17 Best Headlight Restoration Kit on the Market Right Now

When you are driving, it is your responsibility to make it safe for both the people inside the car and outside it. Thus, being in charge of the steering should follow how well the vehicle functions and how ideal your car’s headlights are. After all, while driving at night, the only support you get to have clear visibility comes from the headlight. You, therefore, must be ready with the equipment to take care of the headlights whenever required.

This is where a headlight restoration kit comes into the scene. One of the major headlight restoration benefits is that it offers owners a chance to do it yourself whenever the headlight begins looking yellowish and giving a hazy view.

Why You Need a Headlight Restoration Kit?

Having a clear view of the road is what you desire when you are driving, especially at night. If the road is not properly visible, there are chances of a collision or the car being bumped into the speed breakers on the highways. The headlights installed in the cars help you to get a proper view of the roadways at night. However, these headlights may turn cloudy, affecting the clarity they used to offer. Why do we restore headlights? If this is the question, you should know that restoring headlights keeps them in a sound condition.

Why buy a headlight restoration kit? What are the benefits of headlight restoration? There are many top reasons why you should use the best headlight restoration kit. Some of them are mentioned below:

DIY: When you have a headlight restoration kit, you can treat the lights whenever they are found losing their force. These kits are so designed that you can do everything yourself without the need of any professional.

Safety: The restoration kit ensures safety when you drive. In case, while on a drive, you think your headlights need treatment, the restoration kit will give you a chance to help your lights retain the original power.

Savings: When you have the restoration kit with you, you don’t need a mechanic to treat or replace your headlights unnecessarily. You can check and do the things all by yourself.

Value Enhanced: Besides treating the headlights that turn cloudy, the restoration kit can also let owners keep their lights clean and enhance the overall appeal of the car, increasing its aesthetics as well as value.

The points mentioned above make the reasons to use a top-rated headlight restoration kit clear, and hence, you know by now why to purchase it, right?

Do Headlight Restoration Kits Really Work?

Do headlight restoration kits actually work? Is headlight restoration worth it? Are headlight restoration kits any good? No matter what kind of question you have, this is the right platform to browse to find an answer.

How do headlight restoration kits work? Before finding an answer to this question, it is important to know what items does this kit has. When you purchase a headlight restoration kit, you get everything required to clean and keep the headlights in proper condition.

Does headlight restoration really work? Yes, it helps you do things required to treat the headlight or taillight damage caused due to oxidation. The kit comprises multiple applicators, buffing tools, sanding equipment, and headlight polish.

What does headlight restoration do? How does headlight restoration work? The kit helps you clean your headlights and make sure it is always capable of giving you clear visibility while driving. The best thing is that the tools inside the kit are very easy to use, and you will not need any professional to help you. The steps involve:

  • Cleaning the headlights before the actual treatment.
  • Sanding the headlights to make sure the paint or exteriors are not affected.
  • The kits will contain three different grits of sandpapers to be used.

However, if you have a question like how long do headlight restoration kits last? There’s only one answer to it. Use the kit carefully, and it will last longer. The kit contains delicate items; hence, handling with care is recommended.

17 Best Headlight Restoration Kit on the Market Right Now

Now when you know why you need the headlight restoration kit, the next thing is to find out what is the best headlight restoration kit. To let you know which is the best headlight restoration kit to be chosen, here is a list provided along with the pros and cons of each of them:

SYLVANIA – Headlight Restoration Kit

If you want to give your headlights the best appeal and want to enhance the aesthetics of the sedan, this Sylvania product would be one of the best headlight restoration kits for you. When your headlight lenses turn yellow, it affects the visibility of yours while driving at night. This product will help you get the headlight effects restored to provide clarity in vision to drivers.

The product comes with a manual where the three easy steps for long-lasting protection to your headlights are mentioned to help know how to clean headlights that are foggy. The manual how the first step can soften the plastic using a Surface activator, Proprietary activator, making it ideal for the second step, which is smooth sanding and polishing. The third step involves providing finish and seal with the help of a UV block clear coat applicator. If you have two headlight assemblies to handle, this is the best product to purchase. To know more, let’s have a quick glance at the pros and cons of the products.

