How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023

Are you wondering, can a cracked windshield be repaired and how to fix a cracked windshield with household items? How much does it cost to repair a cracked windshield and is it better to repair or replace a windshield?

If you are curious to know the answer to these queries then you have landed in the right place as today we are going to discuss everything related to repairing cracked windshield (including the windshield crack repair home remedy, the best windshield repair kit for cracks, cracked windshield repair cost, and windshield replacement cost). So let’s begin.

Have you ever been in a situation when you are driving down the highway, behind a gravel truck, and suddenly it hits a bump? Bam! You can even hear the sound of thwack. A flying rock just hit your windshield, leaving a small chip.

how to fix a cracked windshield with household items
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Your heart probably skipped a bit, and your mind starts racing- “Can a cracked windshield be repaired? Or, I have to spend an arm after replacing it. If the chip grows and turns into a crack, what should I do? Oh-my-gosh I need to fix it immediately.

We can safely assume you’ve already been through a similar type of situation, that’s why you are here. Isn’t it? Well, repairing a cracked windshield is not cheap at all. Even if you have insurance, you’ll be required to spend your deductible which can go up to 100 dollars.

Right now, if you are not so ready to invest this much amount, there are certain ways that will lead you to fix a cracked windshield yourself at home with household items. Until you can get it repaired properly by a professional, you can prevent the chip from growing into a crack easily. Wondering how?

Well, you are just at the most appropriate guide today as we are going to discuss how to fix a cracked windshield with household items as well as using the best windshield crack repair kit. So, now simply scroll down to have a firm grasp over the methods to repair windshield crack and fix your cracked windshield at home.

Why Do Windshields Crack? (10 Reasons Why)

It’s a cryptic fact that windshield plays a vital role in driver’s and passenger’s safety. Almost 34% of the structural integrity of your car is provided by your windscreen. Along with that, a properly fitted windshield is quite important for the correct deployment of airbags in case of any mishap.

Windscreens are designed to keep you safe from the debris or dirt elements. So getting it damaged at least once, during the whole lifespan of your car is inevitable. But glass doesn’t really break for no reason. Right?

There has to be a cause behind your chipped, cracked, broken, or shattered windshield. Now, if you are confused thinking what made your windshield blow up, just go through these following points to know what causes windshield cracks. Here you go:

Reason #1: Glass Quality

Glass quality is the first thing that decides whether your windshield will last longer or not. Yes, if the manufacturers use a poor-quality glass, the chances are higher that your windscreen will crack even at a small hit. So, from the next time, invest in high-quality glass material to avoid such circumstances.

Reason #2: Installation Factors

If your windshield is not installed properly, it may cause certain damages. Though such issues are rare cases, still it can be a potential cause if you are unable to find any other obvious one. However, always ensure you get the installation done by professionals only. Else, even if you hit a small bump, it may lead to cracking on your windscreen.

Reason #3: Fitting Issue

There are some instances where people have found their windshield is broken due to a fitting issue. Yes, if the frame of your windscreen is bigger or smaller than the glass size, it’s more likely to loosen up and cause wear and tear.

Just like the previous one, this is also a rare case, but you never know, as one of the possible causes of windshield cracks is there.

Reason #4: Gravel Roads

Were you driving through a gravel road while your windscreen got the crack? If yes, then probably debris or stones from such roads are responsible for damaging your windshield. Maintaining a safe distance from the front vehicle is mandatory while driving on gravel roads.

Even if possible, you must take another route from the next time to avoid any gravel road and save your windshield from cracking. Not only gravel roads but also you must keep a safe distance while driving behind a construction vehicle.

Reason #5: Temperature

Did you drive all the way to a cold region from a comparatively temperate zone and found your windshield is broken out of the blue? If yes, then the temperature is one of the potential reasons why windshields crack.

However, glass materials are prone to crack under sudden temperature rise or drop. So, you must take precautionary measures like not parking your car under direct sunlight to avoid such situations.

