13 Best Cars for First-Time Buyers in Australia Right Now

Knowing about all the most affordable cars for first-time drivers and the best cars for first-time buyers (of current times) will make a much bigger difference in how you decide what type of car you want for yourself and your family if you are buying for the first time.

Unquestionably, a simple search for the best first cars to buy, Google yields over hundreds of cars and car brands suggestions. However, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to pick the right car for yourself while also keeping the budget in mind.

That’s is why we decided to help you in the process of buying your first car by letting you know what’s the best car for first-time drivers in Australia and what are some of the best affordable cars for first-time buyers.

best cars for first-time buyers
Top 13 best first cars in Australia: A buyer’s guide for new drivers. All the best cars for first-time buyers in Australia right now.
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In the megacity line, the automobile industry of Australia is flocking since the peak of its civilization. A car enthusiast or not, buying a new car is always exciting. If you have already bought your first, a toast to you, but if you are going to buy a car for the first time then you must want to know all about it before the purchase.

Car buyers often get themselves trapped in the art of charades occasionally performed by the car dealers. So, grasping a stuff or two about the cars can reduce the risk of getting your hands on the bad ones. However getting knowledge about cars from a friend or a family member can be fine, but to know about the best cars for first-time buyers and first-time drivers, we recommend you go through a few up-to-date websites with all the news on the specific cars you like.

Now let’s talk about the Australian market and what are the most prevalent car models they tend to use. In the earlier times, Australian automobile markets were reined by the renowned Asian and European brands. But in recent years the Australians automobile industry has managed to make their unique large size passenger cars going through the details of what their customers are looking for.

Also, Australian car brands have made a name itself in the industry with their efficient and glorious tech-savvy automobiles.

Car buying is trouble enough, but if you are at it for the first time, you may want to have all the precise knowledge about the choice of your cars. Knowing A to Z about your preferred model is the first and foremost thing you need to do.

And we know that car buying is nothing like grocery shopping. You cannot make a list of ingredients and fetch them from the supermarket; you need to focus on everything you want in your car.

Let’s be real here, a car is supposed to stay with you for a longer period of time and you are almost paying an arm and leg to make it yours. And if you are a residential Australian then knowing about the automobile market of your country will come in notably handy.

Stocking up on the oil prices is extremely important and knowing the exact brands which have less consumption and run the mileage without breaking a sweat is crucial as well. The fuel price varies from country to country, and all of the countries have different and unique geological features. Thus, not all brands of automobiles can keep up with the differences.

Choosing the right car preferably the one that suits you and your region well, is a smart decision. As the list goes on and on, Australians go for the large passenger ones, whether it’s from the home brand or the international ones.

Before we move ahead and find out what are the best cars for first-time buyers in Australia, let’s learn a bit about what should you look for when buying your first car and what are some of the most essential tips for first-time car buyers.

What Do You Need from Your First Car?

Buying the first car is always the toughest decision, but once you are through with it; you are going to feel more relaxed. However, car buying is as daunting as it sounds and going to purchase one without doing the homework is equal to inviting living nightmares.

Well, here are some of the record tips for you, first get your priorities set, next make a difference between your want and need. We know that what you want cannot always come in a ribbon-tied basket, so prioritizing your need can help you to get to your goal faster.

If you are buying a car for the first time, it is important that you make a note on the finance before going for the purchase. There are many options to choose from, you can certainly find the one that fits in your budget and can make up to almost all of your desired features. This way you can know which car possesses what features and among those how many are up to your alley.

For the help, you can check out this detailed guide “first-time car buying tips ” where we have explained some of the most essential tips for first-time car buyers.

No matter what your desires look for the quality first, learn about the brand’s history and other products before you settle for it. For a new car, owner quality matters a lot. Look for the safety facilities, if you are traveling with kids, then there are certain safety measures you need to keep in check.

If you choose from any Australian brands, then having space is not going to be a problem. The home brands have a big spacious car for a big family and there are tons of safety attached to it. Also, don’t forget to check the performance quality before buying.

