Why are Pickup Trucks So Expensive Right Now in 2023?

Why do trucks cost so much? Why are pickup trucks so popular in America? Why are pickup trucks so expensive right now? As a pickup truck lover, if you are thinking of buying a high mileage truck this year, you would certainly wish to know the answers to these vital questions once you find out the average price of a new pickup truck. Isn’t it?

If you know how useful pickup trucks are across the US and other nations where a majority of people use them for commercial purposes (and sometimes private too!) Not only the pickup trucks are used for picking up materialistic stuff, but they are also consequently used for ferrying people across locations, just like other public transports.

But off late, if you have visited the automobile stores to buy a new pickup truck for yourself, then you might have seen a steep hike in the price of the pickup truck. The average price of a pickup truck has gone up by three folds in recent times, and the reason behind the hike is not limited to a single instance.

why are pickup trucks so expensive
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There are several reasons why buying a pickup truck would cost you more today than it would have cost around 2 or 3 years back. One of the prominent reasons is definitely the better-quality buildup of the pickup trucks that are being manufactured today. Though the steep rise in the price of pickup trucks is being noticed now, it has been consistently rising like this for almost over the past decade.

And the situation is so grim now that buying a high mileage truck for the average buyer is almost out of reach! So, today we shall discuss why pickup trucks have become so expensive, what are some of the best alternatives and how to overcome this financial crunch if you need to buy one.

But before knowing why are pickup trucks so expensive right now, and is it better to buy a new or used pickup truck, let’s find out first how much do pickup trucks cost and what are the average price ranges for trucks.

How Much Does a Pickup Truck Cost?

There are three main types of pickup trucks available in the market that include the heavy-duty pickup trucks, full-size pickup trucks, and midsize pickup trucks. The heavy-duty pickup truck does pure justice with its name, and thus, it can carry heavyweights in it.

It has an impressive payload and towing capabilities alongside carrying passengers. The average price range for trucks goes up when such facilities are served to the buyers. It is all the same for the other two types of pickup trucks. When you get more, you pay more!

So, let’s check out how much does a new truck cost and what’s the average price of a pickup truck. Here we go:

Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

As the heavy duty pickup trucks are the best in the lot and have maximum carrying capacity, you can expect higher prices for such kinds of pickup trucks. The starting price range of a heavy duty pickup truck is almost around $35,000, but it can go up to $100,000 in case of luxurious alternatives, like that of Ford F-50 and other similar vehicles.

So, if you are thinking about how much does a new pickup truck cost, that too a heavy-duty one; know that it can cost anywhere between $35,000 to $100,000, and you can pick one depending upon your needs and requirements.

Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Full-size pickup trucks are generally suitable for hauling and towing purposes and do not serve well as passenger pickup trucks. That is why the price range of a full-size pickup truck is a bit lower than a heavy duty pickup truck.

The average price range of a full-size pickup truck starts from $30,000 and can go up to $80,000, depending upon the model you buy. These trucks are also considered as the “goldilocks” of trucks for their excellent hauling and towing capacities.

Midsize Pickup Trucks

Most people have the common question of how much do brand new pickup trucks cost, and then they decide whether they will go for heavy-duty trucks or simple mid-sized ones according to their needs and budget. The midsize pickup trucks have low towing and payload capacities, and thus they are priced lower too!

You can expect a midsize truck within a range of $20,000 to $60,000, depending upon the model of the truck. The Jeep Gladiator is an excellent choice in the midsize pickup truck category.

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Why are Pickup Trucks So Expensive Now?

While we know that pickup trucks are getting more and more popular, and quite expensive these days, most of us do not know why do pickup trucks cost so much. There is no single reason behind such a hike in the price; there are many of them! And that’s why we have come up with this detailed guide to help you understand the prime reasons behind the rise in the price of pickup trucks.

how much does a pickup truck cost

So without further ado, let’s check out why are trucks so expensive right now and why are pickup trucks more expensive than cars. Here we go:

Additional Technology

If you go back like 1 or 2 decades ago, pickup trucks did not come with too many technological features. But now, when you ask why are pickup trucks so expensive these days, you must know that you get many additional technologies along with it, and thus, the cost goes up verily.

Now you might be thinking, what are the technological features that come up with the latest pickup truck models?

Well, you get massage seats, HVAC systems, heated steering wheels and seats, fancy lighting and upgraded audio systems, cameras inside the truck and in the backside for parking ease, 12-inches in-built screens, and what not.

