13 Best Rock Lights for Trucks on the Market Right Now (2023)

Be it a regular driver or off-road driver, driving heavy vehicles without properly upgrading them with specific equipment could prove to be dangerous. From all others, the best rock lights for trucks or in other vehicles are essential equipment.

Some people install rock lights to modify their vehicles with colorful patterns, while others install them for extra safety. Whether it’s the sides of the road or more illumination around and below the truck, rock lights are essential for the best driving experience, especially for trucks and off-road vehicles.

Installing the best brand rock lights for trucks gives a new touch and practical addition to any vehicle. The sides of the road could be more visible while driving at night.

best rock lights for trucks
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Apart from it, rock lights also help to make vehicles more visible to other drivers on the road. Thus, rock lights do not give a great look yet; they also provide an extra security measure while driving.

You can find a perfect rock light set for raised or low off-roading vehicles. But, matching it with features like long life span, durability, easy installation, and of course, looks great is an essential task for any driver. That’s why, this content will guide you with crucial details of rock lights for trucks and will filter your search for the best rock lights for trucks on the market.

What are Rock Lights on a Truck?

You must be wondering what are rock lights on a truck? Also known as RGB or color rock lights, rock lights are little LED lights usually installed on the underside of your truck. Mainly rock lights are utilized to brighten the ground directly underneath the truck’s front side to uncover rocks and other hurdles while driving at night. So, the primary function of rock lights is to make off-roading safer and more accessible by lessening the chances of damage to the vehicle’s wheels, tires, and suspension components.

The best rock lights for trucks will offer you more light during the night on the road, a smooth-riding, and a comfortable driving experience. However, rather than safety measures, rocks lights have also become an instrument for trucks’ colorful lighting. There are numerous RGB kits or static colors of rock lights available. You can choose a rock light kit that matches the color scheme of your truck. Moreover, you can customize the color patterns and turn them on or off using a remote or mobile application.

Overall, rock lights will offer a more attractive and crazy look to your truck. So, if you are wondering what are the best rock lights for trucks on the market right now? Take a look below with the best-rated rock lights.

13 Best Rock Lights for Trucks on the Market Right Now

The attractive features and safety measures offered by rock light must have impressed you. Now, you must be thinking of buying one for your truck. For your ease, below are some top-rated and best rock lights for trucks and jeeps. All the products are handpicked while considering the features like durability, long life, and best price options to provide you with the best brand rock lights. Check below the list of the 13 best rock lights for trucks on the market right now.

MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights

Mictuning 2nd-gen RGB rock lights are the brightest rock lights for trucks. These 2nd-gen RGB lights are available in two sizes, of four pods and eight lighting pods. The lights are made with aluminium to ensure durability and a solid frame. The unique RGB system that offers different colors to choose from makes it the best rock light for trucks. Moreover, the lights have music mode and can sync with bass.
Additionally, easy installation, IP68 waterproof & shockproof make it the best choice for an off-roading experience on a truck. The compact design of the lights allows you to use them on trucks, jeeps, and motorbikes, and the lights work on DC 12V-124V voltage input.

You can control the light patterns with Bluetooth controllers and the smartphone app. The mobile app also helps to control brightness, lighting speed, and other useful features that offer crazy looks and safety during the night on the road. You can download the company app for the proper guidance on the installation process.


  • All premium features under reasonable price
  • Installation is easy
  • Music mode is an advanced feature
  • The design is compact and robust


  • Some find the product expensive
  • Sometimes the controls don’t respond


LEDMIRCY LED rock lights are included in the list due to the extraordinary features that make them the best rock lights for jeeps and trucks. In terms of safety, lights are pretty bright and offer required visibility when driving at night. So, whether you go on off-road, earthen roads, trails, or wherever, these lights will enhance your driving experience in all conditions.

The company claims a 50,000 hours life span. The CREE XBD LED technology makes them the brightest led rock lights at night. The frames are made with aluminum and include hard glass to protect LEDs from any scratches or breakages from debris. The shock impact design makes them perfect to use for off-roading vehicles. The installation process is relatively easy, and no special tools are required. Overall, these are the best rock lights for trucks, jeeps, and motorbikes, considering the features.


  • Each LED pod is 9 watts
  • Latest LED technology and wide shine lens
  • Lights are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof


  • It doesn’t include a power switch


Sunpine LED rock lights come in 8 pod light kits, and with 50,000+ hours life span, these provide a colorful look and offer safety while driving off-road. You can download the company’s app and control the lights with your smartphone. These LED lights also synchronized with music and had different build modes to shine in different colors. These RGB rock lights with remote allow you to control the flashing speed, timing, and brightness of the lights. Additionally, the durability and high-temperature resistance will assist in the long run.