13 Best Cars for First-Time Buyers in Australia Right Now

You can look for numerous reviews online but actually doing a test drive can help avoid all the risks. Knowing and setting your hands with the car is very important. Seat adjustment, front line view, rear view there are many things to keep in mind.

Now comes the reliability, a car must be reliable no matter what, you cannot move about in an unreliable car. This can happen due to various reasons. Brand new cars may seem flawless but only if they are bought with careful details.

Your consumption and daily commute are accountable for a car to stay reliable. If you can handle the car well enough, it will last you a long time. Well, most of the cars these days are very reliable, but if you are rough with your ride, you may not be able to expect a similar result.

Also, geographical features play an important role in maintaining the lifespan of your car. Rocky and hilly roads expect are very durable and stubborn car. Whereas boroughs demand a small commute which is flexible and do not require much space to park and are efficient is cutting traffics and making it to the destination.

Before doing plenty of research on the best cars for first-time buyers in Australia and browsing the latest car models of different car brands, you have to make a major decision between a new car and used car. Here we have presented some facts which might help you in your decision.

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New Car vs Used Car – What Should Your First Car Be?

Teenagers often end up buying used cars and even their parents help them to get one. This is solely because they are cheap. Driving a brand new car just after getting your license done, is a hair raising experience. But due to the high price and branding, new cars often go out of our league.

New car or used car, this is a toss that’s without an answer. But buying new cars have various perks, where buying used cars needs you to be extra careful. But before going through it, getting some research done on new car vs used car pros and cons will be of great help.

Even if you have considered buying used cars, compare your choice and prices with a few of the brand new cars. This is highly recommended as there are many to choose from and certainly makes the list of the best affordable cars for first-time buyers.

best cars for first time buyers in australia

Buying brand new cars have their own perks and facilities, but the high price and high technicality may become a burden to some of you out there.

But in case, if you need a car right away but your pocket is not that supportive. Before you go up and about the high price and give up on the idea of owning a car, you can always opt for a second-hand car.

Although, used cars have a lot of risk factors hovering above it. It could be stolen, or been in a severe accident and are sold for a price of a lemon, but they are not always that bad. You need to be extra careful with your choice and that’s about it.

For example, if you choose your car recklessly and end up buying a very fashionable and power performance car but forgot to check the parts and later on found out that these particular spare parts are not available anywhere. Now that would be a disaster and is enough to keep you away from used cars for good.

best cars for first time drivers in australia

But there are various benefits of buying used cars other than its light price innuendo. For instance, you can actually get a lower insurance premium, lower customization payments, no extra charges, lower depreciation among many other things. However, buying used cars is tricky and would take up your mind and soul if you end up buying the wrong one.

In this case, the best decision to know about the right one for sure is to take a known mechanic along with you to do the extra check. Also buying a used car from a certified place can help with the deals better.

But as mentioned above, new cars have several perks for first-time owners. However, the used cars from a few mentionable brands are not far behind. But owning a brand new car that too for the first time brings a new rushed feeling which is completely unmatched, but the wave of options is endless.

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13 Best Cars for First-Time Buyers in Australia

Well, to ease the deal for you and to help you decide, here are our few best picks among thousands of best cars to buy for first-time drivers in Australia right now. All these best cars for first-time buyers we have listed here are based on their affordable prices, standard safety features, fuel efficiency, and comfortableness in driving for a longer period of time.

So now without any further ado, let’s check out the list of top 13 best cars for first-time drivers in Australia. Here we go:

Honda Jazz

For a first-time car buyer, this hatchback has proven to be one of the best among the list. Style and comfort packed in one; Honda Jazz is certainly one of the best cars for first-time buyers in Australia. If you have a large full-blown family or even if you like to travel alone, this car will meet up your every need.

best car for a first time buyer

With a large spacious interior able to fit five adults, Honda Jazz is just the car you need right now. It’s family-friendly and technologically sound. With Android Auto and Apple car play and an adequate touch-screen display with all the information and entertainment systems, Honda Jazz is one of a kind. They have their magical convertible back seats, which is quite appealing.

Honda Jazz’s looks are on the cuter side than being attractive but to compensate that, Honda Jazz has got you covered with its 1.5 i-VTEC engine, 5-star safety protection and all that comes in around $17,000.

