What is the Best Pickup Truck for a Woman to Drive in 2023?

Do you want to know why women love pickup trucks and what is the best pickup truck for a woman to drive? Are you also one of those women or girls who feel more attracted to the Pickup trucks instead of cars when it comes to picking their ride? If your answer is “Yes” then this guide is going to be very insightful for you.

When it comes to owning vehicles, people generally prefer SUVs and other sedan cars. But the time has come when people are preferring pickup trucks more for the purpose of both traveling and work rather than settling for a normal car.

Although, these days people are taking an extreme interest in pickup trucks, but as the options are too many they might be confused as to which one to buy.

best pickup truck for a woman
What is the Best Pickup Truck for a Woman to Drive in 2023? | Image credit: Marissa Gainsburg
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This is why, here in this detailed guide, we have talked about the best truck for a woman to drive and shared a comprehensive list of the best compact pickup trucks and full-size pickup trucks for 2023.

And if you go through this whole guide, you will discover why women like driving pickup trucks more than small cars these days and how to select the right pickup truck for your family without any difficulty.

So, just keep reading to know more about the best pickup truck for a woman to drive and choose one accordingly.

Can Pickup Trucks Really Be Family Cars?

These days, pickup trucks are becoming more of family cars than that of a personal car. And why not? The external design and internal features are provided in such a way that people would generally prefer them over other cars.

You get all of it in a pickup car- safety, comfort, convenience, and broader space. Not only males but you can see females driving pickup trucks these days. If we believe the data from IHS Markit, it has seen a 67% rise in the sales of pickup trucks which are bought by female buyers during the year 2008-2016.

These are good as family cars because of the qualities these cars have. The full-size pickup trucks include all the best things that you need to make it look good as your family car. The core truck capabilities include towing, hauling, etc and the external appearance is built in such a way that it enhances safety and other features.

So, all in all, if we take a dig into these pickup trucks then we can get to know that they have all the capabilities to be tagged as family cars both in terms of internal durability and external appearance.

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Can a Pickup Truck Be Fashionable?

This is surely one trend that is gasping the society now, more amongst the females. They are looking forward to buying a pickup truck because of a style statement than to use it for a fruitful purpose. It’s like if you have a pickup truck, you can be called trendy and that’s what every female wants today!

The best pickup truck for a woman to drive has everything that would make for a good style statement. It is also very popular amongst women because the trucks are lightweight and easy to drive as well.

Women are preferring this vehicle over others in the past few years and that’s one very interesting reason why we can say that pickup trucks are becoming fashionable too!

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11 Reasons Why Girls Love Pickup Trucks Instead of Cars

Are you curious to know why girls love pickup trucks instead of cars? Or, why women like driving pickup trucks as personal vehicles? Read and learn why girls love trucks and how the best full-size pickup trucks make them feel. Here we go:

Pickup Trucks Have Room for Everything

The more space a woman gets, the more comfortable she becomes and the same applies to her vehicle as well. When you get a room for everything that you want to carry with yourself why wouldn’t you love that vehicle? The best pickup truck for a woman has all the space that is required to carry whatever you want with yourself.

Right from your bedding to your home decor stuff (in case you are shifting somewhere else) you can carry every stuff with you wherever you are traveling with your pickup truck. So, isn’t it amazing? This is the reason why girls like compact pickup trucks as their traveling partners.

Pickup Trucks are Quite Fuel-Efficient

You would not mind saving some few bucks while on a road trip or traveling with your vehicle to some destination right? If this is what you want then the best full-size pickup trucks are the best companion for you to take with yourself while on a drive.

Trucks are very fuel-friendly and thus, you cannot really say that you have invested a lot on the fuel when you take your pickup truck on a long drive.

They are very fuel-efficient and can help you save a lot of bucks on your road trip. This is one more strong reason why not only girls but every individual loves the full-size trucks with the best fuel economy.

Pickup Trucks are a Lot Safer Nowadays

Normally, women prefer safety standard features on their cars and when it comes to even the best compact pickup trucks, it also provides SUV safety features that everybody loves it.