Reason #6: Sunlight and Pressure Change

Sunlight is one of the most common yet unnoticed reasons for windshield crack. Direct and extreme heat makes the outer edge of the metal expand faster than the glass in the center. So extreme pressure conditions arise, which leads to a crack on the windshield.

Alongside, shifting from low pressure to high-pressure areas, or placing heavy objects on your windscreen may also cause stress cracks. So if you are wondering why does a windshield crack?- here is one of the triggering causes.

Reason #7: Hail

Almost all of us have seen weather reports on hail storms and hailstones defined as “baseball-sized” or “golf ball-sized.” These are nothing but ice stones with the same capabilities of breaking your windscreen like a gravel stone.

When a hailstone hits your windscreen with speed and force, it leaves severe damage to it. In such conditions, you must change the direction slowly to avoid the damage.

Reason #8: Debris from Parking Under Trees

Did you park your car under a tree and suddenly found a crack on your windshield while unparking? Well, debris from trees is one of the answers to why does your windshield crack. Yes, hard nuts, broken branches, or any object can come hurtling towards your windscreen if you park your car under a tree.

It may seem like a good parking place as you get shed, but this leaves your windscreen vulnerable to falling objects. So, always consider parking your car in a garage or shaded area.

Reason #9: Extreme Speed

If you are frowning right now seeing this cause listed under why do windshields crack?- then let us tell you- Yes, extreme speed is a potential one to damage your windscreen. If your car is not equipped to run at an extreme speed, it will put severe stress on your windshield.

Alongside that, air pressure changes with speed, so as high as you go, the chances of getting hit by smaller objects with greater intensity becomes higher.

Reason #10: Collisions

Well, this brings us to our final cause of your windscreen damage: collisions or accidents. We are talking about any kind of accident, including a road accident to hitting an animal or hitting another car while parking.

No matter it’s small or big – any type of collision can damage your windshield to the extent.

The best possible way to keep your windscreen safe from this cause is to drive safely and vigilantly, stay away from your surroundings and keep an eye on your looking glass while parking.

Now you know all about the possible causes of a windshield crack, it’s time to learn what are the different types of windshield cracks. Once you are well versed with all the types, it’ll be easier for you to fix a cracked windshield with your household items only. So, let’s check it out.

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Different Types of Windshield Cracks:

Here this DIY guide gets a bit technical. Stresses of different origins can imperil an ordinary windshield. Stress cracks, as well as collisions with external objects, can do serious damage to one of the most fundamental components of your vehicle: Windscreen.

As per the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS), 6 different types of windshield cracks can be found in an everyday-use car. All the windshield crack types have a distinct look. Hence, all types have different reconstruction processes.

Here, we are going to offer you a brief overview of types of car windshield cracks that you may face any day on the roads. So, let’s begin:


When the windshield gets hit by a round object such as rocks, it leaves a round-shaped damage mark with a separated cone forming on the outer layer of the glass. It may seem like a dark circle with a pointy tail, just like the bullseye point on a dartboard. And, that’s the inspiration behind the nomenclature.

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023
Bullseye Windshield Crack

However, in reality, Bullseye breaks look more chipless like a dartboard bullseye. The formation of this shape is mainly because of the removed glass chunk from the outer glass layer upon impact. When the circle isn’t fully formed, it makes a partial Bullseye a.k.a Half Moon.

Half Moon

A semi-circular Bullseye is known as the Half Moon. This type of damage is also caused by a blunt impact from a small rock or pebble. However, unlike the Bullseye crack, a Half Moon isn’t completely symmetrical in shape. And the half-circle looking crack shares striking similarity with the half-moon, thus the naming.

windshield crack types
Half Moon Windshield Crack

Since this type of crack doesn’t form a complete circle, cleaning a Half Moon is significantly easier for a trained professional. Though Half Moons won’t turn into a larger crack instantly, it’s always a good idea to repair them at the earliest.

Star Break

A typical windshield can also endure damage that resembles a starburst pattern. This happens when a series of small radial cracks come off of an impact point forged by a hit from an external matter of minuscule size. Usually, Stars are of small size, but when it’s created by a slightly larger item, it can be of significant size. A large star break can block the complete front view making the car difficult to drive.

