13 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels for Cars and Trucks 2023

Are you looking for some amazing accessories to make your car look cool? If yes, buying the coolest and best aftermarket steering wheels for cars must be top on your list. And if you are wondering, why? It’s because the steering wheel is one of the most important parts of your car, and this is what you use most to control your car.

More often than not, you find an aftermarket steering wheel in a brand new “right-off-the-showroom” Mercedes or a Volkswagen. It looks cool, doesn’t it?

The slimmer and more beautiful steering wheel goes better with the car than the one provided by your manufacturer. It has become a trend that people prefer an aftermarket steering wheel more than the existing one with an attached airbag.

When you are searching the market for the best aftermarket steering wheels for cars or pickup trucks, you may feel overwhelmed. It is quite natural. The range that it is available in the market is vast. And the simple reason is that aftermarket steering wheels are really popular.

13 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels for Cars and Trucks 2023
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Most of the people want to change the bulky plastic steering wheel quite often, and the idea of a wheel that will give your car a sporty look or one that will make a pure vintage appeal may excite any car owner.

You have very limited options offline, but the world of online stores provides you with no shortage of options for the well designed and best aftermarket steering wheels. Be it a muscle car, a sports car, or your kid’s minivan, you can choose a high-quality steering wheel from among the best lot.

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And the best thing is, now you won’t have to waste your precious time in browsing different online shopping sites as this guide has the list of 13 top-rated and best aftermarket steering wheels available in the market right now. These quick release steering wheels and racing steering wheels for cars are handpicked for you to save time. Read on.

Why Do People Use Aftermarket Steering Wheels?

The same reason that landed you on this guide, there are several reasons why people put aftermarket steering wheels on their vehicles. Some of the most major benefits of aftermarket steering wheel are mentioned below:

  • Allows Better Handling: The slimmer, leather, or wooden steering wheel looks much more stylish than plastic. It also gives you more space and helps you control your car more comfortably.
  • They Look Good: If your car is getting old, and it did not come with an airbag in the first place, then you can change your old, worn-out steering wheel. It wears out with time, the cracks in leather start appearing, and you don’t like your steering wheel anymore. It is one of the most important parts of a car, after all. Changing it is a good option.
  • Enhance the Value of Your Car: If you are looking forward to selling your car, a stylish and classy-looking steering wheel will add to its appeal.
  • Availability of a Wide Variety: How old is your car? 10 years, 20 years, or is it brand new? If you are bored with the looks of your steering wheel, you have a wide variety of aftermarket steering wheels to choose from.

There are various answers to why do people change the steering wheel on cars and trucks. Thus, this guide covers some of the top-rated and best aftermarket steering wheels on the market right now that will give you an incomparable feel and add class to your car and pickup trucks.

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Are Aftermarket Steering Wheels Safe?

These days, most car owners are opting for a quick-release steering wheel (also known as detachable steering wheel or removable steering wheel) as it saves your car from getting stolen, plus they give your vehicle the race car kind of look.

But every car owner, before changing the OEM wheel, should ask- “Are aftermarket steering wheels without airbags safe?”

When you change your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheel, the airbag goes away with it. If you have ever been in a collision, then you must know that airbags are lifesavers. And if your car comes with an airbag, it is recommended not to remove it.

Though, legally it is not prohibited unless you don’t get caught. And if your car is an old one with no airbags, there is no reason why you should not go for the stylish and best aftermarket steering wheels or best racing steering wheel for cars available on the market.

aftermarket steering wheels with airbags

Most of the safety of the quick-release steering wheels depends on the quality. You must weigh your options carefully and choose one only from the reputable and best aftermarket steering wheel brands after learning about the pros and cons of it.

A bad-quality and cheap steering wheel can be very disastrous, so you are highly advised to take the help of a professional in installing it, read the manual carefully, and test it before you start using it. If you take all the mentioned precautions and use high-quality aftermarket steering wheels for your cars or pickup trucks, then it can be very safe and comfortable.

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13 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels for Cars and Trucks

Steering wheels do not get as much attention as they should. After all, it is the part that lets you take hold of your car and control it. It wears out and still gets no attention. Have a good look at your steering wheel, and you will find that you need a replacement.

With some high-grade, innovative, cheap aftermarket steering wheels available in the market, it is the time when you must look at all the options which can change the look and comfort of driving your car. Here is an comperhansive list of most popular and best aftermarket steering wheels for cars and trucks, which are handpicked for your vehicles.

