14 Best and Top Rated Windshield Cover for Snow and Ice

“Before taking your car out on the roads, you need to focus on various safety factors about driving.”

Having a clear windshield during the drive is one of the most crucial factors. Especially when you park your car without any shed; ice, snow, dirt, dry leaves anything can fall on the windshield, which finally results in damaging it. In such cases, using a car windshield snow cover is your best trait.

Well, it’s a pretty tedious task to clear your car’s windshield every day, all around the year. In case you are dealing with a hard ice formation, it can cause a scratch on your car windshield too along with leaving patches and marks.

Luckily, there is a solution, which is ingenious, time-saving, intuitive and also inexpensive. Yes, the windshield covers for cold weather conditions are capable of keeping car windshields safe and secure to a great extent.

Moreover, these covers can keep the moistures away and makes the removal of the snow easy. So, in the morning, just pulling off the cover and shaking it a bit will make your car ready for the day’s journey.

Are you ready to safeguard your car’s windshield from ice? Know all about the best windshield cover for snow and ice below along with other necessary details. After listening from several car owners, I have curated this list of 14 top-rated windshield covers for snow and ice. All you have to do is go through the list and pick the one as per your requirement and budget. No matter which one you choose, be assured of the quality. Here you go!

Why You Should Buy a Windshield Cover for Snow and Ice?

If you’re still wondering whether you should invest in a top-rated windshield cover for snow and ice in this winter or not, here is something that you must check.

When ice forms above the car windshield, it exposes the windshield to get cracks and scratches. But with a good quality snow windshield cover, the cracks may not occur in the first place.

Also, covering the windshield ensures that your car windshield remains clean after snowfall, heavy wind etc. As your windshield remains clean, you save time and energy in the morning before driving to your destination.

If you invest in an all-season windshield cover, it will take care of the car throughout the year. Know about the top 4 benefits of using a car windshield snow cover below.

Benefit #1: Windshield Snow Cover Keeps Your Car’s Windshield Clean

When you are driving, you must be able to see your road clearly. In case you keep your car parked outside, dust, snow, ice, frost, and dry leaves can accumulate on the windshield. Covering the windshield with a top-quality windshield cover will ease your cleaning process. You just have to remove the cover attentively before going on for a drive.

Benefit #2: Snow And Ice Windshield Cover Protects From Cracks And Scratches

During every drive, your windshield should remain clean and flawless. Otherwise, it can hinder visibility and cause trouble on the road. Falling snow or ice might impact the car windshield and crack it. Some twigs can scratch it when the heavy wind flows. But a good windshield cover will protect your car from such damages.

Benefit #3: Car Windshield Cover Frees Your Time From Scraping Ice

When you get an efficient windshield cover for snow and ice, it will prevent ice formation on your windshield. So, you won’t have to grab the scraper to remove snow or ice. It will save you time and effort. Just removing the snow windshield cover before driving your car, is what you have to do.

Benefit #4: All-Season Windshield Cover Protects The Dashboard From UV Rays

When you park your car exposed under the sun’s UV rays day-in-day-out, it will affect your dashboard. Such an amount of exposure to heat may end up causing the dashboard to fade. All you have to do is use a windshield cover that will also prevent exposure to sunlight and prevent the damaging process in your car.

14 Best and Top Rated Windshield Cover for Snow and Ice

Now you know why you must use a car windshield cover. It’s time to check out the list of 14 best windshield covers for snow and ice. Scroll down to have the full scoop.

OxGord Windshield Snow Cover

The 600D thick polyester windshield cover for ice and snow actually acts as a thermal seal to the car windscreen. It traps a little amount of heat in between the windshield. Therefore, the snow doesn’t stick on the glass. As a result, it is possible to remove the windshield before going out for a drive quickly. Also, the material prevents snow, water, sleet and any kind of unpleasant weather from bringing any damage to the windshield. Therefore, it is one of the best windshield snow covers that I would prefer.

Apart from providing thermal protection, the cover is large enough in size. Because of its 75 x 42.25 inches size, it fits most cars, SUVs, trucks and vans with ease. But I feel it is best to measure your car windshield before buying this windshield cover for your car.