To mention some, you get the standard automatic emergency braking system, blind-spot warning, forward collision warning, and departure warning, rear cross-traffic warning, lane-keeping assist and other such important safety features that help you remain in a lot more safer condition than when you drive other vehicles.

You get all these features in the best full-size pickup truck and the compact trucks as well and you do not have to worry about being safe on the road anymore.

Pickup Trucks Come with Great Features Nowadays

As we talked about features in the previous point, we will talk more about it in this one. Those are just safety features but the best full-size trucks have more features to rely on. The smart locks, the lavish design, the strong build-up and the essence of a luxury car make the pickup trucks even more special to the girls.

Some of the significant features that the best full-size pickup trucks 2023 are leather seats, multi-zone climate control, powerful infotainment systems, soft closing tailgates, and many more such features.

Even the best compact pickup trucks 2023 have some great features that you cannot get in the big sized trucks also. That is why girls love pickup trucks these days.

Pickup Trucks Allow You to Sit Higher than cars

If you want better safety and a vision in your car owning a pickup truck is the right choice for you. It comes with a higher seat size than normal cars and that’s what makes it more attractive amongst the girls.

When you see a normal car it feels like you are going to touch the ground soon but when you use the best full-size pickup trucks you get to sit higher than usual.

This is one very solid reason why girls prefer pickup trucks over other vehicles. There is simply no turning back when you start using a pickup truck and it’s advantageous as well.

Pickup Trucks Make You Feel Like Anything is Possible

It is not always that you can feel that anything is possible. But when you have the best full-size trucks to accompany you on your drive you can seriously feel that everything is possible. The height and superficial arrangement of this vehicle make it a wanderlust for women who love adventures and driving as well.

No matter whether you are on a bumpy road or you have to cross water bodies in your path, the full size, compact and subcompact pickup trucks are ready to pass through every obstruction that you face on the road.

And results? Well, you can surely feel that you can make everything possible and nothing is impossible for you when you are out on a drive with your pickup truck.

Pickup Trucks Make You Feel Stronger

It is obvious that when you have a powerful companion with you on the road, you will automatically feel stronger. That is the case when you drive a pickup truck. The best truck for a woman to drive has all the safety and smart features needed to feel safer on the road.

Not only in terms of internal build-up but also in terms of external roughness and durability. It is easy to drive a car that has all these features ready for you to help you on the road while on a long drive. So, you don’t really need strong muscles to feel stronger while on a drive, a pickup truck can do that best for you and protect you from most of the obstructions on the road.

Pickup Trucks Inspire Independence

Country girls like to be independent, more so in this era and if they get a companion which helps them to feel independence majorly then they would surely grab the chance to have it with them.

Same is the case with the best full-size pickup truck- when you have one as your companion, you do not crave for an independent life, you automatically get it!

No matter whether you are in your 20s or you’re a single mom, you can get the independence you need while driving a pickup truck. You don’t need to worry about what the world is pointing at you, simply enjoy your independence and you shall not be let down.

Pickup Trucks Bring Back Some Pleasant Childhood Memories

It is good when you can go down memory lane and live your childhood days. With a pickup truck to accompany you, it is easy to live those moments in your adulthood. You must not worry about the hustles and bustles of life when you ride the best full-size trucks on the road.

It is a gateway to enjoying your childhood even in your adulthood. The way the truck is built it makes you feel like you’re still young at heart and you miss your childhood more. So, the girls prefer a pickup truck more for this reason as well.

Pickup Trucks Make It Possible to Have More Adventures with Children

If you are a young parent and your children are at their growing age then you would surely love to be on an adventurous trip with them. Children love the high end finishing and the other features present on such pickup trucks. And when you use the best full-size trucks for your trip, your children would definitely love to be on the trip.

It’s whether you go for a picnic or a random fishing event, you need to carry so much stuff with you for which a pickup truck is the best suitable vehicle that you can have! So, the next time you plan a trip with your children, take your pick up truck along with you.