So without further ado, let’s check out the below listed best aftermarket car steering wheels and choose a reliable aftermarket steering wheel kit for your car or pickup truck:

Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel

If you are changing your steering wheel for the first time and need a manufacturer you can trust for the job; then it is Grant. The company has been in business since 1922. In 1962, when they started manufacturing steering wheels, no one knew that they would become a pioneer in designing such dependable car products.

And with 59 years of experience under their belt, they introduce you to one of the best aftermarket steering wheels, Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel with dual-plane spoke design. When you look at this product, you don’t want anything else for your car. It is classy, it is chic, and the black and white color combination is too hard to resist.

grant challenger steering wheel

It is a universal fit type and has four spokes. It has a 13.5-inch diameter wheel with a 2.25-inch dish which gives you a comfortable experience as you take hold of your car. This best selling Grant Challenger Steering Wheel has a black-cushioned foam grip which feels good under your hands.


  • It has attractive silver satin steel spokes, which add style to your car.
  • It has a Grant exclusive dual-plane design.
  • The black cushioned foam grip is comfortable.
  • It works well with Grant 3000 or 4000 installation kits.


  • You need the Grant Installation Kit to mount this wheel to a vehicle.
  • Does not work with Grant Billet or Euro Installation Kits.

Sparco Leather Steering Wheel Ring

When you want the best interior car accessories and equipments for your car, you only wish the experts to guide you. For high-quality, safe care car products, that’s Sparco. Safety is the most crucial issue when it comes to designing car parts. Thus, two racecar drivers took the responsibility back in 1977 to create the safest and high-quality car parts that would offer the car owners confidence about their vehicles.

sparco leather steering wheel

With safety in mind, they have offered one of the best aftermarket steering wheels in the market, which is complete in every aspect. The look and feel of Sparco 015TRGL1TUV Leather Steering Wheel Ring is unmatchable. The design screams perfection and the black leather ring finishes it off.

It is a universal fit for passenger cars. Ever felt uncomfortable due to the large OEM steering wheel? This one has a flat-depth dish which makes your sitting more comfortable.


  • The 13-inch diameter makes sitting comfortable.
  • It has six bolt patterns for a firm attachment.
  • The premium leather rim cover with three aluminum spokes gives it an elegant look.
  • The flat dish depth is designed with comfort in mind.
  • If you want a sporty look for your car, this is the wheel you need.


  • A bit expensive compared to its peers.

Momo Quark Black Urethane Steering Wheel

It was 1964 when Giampiero Moretti, the famous racecar driver, invented the steering wheel for his car. Who understands the comfort of a steering wheel better than an expert himself? So, he decided to share his experience with the world, and it gave birth to MOMO.

Since then, the company has been engaged in offering only the best high-quality aftermarket products to car owners. In the list of 13 best aftermarket steering wheels for cars and trucks, you will always find Momo steering wheel’s name because they are among the top aftermarket steering wheel brands in the world.

momo urethane steering wheel

The magnificent design of the MOMO Urethane Steering Wheel is quite popular among car owners, and the leather grip says it all. If you want the feel of a racing car, this steering wheel is for you. It’s stylish, robust, and known for the safety measures that come with it. The three high-quality aircraft aluminum spokes add to its appeal.


  • The paddings and the leather grip make it one of the best aftermarket steering wheels.
  • It has a sporty look.
  • It has a 13-inch diameter which allows for comfortable space in the car.
  • It is universal for passenger cars and easy to install.


  • You may find the leather a bit slippery, but the grip pads help you get a good hold of your car.

Nardi Steering Wheel – Classic

The company was founded by the first test driver at Ferrari, Enrico Nardi, and his partner Robert Danese in 1946 as ND. In 1958, Enzo Ferrari looked at his work and decided that Ferrari would have Nardi wheels. This is the reason why most Ferrari cars still use Nardi wheels, and if you want the best aftermarket steering wheel for your classic car, Nardi is the only option.

nardi classic steering wheel

The Nardi Classic Steering Wheel is a masterpiece that is designed with classic cars in mind. The wooden and aluminum structure gives it a look you see in a classic movie as the lead couple drives off towards a happy ending.