Lifetime warranty
Works for short time

Cleans the lenses well

Improves aesthetics

Handles two headlight assemblies

Comes from a trusted brand

3M Headlight Lens Restoration System

Browsing through the list of the 17 best headlight restoration kits on the market right now will bring you to the next alternatives, which is this 3M headlight lens restoration arrangement. The kit contains – a disc pad holder, six gold sanding discs, four white finishing discs, one Trizact redefining disc, a rubbing compound, and one US fluid ounce. To know how to clean foggy headlights, you can read through the instructions provided in the manual. It will guide you properly on the ways in which you can use the items in the kit properly to clean and restore the headlights.

This product works efficiently even on the harshest and most rigid yellow stains on the lenses. You have to follow three simple steps to remove the scratches and restore the foggy, cloudy, and dull headlight lenses. The 3M abrasive technology and polishing compound combine together to help your headlight restore the same effectiveness and no longer have dull and hazy visibility. The pros and cons of the product are as follows:


Enhances the appeal of the headlights
Instructions are mandatory to be followed

Removes even the harshest stains

A complete kit

Restores two headlight lenses

3M abrasive technology

Rust-Oleum HDLCAL Wipe New Headlight Restore

What is the best headlight restorer? The list contains yet another option that is this Rust-Oleum HDLCAL product. Clean, sand, dry, and wipe – this is the process you need to follow when you purchase and use this headlight restoration kit. These are the professional headlight restoration kits designed to make it simple to use for car owners. With the help of this restoration kit, individuals do not need any technical expertise to treat their headlight lenses. They, instead, can take care of the lights themselves irrespective of the place they find their headlight lenses malfunctioning.

The nano-polymer formula that the products are made of, and the easy application of the same treats the headlights against the harms caused due to oxidation. The results are long-lasting, and this is the reason why most people prefer purchasing this kit. It gets dried in just an hour. You can wait for 24 hours and then expose it to moisture.

Simple to use
Using the whole kit is recommended. Don’t miss anything.

Easy application

Works fast, dries fast.

Long-lasting results

It can be used for all types of exterior lights of vehicles.

Turtle Wax Headlight Restorer Kit

While looking for an option for what is the best headlight restorer, this Turtle product never misses a mention. It is the restoration kit that can be used to deal with the cleaning of all kinds of lenses, plexiglass, and plastic surfaces. So, if you are looking for an answer to how to clean cloudy headlights, this is the option for you. This product has a lens clarifying compound that helps in the speedy removal of any surface discoloration. As a result, regaining clarity in vision becomes easier for the cloudy headlights.

There are two restoration pads of varied grits ranging from 2400 to 8000 grit. The new sealing wipe of the kit helps in protecting the headlight surface from discoloration and oxidation in the future after the cleaning is successfully accomplished. The spray component, along with the pads and sealing wipe, ensures quick cleaning and restoration of all kinds of dull headlights.


Can be used on all lenses, plastic surface, and plexiglass
Not long-lasting. Need to be applied every 2-4 months

Shows quick results

Requires less effort

Pads of various grits available

Sealing wipe protects from future discoloration or oxidation.

Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit

Do headlight restoration kits really work? If you still have a doubt and if this question is still haunting you, it is recommended to you buy this NuLens kit for the headlight renewal. This kit will surely leave you surprised with the quick restoration of the headlights of your sedan. These professional headlight restoration kits contain – PowerBall 4lights polishing tool, instruction sheet. PowerPlastic 4lights liquid polish, restoration discs, and backing plate.

All components in the kit altogether help in the maintenance and protection of all types of lenses, including shiny plastic and acrylic headlights. After the application of the same, you get a crystal clear lens for your vehicle. Make the preparation using the ingredients available, apply the same, and you can see your headlight lenses shine. The best part is that this product helps in creating an oxidation-inhibiting polymer layer that guards your headlights against any kind of degradation that might occur in the future.


Gives a crystal clear shine
Doing it right is important for perfect results

Enables quick and safe restoration

Offers future protection against harms caused by oxidation

Easy to follow steps

Not much effort is required.

Meguiar’s G2980 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

What is the best headlight restoration kit available in the market today? You cannot ignore a product coming from a brand like Meguiar’s. Yes, this kit offers awesome cleaning results for yellow and oxidized headlights. Once you apply the products in the kit, you can be sure of remaining protected from the damages up to the next 12 months. This kit contains a headlight coating applicator pad, easy-buff wool pad, grit sanding discs ranging from 1000 and 3000, and a hand sanding pad with easy grip.