You can visit the official website to check out the brilliant Honda Jazz and other new models of Honda cars.


In for a sedan or a hatchback, Mazda2 has got you covered. Mazda2 has a range of hatchbacks to choose from. It is compact and is considered one of the best city car, because who doesn’t love practicality while commuting. Sedans are cool and have smooth gliding, we agree but hatchbacks are far more practical and almost all the hatchback comes with foldable rear seats.

best car for first time buyer

Mazda2 hatchbacks are one of the greatest choices when it comes to the best cars for first-time drivers. It provides easy access and great comfort for the first time drivers. The Mazda2 sedans are not far away from making the list, they are comfortable and city-friendly, with large indigenous backspace, they are something to splurge on.

With a 1496 cc engine capacity and modern LAS (Lane Assist System), this is your everyday car. The best feature of Mazda2 is that it’s endowed with smart city brake support with pedestrian detection. All of these features come in between $15,000 to $24,000.

Visit the official website to check out the New Mazda2 Small Sedan or Hatchback and various other new models of Mazda cars.

Volkswagen Up

Driving for the first time doesn’t require much, a good lesson and a brand new car. Used cars may not be a good option for the new drivers and even more so if the driver is a teenager. But often parents do not want to splurge on new cars for their children mainly because of the high prices.

best car deals for first time buyers

So, here’s Volkswagen Up, just the car you need for your kids. Or if you are looking for a cheap car, Volkswagen Up is the right choice for you. It features foldable rear seats, with a great navigational system that supports both Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

With a unique bumper design in the front, R-line badging, dark roof with 16 inches lustrous alloy wheels. This car ranges up to $14,000 and saves you a ton of money. Volkswagen Up can easily be considered as one of the best car deals for first-time buyers.

Do you want more detailed information about the Volkswagen Up? Feel free to visit the official website and grasp all the facts related to it, and also check out the other new models of Volkswagen cars.

Holden Spark

The next on our list is Holden Spark, with attractive physical features and great affordable range, this traverse is truly one of the best cars for the first time drivers. Holden Spark has set a new benchmark in the range of small cars. There are several small hatchbacks, which feel just about right until Holden Spark.

best cars for first time drivers

With sectionally advanced suspension and steering gears, cut to the edge technology like Apple Car Play and Android Auto, it stands out in the list of microcars. True to its word this car is full of “spark”, with a powerful 1.4l multi-point engine with maximum torque up to 128nm @ 4400rpm.

Holden Spark is a compact car with smooth gliding technology but it is a bit on the expensive side but comes in a manageable price range of $9000 to $11000. But on the other side, it has got a fuel capacity of 32 liters and the consumption is between 5.8-6.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

You can also visit the official website to check out the amazing Holden Spark and all other new models of Holden cars.

Ford Fiesta

Now, this is the car you can always take home with you. Ford Fiesta is a classic in the small hatchback section in Australia. This car is not only attractive but is incredibly smooth. Ford Fiesta offers great traveling, without experiencing the bumps on the roads. The smooth technology is greatly in your favor if you are traveling a long way, you can hardly feel any stretching or jerking.

best car for first time drivers

With a capacity of a 6.2l engine, Ford Fiesta can make it long. It has an elegant interior vowed to make your vehicle stand out. With technologies like Bluetooth connectivity, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto, this car is certainly your premium buy.

The dashtop screen comes in a small size of 4.2 inches, but if you want you can upgrade it with 5.0 inches. This certainly is one of the best cars for first-time buyers and even more so for the first time drivers as well, as it offers incredible performance and that too in the range of $25,990 to $28,328.

Visit the official website to check out the Ford Fiesta ST Small Hot Hatch and various other new models of Ford cars.

Toyota Corolla

In the line of hatchbacks, Toyota Corolla is one of a kind. However, Toyotas have a range of sedans to choose from as well. There are several features build in the newly launched hatchbacks like an 8-inch touch-screen, Apple Car Play Smartphone Integration. This hatchback can be accounted for as one of the best cars for first-time drivers in Australia.

the best car for first time drivers

It is certainly among the best cars on the list of city cars. Also, its high performance is extremely driver’s friendly. It helps the first time drivers to set their driving skills along with the car’s power performance.

