing too! Some of these advantages include:

  • Prevent Rattling of Damaged Parts: Have you asked yourself, why should you soundproof your car? Well, the answer is beyond just preventing the road noise. Sometimes, there can be car parts that are damaged or not intact, and when you sound deaden the car, they automatically stop making extensive noise or over-damage.
  • Makes Music Sound Better: Is soundproofing a car worth it? Well, it surely is, more so if you ate music buff! Many people enjoy music while driving, and when the vehicle is soundproofed, it only makes the music feel better!
  • Engine Noise Controlled: If you are thinking Is soundproofing your car worth it, then you must know this benefit about it! The engine noise is controlled to a lot of extents when the vehicle is sound deadened with suitable materials.
  • Benefits People with Medical Issues: Are you still wondering What are the advantages of soundproofing a car? Well, this one is quite an appreciable advantage! People who have high blood pressure, heart problems, or if they suffer from misophonia, etc., benefit significantly when the noise inside the car is controlled!

How to Soundproof Your Car from Road Noise (13 Best Ways)

This is the most important part of the article. In this portion, you will get accustomed to the 13 best ways to soundproof your car from road noise and relevant details about them. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading now!

Install Sound Deadening Mats on Your Car’s Floor

If you are looking for ways as to how to soundproof your car entirely, then start with deadening the floor mats of the car. It is the most significant area from where the external noise comes inside the car. For the unversed, floor deadening of the car is neither a lengthy nor costly process if you can do it right.

And to make it easier for you, there are plenty of automotive and self-adhesive floor mat sound deadeners available in the market that are worthy of buying. Amongst them, the Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener and Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Car Mat are entirely effective in soundproofing car road noise coming from below the car surface.

The price of the Noico solutions is $70 approx, and the cost of the Dynamat defender starts from $171 approx and can go up to $300 approx depending upon the deadener style you pick for the purpose. These are easy to use and can be applied without professional help as well. These are long-lasting car soundproofing alternatives that ensure most of the noise coming from the exteriors is prevented effectively without having much to do!

Insulate the Car Doors

If you’re thinking about how to soundproof your car from road noise, then you must think of the car doors that are too thin or less insulated! Yes, a thin car door can cause as much noise inside as there is outside, and even deadening the car floor mat won’t come to your rescue if it occurs! When you want to go completely noise-free inside your car, you must take effective measures to make it happen!

And thus, going for the DIY sound deadening material for cars to insulate the car doors is the right choice for most car owners! It’s a practical and straightforward procedure. You just need to de-screw the car door panels using a screwdriver, check for satisfying deadening material dimensions, cut the amount of the insulating material required for the dying process, and then peel off the back of the material and stick it to the portion where it is necessary, and you are done!

Do not forget to tighten the screw after fixing back the panels! You do not need professional help to carry out this process as it is a very simplified one! And it is also a cheap way to sound deaden a car.

Soundproof the Roof of Your Car

Have you ever felt like driving on a rainy day and the rains hit like they are falling on a tin can rather than your car roof? If yes, you must be driving a car with a thinner rooftop that needs immediate deadening to stop such noises. Though it is not the topmost priority to soundproof the car’s roof as it is not always raining, the deadening would still save you from unnecessary noise coming in while you drive.

And soundproofing the roof of the car is not a complex process too! You just need to add the sound deadening material for cars onto the thin rooftop, and it will work. The procedure is simple; you need to remove the car roof’s padded layer, put the sound deadening sheets on it, and fix the original cover back, and you are done!

When you opt for car interior soundproofing, deadening the roof of the car is necessary. Usually, these deadening sheets are self-adhesive in nature, and so you can do it yourself without the help of a professional. So, now that you know where to put sound deadening in car, what are you waiting for? Soundproof the roof of your car now!

Replace Your Car Tires with Quieter Ones

If you are looking for suggestions on how to soundproof a car, then replacing the old tires with a new quieter one is definitely a good idea. As the car tires are the only things that remain in ‘direct contact’ with the road while driving, it is likely to produce noise resulting from friction. And thus, choosing a narrower tire instead of a broader one can lower down the noise up to a greater extent.

The tires with rubber coatings also work well in lessening the noise by an extended portion. But the best way to soundproof your car is using quiet tires in place of regular tires. And if you are looking for some excellent suggestions, then you can go with the Michelin Defender All-Season Tires and Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire without a doubt!

These tires go well in all seasons, are durable, made with long-lasting and eco-friendly materials, and are cost-friendly too! You can get them fixed easily with the help of a professional or by yourself also if you know how to change tires. The cost of these tires starts at approximately $200, and thus it doesn’t seem too tough on the pocket as well. So, if you are wondering how to make your car more soundproof, replace the old tire and switch to the quiet ones.

Soundproof Your Car Trunk

There are several methods as to how to reduce road noise in cars, and soundproofing the car trunk is one of them! It is an effective method to limit the noise inside the car while you are diving. The car trunk is often the area that is neglected by the car owners when they try to soundproof it. But one must know those car trunks are also often the area that allows more noise than usual!