The die-cast aluminum body and IP67 rate protect the lights from dust, water, and debris. The LED light kit features 9 to 30 voltage, 9 watts, and comes with a long wired switch to install inside the car for easy use. The installation process is made relatively easy, as the company provides a guidance video to complete the process. The highly resistant LED glass with brightening light makes them the best brand rock lights for trucks.


  • Made with the most challenging aluminum and glass
  • One of the affordable lights
  • Universal fit for even motorbike


  • Additional wires required during installation

BukNikis LED Rock Light Kits

The high-quality six-light pods will immensely please you with their fantastic performance. These lights are IP68 waterproof and made with high-quality aluminium to offer durability even in extreme road conditions. The LED lenses are made with polycarbonate, resistant to high temperatures and scratches from the outside. The company claims a 50,000 hours long life span, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty of LEDs, which make them the best white led rock lights.

If you are looking to modify your truck with some crazy lights, these six pods with 3 Cree LEDs in each will do your work. You can also use the mobile app to control the lights’ speed, color pattern, and brightness. The installation process is relatively easy, and it comes with an installation guide for popper fitting. Moreover, these best white rock lights work on 9 watts of power, and in the box, you will get extra wire extensions for proper fit.


  • It has 365 days money back policy
  • Design is compact and easy to install
  • Inner LEDs are protected with epoxy resin


  • It is single color LEDs

Xprite Bluetooth LED RGB Rock Light Kits

Xprite RGB LED lights come in 3 different sets of 4, 6, and 8 pod light kits with multicolour neo functions are the best rock lights on the market. You can control them with a Bluetooth controller and change the lights’ speed, brightness, and colors. Moreover, these lights could also synchronize with music and flash with bass. Thus, it would add another star to your truck’s modification process. You can use a mobile application to control the lights on your fingertips. The usability with easement makes them the best rock lights for ATVs, trucks, and jeeps. The high performance 120 degrees RGB beam will illuminate the underneath of your truck to have a smooth driving experience on rocky roads.

These rock lights are made with aluminum and the 3D toughened glass lens that extends the life span up to 50,000 hours. These brightest rock lights for trucks are made with polycarbonate material for more durability and provide dust, water, and shockproof resistance. So, these rock lights would be your accurate assistant for the best driving experience in all road conditions. The company has provided a 10 ft extension cable for easy installation at home, and you can also take help from a manual guide for perfect installation.


  • The Bluetoothjeepsction helps in easy operation
  • It is a weatherproof product
  • High beam and wide-angle


  • It has a limited warranty

Ampper LED Rock Lights

Ampper LED rock lights are another top-rated and best brand rock light for trucks. These rock lights are made with high-quality aluminum and IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Which means your off-road experience would always be smooth. It also has a corrosion-resistant material that is ideal for any weather conditions. These LED lights work on 12 – 24V power, which will illuminate the underneath and front of your truck. The durability and design offer a long life span of up to 50,000 hours. Hence, you can enjoy the longevity of lights without any replacement or repair.

The compact & universal design makes them the best rock lights for trucks, jeeps, ATVs, and motorbikes. Apart from using rock lights, these LEDs could also replace your headlights for an excavator, boat lights, and lights for heavy vehicles. The installation process is similar to other rock lights, and you can fit these lights anywhere underneath the truck.


  • Every pod has three chips with 3 watts
  • A compact and universal design
  • It has a metallic finish


  • Based on the user’s rating, installation may require a professional
  • All LEDs are of the same color


YCHOW-TECh RGB lights come in 4, 6, and 12 pod neon light kits. So, choose based on your needs. These rock light LEDs work on a 12V-24V power source. These brightest led rock lights produce around 500 lumens, which is sufficient to illuminate your wheel’s surface of a truck at night. These are robust and sturdy, made from lightweight aluminium, and provide a long life span. The brighter lights, durable design, and low energy consumption make it the best product for trucks for off-roading at night.

You can also get a mobile application to control the lights on your fingertips. With the mobile app, you can do customizations like changing speed light patterns to selecting 129 different scene modes. Apart from security and safety during the night, these rock lights have 16 million color combinations that will give a fantastic look to your vehicle. Interestingly, the in-built microphone will sync the lights with music to dance with music modes. The rock lights offer a vast 150 degrees light angle, making them the best rock lights on the market and compatible for trucks, ATVs, UTV, cruisers, and street bikes.