In the new Toyota Corolla, you are showered with many different high graded features like maximum highway mileage of 42 MPG, 168 Horsepower, max torque of 155 and cargo space of 17.8 cubic feet. Toyota Corolla can range anywhere from $18,700 to $19,990. A bit higher on the price but it is practical, and can last you the hardship of the city pretty well.

Do you want to find out how Corolla Hatch keeps getting better? Visit the official website to check out the Toyota Corolla Hatch’s features and various other new models of Toyota cars.

Honda Civic

Not only it has the looks, but are loaded with rich features, making this a one of a kind compact car. Honda Civic is spacious and filled with utilities all in the right proportion. The front seats are built elegantly to provide a great delightful view for the drivers. It is a very important feature for first-time drivers making this one of the best cars for first-time drivers.

the best cars for first time drivers

Who doesn’t like comfort and convenience on the same page, yes; Honda Civic is just the right choice for you. If you like elegance without compromising on the comfort part, then this hatchback could be the one for you.

Honda Civic has got you covered on the technological ground as well, with 17.7 cm touch-screen audio compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto and engine capacity of 1.8l. Honda Civic is cheap, among the other elegant hatchbacks with immense comfort. It can range from $21,500 to $27,120.

Visit the official website to check out the powerful Honda Civic Sedan and various other new models of Honda cars.


Another hatchback just after the Mazda2, Mazda3 is a lot alike, but there several new added features after the new launch. Mazda3 comes with variations and there is a lot more to choose from. An elegant hatchback with the licensed best car for first-time drivers, this is certainly the best choice you can ever get your hands on.

best car for 1st time drivers

There are several perks attached to city practical, city car. Depending on your choice, Mazda3 can come in different sizes, but the hatchbacks are almost the same and are available in small sizes, which practical and convenient. With an engine capacity of 2.0l, this car is a swift and maximum torque of 200nm @ 400rpm and packs a maximum power of 114kW @ 6000 rpm.

The driver specification part rounds up with 6SP manual transmission and front-wheel drive. The price range for this compact hatchback starts with $26,690 but it can fluctuate based on several other factors.

Visit the official website to check out all the revolutionary features of Next-Gen Mazda3 and other new models of Mazda cars.

Fiat 500 (2008-15)

Fiat 500 is small, compact and practical, just the type you need as a city commuter. This hatchback is too practical to be true, and their small stature allows it to park, even in the smallest parking space. There are several factors shouting loud in favor of this car.

If you are a city dweller, then you must be in need of a very practical car, which will cut through the traffic and get you to your destination in your preferable time. This is undoubtedly one of the best cars for first-time drivers.

what are the best cars for first time drivers

Any model of Fiat 500 launched between the year 2008 and 2015 can do the job efficiently. With an engine capacity of 1.2l, Fiat 500 provides longer mileage and one of the best perks of this car is that it helps a lot with fuel consumption.

The quick turn off and on engine button do great justice for this hatchback. With an elegant interior and automatic air conditioner and climate control, Fiat 500 is just the right choice for a first-time driver. The price ranges around $23,200.

Do you want to know why is the Fiat 500 so popular? Visit the official website to check out the astonishing features of this iconic small car and all other new models of Fiat cars.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris can easily pack five adult passengers being a subcompact hatchback, it is greatly spacious. This compact hatchback packs a good engine capacity 1.5l with a horsepower of 106 at 6000 rpm and torque of 103 lb-ft at 4200 RPM. It runs on regular fuel and the drive format for this hatchback is Front-wheel drive just the same as the other hatchbacks.

top cars for first time buyers

The transmission is a usual 5S manual or sometimes a 4S manual with an independent front suspension and torsion beam rear suspension. It also comes with traction control, brake assist, electronic stability control, and electronic brake-force distribution.

This is one of the best cars for 1st-time drivers and as well as a city dweller, as it runs a 30 MPG in the city and 37MPG on the highway. And the upgraded technologies include Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The price is even cheaper than many sub-hatchbacks starting from $15,390.