And thus, it is as important as soundproofing car windows to reduce the noise to a greater extent. To cut on the noise, you must use the sound-deadening materials and place them on the bottom and sides of the trunk. It is an easy process and should not take more time. You can do it yourself or call a professional for help.

The procedure is simple; pull out all the items in the car trunk, including the floor carpet, cut the deadening material into accurate measurement, stitch them on the sides and bottom, place the items back, and you are done. It is the best way to soundproof a car with minimal expenses and lesser effort at the same time.

Wrap or Muffle the Car Exhaust

Probably all the car owners have experienced loud exhaust noises when trying to use it inside the car. While trying to clean the air inside, you may be welcoming too much loud noise through the car exhaust. And thus, the best way to soundproof car from road noise is to wrap or muffle the exhaust. The exhaust generally makes a loud noise because of the holes present in the machine.

But if you tend to wrap the holes or muffle them, it could reduce the noise to a pretty satisfying extent. There are certain automotive soundproofing materials that you can use for this purpose. And some of the best wraps and mufflers present in the market include the Totalflow Exhaust Muffler and Exhaust Heat Wrap. These work amazingly well in restricting the loud noise coming from the exhaust machine.

The price of the products starts from as low as approximately $15 depending upon the size you choose and can go up to $90 approx, which is quite an affordable option. These are easy to wrap and can be done without a professional’s help as well. So if you are looking for options as to how to make your car quieter inside, then start with wrapping/muffling the car exhaust.

Soundproof Your Car Engine

Are you still confused thinking about how to sound deaden a car? Well, worry not! We have the answer for you! If all of the above methods fail to impress you, try deadening the car engine. The engine compartment is unquestionably responsible for producing unwanted noise inside the car, and by soundproofing it, you can give yourself a quieter traveling experience.

While it is easier to soundproof the external parts of the car, like the doors, roofs, windows, etc., deadening the car engine can be a challenging task. So, what is the best way to soundproof car from road noise and deaden the car engine? Well, you can trust the effectiveness of the Car Insulation Sound Deadener and Heat Barrier Mat and Thermo-Tec Heat and Sound Suppressor as the best sound deadener for car engines.

These are easy to use and can be applied without the help of a professional. The price range is quite affordable and starts from as low as $43 approximately. You get varied size options, so you do not have to worry whether you are driving an SUV, sedan, or even a truck, for that matter! Hopefully, now you know how to reduce noise in car interior, right?

Soundproof the Hood of the Car

No wonder you might still be not satisfied with the car soundproofing ideas and still looking for ideas as to how to soundproof your car. And why not? There are still certain portions of the car that are responsible for the effective noise that sets in and disturbs your drive verily!

So the best way to sound deaden a car also includes soundproofing the hood of the car. While most car owners feel that the hood does not bring in too much noise as compared to the other parts of the car, it is completely wrong to think so! In fact, the car hood is the portion of the car that has the ability to bring in too much of the road noise from outside.

And if you want to get rid of the noise, you simply need to deaden it using the sound deadening foam for car or deadening sheets as well. The process is again very simple, you just need to de-grease the hood properly, fix the deadening material, and close the hood, and you are done! It won’t need much time or cost for the car owner.

Replace Rubber Seals on Car Doors and Windows

It is evident that when you are thinking of how to soundproof your car from road noise, you cannot leave behind thinking about deadening the windows and doors of the car. As we all know, a majority of the outside noise comes in from the doors and windows only. And if you do not soundproof the doors and windows by replacing the rubber seals, you might inevitably be inviting the road noise.

And do you want to know how to soundproof your car from road noise at cheapest price? Well, here is the answer; go for the Universal Car door Rubber Seal Strip as it is the best self-adhesive weatherstrip for your car doors and windows. It has such exceptional qualities that you would not regret buying it, even repeatedly.

The best part is that it has a very pocket-friendly price that starts from $14 approx for a 33 feet long strip. It has a wide range of applications and can be used efficiently for its self-adhesive properties. It provides high-quality and durable weatherstripping in your car doors and windows by replacing the rubber seals. Thus, now you know how to soundproof your car from road noise and wind noise with minimal pocket crunch!

Use Sound Deadening Spray (For Hard-to-Reach Places)

If you are looking for an accessible alternative to the sound deadening material for cars, then going for the sound deadening spray can be an excellent choice for you. Although you can soundproof your car using several deadening sheets and materials mentioned above, a deadening spray is needed where you cannot reach!

It may sound weird, but if you want to know how to reduce noise in the car cabin completely, then covering the hard-to-reach places is also necessary. And if you are looking for some fantastic suggestions, then you can absolutely go for the Boom Mat Spray-On Sound Deadening and Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening Spray. Both of these sprays have extraordinary capabilities to soundproof the car at places where the deadening materials cannot reach.

