13 Best Outdoor Car Covers on the Market Right Now (2023)

When it comes to protecting car paint from sun, rain, or snow, using durable and best outdoor car covers (all-weather car covers) are among the most appropriate choices for any car owners, and we all know it. But some of the most crucial questions are how to choose the best car covers for outdoor storage? Which material is best for car cover? Do outdoor car covers need to be breathable? Are breathable car covers waterproof?

When you own a vehicle, no matter what size, you would want it to be in good condition and would not tolerate any kind of damage caused to either the interiors or the exteriors. But sometimes, due to our negligence and inattentiveness, we cause harm to the exterior of the car to a greater extent. Such is the case when you put your vehicle outdoors without covering it.

When you keep your car parked under the sun in open parking for many hours, or it keeps getting wet in the rains due to no-shade parking, it is more likely that your car paint, rubber pars, vinyl, and trims would get affected to a greater extent. And when people notice such damages, they question themselves – Should I use a car cover outside, or Is it safe to use a car cover anyway?

best outdoor car covers
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Well, it definitely is! But you cannot just pick any car covers for outdoor storage randomly without having prior knowledge about the same. There are various types of car covers available in the market, and you need to choose the right one for your car in order to protect it from external damages.

In a Hurry? Here are our top choices and best car covers for outdoor storage:

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And to help you figure out what are the best outdoor car covers and who makes the best outdoor car cover for extreme sun, rain, and snow, we have compiled a comprehensive list of top-rated and best-selling outdoor car covers in this article below. So, just scroll down to go through the list of best car covers for outdoor storage and pick the one that best fits your car protection features.

Do Outdoor Car Covers Damage Paint?

If you are planning to buy an outdoor car cover, you must know the different variants that it comes with. Firstly you must understand that there is a difference between breathable outdoor car cover and indoor car cover. Many people might get confused between the two and may not be able to differentiate at all.

The fundamental difference between indoor and outdoor car cover is that the indoor car covers are meant for protection against dust and other particles that you find inside the garage, where the outdoor car covers are intended for protection against external climatic conditions like sun, rains, and snow, etc.

Sometimes, even some of the best outdoor car covers for snow or rain, and the best type of car covers for outdoor storage in open parking can cause harm to the car paint and surface if the outdoor car cover you choose is not breathable, water-resistant, and also not maintained correctly.

best car covers for outdoor storage

So, it would be best to consider a few things when you use an outdoor all-weather car cover for your car to make it sustainable. The first thing you must look into is whether it is a waterproof outdoor car cover with breathable properties. Because, if somehow, moisture or vapor gets absorbed inside the car cover, then it may lead to damages to the car paint.

Also, one must look up to the fact that the inside of the cover has a cotton lining that sits softer on the car paint without damaging it. The grommet must also be made of rubber so that the alternative metal ones do not scratch the car’s paint surface.

And so, if you’re wondering what are the best car covers for outdoor storage in summer, winter, or rainy season, then wait no more and check out the list of best selling outdoor car cover recommendations of 2023.

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13 Best Outdoor Car Covers 2023 (Sun, Rain, and Snow Protection)

As there are countless outdoor car cover options in the market to choose from, so it is normal for car owners to get confused while buying a breathable, waterproof, windproof, dustproof, scratch-resistant, and universal fit outdoor all-weather car cover for their vehicle. That’s why we have come up with the list of 13 best outdoor car covers on the market right now.

These high-quality outdoor car covers are perfect for almost all types of vehicles, adjust to every price tag, and go with all kinds of weather conditions. Check them out to pick the best outdoor car cover for your car. Here we go:

Leader Accessories Car Cover Breathable Dust Proof

If you are looking for a breathable, UV Resistant, and the best breathable outdoor car cover, then you can go for this Leader Accessories car cover. The universal fit dimensions make this car cover a fantastic buy for the car owner of all types. It has a 200 L x 61 W x 50.5 H inches dimension, which fits almost all types of vehicles and provides a snug fit as well.

leader accessories car cover

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The best part about this superior car cover is its scratchproof material. Built with an exclusive non-woven fabric, this outdoor car cover has breathable holes that protect the car from mildew. The softness of the cover protects the car paint from scratches or dents of any kind.

