How to Remove Bird Poop Stains from Car Paint in 2023

Can bird droppings damage car paint? How long does it take for bird poop to damage car paint? How to remove bird poop stains from car paint and windshield? As soon car owners become familiar with the fact that bird poop is one of the most common causes of car paint damage, they immediately wish to know the answer to all these vital questions. Isn’t it?

When you buy your dream car, you always try to keep it safe and in sound condition. While the interiors of the cars need to be taken care of, the exteriors are the very first thing that the onlookers come across. Hence, having an impressive appearance is something that you should ensure about your car.

And when it comes to maintaining the exteriors, what might scare you the most is the bird poop (Yes, we are talking about the bird droppings, bird poop stains, and bird poop etching). Am I right?

how to remove bird poop stains from car
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And now when you think about the bird poop on your glossy and shiny car, the next question that strikes your mind immediately is – Does bird poop damage car paint? If yes, how to remove bird poop stains from car paint and windshield?

Going through this guide will surely help in understanding how bird poop can affect your car paint, along with the best means of not letting it get affected at any cost, as well as some of the ideal products (DIY bird poop cleaning solution, bird poop remover spray) that can help you get rid of bird poop stains on car without affecting the car paint in any manner.

Can Bird Poop Damage Car Paint?

Yes, it does because bird poop is very acidic. While there are car paints where a chemical acid is used to treat the bare metal with a primer coating applied to it as a base layer followed by paint sprayed on the top of the primer coating to offer an immensely protective layer, modern paints are still preferred.

And the main reason for this preference is that the clear coats are way more formidable than the latter. If you ask why bird poop ruins car paint, the answer is that the thinner modern paints are more likely to be exposed to pollutants like bird poop, which damages the car.

Getting rid of bird poop stains on car is essential as it not only harms the look and feel of the vehicle but is also unhygienic. However, the intensity of the stains depends on the type of bird poop that falls on the car’s body.

If the question like “Can bird droppings damage car paint?” are haunting you, it is recommended not to apply pressure to remove a certain kind of stains as it might damage the car paint and hamper the aesthetics of your sedan.

How fast can bird poop damage car paint? As a car owner, you should know that bird poop contains uric acid, and the acidity level of the bird poop ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 pH, which is why bird dropping begins to affect the car paint as soon as it comes in contact with it. Always remember, the longer the bird poop remains on the car body, the greater the damage done.

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Different Types of Bird Poop Stains on Cars:

Before you explore the different ways of how to remove bird poop stains from car paint and windshield, it is essential for you to know the types of bird poop that you may come across. Not to forget that different types of bird poop stains on cars need to be dealt with differently. Here are the different bird poop stains on cars explained for you to explore:

Bird Dropping Topical Stain Etching

This is the most common type of bird dropping that stains your vehicles. These bird poop stains on car are shallow and fade. You can use a cloth and wipe these away by applying a bit more pressure. And if you desire to adopt some advanced method as your how to remove bird poop etching from car option. In that case, you can get a clear coat safe polish done immediately and enjoy the same original aesthetic appeal once again.

The good thing with this type of bird droppings on car paint is that you can remove the stains either mechanically or manually as per whatever is available and accessible to you. However, going for the manual stain removal is always recommended when it’s topical stain etching.

Bird Dropping Wrinkled or Fractured Etching

Fractured/Wrinkled Etching is quite challenging to clean. In short, this is the tougher version of bird droppings on car paint. It’s rigid, and the worst part is you are not allowed to apply pressure to eradicate the stain. Applying force could hamper the car paint, giving your SUV or Sedan an unappealing look and feel.

Searching for the best ways on how to remove old bird poop stains from car will bring you to chemically formulated options, which would help you get rid of the stains conveniently without applying force. It is also advisable to remove this type of bird poop stain from car as early as possible as they might become more stubborn with time.

You can think of a solution to these bird poop stains only after knowing which type of bird dropping it is. So, firstly identify the types of bird poop stains on cars and then go for the solutions.

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How to Remove Bird Poop Stains from Car Paint (8 Best Ways)

Now when you know about the different types of bird droppings that you may find on your car’s scar’s surface, it will be easier for you to decide which method would help you in getting rid of bird poop stains on car. After all, the types determine your choice of method for bird poop etching removal to a great extent.

To make the selection of bird droppings stain removal process extremely easy for you, here we have compiled a comprehensive list of 8 best ways on how to remove bird poop stains from car paint and windshield. It will help you understand when to use which method to remove bird poop from car surfaces. Here we go:

Clean It as Early as Possible

You will not even have to worry about removing old bird poop stains from car if you remain a bit alert and notice them as soon as they are dropped. Always remember that the stains would be less damaging if you clean them early. Therefore, it is recommended that the stains are removed at the earliest.