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023
Star Crack in Windshield

Even if you leave a small Star Break unattended, over time, it can expand in size. It may force you to replace your windshield altogether. Having the right skills, fixing a Star Break takes less than half an hour.

Combination Break

As the name suggests, a Combination Break is an amalgamation of multiple types of breaks on a single windshield. Usually, a Combination Break comprises two or more chips and cracks. Unlike Bullseye or Star, these breaks usually wreck a sizable portion of the windshield.

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023
Combination Break

Fixing a windshield with a combination crack is really difficult. And if you are reading this guide on how to fix a cracked windshield with household items so that you can apply it and stop the combination crack spread then we would recommend you to take the help of a professional.

To be honest, you must find yourself pretty lucky if there is a Combination Break on your car’s windshield and it can be fixed with a repair job. Generally, a Combination break requires the replacement of the windshield completely.


Cracks are one of the most destructive windshield breaks one can get. Initially, it will appear as a separate line on your windshield before expanding to a more serious catastrophe. These windshield cracks can be of different nature, caused by various reasons.

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023
Windshield Cracks

Single line cracks can be classified into 3 different categories. Here’s a brief detail for you:

  • Stress Crack: This type of crack does not form out of an impact, but because of temperature fluctuation. People, living in extreme weather conditions where huge temperature change takes place within 24 hours, are the most likely to find Stress Cracks on their car’s windshield.
  • Edge Crack: An Edge Crack forms within 2 inches of a windshield perimeter and extends toward the middle of the glass. At its fullest form, Edge Crack can be measured upto 12 inches long, making the windshield unstable for future use.
  • Floater Crack: On the flip side, a Floater Crack originates anywhere but within 2 inches of a windshield’s edge. Usually, this type of cracks is seen on the middle portion of a windshield.

Surface Pit

Windshield surface pitting is quite a common phenomenon. Most of the aged windshields have several pits on them. Surface Pits are born when sand-like debris collides with a windshield at a very high speed. Though they are pretty common, surface pits are significantly less detrimental than a crack or chip.

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023
Surface Pit Windshield Damage

Pit damage only affects a windshield’s outer skin. It does not influence the middle plastic layer; thus, a windshield can withstand multiple pits for a long period. However, Surface Pits reflect lights of other vehicles, making it harder to drive during after hours.

Now you got a clear idea of different types of windshield cracks. Let’s know what cracks can be repaired at home so that you don’t need to invest a handful in replacing the glass. Dive in!

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What Type of Windshield Cracks Can Be Repaired?

You already have a sound knowledge of different types of windshield cracks. Now probably the most obvious query in your mind is, what type of windshield cracks can be repaired? Is the crack on my windscreen repairable? Well, you have to decide on your own. But we’ll tell you the process. So don’t worry.

Firstly, not all chips or cracks are created equal; they come with different shapes and sizes. So assessing the exact type of your windshield damage is mandatory to determine whether it’s repairable or not. Not only size or shape but also the location of the damage plays a vital role.

Sounding Greek? Fret not; we’ve shown how to scrutinize your windshield crack and find out whether it can be repaired or not in just two steps. Have a look:

Step 1: Take a Close Look at the Chip

“Location matters”- you might have heard it earlier while purchasing your home or renting a flat, but did you know the location of the chip on your windshield is important to determine if you can fix it or not?

Yes, if you find that the chip has grown to the outer edge of your windshield and becomes a crack, you’ll probably need a replacement because in this case, the damage is severe. Along with that, your glass structure has been compromised, and you’re left with no other option without a replacement.

The same thing applies in case the damage lies in the Driver’s Primary Viewing Area (DPVA). The viewing area, which is covered by wipers’ sweep, is defined as DPVA. So, if you find any damage in this location, head to a technician.

If the damage is at some other place, the rest of this guide is going to help you a lot. Wondering how? You need to go through first.

Step 2: Determine the Windshield Damage Type

Before you proceed with our DIY hacks to repair your windscreen, you must have a clear knowledge of the damage type to ensure it’s repairable. So, what kind of windshield cracks can be repaired? We will learn it below. Here we go:

Can a BullsEye Crack Be Repaired?