Pickup Trucks are Relatively Affordable in Comparison to SUVs

If you check the list of the best full-size pickup trucks for 2023 and see the price of those vehicles, you will understand how affordable they are in comparison to the SUVs. People who can afford an SUV can easily afford a pickup truck and it can also save them a few bucks.

It is good that you get the same features as that of an SUV and sometimes even more within a budget that keeps your pocket on track. Why must not one prefer a pickup truck with so many facilities over an SUV?

Right from super-specialty features to safety features and everything else you get everything within an affordable price cap which is one very strong reason why women, in particular, go for the pickup trucks.

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What is the Best Pickup Truck for a Woman to Drive?

Since now you have been well familiar with why girls love pickup trucks instead of cars and why women like driving pickup trucks as their personal vehicles, it’s time to explore what is the best pickup truck for a woman to drive.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best full-size pickup trucks for a woman to drive and the best compact pickup trucks for a woman to drive. So now without any further ado, let’s dive in and check out some of the powerful pickup trucks with the best fuel economy. Here we go:

6 Best Compact Pickup Trucks for Women:

If you have made your mind to own a pickup truck, but aren’t looking for something too big then you should go for the best compact pickup trucks or small pickup trucks with the best gas mileage. Check out our list of the best compact pickup trucks for a woman to drive in 2023 and determine what suits you best.

Nissan Frontier

This is a practical and popular truck not only among women but for everyone else in general. It is a mid-size truck with a very low starting price, rather you can say it’s one of the most affordable trucks in the list of the best compact pickup trucks for 2023. It starts from $20,500 and can vary up to $35,500. It has four extended door crew cab along with a 5 feet cargo bed.

In some models, you can also get a 6.1 feet bed as well. The other features include heated front seats, shift knob, rear parking sensors, spray in bed liner, leather-wrapped steering wheel, trailer hitch receiver, in-bed channel systems, and many more such features.

If we talk about the engine, it might not rank much higher in the category as it has a less powerful V6 engine with an automated five-speed transmission. But no matter what, it can still be counted amongst the best compact pickup trucks, to be available in the running year, more because of its price cap. If you talk about towing then you can get up to 6710 pounds.

Toyota Tacoma

The price of this is generally around $26,000 and comes in different color variants like voodoo blue, super white, magnetic grey metallic, silver sky metallic, etc. With 6800 towing capacity, this giant vehicle has all the features to help you feel an adventurous ride to its fullest. It also has a V6 engine and 6-speed transmission capabilities.

It has other important features which include crawl control and multi-terrain system. Not only these off-road capabilities and outstanding features, but you also get better interiors in this pickup truck as well. It is not that it has ranked in the list of best compact pickup trucks 2023 with no proper features.

The smart key systems, the apple car play, the power-adjustable systems, the amazon Alexa build-up, the android autoplay, and every other feature that this pickup truck has made it amongst the best pickup trucks to rule the industry now. If you want to show off your compact pickup truck then this one’s for you!

Ford Ranger

These Damn pick up truck looks so good that any woman would love to drive this beast. You can easily declare it the best in the compact pickup trucks comparison as it has all the key features that people would crave for! Starting at a price range of $32000, you get a towing capacity of 7500 lbs.

The key features include front bucket seats that are leather-trimmed and center flow-through console, LED headlamps, B&O sound system to enjoy a pleasant ride with a better music system. If we talk about the interior features you get automatic temperature control, ambient lighting, floor mats, lane-keeping system, power door locks, outside temperature display, and many other such features.

In addition to these, you also get an auto-start and stop technology which is also a high-end feature in the best compact pickup trucks. So, all in all, you get superb features and facilities at a much lower range as compared to some SUVs and even the large-sized pickup trucks as well.

Chevrolet Colorado

This is also a mid-size truck with all the exterior and interior features that you can get in the best compact pickup trucks 2023 to better your road trip and driving experience. It has good safety features, a dominant exterior design, and a comfortable interior design as well. You Get it in many available colors some of which include Crush, pacific blue metallic, silver ice metallic, shadow gray metallic, cajun red tint coat, etc.