In case the fitting size of your car windshield matches with the cover, the installation process is extremely easy. You just have to fit the straps well around the car’s side-view mirrors and squeeze in the flaps on both front doors. It enables the cover to stay in place. I believe it is also harder to steal as you lock the car doors.
Anti-theft design
Good frost guard
Heavy-duty 600D polyester construction
Acts as a thermal windshield to prevent frosting
Easy to install
Large, universal fitting size
No suction cups or magnets
Relatively expensive
The top piece can blow off during heavy wind

Car Windshield Snow Ice Winter Cover

This car windshield cover for ice and snow is great for protecting your vehicles’ windshield from the snow, rain, and frost. Your car windscreen gets strong protection in all seasons with this windshield protector. I would say this car windshield works like a charm.

You won’t have to scrap the car windshield every morning in the knee-high snow before going out. Even if you have to scrape the windshield, there’s a free ice scraper that comes with a foam handle. Although it’s a free scraper, still, it’s sturdy, frost proof and long-lasting.

This cover is durable because it comprises four layers of thick materials: PP cotton, aluminium foil film, non-woven fabric and composite cotton. Therefore, the snow cover fits the car cosily, giving the car adequate protection. But what attracts the attention most about this cover set is the side mirror covers. The side mirror covers have luminous strips, which glow in the dark, bringing safety to people and cars. When it comes to size, this cover along with the side mirror covers fits almost every car.
Easy to use
Strong weather protection for every season
Free ice scraper with the cover
4-layer thick material
Fire retardant
Windproof design
Fitting the cover edge inside the car’s door sometimes become cumbersome

Laptom Windshield Snow Cover

Personally, I love the Laptom windshield snow cover for my SUV. For the weather in my place, this is the best windshield cover for snow and ice. The three layers of fabric with three levels of protection makes the cover waterproof, wear-resistant, cold-resistant and heat resistant. In comparison to various other snow covers, this is thicker, and so it provides effective protection all through the year.

Unlike most other windshield covers, Laptom’s windshield cover has heavy-duty elastic straps. Therefore, the cover fits almost all cars, trucks, and SUVs securely. You have to secure the front-two straps around the car’s front wheel wells. And connect two remaining straps inside your car.

There are in-build scratch-free padded magnets inside the cover to ensure a tight seal. It’s a cover that is so tough that it won’t blow off in rainy, windy or snowy weather. This car windshield snow protector comes with its two other companions: mirror covers. As these mirror covers come up with reflective stripes, they are visible even in the dark. So, it is possible to avoid any collision during the night. It’s a wonderful snow cover set for any vehicle.
Versatile windshield for all season
Double fixed design
Security design
Premium product
Excellent for use
Windshield magnets are not much strong

Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover

Who would like to scrape the car windshield all winter long when one can use a top-rated windshield cover for snow and ice? Ice King’s super large windscreen snow cover is nowhere to eliminate your hassles in the chilling winter season. After bad weather, you just have to lift the veil up from your car, and you are ready to hit the road.

What’s interesting about this cover is that you can get excellent quality snow cover on a tight budget. Despite being affordable, this piece of windshield cover is well designed. It comes with the security flaps which you can tuck inside the car doors to avoid thieves.

These flaps also support the cover so that the cover won’t blow off even in the heavy wind. Thereby, your car gets constant protection from snow, frost, dirt, and water when the weather gets dizzy.

Also, there are powerful N52 earth magnets that are part of the cover and situated at the edges of the cover. These rare magnets provide extra protection in heavy wind and keep the snow from penetrating through any open spaces of the cover.
Lightweight but sturdy
Added security flaps
Extra large size; truly universal
Ice-proof, waterproof and snow-proof construction
Powerful N52 magnets for a windproof, tighter and secure fitting
Available in one size only

Keystand Windshield Cover Extra Large

Give yourself some relief from the snow-covered car windshield, this winter season. All you would need is a windshield protector from snow and ice. And Keystand’s car windshield cover is a great heavy-duty 600D polyester cover. It comes with a 100% waterproof aluminium film to cover. The last surface structure design of the cover ensures that its soft lining doesn’t damage your car paint. Besides, it protects the windshield very well from snow, ice, frost, sun, rain, leaves and dust.

You will save time from scraping the ice and snow, during harsh winter mornings. It helps to keep your windshield, mirrors and wipers clear all seasons. So, just removing the cover sweeps away all the requirements of scraping the windshield.