The answer is Yes, in a single word. But, some conditions apply to it. If the BullsEye crack has the diameter of an inch or less than that and there is no dirt or debris stuck in the head of the eye, you can repair it easily.

But if the damage is done at the driver’s field of vision, you’ll probably need to change the windscreen.

Is Combination Break Windshield Crack Repairable?

Among all types of repairable windshield cracks, Combination Break is the one with vulnerabilities. Yes, if the diameter of the damage stays within 2 inches, excluding subsurface breaks or legs, you can easily repair it at home.

In case the diameter is larger than 2 inches, it will extend to the outer edges of the glass if not repaired immediately by a technician.

Can a Cracked Windshield Be Repaired?

Yes, a cracked windshield can be repaired, but the length of the crack has to be within 14 inches and out of the driver’s field of vision.

Can a Half Moon Crack in the Windshield Be Repaired?

You already know that a Half Moon damage type is nothing but a partial Bullseye. If the diameter of the damage is of an inch or smaller than that, you can repair it at home only.

Can a Stress Crack Be Repaired?

Yes, it is fixable. But you have to closely examine it and determine whether the diameter of the break lies within 3 inches or not. If it is within 3 inches and not in the driver’s field of vision, no need of a technician. This DIY guide will help you only.

Can You Fix Surface Pit Cracks in Windshield?

Well, if the Surface Pit on your windshield has a diameter of not less than 1/8 inch, you can repair it easily. However, you have to be cautious because many small pits restrict your action of fixing due to severe damage.

You know all the types of windshield cracks that can be repaired. Now you must check out the methods to fix a Windshield with household items only. We’ve provided the top 4 methods below. So, let’s take a look and learn how to repair a cracked windshield with household items.

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How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items

Fixing a cracked windshield with the help of professionals is not cheap, even if you have the insurance cover for a cracked windshield and glass damages. The reason is simple; you have to pay hundreds of dollars as deductible. However, you can lower your damages with the help of a few regular items.

Yes, we are talking about some of the easy to use windshield crack repair home remedies and the best DIY windshield repair kit.

So without further ado, let’s find out how to stop a windshield crack from spreading and how to fix a cracked windshield with household items immediately. Here we go:

Method 1: How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Super Glue

Using super glue is one of the most effective ways of windshield crack repair. Especially if you have a chip in your windshield and you don’t want it to expand beyond repair. Super glue isn’t hard to find substance. If you don’t own a tube, you can definitely get one at your nearest supermarket or order online from Amazon.

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Before proceeding with the repair process, let me give you a list of supplies you have to keep handy during the process of repairing cracked windshield:

Once you gather all the necessary supplies, you can get started with the windshield crack repair process. Here’s a step by step guide on how to fix a cracked windshield with super glue.

Step 1: First, you’ve to clean the cracked area with Isopropyl Alcohol. Take a paper towel and soak it with alcohol.

Step 2: Then gently rub around the crack to wipe off any sort of impurities and debris.

Step 3: Now take the super glue tube and cut it open with scissors. Now you got to be extra careful because spilling super glue on your body parts can make you go through a hard time.

Step 4: After that, take a cotton swab and dip it into the super glue.

Step 5: Now apply that glue-soaked cotton swab in the damaged area of your windshield.

Step 6: Keep applying super glue until all the visible gaps are filled with glue.

Step 7: Finally, get another paper towel to wipe up the excess glue.

You can realize at this point how easy it is to fix windshield crack with super glue. However, this is only a temporary measure to prevent the crack from expanding and resulting in a completely broken windshield.

If you want a bit more reliable and powerful solution to stop a windshield crack from spreading then try out these other best ways on how to fix a cracked windshield with household items (except super glue).

Method 2: How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Nail Polish

If your car accidentally had a small chip in the windshield, you can keep it in check from transforming into cracks with the help of clear nail polish. This popular cosmetic item is a great reinstatement of super glue. If you apply it correctly, it can allow you to buy some time before rushing into a service stop or doing a proper repair.