It has 4 wheel disc brakes made for a much better on-road experience. Not only that, but you also get handgrips and tie-downs for the better durability of the vehicle. The other features of this pickup truck include heated seats with leather appointments, bose sound system, heated steering wheel, heated front seats, etc.

The engine is very powerful as compared to the best full-size trucks as well. The 2.8L turbo-diesel engine makes its performance super fast and furious to let you enjoy a ride better. You can go for it without a doubt!

GMC Canyon

This one is a bit pricey in the compact pickup trucks comparison. You definitely get better features and other facilities with this vehicle. It has great fuel support, has nice interiors and calls for responsive handling of the vehicle. You can still feel a bit uncomfortable with the seat and safety features for children.

With the new versions, you get forward collision warning, a remote locking tailgate, tire fill alert, etc. The towing capacity is 7700 pounds and had plenty of infotainment features to make your ride very entertaining. If we talk about the dimensions, it has a length of around 17-18 feet and a height of around 5 feet. The curb weight of the vehicle can be around 3700-4600 pounds.

With all these features and capabilities you get the best compact pickup truck for your long drive and as your companion. You must definitely keep it on your checklist if you are intending to buy a compact truck sooner.

Honda Ridgeline

This is best suitable as an adventure truck. It is a mid-size truck with all the exclusive features that you want in your pickup truck. Starting with a price range of around $34000. you get this pickup truck in different colors which include modern steel metallic, lunar silver metallic, deep scarlet pearl, pewter pacific metallic, etc.

The new version is redesigned and restyled and the exteriors and interiors come in different styles than others. You get leather-trimmed seats, LED headlights,280 horsepower V6 engine, dual-action tailgate, lockable in gate features, a truck-bed power outlet, an 8-inch display audio system, apple car play, navigation system and what not!

You cannot count on the features that this vehicle has and that is the reason why it is featured on the list of the best compact pickup trucks for 2023. If you are intending to buy a pickup truck sooner you must buy this one as it has all the features you want in your pickup truck.

6 Best Full-Size Pickup Trucks for Women:

Before writing this guide (what is the best pickup truck for a woman to drive), we have already shared a similar topic with you guys. And in our previous guide, we have talked about why are American pickup trucks so big and why are pickup trucks so popular in America? You can check it out and learn why bigger pickup trucks are better vehicles.

And as we all know, the size of the truck is very important if you want a good vehicle for both public and commercial use. So, if you are looking for something like that (bigger, powerful, heavy) then full-size trucks are the most appropriate and versatile vehicles for you. Here are some of the best full-size pickup trucks for a woman to drive in 2023, in our opinion.

Nissan Titan

It is definitely a good choice for the ones who love to own a full-size pickup truck but if we compare it to the other contemporaries then it slightly ranks lower than them in terms of capabilities and features. But it still offers a configurable and comfortable ride to the riders. It has a potent V8 engine with serene infotainment systems.

When it comes to styling, the Nissan Titan can get an 8 or 10 as it looks like more of a converted truck than a pickup truck. Still, if you compare amongst the other competitors in the list of the best full-size pickup trucks for 2023 you will find out that this pickup truck actually does stand out for its features and beautiful interiors. It has countless features of driver assistance and is placed with a good infotainment system.

It has a starting price of around $32500 and can range up to $56500 depending upon which modern version you buy. It produces 400 horsepower with a 9-speed automatic transmission that makes it one powerful engine capacity. It can tow up to 9660 pounds and can pull almost 9240 pounds.

Toyota Tundra

Available in around 15-16 colors, this can be identified as the best pickup truck for a woman to drive. Some of the best colors available are cavalry blue, army green, midnight black metallic, magnetic grey metallic, silver sky metallic, etc. The Toyota Tundra pick up truck starts from a price range of around $33500 with varying prices for different models.

It is the best pickup truck to carry out both the workload models and personal use. With a towing capacity of 10200 lbs and 38-gallon fuel capacity, it simply stands out in the crowd. It also has a deck rail system, audio and navigation functions, 8 ch touch screen display, smart key system, and many more such exclusive features that shall make you crave it more.

Apart from these, it has a 4 piston, 13.9-inch front brake system, and a V8 engine speed which makes the best suitable for both work and play purposes.