So, when you are getting equipped with such advanced technological features in your pickup truck, why won’t the cost rise, right?

In some instances, it is not mandatory to get all these upgraded features on your vehicle, and you may ditch some bucks while not opting to have these features, but if you opt for these features, you have to pay extra.

Fuel Efficiency

Most people wonder why high mileage trucks are so expensive. It is because they come equipped with fuel efficiency features that abide by the gas emission standards to check pollution and benefit the truck owners as well.

Nowadays, most pickup trucks have turbo-charged motors that might add to the price, but they are definitely worth it! It saves money on the truck’s fuel consumption and thereby keeps the gas emission balanced with the pollution control properties.

So, the new powertrain systems and the construction of lightweight bodies to limit fuel emission is why most automobile manufacturers hike the price because they have to invest a lot of money on these things.

When you have the option to save fuel and also make your driving experience eco-friendly, it is evident that you have to shell out more money to make it happen!

Safety Additions

Still, wondering why pickup trucks cost so much? Well, you would not question further when you know that you get maximum safety standards with the latest models of pickup trucks. With additional safety features, the price is bound to soar high.

So, what are the safety features that you get when you buy pickup trucks in today’s time?

Apart from advanced driver assistance technology, you also get advanced brake systems, lane assists, easy parking sensors, adaptive cruise control features, forward collision warnings, etc. And that’s why you would not mind shelling out a few bucks more when you get all these safety standard features on your pickup truck.

But if you want to cut down the cost a little, you can exclude some of these features. Like you may not always need the parking sensors, as most of the drivers have expertise in parking and so you may exclude that and save a few bucks!

Aluminum Body Panels

The material of the vehicle body matters a lot! So, if you wonder why are pickup trucks so expensive now, you must know that most trucks are designed with aluminum body panels, and the manufactures have ditched the age-old steel body panels a while ago.

Besides being a more advanced material as compared to steel, aluminum is also quite lighter in comparison. Also, when it comes to corrosion of the vehicle body material, you expect a more corrosive nature of the steel body, but aluminum does not corrode or rust, for that matter.

Addition to these amazing qualities, the aluminum body helps it remain in good shape, even if the vehicle is exploited heavily and gets wet frequently as the steel body gets eroded and loses shape, but aluminum doesn’t.

So, as the advantage of the aluminum body is more than the steel body, and that’s why the truck manufacturers are preferring the former over the latter, which is obviously adding up to the cost.

Maximum Towing Capacity

The large-sized and medium-sized trucks come in handy with impeccable towing capabilities. If you go back in time, the pickup trucks did not have such maximized towing capacities back then. But now, as most of the vehicles have the maximum towing capacity, the prices of the vehicle soar higher.

When the towing capacity is higher, the pickup trucks become able to carry more load and also have better hauling capacities. To make the trucks compatible with such high towing capacities, the manufacturing parts needed are expensive. And thus, the manufacturers are forced to raise the price of the vehicle, so they do not incur losses.

Suspension components, brake pads, etc., that are needed for the purpose are also very costly that adds to the price. So, now you know why trucks are so expensive in current time.

Bigger Wheels

This is also one significant reason why trucks cost so much these days. The older truck models did not have the size of the wheels that the latest ones have today. With bigger wheels that are chrome painted, the cost will definitely soar up.

It is evident that a larger wheel will cost more because the materials and time used to make such a wheel are more than the old model wheel that was smaller in size. So, there is no rocket science to understand why the consumers end up paying a heavy price for a pickup truck with larger wheels.

Apart from the size of the wheels, the manufacturers are also focusing on using expensive materials and alloys for making the wheels which are also one reason why the price of the vehicle goes up dramatically. So, there is no doubt that when you are paying more, you are also getting better services.

Expensive Repair

It doesn’t matter whether you own an average full size pickup truck or the most expensive pickup truck in the world, the repair cost of the truck will be a bit higher in comparison to car. That is also one major reason why truck owners have to shell out more money when they want to buy pickup trucks.

When the parts of the trucks are expensive, you obviously won’t get them at a lower cost. And when you have to buy the parts, it will add to the cost of the vehicle.

As most trucks today are made of an aluminum body, its repair also seems to be more than the steel body trucks. But you have no option other than this to repair the vehicle body, and when you choose it, your truck-buying price goes up!

Supply and Demand

One of the most significant reasons why are pickup trucks so expensive right now in 2023 is less supply and more demand for the vehicle. As most vehicle owners are ditching the old traditional cars and shifting base to the latest pickup truck models, the demand is surging at a higher rate.