Also, you get a windproof strap and buckle in the middle of this car cover, which keeps it intact even in heavy-wind blowing conditions, thus making it windproof as well.

In addition to these things, an elastic hem around the bottom is provided for a snug fit, and many car owners really like this protective feature. Overall, Leader Accessories car cover is a good car cover for outdoor use.


  • It works as both indoor and outdoor cover with an exclusive protection feature.
  • The car cover includes a storage bag with the package.
  • It’s UV resistant, dust resistant, breathable, and protects from bird droppings as well,
  • It comes in 6 different sizes that fit almost all types of cars.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • It is thinner as compared to other similar products.

Bliifuu Car Cover Breathable Outdoor Indoor for All Season

Do you want a durable and best car cover for extreme sun and rain? If yes, then Bliifuu Car Cover is among the most considerable choices for you. You get every detailing along with this car cover when you purchase it for the protection of your car.

The superior material quality, the shining appearance, the functional properties, and the proper fit makes it a perfect choice for car owners at many levels. This breathable and waterproof cover is one of the best car covers for outdoor storage in summer and winter and basically for all seasons and weather.

bliifuu car cover

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It is made with 190T material, which is one of the high-quality industry materials and provides better protection from wear and tear of any kind. The polyester fabric and the silver surface makes it long-lasting and high temperature resistant, thus providing security to your car against all odds.

It has an ergonomic design, which makes it waterproof, windproof, scratch-resistant, and dustproof at the same time. If you want to protect car paint from sun damage and keep your car permanently brand-new, then using Bliifuu Car Cover for outside storage is the perfect solution for you. It also provides a 12-month free warranty and life-time free technical support.


  • It comes with 2 full elastic hems for rear and front, one strap in the middle of the cover, 4 windproof straps fitted on the wheels, which protect the cover from heavy wind and prevent blowing off.
  • It has six fluorescent light strips that shell out reflective light to provide safety warnings at night.
  • It also provides a manufacturer warranty.


  • A bit more expensive than others.

Audew 6 Layers Car Cover All Weather Breathable

This 100% waterproof and UV-proof car cover can be considered amongst the best outdoor all-weather car covers for its multi-layered formula. It provides protection from all kinds of outdoor weather conditions with its superior quality assurance. No matter how heavy it rains or no matter how sunny the weather is, your car is entirely safe outside when you put the Audew car cover on it.

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The cover material is made of 6 different layers: aluminum film, PE, cotton, EVA, non-woven, and PE, which is far better than the only polyester material of the other similar car covers. It has “reflective warning tapes” attached to the rear, front, and middle of the car to prevent collisions when parked in dark areas.

All in all, you get premium quality, a nice appearance, and essential protection features with this best car cover for outdoor storage. The best thing about Audew all weather car cover is that it is universal in size which means it could be used for almost all car’s brands.


  • It provides reliable after-sales services.
  • It offers excellent windproof protection with buckles and straps all over to provide protection.
  • It comes in two sizes that are fit for almost all sedans and SUVs.
  • It comes with a free storage bag.


  • Not for the ones looking for cheaper alternatives.
  • It can retain moisture sometimes, which can bring harm to the car paint and wax coating.

Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season Full Cover for Cars

This is one of the best outdoor car covers to look out for if you intend to buy heavy-duty waterproof car covers for full protection outdoor. The 4 layers formula makes this Motor Trend car cover the best car cover for sun and heat protection in addition to protecting it from rain and storms.

The material used is heavy-duty and possesses an enhanced comfort layer alongside breathable woven polyester fabric, making it durable and protects your car and car paint from the UV rays, rain, snow, dust, dirt, bird poop stains, tree droppings, and more.

motor trend car cover

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The interior side of the cover has a scratch-proof lining that protects the paint from scratches and dents of all types. In contrast, the exterior side of the cover has a durable waterproof lining, which prevents it from getting wet during the rainy weather. No matter the weather conditions, be it stormy, snowy, or sunny, you get 100% protection of your vehicle when parked outside.