What makes it a real beauty is the wooden rim which is made of shiny wood. The bright aluminum spokes give the wheel a final touch. The rim is a perfect fit in hands, and every look at your steering wheel from people makes it a value for money product.


  • It has a smooth exterior which makes the grip comfortable.
  • It is a universal fit with a 13.9-inch diameter.
  • 100% wooden rim gives it a classy, stylish look.
  • Perfect for a classic car.


  • This stylish wheel comes at a higher price than its competitors. But there is no competition when it comes to its design.

NRG Innovations Racing Steering Wheel Black Leather

NRG found its way into the industry in 2003 and became one of the best steering wheel brands of all time with its high-quality products. The company was founded by experts who were car race drivers and car enthusiasts who wanted to give their experience back to those who needed it.

Thus NRG Innovations emerged as the reputed brand which produced the best aftermarket products for vehicles. Be it racing cars or passenger cars, the company has earned its reputation.

nrg innovations racing steering wheel

One of its most loved products is the NRG Innovations Racing Steering Wheel with horn button which is one of the best racing steering wheels for cars that is available in the market. It has a universal fit for most cars and comes with a 6 hole hub adapter. It also has a horn button in the center and three spokes with a 13.75 diameter.


  • The leather quality is impressive, and the grip on the rim is just perfect.
  • A stylish look can be completed with this deep dish black leather steering wheel.
  • It has a quick-release hub, and it’s easy to install.


  • The unique feature of this steering wheel is the yellow mark to guide the driver of the orientation, but there is some issue with its centering. The yellow marking is not perfectly centered, which may be misleading.

Sparco Black Leather Champion Limited Edition Steering Wheel

Looking for a beautiful-looking race car steering wheel for your new vehicle? You need Sparco Champion Limited Edition Steering Wheel. It is one of the best racing steering wheels for cars that is robust and goes well with most passenger cars.

Sparco’s name always comes up at the top when racing products are talked about. Started by two young race car drivers, the company is all about high-quality and safe aftermarket products that satisfy you and make sure that you get the worth of every single penny spent.

When it is the precision and driving comfort you are looking for, along with a stylish race car look, this is what you need. The Sparco Champion Steering Wheel is designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the driver. It ensures the best grip and reduces the vibrations that are transmitted to the driver. It has a 12 o’clock installation hub with a red mark to guide the driver.


  • Comes with a 6 bolt pattern.
  • It also has a center horn button.
  • It is made up of premium quality perforated leather.
  • It lasts long because of its solid construction.
  • Its entire focus is on safety, precision, and comfort.


  • The hub is required, which you need to get separately.

MOMO Steering Wheel Heritage Indy Mahogany Wood

Wood has its own different class, and at Momo, they know how to use it. The company founded by the race car driver himself is known for the beautiful, collectible, and safe products that add value to your car. Momo Heritage Indy classic is a part of their Heritage 5 collection which has everything a car owner wants.

Do you love the retro look? Even if you don’t, you will fall in love with this Retro-looking classic mahogany wood steering wheel which feels so perfect under your hands that you fall head over heels for it.

momo heritage steering wheel

It is not just the glossy mahogany wood and the aluminum spokes that attract all the car drivers but its design which is so lightweight that you find it so easy to navigate. The MOMO Heritage Indy Steering Wheel is a universal fit that goes well with most classic cars, and its 350 mm diameter makes sitting and driving a comfortable experience.


  • The mahogany wooden rim is perfect in grip and feels nice to touch.
  • The aluminum spokes are designed in a way that makes it one of the most lightweight steering wheels.
  • A universal fit steering wheel that is perfect for classics as well as racing cars.


  • It is a little more expensive than its peers.

Rxmotor Drifting Deep Dish Sport Steering Wheel

There is a greater chance that you may not have heard about this name before, but it is going to change now as you come to know about this wonderful product. This universal fit steering wheel is one of those well-designed and top-rated aftermarket steering wheels which offer perfection at a lower price. This is a prime example of it.

Wrapped in PVC leather, the item is manufactured from high-quality premium materials, which have earned it some excellent reviews and helped it make it to this list. The 13.75-inch diameter steering wheel has a 6 bolt layout which secures it in place and gives you all the comfort you need. The A-grade metal spokes complete the look and get this deep-dish steering wheel a great nod from the customers.

If you are looking for a sporty look, Rxmotor Drifting Sport Steering Wheel is the coolest and durable aftermarket car steering wheel to buy. The company trusts their product, and thus they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which you won’t need to use because you will fall in love with its grip.