It is the best headlight lens restorer that can be used for a long-lasting result. The drill-powered polish and sanding combine together to yield surprising results. The enhanced visibility and clear vision while driving at night are what you can expect once you apply the products in the kit. You can go through the instructions and understand how exactly to apply the same for outstanding results.

Comes from a trusted brand
Sand headlamps properly for effective results

Professional results

Crystal clear vision makes night driving safe.

Long-lasting results

Little effort required

CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit

How to restore headlights permanently? If this is the question you are looking for an answer to, this Cerakote’s kit is for you. It contains products which when applied, will guarantee permanent results. This means that your car or van’s headlight will keep shining as long as it is used. The coating available bonds with your headlights chemically and offers complete protection to your sedan against the UV rays. The brand is so confident about the long-lasting effects that it promises the next kit for free to users who find this restoration kit anything less than guaranteed.

This top rated headlight restoration kit requires no power tools for users to utilize for the application of the coating. From scratches to yellowness to cloudy lamps, this product serves to be helpful in dealing with whatever problem the lenses might be facing. In three very easy steps, you can make this product effective. From formula development to production, everything is taken care of by the brand, and no third party is involved. Hence, the product is highly trusted.


Comes from a trusted brand
Forget about a next kit for free

Guarantees permanent result

UV protection

3-step process

30-min time

Chemical Guys Headlight Restore and Protect

How to make headlights clear again? Use this kit, and you will find an answer. The kit contains coatings that not only clean the lenses but also try to create layers to ensure the headlamps are not affected any time soon because of any reasons. Using this product will keep your headlights clean and clear, thereby removing the faded hazy visibility that hampers the drivers’ vision. Because of the highly productive result, utilizing this kit is considered the best way to clean foggy headlights.

The headlight restorer and protectant are easy to use for any car owner. As you might know, the headlight plastic is quite sensitive to UV rays. This restoration and protectant product helps safeguard your sedan against the same. A user just needs to remove the hazy headlight residue with a restorer and protectant. After that, rub the refined cream formula into the plastic of the affected headlights using a microfiber towel. It makes the headlamp or lenses crystal clear. Try it. It’s easy.


Comes from a trusted brand
Results are even better when you get used to applying the product.

Easy to use

UV protection

Sanding not mandatory

Amazing results

Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit

What is the best headlight restoration kit to buy? You can consider this kit too for a crystal clear visibility for your drive, especially during the night. Well, believe it or not, but this product has been proven to remain effective for the headlights throughout the life span of your vehicle. In short, it is said to offer permanent results. The users can apply the products easily without having to have expertise. That means, even if you are a first-time user, this kit would be easy to utilize for you. The kit will last until hundreds of car washes. Hence, you can apply it without worries.

This is the best headlight lens restoration kit for those who are looking for quick results. You get a clear lens in just a few seconds. You apply it once and save both time and energy for the lifetime of your sedan. It helps you get rid of foggy, unclear headlamps and makes driving a much safer experience.



Permanent clarity
It’s no magic. Sand the headlights properly

Easy to apply

Apply once, and results are forever for that sedan.

Saves time and effort

Results are too quick.

Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

How to clean oxidized headlights? Try Rain-X restoration kit lets your plastic headlights regain the original clarity. The products in the kids, when used properly, remove the discoloration and haze caused due to multiple reasons. When you are on the roads with the steering in your hand, it becomes important for you to ensure the clarity of vision to avoid accidents. With this product, you get an improved visibility with the clarity in the lenses of your headlights.

The multi-step cleaning process makes this product the best way to restore headlight lens. The multiple steps lead to deeper cleaning of the headlight lenses. The easy and proper application of the products in the kit offers UV protection to the lenses along with cleaning and clearing the hazed, cloudy, yellowed headlights. The special polish and sealant included in the kit are really effective. The kit has 3 grain levels of sandpaper, the lubricant, polish including headlight restorer cream, as well as sealant towelettes to deal with the cleaning from scratch to end.


Multi-step process, deeper cleaning results
You might require electric polisher

Easy to apply

All-in-one kit

Improved visibility, safer driving

UV protection treats yellowed, hazy, and cloudy headlights.

CLT Headlight Restoration Kit

What’s the best headlight restoration kit? The list of options would remain incomplete without the mention of the CLT restoration kit. The products in the kit include 2 wipes for cleaning (one for each headlight), 1 wipe for finishing, and coating the layer for further UV protection for both the headlights. The proper usage of the products in the kit helps vehicle owners to restore their damaged headlights, which turn yellow, hazy, foggy, and cloudy.