Do you know how long does it take for bird poop to damage car paint? The droppings are highly acidic in nature with a pH level ranging between 3.5 and 4.5, and hence they start affecting your car’s surface as soon as they come in contact with the car.

If the droppings are not dry, you can remove bird poop stains from car using a professional quality microfiber towel such as Meguiar’s X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels or Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel.

meguiar's x2020 supreme shine microfiber towels

On the other hand, if the poop is dry, use a wet cloth and pour some water. Leave it for some time and clean off. This is how to get rid of bird poop stains on car most comfortably and conveniently.

In simple words, if you notice the bird droppings in the early stage, then you will need no chemicals, no harsh elements, and no investment band. You can instantly clean off bird poop from car using fluffy and soft premium microfiber towels. Only remember, no matter what, never apply pressure or force to remove the stain.

Use WD-40 Specialist Penetrant Spray

If you are looking for the quick and best way to remove bird poop stains from car, then WD-40 Specialist Penetrant spray is one of the best bird poop remover options for you. While the product can be used for as many as 250 purposes, it could be perfectly utilized as a bird dropping remover for cars as well.

The only thing you need to remember while using WD-40 Specialist Penetrant Spray as the bird poop remover spray for cars is that your vehicle is not kept in direct sunlight.

wd-40 specialist penetrant

The best thing with this bird dropping remover spray is that it’s just like a homemade bird poop remover for cars. For an answer to how to remove bird poop stains from black car or car with any color using WD-40 spray, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

To clean off bird poop from the car, first of all, assemble all the required tools and equipment like WD-40 Specialist Penetrant Spray, hand gloves (chemical resistant gloves), car wash mitt or sponge, paper towels, car wash soap or shampoo, bucket, and a source of water.

  • At first, put on the hand gloves and keep your paper towels ready.
  • Spray the WD-40 Specialist Penetrant all over the bird droppings and let it sit for at least a minute.
  • Now, wipe off the bird droppings using paper towels.
  • Next, fill in the bucket with water and mix the car wash soap (or shampoo).
  • Use a car wash mitt or sponge, dip it in the bucket containing soap water and remove the leftover bird poop stains.
  • Rinse off properly.
  • Finally, dry the car surface manually using a car drying microfiber towel and polish it.

We hope now you know which bird dropping remover for cars work best and how to use it. Among all the helpful ways on how to remove bird poop stains from car paint and windshield, this method works pretty effectively. Try it once, and you will be amazed.

Use a Car Detailer Spray

Do you struggle a lot these days while removing bird poop stain from car, especially the ones that are rigid and stubborn? In that case, using car detailer spray is highly recommended. The wrinkled etching stains could easily be removed by spraying this solution once or twice in the stained portion of the car.

At first, let it sit and clean it using a moist cloth. And if you are wondering how to remove bird poop etching from car in the easiest way, then a powerful car detailer sprays like Adam’s Detail Spray is the most appropriate solution for you.

adam's detail spray

This bird poop remover for cars can be applied in a few shots on the bird’s dried droppings. The solution dissolves the stuck poop, and you can easily wipe away with a microfiber towel. Once you use this solution, you will notice the original shine is restored, and your car exteriors will glow.

If you have Adam’s Detail Spray available, you will have a streak-free solution to the stinky poops. When it is about how to clean bird poop off car, the application is straightforward. Many users refer to this detailer spray as “magic spray,” which proves how effective it could be in protecting your car paint against stubborn bird droppings.

Use Bird Poop Car Wipes

You can’t just use any wipe available in the market for the purpose. For removing bird poop etching from car, there are specially produced wipe, which is made of the required chemical formulations to ensure your car paint or any particular portion of your sedan doesn’t get hampered in any manner after the application.

Among all the popular car bird poop removal options, these two (AutoGlym Bird Dropping Wipes and Drop Wipes Bird Poop Remover) are the most effective bird dropping wipes for cars. And if you want an extra-large and pre-moistened wipes that allow you to remove bird droppings without using water then Armor All Car Wash Wipes are also an excellent solution for you.

bird dropping wipes

It is recommended that you see the mention of your purpose before you purchase the wipes for an effective how to clean bird poop from car result. These wipes are made, keeping in mind the acidity level in a bird dropping, and only those chemicals that could effectively break the uric acid in the poop are used for the purpose.

Derived from natural elements like ultra-soft bamboo and different biodegradable materials, these wipes are eco-friendly in nature, and they do not harm the environment even after being disposed of. The best part is that you can carry it wherever you go and be ready with your weapon as and when a bird poops on your car’s body.

If you want to have an instant way of cleaning off bird poop from the car, bird poop car wipes are your best answer. You should always, let the pack of bird dropping remover wipes rest in your dashboard for instant use.