But some of the manufacturers have shut their warehouses due to unforeseen circumstances, which have slowed down the rate of production of the vehicles. And that has directly affected the supply of pickup trucks, not only in America but also in other parts of the world.

This has also added to the high cost of the pickup truck as most manufacturers are taking this opportunity to increase prices and make handsome profits. But as soon as things become normal, the supply will go up, and the price is expected to come down.

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Will Pickup Truck Prices Go Down?

Now that the price of the pickup trucks has exceeded the common person’s expectations, they now speculate – Are truck prices going to drop? When will truck prices drop? Well, the rising price of the pickup trucks was due to the increase in demand and less production of the same (apart from the other reasons mentioned above).

But now, it is expected that all the manufacturers that went shut for the time being are all set to reopen tier factories, and it will add to the quantity of the pickup trucks produced otherwise. So, will truck prices come down? Yes! It is expected to come down, but not so sooner!

why are trucks so expensive

You can expect a fall of anywhere between $2000 to $8000 in the prices of pickup trucks as an upfront discount in some cases, but it will definitely take a bit more time to come into effect. The price of used trucks is also set to go down, and hence, it will become much more affordable for average buyers.

In September 2020, the price of the pickup trucks rose to a top-level with almost a 9%-10% hike in the existing price range, but now, as the situation sublimes a little, one can expect a drop in the prices anytime soon.

And now that you know why are pickup trucks so expensive and whether the price is going to come down or not let us move on to other sections to find out more details on the topic.

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Why are Pickup Trucks So Popular in America?

No matter whether you are a resident of America or elsewhere, the popularity of pickup trucks in the country is well talked about. But it is not that the popularity comes with no real reasons. There are justifiable reasons why do people like trucks and why are pickup trucks so popular in America!

So, let’s discuss some of the most common and solid reasons behind such pickup trucks’ popularity in the US (and beyond). Read and find out why do Americans like pickups so much. Here we go:

Reason #1: Trucks are Best for Snow Accumulated Roadways

Being a country where snowfall is very common in certain areas (e.g., Colorado), owning a small vehicle or even an SUV cannot be the best decision always. They have less ground clearance capabilities that can make taking out your car during snowfall events a little too difficult.

And one of the prominent reasons why do people like trucks in America is undoubtedly its capacity to mull out at least 10 inches of snow accumulation on the road to make your pathway clear.

Reason #2: Pickup Trucks Serve an All-in-one Purpose

From towing and hauling to carrying passengers; the pickup truck serves the purpose of an all-in-one vehicle that cannot be designated for other vehicles.

Reason #3: Trucks are Popular and Affordable

In recent times, we have seen a surge in the sale of pickup trucks, which means more and more people own them! So, there is clearly massive popularity of the pickup trucks and so, when you own one you feel bossy.

Also, these are affordable vehicles with multipurpose facilities that make them the best among the lot.

Reason #4: Pickup Trucks are Best Off-Road Buddy

This is also one of the prominent reasons why do people buy pickup trucks! These are heavy-duty vehicles that allow you to ditch the familiar road and take the off-road full of “rocks and trails,” if not bumps!

Reason #5: Ideal Work Vehicle for You

No matter whether you want to use the vehicle for your business purpose or personal workload carrying requirements, the pickup trucks are extremely good (and ideal) for any kind of commercial usage.

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Should I Buy a New or Used Pickup Truck?

More often, people have this debate: Is it better to buy a used or new truck? And the debate is never-ending because both have their own pros and cons. While buying a new vehicle will give you lifetime warranties, updated design and technology, reliability, and more, the used ones are also argued to be a better option because of cheaper prices and other similar reasons.

why do pickup trucks cost so much

So, all in all, the conclusion is that if you want to make calculated investments, then buying a used truck is a more suitable option. Let’s check out some of these prominent reasons and learn why you should buy a used truck:

Used Pickup Trucks are Cheaper

If you are in two minds thinking Is it better to buy a new truck or a used truck then consider buying a used pickup truck because of its cheaper price. Yes, the moment your new vehicle is driven on the road, it becomes a “used” one, and thus the value depreciates!

But the difference between the price of a new and old truck is beneficial for the average buyers. It will cost you almost $10,000 to $30,000 lesser when you buy a used pickup truck, depending on the model of the vehicle and its year of manufacture.