Ram 1500

The price range of this pick up truck remains within around $32000- $57000 and it is one of the top-rated pickup trucks in today’s time. You can call it amongst the top of all the best full-size trucks because of its internal and external features. You get excellent driving dynamics and generous interiors with this full-size truck.

In fact, it can easily give a pass to the other giant pick up trucks when it comes to its ride quality. It comes in two engine choices which include a 5.7-liter V8 engine and a 3.6-liter V6 engine. This built-in system helps the vehicle to improve its fuel efficiency and the smoothness of the engine. It also has heated front seats and a very good towing capacity of 12560 pounds.

One more thing that is introduced in the latest version is the EcoDiesel with a diesel-powered turbocharged V6 3 liter engine. It previously had certification problems for heavy emissions but with the introduction of the eco diesel format, now there are no such issues with the emission of the vehicle.

GMC Sierra 1500

The starting price of this best pickup truck for a woman is almost around $29600 and it can range up to $34200.it has a 3-liter turbodiesel that is available as an option in some variants. The V8 10-speed engine is also something that is commendable.

The several positive features include powertrains for towing and hauling, optional bed view system with automatic trailer cameras, one cabin option, touchscreen display, adaptive cruise control, 6 cylinder diesel engine and other such stuff which are mentionable. It also has spacious seats which are worth mentioning.

If we talk about the dimensions of the length includes 19 feet to 20 feet and a height of 6 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 7 inches. the curb weight of the vehicle is around 4531 to 5516 pounds. It has a towing capacity of around 12000 pounds which is good enough to enjoy your ride. If you are planning to buy a good pickup truck then this one is the best fit for your joyous ride.

Ford F-150

This one starts at a price range of $28500 with a seating capacity of 6 persons. The features include high strength aluminum alloy body which is built specifically to help you achieve the best class riding experience.

The payload and towing capacity include 13200 lbs which is one of the best amongst the competitors. It is a dual function pick up truck which works fine for work and play functions. There are various models with various price ranges and the features are also different in different models. It has 3.5L EcoBoost horsepower engine capacity that makes it one of the best performing on-road vehicles.

It comes in variable colors as well and some of the best colors include blue jeans colors, velocity blue, ionic silver, rapid red, race red, silver spruce, and any other such colors. If you’re looking for the best full-size pickup truck then this one would definitely suit your needs in the best way possible.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If you are looking for the best pickup truck for a woman then this one is the best fit for you. Although technically it is somewhat identical to GMC sierra, it has some features that make it different from others. It is a long-running truck with a 10-speed automatic transmission system. You also get features like aluminum tailgate and doors, more storage, 3-liter turbo-diesel powertrain, and other such important features.

The price range varies between $28300 to $56800 and it comes in various models as well. It provides forward collision control features and an auto-braking system with pedestrian detection which is an exclusive safety feature for the riders. You get both V6 and V8 variants which makes your engine choice variable. It is a very popular pickup truck in the US and Canada and generally sees growth in the sales in each year.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pickup Truck for a Woman to Drive

Women today are fierce and independent. They live life on their own terms and they don’t fear anything that comes their way. They have both money and power to invest in what they like and thus owning a pickup truck is nothing sort of difficult for them.

But sometimes, choosing the right and best full-size pickup truck is not too easy as they remain confused as to which one to buy and which one to refuse. Thus, this detailed guide is to help them choose the right model and variant of the pickup trucks that best suit their personality.

We hope this comprehensive guide helped you in learning exactly why girls love pickup trucks instead of cars and what is the best pickup truck for a woman to drive in 2023. If you are also a pickup truck owner and want to share your thoughts with us on this matter (why women love trucks or what is the best pickup truck for a woman) then please feel free to let us know via the comments.

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      To me this is a HUGE industry issue when it comes to pick-ups. I E done some research and the only pick-up that has adjustable pedals are the Ford F150’s and most other SUVs of different brands. I too like to see the hood makes for better visual range. But it looks like pick-up designers forget small people like to also drive pick-ups. It’s truly disappointing.


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