Apply Hot Water and Baking Soda

If you are looking for a homemade remedy to get rid of the bird poop stains on your car, using baking soda with hot water is the best-recommended alternative for you. When it comes to removing bird poop stains from car paint without spending money on best bird dropping remover for cars, you can create a solution using the household ingredients mentioned below and apply the same.

The mixture of hot water and baking soda is the best alternative to WD-40 if the latter is not available with you. To know how to remove bird poop stain from car, let’s have a look at the procedure to prepare this solution:

  • At first, take 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Mix it in a quart of hot water.
  • Pour the mixed solution into a 32-ounce spray bottle.
  • Shake the solution.
  • Spray the same on the portions that have the bird poop stains on the car.
  • Let it soak for 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse off using a hose.

The application of this solution would not only let you have the best means of how to remove old bird poop stains from car paint but also help you get back the original glow that your car used to have. Try it and see the difference.

Use Club Soda or Seltzer Water

Have you tried club soda as a means of how to get rid of bird poop stain on car? Not yet? Try it whenever your car gets stained with bird droppings. The carbonation of the soda will help in breaking down the acidic level of the poops.

You just need to pour it on the stain and leave for some time, say 10-15 minutes. Take a cloth and wash it off at one go. Only club soda should be used whenever you think of how to clean bird poop off car window or other parts of the car.

Also, if you are looking for ways on how to remove bird poop stains from car paint and windshield, only club soda and seltzer water with no salt can help you get the best results. Pour the content on the stained portion, let it sit for some time, spray clean water on it, and let the windshield wipers do the cleaning.

Important note: If you think carbonated cola or sugary soda can be used as its alternative, you can’t use them at any cost. Those are corrosive in nature and would impose adverse effects on the car paint, wax, and thereby hamper your automotive look and feel.

Use Bird Poop Remover for Cars

When you come across a standard product while searching for the different ways on how to remove bird poop from car, you might not find anything special about it. But then they are really effective when used on the bird dropping stains.

What makes them the best is their ability to deal with the bugs alongside when applied to your upholstery. While talking about the best bird dropping remover for cars, a product that cannot miss a mention is the Car Care Haven Bug Remover X. This car bug remover and bird dropping remover for cars instantly washes out any kind of stains from your car’s exteriors.

car care haven bug remover

This product has been so formulated that it acts as an effective bug cleaner while being an efficient item to help you remove the stains. The application is relatively easy. You need to simply spray the solution and let it soak the affected areas, and you can then gently wipe it off from any portion of the car, including side mirrors, windshield, and hood. Remember using the microfiber mesh bug sponge that comes with the kit to wipe the content off.

Get this multi-purpose product included in the accessories and equipment you gather to keep your car clean and well-maintained. This will help you with bird dropping stains, bugs, and other kinds of pollutants that might affect your vehicle.

Take Professional Help

Are you searching for how to remove bird poop stain from car paint? While there are multiple options that you may come across, it is always recommended to go for professional assistance to avoid any kind of risk.

You invest a lot of money while buying an SUV or Sedan and one mistake of using the harsh element to get rid of bird poop stains on car paint is likely to hamper your car’s overall look and feel. Well, you cannot afford that. Right? Hence, taking an expert’s help is always better.

Professional car detailers are the best to tell you how to remove bird poop etching from car paint, depending on the type of poop your car has been stained with. That’s why, to take care of the bird dropping stains, you can visit a gas station car wash or call a car detailer for the purpose.

Get your car washed by experts, who possess all the necessary equipment to remove the stains. You can also leave your vehicle with a professional detailer, and they will give you a poop-free car after cleaning it properly.

The methods mentioned above are the best tricks on how to remove bird poop stains from car paint in 2023. Based on your suitability, requirements, and budget, you can choose the best possible option to remove the bird poop stains in your car.

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How to Prevent Birds from Pooping on Your Car

Though all the helpful steps of getting rid of bird poop stains on car have already been discussed, keeping your vehicle prevented from getting stained with bird droppings is still advisable. Here is a list of things you can try to make sure you keep the birds off from your sedan. Here we go:

Solution #1: Avoid Parking Your Car Under a Tree

How to protect car from bird poop? Or how do you keep birds from pooping on your car? Whatever the question is, the answer is the same. Always check the place you are parking your vehicle in. Make sure you don’t let your sedan rest under a tree. After all, it’s where the birds dwell and relax.

In case you park a car under a tree to keep it cool inside and want to have other options ready for how to keep birds from pooping on your car, you have other alternatives to keep in mind too.

Solution #2: Always Use a Car Cover

Apart from exploring how to remove bird poop stains from car paint, you should look for ways to stop birds from pooping on your car and prevent using harsh ways of treating your vehicles against the bird droppings.

eluto car cover

One effective way of keeping your car protected is to use a car cover and keep it wrapped while it rests outside. There are many types of outdoor car covers available in the market right now. Purchase the best car covers for outdoor storage (such as ELUTO Car Cover Waterproof All Weather or Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather) so that preventing your cars against the bird poop is quite easier.