  • Easy to Mount
  • It has an optimized app control system
  • Weather and waterproof


  • An extra wire extension is required for installation

Amak LED Rock Light Kit

Amark LED rock lights come in 4 pods kit that are the brightest white rock lights enough to illuminate all sides of a truck at night. The company offers a 365-day money-back policy; thus, claim your total refund if you are unsatisfied with the product. The reason to add Amark LED lights to the list is its lifetime warranty along with the 50,000 hours of life span. Thus, it is a one-time investment and will stay a permanent off-roading partner with your truck. The four pods consist of 3 Cree LEDs, each of these brightest led rock lights to effectively illuminate the front and underneath of the truck. The product is made with the most rigid aluminum and hard glass to give proper resistance to high temperatures and weather conditions.

The four pods lights are waterproof and dustproof with IP67 certification. Moreover, the anti-corrosion and shockproof properties allow you to drive your truck on muddy or rocky roads without damaging the rock lights. These rock lights perfectly work on 9V-32V along with 14 gauge wire if you require them. The compact size and durability make them the best rock lights for jeep wranglers, trucks, jeeps, cars, golf carts, motorbikes, ATVs, and SUVs.


  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • LEDs are sturdy and compact
  • Installation is quite easy


  • An extra wire extension may be required
  • These are only white LEDs

Niwaker RGB Rock Light Kits

Niwaker RGB lights are built with lightweight aluminum and provide a multi color lights pattern that would not only brighten the truck’s underneath but will give a fantastic view to the vehicle. Depending on your vehicle’s size, you can choose from 4, 6, 8, and 12 pod kits. It comes with a Bluetooth controller to control and adjust brightness, flicker frequency, and colors. The 16 million different color options give you variety to set and enhance the look of your vehicle. If you are looking for a crazy lighting modification for a vehicle, these best and brightest rock lights have 24pcs Cree led chips that work on 72W power to give a colorful and fantastic look.

The 7,200 LM emissions make them the brightest white rock lights enough to illuminate the underneath and front of the trucks. You can change the color depending on your choice. A smartphone app is also available to adjust lights with a few clicks for quick customizations of rock lights. The 50,000 hours life span, along with waterproof and shockproof with IP68, will never make you repair or replace the lights. You can use a mobile app for proper guidance to easily install the lights at home. Universal design makes it the best rock light for all four-wheelers, trucks, dirt bikes, and pickup trucks.365-day.


  • These lights have the highest lm 7,200
  • The product is IP68 certified
  • On application guidance for easy installation


  • Some users reported poor customer support
  • Some Bluetooth issues

OPT7 Quantum Pro Rock Lights

OPT7 Quantum rock lights are another best rock light on the market for your vehicle. Made with the finest aluminum, these rock lights are waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 certificate. No matter if you drive trucks off-roading, muddy roads, ice roads, these LEDs lights will always have you back at night with maximum illumination. These are multicolor rock lights that can be controlled via a Bluetooth controller and a mobile application. These RGB rock lights with remote and a mobile app have more features like adjusting brightness, selecting colors, to changing flash frequency; everything can be done with a few clicks.

Moreover, these aura pro rock lights work on quantum color technology that projects around 1600 lumens per LED pod, which could be sufficient to illuminate your vehicle underneath, wheels, and suspension components. For easy installation at home, the rock lights box includes the 4 rock light pods, fuse taps, a Bluetooth controller, door assist acc wire, mounting screw, and connection cables to proper fit. The compact design makes them the best rock lights for trucks, jeeps, ATVs and UTVs. Overall, OPT7 rock lights are a practical solution for the best off-road driving while giving a colorful touch to the base of your vehicle.


  • The highest IP rating for protection
  • The optional rubber pads to reduce the impact
  • LEDs are very bright


  • A proper manual guide is not provided

SUNPIE Pure White LED Rock Lights Kits

Another durable rock light from SUNPIE comes in 6 pod lights that run with the vehicle with 9-30V power. The six pods lights are compact and compatible with average size vehicles to heavy-duty vehicles like ATVs, SUVs, motorbikes, trucks, and jeeps. These brightest white rock lights are specially reinforced for a long run with a 30,000 hours life span. Pods shells are made from durable aluminum and also offer anti-corrosion features. The IP67 certification makes it dust and waterproof to tackle all road conditions and extreme weather. The original Cree led chip emits up to 6000k pure white colors to properly illuminate your vehicle’s base at night.

The LEDs produce a soft white light at night for clear vision not to yourself but to other drivers on the road to prevent any glare. The best location for rock lights is underneath the vehicle, and avoid fitting near the engine as engineer heat may damage the lights. The company also provides a manual guide for proper installation at home.