More Features at the Same Price

The ongoing debate between buying new truck vs used truck comes down when you get better facilities at a comparatively lower price. These days, the extra features are so pricey that adding them to the trucks can cost you thousands of bucks more, but when you buy a used pickup truck, you get the added features at a lower price!

Used Truck Has Better Durability and Reliability

The used pickup trucks have been driven miles before being handed over to you, and thus, you can easily rely on its ability to drive on long journeys and in challenging situations. Thus, you get better durability and reliability when you buy a used pickup truck.

Depreciation Value Not Compromised

Is buying a new truck a good investment? NO! When you buy a new pickup truck and sell it after some years, you get a much lower value in exchange, but when you already buy a used pickup truck and sell it after a few years, you get a similar amount. It means the depreciation value of the vehicle is adjusted well when you buy a used truck.

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Why are Pickup Trucks So Expensive Now? [FAQs]:

Though by far we have discussed a lot about the growing price of the pickup trucks and the alternatives available for the buyers, a lot of questions still remain unanswered, such as; Is it cheaper to buy a vehicle in a different state or whether the insurance facilities are better for the new trucks and other such questions.

And to clear the air, we shall discuss these most frequently asked questions in the following section. So, let’s check out these FAQs and learn why are trucks so expensive to insure, what is the cheapest state to buy a pickup truck, and why pickup trucks are better than cars. Here we go:

  1. Are Trucks Cheaper to Insure than Cars?

    Most truck owners have the common question; Is it more expensive to insure a pickup truck? Well, Yes! The reason behind such expensive insurance of the pickup trucks definitely lies in their cost.

    As they are expensive vehicles, the insurance comes at a greater cost than other cars. Also, in case of accidents, they can cause more damage to the properties and severe injuries to people, a reason why the insurance is more expensive!

    So, when you buy a pickup truck, you must be well aware that you don’t have to only calculate the buying costs, but you also have to add the expensive insurance cost.

  2. Are Pickup Trucks More Reliable than Cars?

    It’s a definite Yes! If you have ridden both a pickup truck and a car, you must know that why a pickup truck is always a better option to go with.

    First, these are more durable; second, and they come with extra safety gear; third, they have a versatile design that makes it easy to carry passengers and workloads simultaneously.

    Some other significant reasons also include long-lasting design, low maintenance requirement, extended warranties, and good longevity of the vehicle. So, the next time you scratch your head thinking why pickup trucks are better than cars, you know the answer!

  3. What is the Cheapest State to Buy a Truck?

    If you are in America, you must know that not all states have the same price tag for pickup trucks, it varies differently in different states, and we shall discuss the cheapest state to buy a pickup truck in the country.

    Though there are quite a few states that have lesser prices than usual, Florida tops the list to sell used pickup trucks at a deliberately lower price. Oregon also sells trucks at a nominally low rate!

    Apart from these two, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Missouri, Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin, etc., also account for the lower price of pickup trucks than people usually pay in other states. So, if you wish to buy one, look out on these states!

Why are Trucks So Expensive Right Now? – Author’s View

So now that we have reached the end of the article, you already know why are pickup trucks so expensive these days and how you can take steps to bridge the gap between your estimated budget and your pickup truck requirements. Some things can be avoided to lower down the cost of the pickup trucks available in the market that you have already come across in this guide.

Personally, I would suggest either buying a second-hand pickup truck if you have strict budget restrictions or go by a simpler pickup truck sans the luxuries to cut down the expense. The reason why do pickup trucks cost so much is bigger wheels, additional technology, maximum towing capacity, higher demand for the vehicle, and lesser supply against the requirements.

So, it would be best if you do all the research before finalizing your decision to buy a pickup truck. A staff product manager of Tesla, one of the world’s most powerful automobile manufacturers, Ajay Serohi said, “Whether it’s guided parking, cruise and collision control or park assists, modern trucks come packed with features that have as much to do with safety as they have to do with luxury.

It means there are takers for luxurious pickup trucks as well, and thus, even if the price hikes, people are going to buy it nonetheless. Thus, if you want to sustain in the pickup truck culture, ensure that you either have the financial capabilities to afford one or are prepared to lose out on some luxuries to limit your expense!

If you find this guide helpful in understanding why are pickup trucks so expensive right now, why do pickup trucks cost so much to insure, and why are pickup trucks so popular in America, then feel free to share it with your friends on social media networks.

Also, use the comment section below to write us your personal opinion on the subject “Why are trucks so expensive now?”. We would love to know your point of view!

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