  • It is affordable.
  • It has a classy, sporty look inspired by F1 racing.
  • Gives you better handling and grip.


  • It does not come with a hub adapter. You need to get it separately.
  • Its mounting bolts are not easy to install. You may need a professional.

NRG Steering Wheel Classic Wood Grain

Since the day NRG has stepped into the market, they surprise the customers with their superior products. They have a knack for the products that turn heads. Thus, they design the products with such detailing and precision that the outcome looks like the NRG Classic wood grain steering wheel.

Looking at this product, you will forget every other brand. The steering wheel is available in two variants. It has a wooden rim that is available in classic mahogany and a glossy wooden look. The matte black spokes are hard to keep your eyes off.

nrg classic steering wheel

The best thing about the NRG Classic Steering Wheel with Black Spokes is that you can use it in a classic car as well as a racing car. It lets you have the wooden feel in an all-black look. It has a 360 mm diameter wheel, which fits most cars.

Whether it’s a racing car or a household passenger, NRG makes its products after proper testing so that you get the best and most robust products.


  • It comes in two variants, so you have a choice, Matte Black or Chrome finish.
  • It is a universal fit, 100% NRG innovation product.
  • It has a quick-release hub.


  • Need a professional to install it.
  • Need to buy a hub adapter separately.

Nardi Steering Wheel – Deep Corn

Ever looked at a steering wheel and thought of owning it? Well, the Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel makes you want to. If you like black, it will be one more reason to love the color even more. Produced by the Italian automobile company, every product you buy is the epitome of perfection. Founded by Enrico Nardi, it is one of those good steering wheel brands in the market that you can trust.

This steering wheel has a deep disc, and it comes in two variants. One is a 13-inch diameter, and the other one is ait’s 13.78-inch diameter. The smaller one has a depth of 2.09 inches, while the larger one has a 3.15-inch depth.

nardi steering wheel deep corn

Made in Italy, this Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel comes with black suede leather for the better handgrips and the wheel looks more classy because of contrasting red stitches. It has a classic center horn button as well.


  • Comes in varieties.
  • Its red stitch look is best suited to its striking black look.
  • The quality of the leather as well as suede is impressive and makes the grip better.


  • It is really expensive.
  • It requires a vehicle-specific 6-bolt hub adapter. To be bought separately.

RASTP Universal Racing Steering Wheel

If you are looking for one of those fashionable yet cheap aftermarket steering wheels, the RASTP universal racing steering wheel is the one for you. Priced extremely low, don’t expect much from it. If you use your car seldom, then it is a great choice, because it is not one for heavy use. It wears out quickly.

It uses vinyl leather which is known for its strong corrosion resistance. The design is comfortable, and the reason it has made its way into the list is the way it looks strikes the users. It is available in three different spokes colors. If you want a chic look, the bright red is too cute. The navy blue and black look very classy and give you the feeling of a racing car.

rastp universal racing steering wheel

From the design point of view, the RASTP Racing Steering Wheel is a universal fit so that it will fit in most cars. The material (vinyl, aluminum, leather) is quite good if you look at the price tag. If you just want it for the feel of a racing car, it is a good choice.


  • It has a universal fit.
  • It is durable due to its vinyl leather.
  • Comes with most of the installation parts.


  • The quality is not so up to the mark.
  • You need to buy a separate vehicle-specific hub adapter.

MOMO Suede Steering Wheel

Now, you don’t need an introduction to Momo. The name itself is enough to know that you can buy the product without any hesitation. It sounds good, isn’t it? That you are using the products of a company whose steering wheels have found their way in many racing cars and made it to the championships. Well, the expertise is what has led them to this point.

MOMO brings you its suede steering wheel, which has the looks of a racing steering wheel and is one of the best aftermarket steering wheels in the market right now. Popular among racers, the suede wheel is known for its Alcantara suede grip.

momo suede steering wheel

The all-aluminum construction and the comfortable grip have helped it to make its way into the list of 13 best aftermarket steering wheels for cars and trucks. The Momo Suede Steering Wheel with Black Leather is a universal fit passenger car steering wheel that comes with a 12.99 inches diameter. You will need a Momo hub for installation.


  • The design is exceptional and allows an excellent grip experience.
  • The Alcantara Suede grip is high-quality.
  • It gives an anatomic grip.