The best thing about this heavy-duty outdoor car cover is that it comes with an anti-theft lock that secures your cover down and prevents the wind from blowing your car cover away. Overall, the Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season car cover is a universal fit and the best car covers for outdoor storage.


  • It is available in 5 different sizes, starting from S to XXL, making it a universal fit for vehicles of all types and brands.
  • It works as both a waterproof and enhanced UV protection car cover type.
  • This car cover has 4 layered protection features along with breathable properties.
  • The car cover comes with a portable bag to carry around or keep it in your car.
  • Its anti-theft lock feature keeps your car cover secure.


  • Not too affordable for the ones looking for cheaper alternatives.

Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather

If you are wondering what is the best way to protect car parked outside or how to protect car paint from sun damage, then this 100% waterproof outdoor all-weather car cover is a perfect fit for you. Kayme car cover is one of the best car covers for outdoor storage as it provides 6 layered protection to the cars parked outside in the open-air condition.

The high-density composition of the cover offers all-around protection to the car paint and the entire car surface. The PE and Peva content makes it completely waterproof and snowproof. The highly reflective aluminum material makes it sun-proof and provides UV protection.

kayme car cover

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The thick cotton content on the inside of the cover prevents scratches and dents on the car paint. It comes with a professional design that includes windproof straps, door zipper, reflective strips for night protection, mirror pockets, and a glossy finish to make it a perfect match for the car owners.

Overall, Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover is considered as one of the best rated outdoor car covers amongst the other contemporaries available in the market. If you get such best quality outdoor car covers for your vehicles, you won’t have to worry about the extreme sun or super cold weather. The premium material used in this all-weather car cover keeps your car safe from UV rays, sand, dust, leaves, snow, rain, frost, and birds dropping.


  • It comes in almost 12 different sizes that fit almost all sedans, SUVs, jeeps, and other large vehicles.
  • It provides complete protection from sun, rains, and snow with its multi-layered protection features.
  • It also has a large waterproof storage bag in the package.


  • It is not for the ones looking for cheaper alternatives as it costs approximately $60 to $80.

ELUTO Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Breathable

If you are looking for a breathable, waterproof, and scratch-proof car cover with wind straps and door zippers, then you can easily declare Eluto car cover as the best car cover for outside storage for its overwhelming features. Not only for outdoor covering, but it is also well suited for indoor covering.

Can car cover damage your paint? If you were worrying about this, you would be happy to know that a high-density polyester fabric is used in this car cover’s inner liner, which would not scratch your car paint. In addition to these things, the silver reflective surface makes it resistant to the harmful ultraviolet rays and keeps the car interior cooler on hot summer days.

eluto car cover

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The reflective straps that come along with it send off signals during the night to avoid collisions of any kind in the dark areas. The high-density polyester fabric and the glossy silver coating make it waterproof and scratch proof simultaneously. Not only that, the four durable straps on the wheels and the central strap at the bottom keep it intact with the car even in heavy stormy or windy conditions.

All the premium and best outdoor car covers by ELUTO are made of heavy-duty material for all-weather protection (waterproof, windproof, dustproof, scratch resistant), which prevents your vehicle from UV rays, dust, rain, snow, sun frost, and bird droppings, etc. These outdoor all weather car covers can be conveniently folded and stored in the storage bag.


  • It comes with an elasticized hem and hooks to provide a snug fit.
  • The manufacturer offers a one year warranty against damages of all kinds.
  • It comes with a storage bag and a delicate box that makes storing and carrying an easy task for the car owners; it can be used to gift friends and family.


  • It comes in only two dimensions that fit only SUVs.

Bliifuu Sedan Car Cover Waterproof/Windproof/Snowproof

If you are still confused about what is the best all-weather car cover, then you can go with this one. Best for both indoor and outdoor protection, this incredible full car cover has all the properties that a car owner looks out for when buying a breathable car cover for extreme sun, rain, and snow protection.

You get complete protection in all seasons from water, frost, high temperature, snow, dirt, pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, UV fading, and all other kinds of similar issues. Bliifuu Sedan car cover is almost like an outdoor garage for your car sans the cemented traditional architecture. It has a smooth and sun reflective silver outer surface and an even softer inner surface that protects your vehicle paint from dents of all types.

bliifuu sedan car cover

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It also provides 6 fluorescent light straps that get lit at night to protect from collisions of any kind at the dark hours of the night. It has 2 full elastic hems in the rear and front end, one strap in the middle of the cover, and four straps on the wheel, which gives it a snug fit for a perfect windproof design.