As the side mirror covers have luminous strips, they are great for night vision. So, during snowy weather or in the dark, these covers are still visible from a distance. There are four fixed wings and buckles to prevent the covers from blowing away. Also, these additional features prevent cover-theft. For installing this windscreen, you won’t have to put up a fight due to these buckles and hooks. The car snow cover can be stored in small storage space as it is easy to fold.
Safe luminous stripes
Extra-large cover: 80.7” 65.8” 58”
Easy installation and folding
Lengthened design
Durable 600D polyester material
Security design
Durable elastic hooks
The size is too large

AUTOCLUB Car Windshield Snow Cover

For all-around protection of your car windshield, AUTOCLUB has brought an awesome car windshield snow cover. However, it is not just a car windshield cover for snow but for all seasons around. Looking at its awesome features, we can surely get why it is the top-rated snow cover for car windshields.

There’s a double-sided design along with the black winter side which absorbs heat to keep the windshield from getting frozen. The silver summer side is there to reflect back the heat and the UV light from the sun. So, even during summer, your car interior will stay cool under harsh sun with the cover.

The three-layered construction of the cover consists of PEVA, non-woven fabric and plant cotton. Therefore, all three combined provide a thick, insulative cover that’s perfect for all-weather use. Peva material ensures durability being scratch resistance and gives strength to the cover.

The structure comes with side straps which allow attaching the cover firmly with the car. Therefore, it prevents theft as the cover gets tucked inside the car doors. Bungee straps are also a huge part of the cover as you can tie to the wheels for more tightly covering the windshield. It is a large cover that is ideal for almost every large car, SUVs and trucks.
Anti-theft side straps
Bungee straps for tight-fitting
Thick, tough and durable three-layer design
Double-sided design for hot and cold weathers
Have large size which extends over the wipers
No magnetic edges
Moisture can get inside the car as straps go inside the car

Shynerk Magnetic Edges Car Snow Cover

Shynerk’s magnetic edges cover for cars is an excellent windshield cover for snow as well as for all season. So, it protects the windshield from dust in spring, heat and UV rays in summer, dry leaves in autumn, and of course winter attributes.
As it is waterproof, it also keeps the raindrops away from the windshield when covered.

The polyester construction makes the cover resistant to all these seasonal elements. But as it has only the single-layered cover, it is not at all effective with insulation in comparison to 2-3 layered snow covers.

This cover comes in just one universal size, and it measures 82 x 48.8 inches. The design also extends a little bit over the hood, covering a wider area of most SUVs and vans. The built-in wind straps are secure enough to attach to two front wheels- the 4 magnet points at the top of the cover designed specifically for better fitting.
Not bulky
Good fit
Year-round usage
Ease of installation
Waterproof polyester construction
Magnetic and elastic edge for a secure snug fitting
Wind straps secure it to the two front wheels
Not an excellent insulator against frost
Some reports that hooks coming loose
Might blow off in the heavy wind

Car Windshield Snow Cover with Mirror Snow Covers

With this windshield and mirror cover for snow, you get to keep your car windscreen protected in every season. When you park your car outside for a long time, it is advisable to cover the windshield and side mirrors. Otherwise, based on the season, the windshield and side mirrors will get covered in dry leaves, raindrops, dust, snow and frost. Isn’t it better to lift the cover off before you go on a journey instead of scraping elements out from the windscreen?

As there are no magnets for securing the cover, it doesn’t scratch the paint. There are two windproof elastic hooks that keep the cover steady, and they are hung on the car wheels. So, more enormous winds can’t blow it away. The side mirror covers with light strips keep the mirrors safe and secure from harsh weather. Luminous strips prevent any collision during night time.

As the cover material is 210T tarpaulin, it’s waterproof, and snow can’t leak through the cover. Also, the cover resists water absorption, so it’s easy to remove snow, frost easily.
4-layer protection: plant cotton, PEVA, artificial cotton and taffeta
All-season protection
Comes with elastic hooks
Luminous side mirror covers
Universal size with extra wings
210T tarpaulin material keeps water away
Easy installation
No magnets

Windshield Snow Ice Covers Extra Larger

Why not save your time from scraping the snow off your car windshield when the sun rises in the east? As you get a car windshield cover for snow and ice protection, you allow yourself to enjoy the winter mornings. This windshield cover is perfect with its extra-large length. It prevents wipers, windshield, and mirrors from receiving dust, snow, frost, and leaves.

As the size of the cover is extra large, it can cover up to 97 inches x 63 inches. The wings give the car extra protection by covering a more significant part of the car windshield including the wipers, and windshield. This cover is one of the most extensive covers to get on Amazon and have great reviews too.