This method is as simple as it sounds. There are only two things you need to make it work – a bottle of clear nail polish and a nail polish brush. The whole process of this short-term repair is also very much affordable as both the things will cost you between $10 to $20 only.

If you don’t have a Neil polish at your home, you can easily order a clear Neil polish of your choice from Amazon. Here are a few bestseller options for you:

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Once you got a clear nail polish of your choice and a nail polish brush, now let’s learn how to fix a cracked windshield with household items (we are using a nail polish here):

Step 1: Firstly, you’ve to make sure the windshield is free of dust and debris. The best way to ensure that is to clean the whole glass multiple times with running water.

Step 2: Then, load the nail polish brush with adequate liquid nail polish.

Step 3: Now, apply the clear polish with throughout the chip and the crack, if any. Make sure you’re applying it in an even layer, and the polish is distributed throughout the damaged region filling all the holes.

Step 4: Now put another coat of clear polish from the inner layer of the windshield to further fortify the damage.

Step 5: Once done, pull your vehicle into direct sunlight and let our ultimate life source do its trick of drying up the polish.

Step 6: Now, you’re good to go for a couple of months or so until you get a proper fix.

Nail polish is a temporary sealant for cracks and chips in a windshield. Neither it can make the cracks disappear, nor it can be a long term solution. But surely, it can prevent cracks from getting bigger up to a certain time.

So, if you think you can get out of this trouble of cracked windshield only with the help of clear nail polish, you should think twice.

Method 3: How to Fix a Cracked Windshield Yourself with Rubbing Alcohol

When it comes to hiding cracks in a windshield, rubbing alcohol, along with a few other supplies, works like magic. This mixture of rubbing alcohol is one of the best things you can put on your defective front glass if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars replacing the glass yet.

Among some of the best home remedies for fixing a cracked windshield, repairing windshield crack with salt, bug spray, and rubbing alcohol is a quite effective and stable option.

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So, if you want to stop or slow the spread of a windshield crack, you’ll have to first make a DIY mix with the help of below-listed items:

Once you collected all these items, take a bowl, and mix these things properly until the salt particles get fully dissolved. Now take a sponge or a piece of cloth and get started with repairing your windshield without making a hole in your purse.

Here’s what you should do when you have completed the above tasks and learn how to fix a cracked windshield with household items (bug spray, salt and rubbing alcohol):

Step 1: First of all, soak the sponge completely with the mix.

Step 2: Now gently rub the sponge on the crack you want to repair.

Step 3: After rubbing, park your vehicle on a shaded and dry place to let the mixture dry up.

Step 4: It will take around two hours before the mixture will totally dry up.

Step 5: After 2 hours, check the windshield for any visible cracks.

Step 6: If you still see cracks apply the mix and let it dry until the cracks disappear completely.

Once you’re done with all these steps, nobody won’t notice any visible cracks on your windshield as this solution creates a layer between the cracks, thus stopping lights from reflecting. However, just like the previous windshield crack repair solutions, this one also doesn’t repair windshield cracks. It only makes them invisible to human eyes.

If you want a long-term restoration, you can’t do it by yourself without taking an expert’s help.

Method 4: Repair Windshield Cracks using a DIY Windshield Repair Kit

In case, if you are not 100% convinced and comfortable to repair a cracked windshield with household items (as explained above) then you should go for a best DIY windshield crack repair kit or a best professional windshield repair kit for cracks.

And if you have a few questions like – Do windshield repair kits work? How much does it cost to repair a cracked windshield using a DIY windshield repair kit? And what is the best windshield crack repair kit on the market?

Then the answer is, Yes! If a DIY repair is done correctly, it will stop the windshield cracks from spreading. Generally, the windshield crack repair kits cost between $10 to $15 per piece depending on where you buy it. Now to answer this question “what is the best windshield repair kit to fix a cracked windshield?” here we have listed some of the best windshield repair kits for you:

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These windshield glass repair kits are available on online marketplaces as well as car spare parts showrooms. You can get it from anywhere you want and use any of these you want. However, if you are asking for our recommended choice then we would suggest you go for the Permatex windshield repair kit.