This breathable full car cover (197″ Lx70″ Wx59″ H) is made of high-density material 190T, which is 100% waterproof, dustproof, anti-scratch, and super easy to clean by any wet cloth. Durable, lightweight, and soft material, these are the things people pay major attention to, and Bliifuu car covers come with all these things along with a 24 hours quick support. That’s why it’s among the most popular and best car covers for outdoor storage and indoor storage.


  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • Breathable cover body.
  • It provides a 12-months warranty.


  • It does not fit all types of sedans.

Budge Rain Barrier Car Cover Outdoor Breathable

If you are looking for the best outdoor car covers for classic cars, Budge Rain Barrier Car Cover might draw your interest. It has 3 protective layers of polypropylene along with a water-resistant inner film to protect the vehicle from damages of any kind for a more extended period. Also, the soft and non-abrasive inner coat prevents scratching or denting to the paint surface of the car.

budge rain barrier car cover

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It has breathable pores that prevent the car surface from any kind of mold and mildew accumulation issues by improving the airflow and reducing condensation. It contains an elasticized hem that keeps the car intact with the wheels during strong winds and prevents blowing off. This cover fits premium vehicles like ford thunderbird, dodge charger, Cadillac eldorado, etc.

How to protect car paint from sun and rain in open parking? What are the best car covers for outdoor storage in the rainy season? These are among the most frequently asked questions on the web, and if you were also curious to know, then Budge Rain Barrier Car Cover is the perfect answer. These covers are 100% waterproof, breathable, and work great for outdoor use in wet, rainy climates.


  • It comes in 5 different sizes to fit your vehicle appropriately.
  • The cover looks classy and elegant with the glossy silver-colored finish.
  • It has sewn-in grommets that help the car cover remain fixed and prevent theft or vandalism kind of issues.


  • Not for the ones who look out for affordable car covers.
  • No storage bags for easy carrying options.

BougeRV for Tesla Model 3 Car Cover All-Weather

If you are a tesla car owner and looking for reliable all-weather protection (UV rays, rain, and snow, industrial pollutants, dust, and bird droppings) for your car, in that case, this premium quality outdoor car cover is the most suitable option for you. BougeRV for Tesla Model 3 Car Cover is considered as one of the best quality outdoor car covers for classic vehicles.

It is mainly used for tesla model 3 cars and other classic sedans. This car cover’s superiority is that it has ventilated mesh, which is suitable for the tesla cars because it turns on the AC automatically during hot weather conditions. The ventilated mesh keeps the air flowing to keep the battery adequately conditioned.

tesla model 3 car cover

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This outdoor waterproof car cover has a zippered charging port on the bottom through which you can charge your tesla model 3 car without having to remove the car cover. Now isn’t that amazing? It has a soft cotton lining inside as well, which protects the car paint from any scratches or dents.

Along with these features, this universal outdoor cover has reflective strips that help in preventing collision in dark environments and adjustable straps in the bottom that prevent blowing off the cover in strong windy conditions. In simple words, this tesla model 3 outdoor car cover by Bougerv is the best car cover for outdoor use and long term storage.


  • It comes with a one year warranty that covers damages of any kind.
  • It has an excellent appearance with a glossy silver finish.
  • The car cover provides all-weather protection.
  • It has 3 layers of PEVA materials.
  • It comes with a durable and nice storage bag as well.


  • It costs approximately $70 to $90, which may not go well with many buyers.

Motor Trend M5-CC-4 XL Car Cover All Weather

When it comes to choosing a durable outdoor car cover for all=season use (spring, summer, fall, and winter), this is considered amongst the top-selling and best outdoor car covers in the market right now. With its multi-layered formula, this all-weather car cover has all the capabilities to protect your vehicle from all kinds of climatic adversities.