Visit the official website to check out the surprising features of Toyota Yaris and all other new models of Toyota cars.

Honda CR-V

The hatchbacks are the one most spoken about, but all the hatchbacks can accommodate around only 4 to 5 adults in their space. But Honda CR-V is a seven-seater wagon, with foldable rear seats which provides a large cargo space.

This car is highly recommended for first-time buyers, also for a large family or even a small one if they need extra space. This is a great city car and also proven to be one of the best family cars. This has a different build than the rest of the cars, with an engine capacity of 1.5l is runs pretty smoothly.

best first cars to buy in australia

It has a Turbo direct engine type, maximum torque 240nm @ 2000rpm and a maximum power of 140kW @ 5600rpm. It has a fuel tank capacity of 57l and the combined fuel consumption stands at 7l per 100 kilometers. The price ranges from $28,490 to $33,880.

Visit the official website to check out the remarkable features of Honda CR-V 5 and 7 Seater, and also view all other new models of Honda cars.

Hyundai i30

Our list isn’t complete without mentioning Hyundai cars, this Korean brand has outdone itself with extraordinary performance and elegant and attractive stature. From a numerous range to choose from, Hyundai has all covered up. There is one for everyone’s needs. If you are looking for a small and fast car, Hyundai i30 can be the right choice. It is small, convenient and comfortable, all in one.

best car for first time buyers in australia

We understand that having comfort is one of the best things you can hope for in a long drive. And also as a first-time driver, it is important to set your hand skills along with the car. Hyundai i30 is certainly the best car for first-time buyers in Australia.

It is compatible and helps the driver to set their hands along with it, without making any fuss. With an engine capacity of 1.2l and Gasoline direct engine type, Hyundai is hassle-free. The price ranges can from $19,610 to $23,320.

Visit the official website to check out the key features, design, configurator, benefits, safety, specifications, and price of Hyundai i30 and also other new models of Hyundai cars.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo is the last and final car on our list of best first cars to buy in Australia. This is another great city car, with all the best features that a hatchback possesses. With foldable rear seats, and accommodation of five adults this car is suitable for small, nuclear families. There are several technological features loaded within this car like Apple Car Play and Android Auto and high definition audio quality and Bluetooth connectivity.

best car for first time drivers in australia

Volkswagen has a range of hatchbacks to choose from, but not all of them are compatible with the life and hardship of the city. But one backdrop of this hatchback is the engine capacity, as many hatchbacks offer 1.2l to 1.5l engine capacities, Volkswagen Polo offers the only 1.0l.

But the high definition performance and smooth gliding help to cut through traffic in a jiffy. And due to this, Polo can be accounted for as one of the best cheap cars for first-time drivers. You can the best deal ranging from $17,990 to $18,790.

For more info, visit the official website and check out why Volkswagen Polo is one of the best cars for first-time buyers in Australia. And also compare other new models of Volkswagen cars.

What is the Best Car for First Time Buyers in Australia?

This list is can be extended according to your preference but the above mentioned are our top picks for a first-time car buyer. Often buying cars leave the customers with a confusing question of “what’s the best car for first-time buyers in Australia?” Australians have rare and incredible product availability which is highly customizable.

As said earlier Australian tend to go for the large passenger cars. Many often think that Australian brands replicate the American ones. But that is not true, upon magnifying you may find their unique cultural layer intertwined along with the powerful modern efficiency of the car’s performance.

Every product reflects a culture of its own and so it goes the same for the cars as well, Australian car brands have many unique perks and features. It is cleverly incorporated among the many benefits and is very different than the other international brands.

According to our choice if you are looking for a big spacious performance-oriented car, then Honda Civic, Volkswagen Up, Honda Jazz are few among the list to fit the foot. But if you are considering small, fast and efficient then, Holden Spark, Fiat 500, Hyundai i30 are few among the list which is really efficient, smooth and cozy.

You can find many amazing car choices among the above-explained list of best cars to buy for first-time drivers which will suit you. I hope this list of the best cars for first-time buyers in Australia has provided you some peace of mind.

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