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit is famous for its cost-effective way of repairing cracked windshields. With proper application, this powerful windshield repair adhesive syringes can fix small cracks, chips, and Bullseye damages for an extended period of time.

This cracked windshield repair kit package includes an adhesive filled syringe, a dual taped disk, and a pedestal disk to hold the syringe. Apart from the kit, you’ll need cleaning alcohol and cleaning cloth.

Follow the below-mentioned method properly to have a successful windshield fixing. Here’s how to fix a cracked windshield with household items (here we are using a DIY windshield repair kit):

Step 1: First of all, you have to clean the chipped area with alcohol.

Step 2: Then, put the dual taped disk on the area keeping the chip in the dead middle.

Step 3: Now, attach the pedestal disk on top of the double-sided taped disk and keep it that way for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Now, bring up the adhesive-filled syringe and gently stick it to the pedestal disk.

Step 5: Pull and push the syringe head for around ten times before leaving the whole thing to dry up for 30 minutes.

Step 6: Once 30 minutes wait period is over, remove the whole contraption and clean up the additional glue.

Step 7: Your windshield will look much better now making the chip minuscule and hard to notice.

This method of windshield fixing is tested and proven. If you visit the review page of these bestseller windshield repair kits in any online marketplace, you’ll find many satisfied consumers praising these DIY windshield chip repair kits for their effectiveness.

So, if you don’t want to visit windshield repair centers for the next couple of years, you should go for Permatex Windshield Repair Kit or Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit.

You know the different methods of repairing a cracked windshield and exact steps of how to fix a cracked windshield with household items and windshield crack repair kits. But do you know when to repair or replace a windshield? Or, at least how to determine whether your windscreen can be repaired or you need a replacement?

No worries, we are here to share every bit of information. You just need to stick to us and scroll.

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When to Repair or Replace a Cracked Windshield?

After knowing about the different types of windshield cracks and how to fix a cracked windshield with household items or DIY windshield crack repair kits, you might think – Is it better to replace or repair a cracked windshield? Should I repair or replace windshield crack?

If you are feeling a bit conflicted about this decision, then simply read the below-explained information carefully and you will be able to find out when to repair or replace a cracked windshield.

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023
Windshield repairing vs Windshield replacement | (Image credit: Cars Australia)

We’ve already mentioned that a chipped or cracked windshield is repairable only when the damage size is smaller. Now it is quite difficult to say whether the chip will remain a chip or grow into a crack.

Many people have found that a chip grows into a crack overnight. So, you need to pay immediate attention whenever you hear that your windscreen is pelted by a stone or something like that.

However, a few major factors are related to your windshield repair or replacement. These factors actually answer your query “Should I repair or replace my cracked windshield?” Scroll down to have a look:


Safety is the most important concern in the automotive world. Many people think it’s ok to drive a car with a cracked windshield. But it’s not. Yes, traveling to a short distance is maybe doable but when you are driving for long hours, it’s better to ensure your security first.

A windshield provides 45% to 60% structural integrity of your vehicle. So, if it is damaged, your safety will be compromised totally. Hence, it’s always advisable to repair or replace windshield whenever you find a chip or crack on it.


Driving a car that is damaged in a way that it blocks driver’s visibility is a total risk. Even some states like Pennsylvania have declared that it’s illegal to drive a car with a damaged windshield.

That’s why if you find a big crack is blocking the driver’s visibility, consider replacing it as soon as possible.


You might already know that size matters for a chip or crack to determine whether is it better to repair or replace a windshield? Or, when should you replace a cracked windshield?- the timing.

Usually chips smaller than a quarter and cracks up to 3 inches are easily repairable. But if the size of the crack grows more than 14 inches, you will lose the option of repairing it. Hence, the size of the damage is a crucial factor.


This factor is in close relation with size but differs a bit. The depth of a chip or crack is basically the actual measurement of how deep the damage penetrates.