Not only that, but the heavy-duty multiple layers are also breathable and hence keeps up to the superiority of the car cover. The superior quality, premium material, and fresh design of this best rated outdoor car cover will impress you instantly.

motor trend car covers

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The interior lining of the car cover is soft and smooth, which saves your car surface from scratches and dents of all kinds, where the exterior of the cover is waterproof and durable to increase protection. Motor Trend M5-CC-4 XL Car Cover is considered as an all-weather car cover because it not only saves your car from bird droppings and rainwater but also harmful UV rays of the sun and the snowfall as well.

The best about this multi-layer outdoor car cover is that it comes with an anti-theft security locking cable that perfectly fits under the middle of the car and keeps the cover stable, even in the heavy wind.


  • It provides a snug fit to the vehicles with its buckles and straps made to clasp well in your car.
  • The cover has breathable and waterproof multi-layered material.
  • It has a fantastic glossy silver appearance that would increase the beauty of even your parked car.


  • It’s suitable only for some sedans and does not fit other sized vehicles.

TONBUX Truck Cover Waterproof All Weather

You can consider this one as one of the best truck covers for outdoor storage because of its durability and resilience to provide protection against all sorts of unwanted weather conditions. TONBUX Truck Cover has a multi-layer of breathable and high-density material that ensures exceptional protection to your vehicle.

The 6 layers’ materials are protective coating-PE-aluminium film-PE-EVA-cotton; amongst these, cotton protects the vehicle paint by preventing scratches, aluminum foil protects against UV rays and is totally sunproof, while PE and EVA have waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

tonbux truck cover

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It has a universal-fit design with an inverted V shape, which means you can use it for all types of pickup trucks without facing loose ends. This all-weather truck car cover is not only perfect for outdoor use but indoor use as well. Two windproof front and rear straps are included, which protects your car cover from not blown away by heavy wind.

If you were searching for waterproof and universal fit all-weather truck car cover, then TONBUX outdoor truck cover is a perfect choice for you. It helps you prevent sun damage, keep paint from fading in the sun, and protect your car from dirt, dust, snow, frost, industrial pollutants, and bird droppings.


  • You get a 1-year money-back guarantee and a free replacement policy from the manufacturer, which is an appreciable offering.
  • It has adjustable straps and buckles along with an elastic hem to provide anti-wind protection and prevent blowing off during storms.
  • This pickup truck cover has a beautiful and shining appearance.
  • The 6 layered material offers durability and sustainability to be able to protect the car from damages when parked outdoors.


  • Only used for trucks and not other types of vehicles.
  • Too costly for the ones looking for cheaper alternatives, priced at approximately $70 to $80.

Autsop Car Cover Waterproof all Weather

This six-layered multifunctional cover is 100% waterproof, which makes it considerable amongst the best outdoor car covers for snow and ice. Though Autsop Car Cover provides better protection from rains and snow, you must not think it does not offer enough protection from the harmful UV rays and the sunlight. That is why it is also one of its kind all-weather car covers that you will get in the market with full protection features.

autsop car cover

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It has multiple premium materials combined into a heavy-duty material that consists of 6 layers of the cover, which include PE and EVA, cotton, and aluminum film. This waterproof all-weather car cover has a unique design with a zipper on the driver’s side, mirror pockets, fluorescent light strips, etc.

This multi-layer outdoor car cover by Autsop also comes with fixed straps at the front and rear to prevent blowing off during strong windy conditions. All in all, this premium car cover provides protection against dust, sun, hailstorms, wind, rain, pollutants, and all other kinds of unwanted climatic conditions.


  • It comes in 10 different sizes and models that you can choose from, which is a plus point for the car owners.
  • The package contains a windproof buckle and waterproof storage bags.
  • It has excellent after-sales services from the team to take care of any queries that you have after the purchase.


  • A bit pricey than other popular and best car covers for outdoor storage.

Favoto Full Car Cover Waterproof Dustproof Snowproof

If you’re looking for the best outdoor all-weather car covers with extreme sun protection, waterproof, dustproof, snow proof, windproof, and scratch-resistant specialty, then your search might end here after checking out the fantastic features of Favoto Full car cover.