  • It is specially made with durable and sturdy material.
  • The die-cast aluminum increase the overall life
  • Highest white color brightness


  • The life span of 30,000 is less than other lights
  • You can’t control it with a mobile app


The MICTUNING 8 Pod RGB Neon LED Light Kit is the brightest led rock light if you seek absolute control of the lighting at night while off-roading. The rock lights come with 15 different colour options to choose from. You can control these RGB rock lights with a remote control that helps you to customize the brightness full rhythm options. These rock lights also have offload and inside lighting choices. You can easily link extra pods and control them similar to others if you want. All pods are made from aluminum and planned with a blue tone even when unlit. Moreover, the lights are made shockproof for longer life in any road conditions. The heat dispersal system protects it from overheating or heat from the vehicle’s engine.

The IP68 certificate makes the lights waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion, ensuring a life span of up to 50,000 hours. These premium LEDs come in different sets, 8 sets 4pcs or 8pcs to fit together, making them the best rock lights on the market. To run along with your vehicle, the rock lights demand power of 10V-30V input voltage. The Bluetooth control comes with the latest advanced chip to remove any lags. The installation is easy, and the company provides an extension wire for proper fit.


  • The extendable wires are provided
  • The colors combination is warm
  • It reduces glare for road compliance
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • You only get a single lighting option
  • You might need a specific tool for installation

MustWin RGB LED Rock Lights

MustWin RGB LED Rock Lights with 60 LED light units and multicolour neon lights are top-rated and best rock lights for trucks and jeeps. These lights are controlled with a Bluetooth control with three control modes. Moreover, you can also use mobile apps to control brightness, flash frequency, and lighting speed. It has a unique brake warning. Whenever you press brakes, the LEDs turn red and indicate others on the road to ensure safety. The frames are made with robust aluminum, which offers more durability. The IP68 makes the light waterproof and the rigid plastic material dustproof and rustproof. However, install the controller safely, as it isn’t waterproof. These are the brightest white rock lights with 15 SMD beads, with each pod emitting the brightest lights.

These RGB rock lights have 16 million multi-colours that you can change or customize from a mobile app. Apart from safety measures, these multi-colours will offer a more fantastic look to your vehicle. The built-in music synchronized the lights with music to dance to the rhythm. Moreover, the installation process is relatively easy for everyone and doesn’t require specific tools. The universal size makes them the best rock lights for trucks, ATVs, UTV, SUVs, and jeeps.


  • It consumes less power
  • One of the brightest LED lights
  • It has a 2-year warranty


  • App connectivity has lags

How Much Does It Cost to Install Rock Lights on a Truck?

From the products mentioned above, if you have decided to choose rock lights for truck installation, you must now wonder whether to install them at home or from installation services. Some people usually prefer a mechanic over installing it at home to make the wires and fitting work correctly to avoid damaging the product. Thus, if you also choose to do it from lighting installation services, you must be wondering how much it costs to install rock lights on a truck?.

Most lighting installation services have an hourly rate from $45 to $125 on average. Simply put, a low-end and high-end installation service might charge $75/hour and $125/hour, respectively. More precisely, if you reside in an area with more shop rate, the installation may also reach up to $350 to $600 for the entire installation. However, some areas with low installation rates could lie between $60 to $135.

Is It Illegal to Drive with Rock Lights On?

Choosing the rock lights, buying, and installing is not that difficult, as the one thing that concerns most people who are rock lights legal? The rock lights with multiple colors usually emit bright colors that often create a question in everyone’s mind, is it illegal to drive with rock lights on?. The simple answer to this question is not yet available. However, it mainly depends upon the state or area where you live. Some states put a total ban on driving with rock lights on, and other states have partially allowed or set some rules to use the rock lights on vehicles.

These rules comprise of:

  • Driving with rock lights on might distract other drivers on the road, so it is illegal to go with rock lights on.
  • Using blue or red rock lights while driving could be an act of impersonation of a cop, so you have to avoid these as well.
  • Generally, white or amber rock lights are legal to drive in most states. But for proper surety, you must check the rule book before driving.

What are the Best Rock Lights for Trucks on the Market?

To conclude, rock lights are essential safety equipment for your truck or other vehicles. No matter if you love modifying your trucks or more into off-roading driving. In any case, the top-rated and best rock lights for trucks and jeeps will assist you in giving a clear vision of the underneath and front of your vehicle, including wheels, suspension components, and hurdles on roads for a smooth ride. But, these also offer a crazy and fantastic look to your vehicle with multicolour RGB lights.

Thus, the list mentioned above of best rock lights for trucks must narrow your search and help you choose an appropriate product for your truck. All products are best in quality, features, and easy installation. However, for your ease, the best rock lights from all are; MICTUNING 2nd-gen RGB lights, BukNikis LED rock Lights, and OPT7 Quantum Pro lights for easy installation durability, long-lasting usability, and features according to the price. Whether you want to modify a truck with RGB lights or the purpose is to provide better illumination during off-roading at night, all these brightest led rock lights are perfect to choose.

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