The three easy steps of cleaning, drying, and coating make this the best headlight restoration kit. The results obtained are quick, and you will require using no advanced power tools to get the expected results. Sanding is not mandatory. After all, having a clear vision while driving, especially at night. Going to a mechanic for the treatment would cost you enough money. Thus, it is recommended to buy this kit and ensure having a clear headlight by applying the products properly for the desired results whenever you want.


Treats yellowed, cloudy, hazy headlight
Follow instructions thoroughly to make it work

No power tools are required.

Save time, money, and effort.

Three very easy steps to follow

Just wipe and done

Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit

What is the best headlight restoration kit on the market? And the next on the list is this Meguiar’s kit. Yes, it is the best in its result as well as in the way of treating your sedan. It makes it easier for you to deal with the cloudy, faded, hazy, and UV-affected lenses. The clarity you receive after applying this product is amazing, and that’s what makes it the best headlight restoration product in and across the world.

The application takes less time, and the result obtained is quite quick. The easy application is what makes the kit easy to use for even first-time users. The kit has products that clean your products in just two steps – cleaning and coating. No drilling or power tools are required to accomplish the task. The best thing is that you apply it once and get yearlong protection, i.e., the protection will be enabled for up to 12 months. It enables better visibility, which makes driving a safer experience.


Two-step cleaning process
Intensity of scrubbing depends on the type of plastic

Quick and yearlong result

Better visibility, safer driving

No drill required

Easy to use

3M Ultra Headlight Restoration Kit

What is the best headlight lens cleaner? Well, have you tried this 3M kit? Try it, and you will get a solution to all your headlight visibility issues. The kit contains masking tape, wax protectant, light sanding discs, and other relevant products inside. If you have a yellow headlight or foggy or cloudy headlamp, this product is the one for you to use. You can use the coating for headlights, taillights, directional lights, etc. The 3M abrasive technology helps in the removal of all yellowing substances from the lenses and cleans the same without imposing any negative effect on the lens surface.

This is considered the best product to restore headlights, given the ease of use that makes it feasible for first-time users as well. You will require no advanced tools when you have this restoration kit with you. In fact, you can use it with a common household drill only. When you have this kit, you will not have to spend anything on getting the headlights treated by experts.


Follow instructions carefully

3M abrasive technology works

It can be used for headlights, taillights, directional lights, etc.

Amazing results

Comes from a trusted brand

Philips Headlight Restoration Kit with UV protection

If you are browsing through answers to what is the best headlight lens restoration kit, you should try this restoration kit from Philips. It helps in the removal of hazy and yellow headlights. The products, when applied, also builds a protective layer that further prohibits UV damage or any harm caused due to the dirt, grim, and dust. You apply the products properly once, and then you get UV protection for your sedan’s headlights for the upcoming two years.

It is the best professional headlight restoration kit, which required no power tools and makes everything easy to access, even for first-timers. You can use this kit to treat all kinds of lights in your sedan, including headlights, taillights, reflective lenses, turn signal lights, etc. Just four steps of treatment – cleaning, sanding, polishing, and application of shine and UV restorer – and you get outstanding lenses in just a couple of minutes.


Treats everything from haziness to yellowing to UV damage
Little effort required

No power tools are required.

Meant for all kinds of lights installed in a sedan

UV coating technology

High-quality product

Blue Magic Headlight Lens Restorer

Another one on the list when discussing what headlight restoration kit works best is the Blue Magic restoration kit. When you are driving on the road, it is a big responsibility to ensure that you do not harm anyone inside or outside the car while driving. Also, if it’s a heavy vehicle carrying loads, the drivers need to be careful enough. In such a scenario, when visibility is affected, accidents are common. Using this kit, you can treat your headlights, ensure the visibility is improved, and drive safely, be it day or night.

What makes it called the best plastic headlight restoration kit is the ease of access it offers to users. The kit is an all-in-one solution for the haziness your headlight suffers from. To explore more about the product, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the same.


Treats everything from haziness to yellowing to UV damage
Elbow grease might be required

No power tools are required.

Meant for all kinds of lights installed in a sedan

Easy to use, no extra effort is required to be put in.