  • Due to the Alcantara Suede grip, you need an Alcantara cleaner for it.

Flashpower Classic Wood Steering Wheel

Do you own a classic British or European car? Do you love driving a classic car in the modern setup which will turn heads? If yes, and if you want it to look authentic, you will need Flashpower classic wood steering wheel.

Based in Arizona, the company designs all its parts in the US and manufactures them in China. They design products for Jaguar, GM, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc. Their specialization is billet steering wheels for old classic cars to restore them to their former glory.

flashpower classic wood steering wheel

When you look at this classic wood steering wheel riveted with horn button, you know it is the one for your muscle car. It has a 15-inch diameter with a 2-inch depth. It is mounted on 9 bolts and is a universal fit.

The rim is designed of authentic mahogany, and the polished wood attracts you. The polished stainless stokes with smooth edges add to its appeal and makes the Flashpower 15” Classic Wood Steering Wheel one of the best aftermarket steering wheels with quick release.


  • It is a universal fit.
  • Its polished wood and brushed edges are attractive.
  • It also has a center horn button.


  • It is really expensive.
  • Need a separate hub adapter.

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Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels 2023 (FAQs):

It is not easy to change an essential part of your car, especially when it’s a steering wheel. This part is the primary connection point between you and your vehicle. It is obvious to have questions if you are planning on changing this essential part in your vehicle.

There are some common questions like; What are the benefits of aftermarket steering wheel, Are quick release steering wheels safe, what is the best aftermarket steering wheel, Is it illegal to have a steering wheel without an airbag, etc., and that bugs every car owner’s mind. Hope this guide covers most of your concerns.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the aftermarket steering wheels with airbags and aftermarket steering wheel installation have been answered here. Read and learn about these best aftermarket car steering wheel options:

Do Aftermarket Steering Wheels Have Airbags?

No, aftermarket steering wheels do not come with airbags. As you can see, most of these steering wheels are designed by the companies who manufacture racing car auto parts, and racing cars do not have airbags.

So, if your car is one that comes equipped with an airbag, it is also possible that you will not be able to replace it with a steering wheel that does not support an airbag.

Are Aftermarket Steering Wheels Legal?

It is illegal to remove airbags from a car. But if you are looking for a change in the look of your vehicle, you can use an aftermarket steering wheel. In the old cars which knew nothing about airbags, you can use aftermarket steering wheels.

It is the new cars for which you must ask; Is it illegal to have an aftermarket steering wheel? Just make sure that you never get a ticket or pulled over by the police. Not that they care much, but it will land you some trouble if they ask.

Do Aftermarket Steering Wheels Affect Insurance?

The installation of aftermarket steering wheels is purely aesthetic and for your comfort, as you drive. It does not affect the performance of the car. The insurer usually covers a modification, which involves a change in the car’s look and performance. Thus, it is wise to disclose it to your insurer and to let them decide if they want to change your premium rates.

If you are removing the airbags, it becomes important because if in the future you hit yourself on the steering wheel due to lack of airbags, you might be denied a claim. So, it depends on the insurance company if they will change your insurance premium or not.

What are the Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels?

I can understand your curiosity and confusion about the aftermarket steering wheel installation. It can be really overwhelming to choose such an important part for your expensive car. But I also hope this list of 13 best aftermarket steering wheels for cars and trucks must have made it quite easy for you to choose which kind of racing steering wheels or quick release steering wheels you want as these are the most popular and best aftermarket car steering wheels available in the market right now.

It depends on your car which aftermarket steering wheel will suit yours. You cannot go for a Nardi Classic in your sports car, right? So, if you are looking for a muscle car restoration and want an authentic classic look, Nardi Classic Steering Wheel or MOMO Heritage Indy Steering Wheel will be the best fit for you. And in case, if you want a cheaper alternative between both of these, then go for Momo steering wheel.

A sports car feels best with a leather steering wheel which feels pleasant to touch and gives a fantastic grip. The Sparco leather steering wheel will be perfect for your sports car. It is advised to have a look at your car, weigh the pros and cons of each wheel and then make a decision.

If you found this extensive guide useful for you, then feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Also, if you have any questions regarding these top-rated and best aftermarket steering wheels or if you have any tips to add about installing an aftermarket steering wheel with airbag, I would love to hear from you.

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