A windscreen is basically a glass sandwich that has one outer layer of glass, one inner layer of glass, and a plastic layer in between. If the damage reaches the inner layer glass, then it’s too severe and can’t be repaired.


Next up, the location of the damage. This is the key factor that decides can you fix a cracked windshield without replacing it or not. If the crack is made on the outer edge of the glass, your vehicle’s structural integrity has been compromised. So you need to replace it.

If the damage lies in the driver’s field of vision, consider replacing it immediately as both the driver and passenger will be at risk while traveling.

Finally, if you find the damage is in the view of sensors like rain sensors, automatic braking systems, lane departure warning systems, or automated driver assistance systems (ADAS), you must replace your windscreen. All these sensors need a crystal clear view. So, a near-perfect repair can also cause malfunctions. Hence, replacing your windshield is the only option here.

Are you still curious to know when to repair or replace windshield cracks?

If you want a quick and brief answer to the question “When to repair or replace a cracked windshield?” then you can check out this infographic by the Cars Australia. These essential questions might help you understand when glass can be repaired or when replacement is necessary:

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items in 2023
When to repair or replace a cracked windshield? Is it better to replace or repair a cracked windshield?

These are the signs a windshield can be repaired or should be replaced. Repairing is easy as you can do it at home. But what about replacing your windscreen? How much does it cost to replace a cracked windshield? We’ll learn it below.

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Cracked Windshield?

A windshield crack can only be repaired when the damage is of a smaller size. Generally, the cost of repairing cracked windshield ranges between $20 to $100. But the expenses vary depending on the type of damage you’ve got on your windscreen.

If it’s a gravel that hit your windscreen and left a mark, you will require around $30 to repair this type of damage with a windshield crack repair kit.

Run your fingernail on the surface of the crack, and if it’s caught, the windshield crack repair cost will be around $20 to $60. An auto glass repair shop may help you in this case. A mobile service cracked windshield repair cost will be up to $55. If there are multiple damages, then you have to pay the same for each number of crack.

Alongside the number, the size of the crack also determines how much to fix a cracked windshield. Chips or cracks with a length upto a foot may cost $50 to $60 for repair. If the length is in between one foot to 2 feet, you’ll have to spend $60 to $70 for repairing it.

Cracked Windshield Repair Cost (Average Price by Vehicle Type):

Does your vehicle type also decide – how much does it cost to fix a cracked windshield? Here we’ve provided an average estimation of windshield crack repair cost:

  • Passenger vehicle: $157 to $324
  • Pickup truck: $164 to $310
  • Sports utility vehicle: $164 to $290
  • Minivan: $174 to $294

Since now you know how to fix a cracked windshield with household items and how much does it cost to fix a cracked windshield, let’s learn about the windshield replacement cost now.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Windshield?

Windshield replacement includes more than just fixing the cracks or chips. Replacement includes glass, installation, adhesive, and cleaning. Undoubtedly, a windshield replacement is going to cost you an arm, at least way more than repairing cost.

A typical replacement process costs between $90 to $780. Most of the windshield replacement costs fall between $153 to $337, with the average being $218. However, the windshield replacement cost for older economy cars is quite low than that of a new luxury car.

If your windscreen damage is too serious and you need to replace rain-sensing wipers, whole display, and other components, it will automatically add more buck on the base price of a windshield replacement. Even, for high-end advanced vehicles, the windshield replacement cost may rise up to $1000.

Author’s view on How to Fix a Cracked Windshield with Household Items

Well, a close examination of your damage type is required even before you decide whether to repair or replace your windshield. Once you think, the damage is not too extensive, and household items are enough to take care of it, you must go for picking the most suitable method (how to repair a cracked windshield with household items) explained above.

Once you pick a preferable method, you should follow the step-by-step windshield crack repair process just to ensure that you don’t skip any. Again, we’ll suggest you check the damage properly and only after deciding whether you need a technician’s help or not.

How to fix a cracked windshield with household items – Was this guide helpful? Which DIY windshield crack repair method you picked to fix your cracked windshield? Let us know in the comment box below. Stay tuned for more automotive guides. Adios!

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