Highly cost-effective

3M Heavy-Duty Kit + Meguiar’s G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

This product is considered the best product to clean headlight lenses. In fact, you cannot only use this product to treat your headlights but also make use of it to deal with the other lights of your sedan, including taillights, fog lights, and directional lights, etc. The sanding discs, polishing pad with compound comprise this kit. The all-in-one solution for the headlights treatment saves you a lot of penny, and you won’t have to take professional assistance as the kit itself would be sufficient.

What are the best headlight restoration kits on the market? When this is what is asked for, this combo is the best answer to give. It improves the visibility of the headlights and gives it a completely new appeal. The crystal clarity is what you get after applying the products available in this kit. The proprietary headlight coating provides durable protection against UV rays. The results last for up to 12 months.


Makes headlights look new
Time and effort required

Improves visibility

Meant for all types of lights installed in a sedan

Yearlong result

All-in-one solution

QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit and Lens Sealer

Last but not least on the list of what is the best product for restoring headlights is this QUIXX product. This restoration kit helps your headlights and other lenses in your sedan to regain their clarity. The kit includes a lens sealer that protects against UV rays, thereby reducing the yellowing of the lenses. The use of this product gives your lenses a completely new look and appeal. The ease of access is what makes it top the list of best headlight restoration kit reviews and rankings.

Apart from the lens sealer, you have lens polish, sanding and polishing block, sandpaper in three ultra-fine grades, special application cloths, and polishing cloths. The clarity in vision that this product provides offers increased safety on roads, which is a must at any cost. You will not require any power tool to use when you have this kit in store.


Protection against UV rays, yellowing, dirt, dust, haziness, etc. everything
Don’t forget to follow instructions

All-in-one headlight treatment kit

Gives a completely new look

Professional results

Easy to use

If for you, who makes the best headlight restoration kit is important, you can go for the most trusted brands in the market, including Chemical Guys, Philips, Meguiar’s, etc.

Best Headlight Restoration Kit on the Market [FAQs]:

Though you know by now the best headlight restoration kits available in the market, there still be some questions doing rounds in your head. Here are a few ones answered for you:

Why Do Headlights Get Foggy?

Why do headlights get cloudy? Why do my headlights get foggy inside? Why do headlights get yellow? The answer is almost the same for all. There are multiple reasons that tend to be the cause of foggy headlights. These include oxidization of headlights when exposed to UV rays, exposure of the lenses to dirt and chemicals, flying debris, and water vapor.

Are foggy headlights dangerous? Foggy headlights can cause severe accidents leading to the loss of lives. How to clean foggy headlights? How to clean headlights that are foggy? Using the restoration kits is the easiest way of cleaning the headlights.

How Long Does a Headlight Restoration Last?

Different headlight restoration results last for a different span of time. It might range from 10 months to 3 years. The time until which the restoration will last depends on multiple factors. These factors, however, include the type of lens being treated, the type of sealant, the maintenance done, the care taken, and the environmental conditions.

How long do headlight restoration kits last? If this is your question, it completely depends on how carefully you follow the instructions in the manual and how carefully you handle the kit and the products in it. If handled well, they last for up to 3 years.

Which Headlight Restoration Kit Works Best?

What is the best product for restoring headlights? What is the best headlight restoration kit? There are several parameters based on which you can select one of the best headlight restoration kits. For example, some of them offer awesome results, but they need effort and time. On the other hand, there are a few that might not need so much time and offer quick results. However, the result or output would not be long-lasting. Hence, based on your requirements, you can decide on your best headlight restoration product.

Normally, however, the best product to restore headlights includes CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit, 3M Headlight Restoration Kit, Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit, etc.

How Much Does Headlight Restoration Cost?

How much does it cost for headlight restoration? Well, the cost of the kits varies hugely, but what should be focused more on that the headlight restoration prices is the quality. If you want to have a quality product for a long-lasting headlight restoration result, you might have to spend a bit more. However, it is not necessary. There are times when professional headlight restoration costs might seem affordable enough, given the quality it offers.

How much does it cost to do headlight restoration? You can say that the price depends on the quality offered. However, in general terms, the prices might start at $10 and go up to $100. However, no matter how much you pay, it will cost you lesser than what you might have to pay to a professional doing the restoration for you.

What is the Best Headlight Restoration Kit to Buy?

Though it is completely up to the restoration requirements of the sedan owners to decide on which kit would be the best for them, I have some of the products that are my personal favorite. The first one on the list, of course, is CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit. The next on the list is Chemical Guys Headlight Restore and Protect and Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit.

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