The adjustable straps of the car ensure that it is a great fit and doesn’t scratch the paint as there are no magnets. So, there remains no open space in the windshield area. Fluorescent strips of both the side mirror covers help in see during the dark and less visible atmosphere. This cover is also lightweight and foldable and doesn’t take much storage space. It surely can bring comfort and ease for your morning commute.
Extra-large cover: 97” x 63”
Adjustable straps
Reflective stripes in mirror covers
Lightweight and foldable
Easy to install
No magnet can cause the cover to blow away

HEHUI Car Windshield Snow Cover

Now stop scraping snow from your car windshield when you can get one of the best car windshield snow covers. Protect the car windscreen from the changing weather and keep it brand new with HEHUI’s snow cover for the windshield.

Inside of this cover is soft with opaque fabric which won’t scratch the windshield. The outside of the cover has four layers- cotton fabric, cotton, aluminium foil and non-woven fabric to deal with every weather condition.

The design of the cover is versatile and wonderful enough to fit a variety of vehicles. Covers’ magnetic edge with straps can go around the car’s front mirror. As the side of the cover has wings, you can easily tuck them inside the car doors for more secure fitting.
Universal fit windshield cover
No scratch on the windshield
4 high-quality layered materials
Elastic edge and unique magnets
Ease of installation
Magnets don’t provide extra benefits

MARKSIGN Universal Fit Windshield Snow and Frost Cover

When the atmosphere is freezing, you are unlikely to feel like going outdoors. Even if you do have to go outside, cleaning the car windshield can feel frustrating. However, with a high-quality windshield cover, you can relax about the cleaning part. That’s the reason, MARKSIGN’s snow and frost windshield cover has earned its place to be in the windshield cover for snow and ice reviews.

MARKSIGN has brought a top-quality windshield cover, making it durable enough for long time use. The heavy-duty PEVA fabric, along with aluminium lamination, and soft cotton, makes it one of a kind cover. There are side-view mirror covers along with the windscreen cover.

This cover fits the car windshield just like a glove due to its elastic rims at two edges along with four elastic straps. As there are wheel rim hooks attached to the straps, it keeps the cover snugly tight to the car windshield. So, wind or snowflakes can’t blow under it. For preventing the theft, you can tuck in the flaps inside your car.
Reflective stripes on side mirror covers
Additional storage pouch
3-year warranty
UV proof and waterproof
Great customer service
No magnets can keep the cover in place
Doesn’t fit every vehicle

Car Windshield Snow Cover Ice Cover with 4 Layers Protection

Sungkeen’s windshield cover for snow and ice is a tough cover and made with durable fabric. The four layers of protection cover include white lining, warp weft cotton, spun lace cotton, and aluminium foil. The thick and sturdy design is enough for protecting your car windshield in all seasons.

As the cover has elastic edge design with magnets, the snow cover for the windshield fits snugly to your car front window. And it’s not easy for the wind to blow it away. This is a cover that’s suitable for almost 99% vehicles like a van, truck, SUV etc., giving your vehicles great protection.

You will not need any other tool for installing the cover. There are two small wings in the cover that you have to tuck into the door. And the two side elastic bands will be tied on the side of the rear mirrors, making it a time-saving and effective process.
Easy to install and remove
Well functional
4-layered tough cover
All-season protection
Magnets and elastic edge keep it secure
Universal fit for most cars
Smaller in size then the most above covers mentioned

FrostGuard Plus Winter Windshield + Mirror Covers

FrostGuard’s product is one of the best windshield covers for snow and ice makes installation super easy and quicker than any other snow covers. With its side straps installing process takes only 20 seconds.

You have to fit the straps around the side view mirrors to fit it tightly. Though the straps are specifically designed for the cover to fit snugly over the windshield, it makes stealing easy.

The bright side is the cover is weather resistant and durable enough as it’s made of PVC material. Therefore, it provides a good protective layer against the chilling cold weather. As the cover also comes in medium size, it becomes ideal for small SUVs, sedans and trucks. For larger options, you have to choose the bigger size of the cover. But the cover is costly and not safe from theft. Still, there’s a storage pouch for keeping the cover.
20-second installation
Durable and weather-resistant PVC construction
Strap loops create tight fit over the windshield
Comes in 3 different sizes
There’s a storage pouch
Can get stolen easily

Super-GG Windshield Snow Cover

You won’t have to deal with frozen wipers, snow or frost scraping when you have Super-GG’s windshield snow cover. This is one of the best windshield covers for snow and ice that will solve your problem of the clean windscreen.