Solution #3: Get a Sun Shade Sail for Outdoor, Patio, Backyard

Whether you are finding an answer to how to keep birds away from cars or how to deter birds from pooping, the most efficient solution to such questions is to get a sun shade sail for your outdoor patio. Hand it outside and keep your car protected inside the shade. No birds would be around when your shade is hung above to protect your Sedan or SUV.

ygs sun shade sail

A high-quality sun shade sail (YGS Sun Shade Sail for Outdoor Patio Backyard) is what I used while struggling to find ways of how to stop birds from pooping on my car. Hence, it is highly recommended to you too.

In case you try and keep your car prevented from bird droppings, and they still find ways to poop on your car’s body, the tips mentioned above for removing bird poop stains from car paint could indeed help you. Try those and be worry-free.

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FAQs for How to Remove Bird Poop Stains from Car Paint 2023:

While searching for the best ways of getting rid of bird poop stains on car, there are multiple measures that people come across. Along with knowing how to remove bird poop etching from car paint, certain questions pop up in their mind, and they start searching for answers to them. Here are some FAQs handled to clear your doubts:

Can Bird Droppings Damage Car Paint?

Yes, they do. And why does bird poop ruin car paint? They have an adverse effect on the car paint because of the high level of acidic features that it exhibits. With pH level 3.5 to 4.5, it is quite acidic and starts affecting the car’s exteriors as soon as it comes in contact with the surface.

The corrosive nature of the droppings makes it likely for the car’s paint to be affected negatively, thereby hampers the sedan’s aesthetics. As mentioned earlier, you may refer to our tips on how to remove bird poop stains from car for assistance.

How Long Does Bird Poop Take to Damage Car Paint?

If you want to know how fast can bird poop damage car paint, the answer is as soon as it comes in contact with the surface. As already discussed, the droppings are highly acidic, and their corrosive behavior starts affecting the car paint instantly.

One thing to note here is that the longer it will remain on your car’s body, the more stubborn it becomes, making the poop challenging to remove. Hence, it is advisable to remove bird poop stains from car as soon as you notice them.

Does WD 40 Remove Bird Poop Stains from Car Paint?

Yes, it does. In fact, it is effortless to apply. When people choose a product, the main concern is whether using it would be safe for their car. Hence, it is expected that your next question would be – Is WD 40 safe on car paint?

In that case, the answer is yes. Along with removing bird poop stains from car paint, this product will also help you get rid of bugs if any. In short, WD-40 Specialist Penetrant Spray will serve to be a multi-purpose product with significant results in whatever way it is used.

Does Ceramic Coating Protect Against Bird Droppings?

Does ceramic coating protect from bird droppings? Well, the answer is yes. When a ceramic coat is applied on a car’s body, it offers extended protection with the vehicles’ added layer.

On a porous surface, when this coating is used, the microscopic peaks are successfully filled. As a result, the acid-containing droppings don’t get a chance to seep into the paint, and they get restricted from sticking to the surface.

If you want to know how to remove old bird poop stains from car, you can spray clean water on the ceramic coated surface, and the poop will slide off.

Does Car Wax Protect Paint from Bird Droppings?

Does wax protect from bird poop? Does wax protect car from bird poop? Several similar questions might trouble you. Though wax does not prevent you from having bird poops on the vehicle, it can help you have paint, making the removal of bird droppings easier for you.

With proper wax and polish, you may get only limited protection from the bird poops or paint molding; removing bird droppings becomes a simple affair. Get it done and make the removal of dirt, dust, other sticky pollutants, and bird poops convenient to handle.

Author’s View on How to Remove Bird Poop Stains from Car Paint

Getting rid of bird poop stains on car is a super easy task if you know the accurate solution. And after a thorough reading of all these effective ways, now you know exactly how easily you can get bird poop off your car without damaging paint and which bird poop etching removal method works best. Isn’t it?

As far as my personal favorite is concerned, I would always recommend going for the safe options to prevent your cars from bird droppings, be it not parking your car under a tree or using an all-weather car cover to wrap your SUV or Sedan in. But in case you already have a bird dropping on your vehicle’s body, I recommend using AutoGlym Bird Dropping Wipes or applying WD-40 specialist penetrant spray and Car Care Haven Bug Remover X as the three top and primary options.

And if you feel that you have got some very dirty and stubborn bird poop stains on your vehicle, then you should take help of a Professional detailer from the auto detailing service center available near you. They will help you choose the best means of getting rid of bird poop stains on car, depending on various factors, including the type of bird poop.

We hope, now you know how to remove bird poop stains from car paint and windshield without Scratching or damaging paint. If you found this comprehensive guide helpful, please feel free to share it with your family and friends on social media networks.

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