How to Repair Sun Damaged Car Paint in 7 Simple Steps

how to repair sun damaged car paint

It is likely for most people to have noticed fainted car paints over the years. The once radiating car paint slowly becomes faded and thereby starts to lose its original glow. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Well, simply NOT because it’s old! It is because of the effect of sunlight on car paint that slowly dulls the surface paint and makes it look faded. Most people here would think about what can be done if the color fades due to sun rays as the car is obviously supposed to be driven under the sun only! Yes, you are right! And you cannot certainly do anything to save it from being driven under the sun! So, what you can do is, take precautionary measures to prevent the fading for a longer period. You can also use the several faded paint restoration products available in the market these days that help in restoring your car’s original paint glow easily. And …

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13 Best Sound Deadening Material for Cars to Use in 2023

best sound deadening material for cars

It is often noticed that when we want to talk to our fellow passengers inside a car or try to listen to some soothing music, we are often interrupted by the loud noise coming from outside the vehicle. And sometimes, when we ride on jam-packed roads, the sound of mere other vehicles honking makes us feel irritated. And that is why some car owners prefer installing sound deadeners in cars so that they can deter the extra noise coming inside the vehicle when it is not required inside. When you install sound-deadening materials in your car, it not only saves you from the extra loud noise outside but also helps you get a peaceful ride all throughout. Now, some people might be wondering, does sound deadening work in cars in reality? Well, it does! In fact, some materials are so high quality that they do not allow any type of sound to come inside the car, disturbing your conversations or …

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Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Cause Problems in Your Car?

can fuel injector cleaner cause problems

Every part of a car is important. No valve, pump, or pipe is useless. A fuel injector is one such small yet very crucial part. After all, it is the one that sprays fuel into your car’s engine. Therefore, keeping it clean is of utmost importance. There are different fuel injector cleaners available in the market. They are poured into the fuel tank and clean all the debris, carbon buildup, and soot. It is an effective way to clean your car’s fuel system as a dirty system can make your engine sluggish, affecting your fuel economy and mileage. But some people complain about problems after fuel injection cleaning. Is it true? Can fuel injector cleaner hurt your car? Can fuel injector cleaner cause smoke? If you also wonder, this guide is for you.Here, you will learn what a fuel injector is cleaner, how it works, can it cause any problems, and what are the best fuel injector cleaners available in …

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What Do Car Dealers Use to Shine Cars and How You Can Do It Too?

what do car dealers use to shine cars

Do you love that fresh out-of-the-showroom car shine? Are you craving to get it on your used car as well? Are the process and costs hindering you from getting the glossy surface back on your car of late? If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then you are on the right page! As car owners, we often worry about what car dealers use to shine cars, right? And why not? The fresh out of the showroom shine is so adorable and attractive that every car owner would thrive to keep it lasting for long! But alas, it does not seem to last for a more extended period, and as we keep using the car, it starts fading slowly. So, the question of how do car dealers make cars so shiny still remains unanswered! Well, they use a lot of products to keep the vehicle shine intact for a more extended time (or at least till the car …

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