These are easy to use, and your car can be soundproofed within minutes. You just need to spray the solution into places where your hand cannot reach it, and you will get effective results. Both are cheap and effective methods to soundproof a car. You can get 1 gallon of the spectrum liquid at only $94.99, isn’t that great? So, now you know how to soundproof your car like a pro!

Soundproof the Wheel Arches of Your Car

Are you still searching for ideas as to how to soundproof a car? Well, we still have some more ideas left for you to check on! You can and must soundproof the wheel arches of your car to reduce the incoming noise. There are various DIY methods that you can use to soundproof the wheel arches, or you can also take the vehicle to a professional to carry out the needful.

For soundproofing the wheel arches of the car, you need the right deadening materials. The car soundproofing generally can be done using deadening sheets or other similar materials that you have to cut according to the size and style of the wheel arches and fix them using the self-adhesive sticking tapes.

These materials usually do not cost much unless you are buying some massive brand stuff. Thus, it’s easy on the pocket to go for the deadening of the wheel arches. So, if you are thinking as to how to reduce road noise in a car, then you know exactly what to do!

Undercoat Your Car for Noise Reduction

Are you reluctant to know how to sound deaden a car entirely and perfectly? Well, do not miss soundproofing the underbody of the vehicle. When you are done with soundproofing all the major parts of the car, these smaller underparts are the areas that can still be welcoming noise from the outside that might not allow you to attain that perfect solace inside your car while driving.

The underbodies include the undercarriage, quarter panels, wheel walls, interior fenders, hood, etc. There is plenty of undercoat sound deadening material for cars available in the market that you can choose from! But if you are looking for some good suggestions, we would suggest buying the 3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating and Rust-Oleum Professional Undercoating Spray.

These Work wonderfully well in preventing rust and corrosion of these areas apart from soundproofing the car. These are affordable solutions and can easily be bought within a price range of approximately $15-$60. This also has spray-on properties to make your application easier. So if you are asking yourself- what is the best way to soundproof car from road noise and wind noise, you know it now!

Remove Moving Objects from Your Car

Not many of us might consider it the best way to soundproof car from road noise, but removing movable objects from the car can actually work towards diminishing the road noise to a certain extent. Yes, as weird as it may sound, but the fact is that when the car moves at a higher speed, it is normal for the objects inside the car to collide with each other or get moving in general and create noise.

While most of us break our heads finding suitable ways of how to quiet road noise in a car, we generally ignore or do not care about these movable objects inside the car that are also responsible for creating noise. And as a result, even when we opt for various sound deadening methods, we still lag behind achieving complete quietness inside our cars.

So, what are these objects that you need to get rid of in order to achieve that complete quietness inside your car? Well, it can be just randomly anything inside your car, be it your can of soft drinks, pieces of paper, or even the dashboard accessories! So, when you ask what is the best way to soundproof car, do consider this as a significant method too!

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Car?

By now, you have learned about the benefits of using sound deadeners for your car and the different methods to use them as well. But now, the main question that arises is how much does it cost to sound deaden a car? Well, firstly it depends on a lot of factors, and thus the exact cost cannot be predicted just like that!

The materials, the methods, and the professional services needed for the process decide how much exactly the process would cost you! However, the average car sound deadening installation cost can be calculated, taking into consideration the basic things. In general, soundproofing an entire vehicle can cost you anything between $600 to $800.

This is a straight answer to how much does soundproofing a car cost! But if you consider just soundproofing some parts of your car, then the cost can be something like this

  • Roof: $50
  • Doors: $150
  • Bonnet: $40
  • Trunk: $60
  • Floor: $80

However, these costs are all approximate values, and the final price will depend on the products you’re using and the car you have! So, now you know how to soundproof your car and how much does it cost to soundproof your car as well!

What is the Best Way to Soundproof a Car from Road Noise?

If you have reached this point of the article, you already know how to reduce road noise in cars. You have gone through several ideas of how to reduce the noise inside your car while you are willing to travel peacefully. But have you picked any favorites yet as to which one best suits your needs or which one would effectively reduce the noise?

If not, check my suggestions; I have handpicked some of the best ways of soundproofing a car to get maximum efficiency. Here are my fav pickS:

  • Replace Your Car Tires with Quieter Ones: I picked this method because the quieter tires can work as the most coveted sound deadening material for cars as most of the time the withered tires make more noise than the noise coming from the road.
  • Replace Rubber Seals on Car Doors and Windows: This is my go-to pick most of the time when I am looking for suggestions on how to reduce road noise in the car. As the most irritating noise comes from the car honkings outside and other weather conditions, I prefer using weatherstrips over the regular rubber seal to cover the outside noise.
  • Undercoat Your Car for Noise Reduction: This is good for hard-to-reach places and for the ones looking for quick sound deadening material for cars and trucks. When you undercoat your vehicle using the desired sprays, you get complete coverage of the extra noise coming inside your vehicle.

However, these were my personal opinions about how to reduce noise in car interiors. You may have your own likings and interests while choosing the best methods to control the sound inside your car. So, choose your best pick now, and for doing that, you have the entire article to rely on!

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