This incredible car cover has 5 layers of heavy-duty materials (Waterproof coating, UV coating, Oxford fabric, Glue curing, and Thicken cotton) that are 100% waterproof and durable for all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whether you own a hatchback, sedan, or SUV; this universal fit all-season car cover is suitable for every vehicle type.

favoto full car cover

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The nicely stitched craftsmanship, the elasticated edge, the 4 securing straps at the bottom of the cover makes it windproof at many levels, plus it provides a tight fit, which keeps the cover intact for a more extended time in case you have to leave your car parked for a too long time.

A zipper at the driver’s side makes entry and exit of a person inside the act easier in case you have to get in while the car is in a parked condition. You also get a night reflection fluorescent screen for preventing collisions in darker environments. Overall, Favoto car covers are the best car covers for outdoor use long term storage.


  • It has a universal fit for sedans with 5 sizes starting from 145 inches to 198 inches.
  • The package contains a storage bag for easy folding and carrying options.
  • The cover a glossy and attractive appearance.


  • Not breathable, thus, can cause damage to the paint due to moisture accumulation.

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FAQs for the Best Outdoor Car Covers 2023:

It might be ridiculous to think of someone who might introspect more about just buying a mere car cover. But the fact cannot be ignored that when you are purchasing an outdoor car cover, you ought to know all the details about the same to avoid any damage to the car paint.

Thus, many people might have questions like – Do car covers need to be breathable, or which material is best for an outdoor car cover, and many more questions like these. To clear the air to such confusion, some of the most frequently asked questions have been answered here. Check them out:

Do Car Covers Need to Be Breathable?

It’s definitely a yes! Outdoor car covers in particular need to be breathable because if it’s not breathable, the moisture content in the air can damage the car paint to a greater extent.

And if you live in an area which is more prone to moisture-laden air and often sees snowfalls and storms as well, you must know that a breathable car cover can save you from many unexpected harms to the car paint and body surface.

The tiny holes in the car cover make it breathable. It evaporates the trapped water and moisture content on the car’s exterior and keeps it dryer. So, always choose the best breathable outdoor car cover that meets your requirement to the ultimate!

Are Breathable Car Covers Waterproof?

This is also one of the most crucial questions people have in their minds while buying outdoor covers for their cars. So, are breathable car covers also waterproof? Well, no, really. You must understand the difference between a breathable cover and a waterproof cover.

It is the same as waterproof vs water resistant car cover detailing – one protects your car from getting wet while the other evaporates the moisture and water content of the car’s surface through its breathable holes.

Thus, it would be best if you did not get confused between the two and choose the right one for protecting your vehicle from damages and rust caused due to water accumulation. The breathable ones are good for dry climatic conditions, whereas the waterproof ones are good for wet climatic conditions.

Is it OK to Put a Car Cover on a Wet Car?

Never do that! I repeat, NEVER do that! Putting a car cover on the car while it is wet is a sin you cannot commit. Even if you are using the best type of car covers for outdoor storage, you must never put it on while your car is in wet condition.

Let it dry out entirely and then rub it with a dry cloth and then put the cover for complete protection. When you put the cover on a wet car, the water above the car’s surface remains intact and thus causes harm to the car paint and causes rust. So, it would be best if you refrained away from putting a cover on your vehicle when it is wet.

What is the Best Car Cover for Outdoor Storage?

This article is targeted for such people who own a car but do not own a parking lot (pun intended!) It can be the lack of a carport area or a garage that makes your vehicle exposed to external climatic conditions like sun, rain, storm, snow, etc. And when your car is exposed to such open-air conditions, you must lookout for ways to protect it from damages.

Here, in this article, I have presented some of the best car covers for outdoor storage and high quality breathable outdoor car cover recommendations that can be suitable for you to pick the best for your vehicles. Personally, I would prefer such outdoor car covers that last longer and provide protection in every weather condition. So, an allrounder outdoor cover is what I would choose for my car.

Out of the 13 best outdoor car covers on the market right now for sun, snow, and rain protection mentioned in the article above, my top choices for the best car cover for outdoor storage are:

These are my most favorite and best outdoor car covers for all weather conditions. You must go through all of these best rated outdoor car covers and choose the one that best suits your needs, considering the weather conditions in your area and your car type as well.

You may also be interested in checking out:

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