It is a waterproof, wear-resistant, low temperature resistant, snow cover that protects your car windshield all throughout the year. Even when it will snow heavily at night, your car windshield will remain clean and clear of any snow or frost. Therefore, your visibility during the drive will remain safe.

The cover is suitable for mostly all cars, trucks, and SUVs but still before buying it, do take the car windshield measurements. It is definitely possible to install the cover within a few minutes saving you time. As the cover has six magnets, it gets attached to the car firmly. As the side panels of the cover can be tucked inside the car doors, it deters thieves from stealing the cover and wind to blow it away. Also, Super-GG offers 100% after-sale service to its customers, making it extremely useful.
Easy installation
Fits almost all vehicles
Multi-purpose; all seasonal
100% customer support after-sale
Magnets may not be strong enough

FAQs for the Best Windshield Cover for Snow and Ice:


Do Windshield Covers Work for Snow and Ice?

If you live in an area prone to snow, and frost, you will definitely need a snow windshield cover. Ordinary windshield cover would not last a chance against the snow and ice.

During cold months, ice starts forming on the windshield, and snow can cover it completely. So, every time it gets covered with snow and ice, you would have to scrape the windshield with a scraper. It is harmful to your car windshield and a time-consuming task for you.

Sometimes with the heavy formation of ice and snow over the windshield can lead it to crack. So, using the best windshield cover for snow and ice will surely change the course of events during the winter months.

How Do You Put a Snow Cover on a Windshield?

After choosing your windshield cover, it is time to find out how to put on windshield snow cover on your vehicle. It is not a difficult task even though you feel it is a difficult task. Firstly, take the windshield cover out of the storage and spread it across the windshield.

In case your cover is big enough and can cover the wipers, you won’t have to lift the wiper blades for tucking the cover. But if the cover is not enough to cover the wipers, you will have to lift the wiper blades and keep them out of the way. When the wiper blades are outside the cover, you have to tuck the cover underneath the wipers before lowering the blades on top.

After aligning the cover, slide the side flaps inside the car doors to keep them firmly secure. Some cover comes with the hooks which are to be hung around the front wheel wells to prevent wind from blowing it away. The installation process differs based on the cover design and the installation items.

What is the Best Winter Windshield Cover?

Like any other product, you must always get the best and top-rated windshield cover for snow and ice. But how will you determine which one is best for you? You must look into six key factors before deciding on a particular windshield cover: brand, flexibility, security, construction, size and thickness.

Of course, before buying any cover, do consider the brand and its product quality. Next, you should opt for a cover that fits almost all types of vehicles. Also, the cover must have a good strap system that keeps it securely fastened onto the windshield. When your cover is securely tucked into the car doors, they are unlikely to get stolen.

You should go for a snow windshield cover that’s long-lasting like polyester and PVC for guaranteed toughness. Even though you get a good quality flexible and secure cover, its size must match your car windshield size. A small but excellent cover won’t be able to serve the purpose. For preventing snow from covering the windshield, you don’t need an extra-thick cover but a moderate one.

Can You Put a Towel on Your Windshield to Prevent Ice?

We all know how hard and time consuming it is to get rid of frost and ice from the car’s windshield. Many times, using an ice scraper may not completely fulfil the task. So, what can you do in case you don’t have a windshield cover for snow and ice or it has become useless? Ordering it will take some time to reach you. Therefore, you have to come up with an alternative solution for the time being.

Covering up your car’s windshield at night is the easiest way to prevent ice formation. You can do it with a towel, tarp, or even a folded bed sheet. It will definitely prevent ice formation on the windscreen. You can save some precious minutes for sure. However, the towel may get frozen as it will remain out under the cold sky. You may have to use the car heater for removing the towel from the windshield.

What is the Best Windshield Cover for Snow and Ice?

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to choose the right windshield cover that fits your car’s windshield. But no more as I have already provided you with the list of top-rated windshield covers for snow and ice.

However, talking about the best one, I am using the OxGord Windshield Snow Cover, which turned out to be a perfect fit for my kind of needs. You can also go for this one or another cover, which you think will be the right choice depending on your budget and requirements.

Always remember, it’s a wise decision to get a snow cover for your windshield because it maximizes your car’s windshield’s longevity. Make sure that you have measured the car windshield before you purchase one. That’s all! Stay connected for more guides.

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